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it's cold but our makeup still glowy / dry skin foundation routine

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lil wintery glowy sunshine makeup tutorial because it has been cold & my skin is a mess. ITSLIKELYMAKEUP merch, designs all drawn by me! https://goo.gl/zDkvWZ ---------------------------------------------------- don't forget to thumbs up & subscribe you beautiful babes, xo ---------------------------------------------------- instagram: http://www.instagram.com/itslikelymakeup bookings/collabs: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------ EARRINGS https://www.regalrose.co.uk/collections/earrings/products/artemis-coin-foliage-clip-on-earrings-gold FACE mabel & meg lumilixir serum huxley secret of sahara cream milk makeup sunshine oil milk makeup luminous blur stick colourpop no filter stix milk makeup blur powder colourpop private party (not after party oops) contour obsession pinky promise blush revolution warm highlight palette ciate london dewy spritz EYES rituel de fille eye soot milk longwear gel eyeliner boldface lashes "sassy since birth" ("itslikelymakep to save!) milk kush mascara BROWS milk makeup kush fibre brow gel LIPS milk makeup x wutang clan lipstick "flow" ------------------------------------------------- music provided by epidemic sound ------------------------------------------------- this video is not sponsored by any brand mentioned. some products were sent for free & some codes earn a small commission. love yall!
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Text Comments (480)
BambieGutz (2 days ago)
i hit the subscribe button immediately after i heard u speaking omg gurll ure a GODDESS
Celeste D. Lopez (3 days ago)
Omgosh I love this look so much!! 😻😻😻
Royalty (3 days ago)
I love you & your makeup!!💖
Lucines Polanco (3 days ago)
You should definitely try the it cosmetics cc cream if you haven’t ! It’s great for dry skin and it leaves your skin looking like skin
jade maitland (4 days ago)
that lipstick tho ugh! goes so perfectly with you hair and skin tone. obsessed
The7thPrincess (6 days ago)
“Swiper no swiping!” *giant, fluffy cat tail pops up out of nowhere and swipes your face* 😂🤣
Reign Dante (6 days ago)
she’s good at contouring
Lauren Slaughter (6 days ago)
Bianca Ozadovsky (7 days ago)
I always feel like my skin is pretty moisturized prior to applying foundation but then I start to notice my foundation flake up a bit & cryyyyy- do u suggest the sunshine oil as a solution to prevent that? Or do you have other products/methods you’d suggest to fix that?
Bianca Ozadovsky (7 days ago)
I’m also a major MILK fan just haven’t tried the sunshine oil yet
Yvonne Castro (8 days ago)
first video i’ve seen of yours and absolutely love the look!! definitely subscribing!!!
Hazel Webb (8 days ago)
Never bored of you saying that, it wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t! Please keep saying it in videos, it triggers my brain into relax mode :)
Kaitlin Pennington (8 days ago)
Hi Gus!
Alejandra Del Toro (9 days ago)
Billie eilish but pink
Samantha Rausch (9 days ago)
i have very dry skin.. great video!
Anna Duininck (9 days ago)
I love your videos! Will definitely be trying this look. I have the same skin type and tone as you so I always come to you to find products!!! Thanks so much
Pin Austen (9 days ago)
Love it
Fify Monrold (9 days ago)
I thought she was Dove Cameron omggg
Naomi's Travels (9 days ago)
Skin care routine? My skin is dry as shit I need your help
sara mohamed (9 days ago)
ok this the first time iwatch u and i alredy loveeee u
Lisa Dalton (10 days ago)
**talking about your dry flaky skin** - **goes to clip w no makeup, hydrated and literally BEAUTIFUL SKIN** honey, you are just gorgeous!!! love you so so much!
Anna Michelle (10 days ago)
Yess this is such a look
grasskeleton (10 days ago)
somebody loves milk makeup 😂
BeautyByTayler (10 days ago)
You have the best browsss
Ashley Iverson (10 days ago)
I need a dry skin make up routine. My skin gets so dry here in MN. It just snowed and I am so dry it’s not even funny.
Ana Lu Lopez Noguera (11 days ago)
Is the the blur luminous stick shimmery/glittery ?
Karen Hayward: BOBATAC (11 days ago)
asaratkhandr (11 days ago)
My face has gotten so dry and wrinkly so quick after turning 30. Its a hard balance to find combos that look good but still stay put in the humid hot weather.
