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Simple Back to School Girl's Hairstyles

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These back to school hairstyles will definitely be a hit! We've teamed up with Tessi and Quincy from Q's hairdos to bring you two adorable styles today. To see Quincy's hairstyle click here: https://youtu.be/2khR0uRs3tk We will be showing you the hooked ponies hairstyle in this video. Here's how to get these cute hooked ponies on your little girl just in time for back to school. 1. Part the hair down the middle from the forehead to the crown and then on either side. 2. With these two front sections, create 4 ponytails on either side. Make sure your ponytails are positioned towards the outer part of the head so that you have more room for your hooks. 3. Take the ponytail on the front right and the ponytail on the front left. Cross the left over the right and then around it. 4. Connect to the ponytails behind. So your left ponytail will come back to the left ponytail behind and it and the same with the right. It seems confusing, but I've demonstrated it slowly in the video. 5. Continue this pattern 2 more times. Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe! Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/easytoddlerhairstyles Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/easytoddlerhairstyles http://www.easytoddlerhairstyles.com
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Text Comments (33)
Just Doing Us (5 months ago)
Looks great !
Payton rainbow (1 year ago)
Leyla Karatas (1 year ago)
La reina de las trenzas zbm
محمد امجد (1 year ago)
samadi Cheikh (1 year ago)
عاشق مرتضى حالبباتتةةةةةةةةىد رب
yosef Al_janbi (1 year ago)
دلع بنات (1 year ago)
Ashlee Duran (1 year ago)
I need your shirt!!
روعة ونزاكة وبسيطة ولاتحتاج وقت نتمنى الأفضل دائما لك
Muy bonito el peinado y rapido felicidades !!
Fatima Akhter Anika (1 year ago)
in a word awesome
Heather Murray (1 year ago)
Can you show videos with short hair
Lilibeth (1 year ago)
Lo hice y me quedo lindo 😍😍😍😍
AriaPickens (1 year ago)
Love these videos for my toddler son with long hair
Awesome, so glad you can use them!!
Peinados Faciles (1 year ago)
_me encantan tus peinados para cabellos cortos con esas dos hermosas princesitas!!_
LeNa VO (1 year ago)
Wow! no lo puedo creer dos de mis canales favoritos haciendo colaboracion es super y por su puesto que sus peinados me encantan saludos! Cuando vi la miniatura pensé que se habían copiado😳!!!
Sí, vivimos cerca uno del otro, fue divertido hacerlo. ¡Gracias por ver!
Cora Pedraza (1 year ago)
Ke bonito tiene su pelo la niña
Lynette Ballard (1 year ago)
Really cute! I tried the hooks the other day but never thought to do several. Thanks for the cute idea!
روعه تخبل انتي مبدعه
Zaxo Zaxo (1 year ago)
Fouaz Madani (1 year ago)
oh! love this 😘😘😘😘
ابو عبدو (1 year ago)
canIm yanIzIm
فجر الغدير (1 year ago)
ابداع ما شاء لله
Freddy Aguirre (1 year ago)
the link in the description is not working 😲
حسين اسواق (10 months ago)
Freddy T.V إبداع
Sorry, it wasn't working for the first little bit, but it is now!
Freddy Aguirre (1 year ago)
Love this!!!

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