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Jean-Paul Gaultier ➤ Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012

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Tac Nguyencong (5 days ago)
Karlie Kloss, Tanya D, Karolina Kurkova, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Coco Rocha, Erin o Connor, Sasha Pivovarova and Frida G are amazing to watch! Impressive models for sure! Pretty sure that we cant find most of them on runway anymore...
Golden Glove (7 days ago)
Beautiful collection.
Golden Glove (7 days ago)
TANEL HAS A BIG @#@@!!!! :D
Golden Glove (7 days ago)
I love Tanel he is a very kind man to me. TANEL GAULTIER ALWAYS!~!!
Елена Мороз (17 days ago)
Kagenveama Bryan (2 months ago)
Number 52, that piece is everything!
I have discovered this Haute Couture Show by chance.It was given in homage Amy Winehouse by Jean Paul Gaultier. At present, he will get up one of my favourite fashion designers, such as John Galliano(for Christian Dior) and Karl Lagerfeld(for Chanel) So, I have begun my comment.Part one. The models are arising on a podium from the darkness. They were dressed in a black textile fabric. Woman's dress was refined and excellent, with irreproachable elegant silhouettes. Man's clothes were exclusive likewise, it's a waving sleeveless mantle, silk hats and other fine elements of the evening wardrobe.They were romantic handsome ..some demoniac and have been manly countenance.It is necessary to mark, how was done dress. All models were constructed incomparably and fashion is perfect in every way. I consider JPG to be outstanding to-day designer, who is creating an extravagant unusual models as well as a sensual splendid classic dress. He is said to be ''an infant terrible'' of French Fashion. Everything was done by him, is perfect and with in a good taste.. Part two.Eeach time then Jean-Paul Gaultier appears at the end of every show, he is accompaned by his beloved model (muse).Then I'd like to mension a fashinating woman, who appeared at the podium at the end of the first part of the show..This is an incomparable Mylene Farmer.She is a red-haired enchanting woman dressed in a black leather gown.The gown has a hoop-skirt, very short in front and it has a very long pompous train at the back. The train of black-smoky colour is fulfilled from transparent fabric possibly chiffon.She slightly suppopts it. She accepts a playful sexual pose for photographers and for our pleasure.At the end Jean-Paul Gaultier merrely runs to the podium with flowers, falls down on knils, kissis her hand and after this they embrace each other..She is shining all and, maybe, she had been shaped the chief an adornment of the show. I couldn't hold out of hot compliments. Bravo, Monsieur Jean-Paul Gaultier!! I was gotten a great pleasure in that Parish fashion performance. Thank you very much.
Rollan Kanatov (1 year ago)
Amazing show!!!!Karlie Frida Sigrid Tanya super! !!!
Adam Stbhun (3 years ago)
Number 56 (at 19:10) is a huge favourite!
Antonio Pozelli (3 years ago)
ROB EVANS!!!!!!!!!
ClementinaClementina (3 years ago)
Je souhaitais savoir quelle était la musique en intro, du début du défilé jusqu'à 2:38 environ et qui reprend un peu après plus loin. J'aime beaucoup le rythme, mais impossible de reconnaître de qui peut être ce morceau. C'est peut-être un mix? enfin bref, si quelqu'un avait la réponse et par chance passait dans le coin, ce serait super d'avoir la réponse! on ne sait jamais. :p Merci d'avance.
Gaurav Dey (10 months ago)
C'est un morceau de "Libertine" par Mylène Farmer avec Swan Lake par Tchaikovsky.

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