Mouza Khalid (12 days ago)
I loved it so much looks hot
Ester Sousa (12 days ago)
Summer is coming here in Rio de janeiro, I'm gonna wear this makeup !!!
Rhiannon May (12 days ago)
ur so cute!!!!
Kevser Yiğit (12 days ago)
Lina04 24Bear (12 days ago)
Great advice!!! Beautiful simple tutorial I ❤️ love!!!
Lela Nesheim (12 days ago)
i love the lipstick !!! yes!
Courtney Garcia (12 days ago)
You’re so pretty 💜
Angelica Black (12 days ago)
You're so wonderful
desarae (12 days ago)
U look like @okaysage 's mom
Snow Crystal (12 days ago)
Idk why you don't have way more views and subscribers, you're so talented, funny and pretty.
Nhung Ivy Bui (12 days ago)
I love you and I love this look! Its super cute and glowy like your personality 💕💕💕
S (12 days ago)
I kinda miss some of your ‘boring’ looks GORGEOUS
TheOddKitten (12 days ago)
I never wore blush before seeing how good it looks on Jordi 😅
Karolina Szymańska (12 days ago)
love this looook ! wow
He La (12 days ago)
Girl I just found you and I have to say, you are so gorgeous 😳😍
itslikelymakeup (12 days ago)
thanks lovely!!!
My Cheese Stick (12 days ago)
Dakota Burney (12 days ago)
I thought it was naomi Jon in the thumbnail
ASelfishEmoPrick (13 days ago)
That hair tho. Living for it 🥀
ASelfishEmoPrick (13 days ago)
Mine ❤
Andrea Lorenzana (13 days ago)
How can a woman be soooooo pretty? I totally loved those lips.
moonbeambailey (13 days ago)
love this look! you make me want pink hair when I already have it lmao
Ytzel Veloz (13 days ago)
literally how are you so pretty
Yuridia Gaytan (13 days ago)
What product are you use to make your freckles ?? I LOOVE YOUR MAKE UP SO MUCH! Greetings from Tijuana, Mexico! :D
sarahkonzack99 (13 days ago)
just adding a little wing.....and it goes straight to her brow 😂 i love you girl 😍youre a goddess
Heyimjustupset (13 days ago)
Rose G (13 days ago)
My black kitten is named Gus as well!!!!! 😻😻I recreated your NYX galaxy look for my profile picture btw. It was just so cute 💕
Lady.Whatever (13 days ago)
MY NAME IS JORDI *_If you don't know me_*
La Sirena Varada (13 days ago)
Beautiful!! 😍
Amber Powers (13 days ago)
I needed this
Goth Oregon (13 days ago)
love You queeeen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐾
Kiya (13 days ago)
My sensitive skin can also feel the cold coming, and using an oil underneath makeup makes a world of a difference ❤️ And I loooove that blush u used 😍 so gorge
Jupiter December (13 days ago)
It’s cold outside but my skin still gonna be glowing because a hoe never gets dry
F .M (13 days ago)
^u^ 💕.... Your face kind off reminds me of my face... But prettyer... And cuter... And slimmer... And really different... Actually... We don't have anything in common ,__, ... I wish 🤣🤦😭❤️
A mess (13 days ago)
Jordi is literally so pretty and her makeup looks so good 😍 like i look so bad all the time cause I’m so bad at makeup and it all somehow rubs away through out the school day (I don’t touch my face) ... and just ooofffttt
Caroline R (13 days ago)
Can you make a video on how you remove your makeup/wash your face for bed routine?
WarriorKat (13 days ago)
Omg Gus and the blush (and knocking things over like any kitty does) had me dying 😂😂 Beautiful look!
senduparasnya (13 days ago)
you look like jennifer lawrence <3
Kelly Lavallée (13 days ago)
As a fellow Canadian I thank you! Amazing video as always. I know it’s been a busy holiday season but I’d love to know how your life is going. I always love your real chatty videos!
Becca Hochanadel (13 days ago)
It's defffinetly winter here in Alaska. It was 8 degrees the other day
In midnight blue (13 days ago)
OMG JORDI YOUR HAIR 💔💔💔 I just dyed mine ginger but I kinda want to bleach it and do pink because of you lol
Maria Ledon (13 days ago)
This is my type of look, you always slay freckles and why I try to do freckles I fail 😭😂 but I learned how to do different types of freckles from you.
