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Elisa Sednaoui's Rules for Modern Chic | NET-A-PORTER.COM

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Shop Elisa Sednaoui's Style: http://bit.ly/Ny2zCI The key fashion mantras you need to know now Street-style favorite Elisa Sednaoui is renowned for her polished wardrobe and fashion brilliance. Here the Egyptian model reveals four key tips for effortless glamour.
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Laura N (3 years ago)
Name of the song please?
Maxima655 (6 years ago)
Maybe yours is the right interpretation of her words. You should be the centre of attention instead of your makeup or clothes which should be just accessories. But I do think her designer clothes help her a lot. She's gorgeous, she's well educated (speaks 5 languages) but I'm not sure if she could get the same amount of attention without all the styling behind her and all her designer clothes. Maybe all these things are not important to her but they are definitely part of her trademark.
Maxima655 (6 years ago)
Elisa Sedanaoui is beautiful. And surely she's smart, too. But some of her statements are ridiculous or snob, at least. "Enhance your natural beauty. I don't think we should hide behind makeup, I don't think we should hide behind clothes...". Firstly, you have to be naturally beautiful to "enhance your natural beauty" and avoid "hide behind makeup". Secondly, she always wears designer clothes. How can she speaks about "hide behind clothes"?! Clothes are the most outstanding thing of her look.

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