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What is LDAP?

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LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is an application protocol used over an IP network to manage and access the distributed directory information service. This video gives you a high level overview of LDAP and some examples of software that utilize LDAP, such as Active Directory. For more help with technical or help desk related topics, visit us at: http://www.helpdesk-blog.com to learn more about Help Desk Premier, please visit us at: http://www.helpdesksoftware.biz What is LDAP? LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is an application protocol used over an IP network to manage and access the distributed directory information service. The primary purpose of a directory service is to provide a systematic set of records, usually organized in a hierarchical structure. It's similar to a telephone directory that contains a list of subscribers with their contact number and address. Overview of LDAP and Role of a Specialized Server In order to commence an LDAP session, a client needs to connect to the server known as the Directory System Agent, which is set by default to use TCP port 389. After the connection is established, the client and server exchange packets of data. Basic encoding rules are used to transfer information between the server and client. Structure of LDAP Although the structure of LDAP seems relatively complex, it is fairly simple to understand. The basic structure is as follows: • A set of attributes is contained in any entry. • Each attribute accommodates one or more values, and has a name. • Each entry in the directory is assigned a unique identifier that consists of a Relative Distinguished Name. The server is capable of holding a sub-tree and it's children, beginning from a particular entry. In addition, they may also hold brief references to other remote servers. A client has the option of contacting other servers too. Operations on LDAP There are a plethora of operations that can be performed on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Here are some of the most prominent ones: • Add -- This is used to insert a new entry into the directory-to-server database. If the name entered by a user already exists, the server fails to add a duplicate entry and instead shows an "entryAlreadyExists" message. • Bind -- On connection with the LDAP server, the default authentication state of the session is anonymous. There are basically two types of LDAP authentication methods - the simple authentication method and the SASL authentication method. • Delete -- As the name suggests, this operation is used to delete an entry from the directory. In order to do this, the LDAP client has to transmit a perfectly composed delete request to the server. • Compare and search -- Various parameters such as baseObject, filter, scope, attributes, typesOnly, derefAliasis, timeLimit and sizeLimit are used to perform both search and read operations, in addition to performing comparison functions. • Modify -- This operation is used by LDAP clients to make a request for making changes to the already existing database. The change to be made must be one of the following operations 1. Add (including a new value). 2. Delete (deleting an already existing value). 3. Replace (Overwriting an existing value with a new one). • Unbind -- This is the inverse of the bind operation. Unbind aborts any existing operations and terminates the connection, leaving no response in the end. Real-time applications of LDAP Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook employ some form of the LDAP database, although LDAP isn't used in its original form. Infospace and ICANN are the most popular search-related services built on the LDAP platform.
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Handre van der Merwe (2 years ago)
Waste of time
Jonah (2 years ago)
Not a good sign when the video is 60% content and 40% adds.
untseac (2 years ago)
remember when software was this simple? when there was no web technology complicated mess?
RocketMewtwo (2 years ago)
Fsmo ldap Kms answer file page file
Esra Erimez (3 years ago)
She is the answer to my wet dreams.
Raimon Gonzales (3 years ago)
"I'm the answer to your dreams!" #cringe
Jonah (2 years ago)
+Raimon Gonzales Yeah, I killed myself when I heard that. After I got a boner, of course.
SooperBeez (3 years ago)
+Raimon Gonzales i'd still hit that
Wajeeh Ul Hassan (3 years ago)
+Raimon Gonzales lol
TheEHermit (3 years ago)
Video Strategy: Let's open with a pretty woman making a sexual innuendo to get people hooked. Then we'll have a man read all of the technical stuff (because he'll sound like he actually knows what he's talking about) and we'll just bring the woman back at the end in a different outfit to seal the deal. People we can do better than this.
Guru Shashank (2 years ago)
+TheEHermit lol.......though you are right about their strategy....
Daniel Sonderer (2 years ago)
+TheEHermit Why , sounds good to me!
Sanddox (3 years ago)
What was with the intro? Was it even needed?
Jeremy LeBrun (3 years ago)
+Sanddox No. The answer is, MOST DEFINITELY, no.
Praful Dash (4 years ago)
Very  good one
Dexter Aparicio (4 years ago)
hmmm... at the very first few seconds, i nod agree with your statement you seem to look like an answer to my dreams there..
statikreg (4 years ago)
I think she's the answer to more of my dreams than LDAP >_>
mohd wajaheth (5 years ago)
Hello sir this is Wajaheth From India and I am a fresher on this field will you help about ldap service and Dot Project Then Open Ldap One more thing is now i am going to subscribe will you give the Web Site for know more details Thanking Sir ...... Please Help Me
sheetal patel (5 years ago)
Devender Sarampelly (5 years ago)
Amita Sood (5 years ago)
Why is it named "Light weight" ?
EYM (5 years ago)
She's cute
SOLID (5 years ago)
lol " I am the answer to your dreams"
MrMovieflash (5 years ago)
Can ADs work without LDAP? I don't see any LDAP PROTOCOL installed into my company servers,dc, I wonder why it still works? Anyone knows?
santosh kumar (5 years ago)
it is very nice taring of LDAP. i understand that database of ldap. thanks
kirinofy (5 years ago)
Indeed you are my sweetness
anees rahman (5 years ago)
Hi, how to access LDAP using JAVA ? could you post any video tutrials for it.
Ahmed Rezk (5 years ago)
Lingesh Kumar (5 years ago)
good work
MrBhim07 (6 years ago)

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