Saba Siddique Momo (13 days ago)
Cat tail uwu
BrainyCrafter (13 days ago)
I laughed and thought I was crazy for thinking you said “Wu Tang and Milk Makeup collab” as in a collaboration between Milk Makeup and the Wu Tang Clan. ...*looks at description... “oh” 😂
Albino Wolf (14 days ago)
I love this look Jordi! I’m sure you already heard the news, but Covergirl went cruelty free and I’m so excited about it and would love to see you do a full face of first impressions of the Covergirl line because you are my favorite makeup artist and I always trust your opinions 🤗
beautyplayground (14 days ago)
YAS I need all the glowy / dewy skin I can get haha
Taylor Aiko (14 days ago)
When I saw this I literally clicked it right away bc my skin is sand paper rn too & I will buy anything you use 😩😤😂
Rica Sandra (14 days ago)
and you add a little wing...
Sophia Molachino (14 days ago)
Never knew I could love someone so much I've never really met??
Eun k (14 days ago)
you are my fav makeup artist and you're literally the sweetest!!!! have a great day 💓💓
Dorothy Melendez (14 days ago)
9:41 you are so stinkin' cute!
Ana Feldman (14 days ago)
U so cuuuuute! Loved the cat tail moment.❤
Jessica Reeves (14 days ago)
I would give my left tit to have her skin
Emily Castro (14 days ago)
I think you have a favorite tit hahahaha
yellow_paint (14 days ago)
😂😂 it is definitely winter in Canada we have a bunch of snow where I live
mhschiller714 (14 days ago)
Gus is my husband's name! He is also furry and randomly appears when I do makeup too!
Teddy Bot (14 days ago)
WU TANG !!!!!!!!
Gabrielle Dillera (14 days ago)
wait omg,,, where in canada are u?
Amanda H (14 days ago)
No Freck? I don't know what to do...
vanishingportal (14 days ago)
Where does she live in Canada ? 🇨🇦❤️
genevieve olinyk (14 days ago)
I think she lives in BC!
Natasha Hart (14 days ago)
You are such an inspiration to me! Just having someone who is more like me is so refreshing. Your tattoos, your age, the way you dress and act. I just love everything about you! Thank you for just being a real person 💕
Seven Deserai (14 days ago)
You look like Billie Eilish! ❤❤
Evie Acosta Rivera (14 days ago)
You're amazing and I love every single look in you, idk, you're beautiful, talented, funny, and awesome. Lots of love from Mexico
mxine bby_ (14 days ago)
love of my life. actual angel. 10/10.
mxine bby_ (13 days ago)
+itslikelymakeup i love u 2 angel have a good day x
itslikelymakeup (14 days ago)
i love u
Danielle Farmer (14 days ago)
Milani has a contour stick in fair/light that is soooooo blendable and great for us super-pale people.
Trash Aesthetic (14 days ago)
Is it just me or duz ur voice sound slightly different like sweeter and more high pitched
Jemima Uche (14 days ago)
You look gorgeous as usually, I love this look 🧡
Dana Gesregan (14 days ago)
that intro tho im living
StyleMoodCorner (14 days ago)
Allie Kat (14 days ago)
Aet (14 days ago)
HEY BEBE !! I’m a loyal fan and supporter of yours but I’ve been wanting to get your brush set as a birthday present to myself, but I noticed your brushes is out of stock. Do you know if they’ll ever restock again because I really want your brush set! ):
Erika Lane (14 days ago)
You made my day 💕
Chantal W. (14 days ago)
I don't know if you already tried or if anyone suggested but you could use a cheap detangling brush, dip it in a cool/neutral contour shade (cream or powder) and then gently stipple it on your face. It distributes the freckles pretty sporadically so it looks very natural, especially if you tap them out afterwards. And it's super fast, too! I've been doing my freckles like that for over a year now and don't want to go back 😄
Taylor Murphy (14 days ago)
WOWOWOWOWOW you’re absolutely gorgeous and incredibly talented and I happy squeal whenever you upload and ilysm :’) ❤️
Alexa Wise (14 days ago)

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