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June saw my 6th trip of the year to the Ukrainian capital Kiev, and my what a trip! I flew on Ukrainian International airlines from London Gatwick for a long weekend in this incredible country. I went with an open mind and came back with a new favourite country to add to the list. We stayed centrally in the Ibis hotel, close to the University metro station allowing easy access throughout the city. In short, I experienced staggering architecture, with golden cathedrals & palaces, eat exceedingly good Ukrainian cuisine, went lifting on one of Kiev's beaches and partied Kiev style. My aim now is to educate others about this fantastic country, and encourage you to do the same. Let's change the fact we only hear negative publicity about this wonderful country, share this video to encourage others to experience the same fantastic holiday I have had #VisitUkraine
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Zoriana M (4 months ago)
The city is called KYIV, NOT Kiev!
Нез де ности)))
Di Di (1 year ago)
1- KYIV not kiev/ 2- MUSEUM of Second World War not patriotic war THANKS FOR VIDEO :)
richard victor (1 year ago)
I've been to the Ukraine three times, and have enjoyed ever time I've been there.
USAtoUkraineTravel (2 years ago)
We went to Ukraine last month. Very much enjoyed our trip. We found place to stay on Airbnb. Very convenient.
joshua bale (2 years ago)
do you speak russian? if not how did you find communicating?
Most of schools in Ukraine have an English lessons, so most of young people speaks English. Most of them badly of course, but it is quite enough to help you. Or use google translate ) In all middle class and upper cafe there are always english menu or english speaking staff.
Reddawn Comming (2 years ago)
he spoke ukrainian
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
I speak only a few words, like please, thankyou etc. But found lots of people spoke perfect english. I think thats the case in Kiev but not if you venture out to some of the other cities. I went down to Odessa in the summer and found a few issues, but always managed to get by. Google translate is your friend
Sash Animenkos (2 years ago)
wow, thanks for such a great review of Ukraine ;)
Sash Animenkos (2 years ago)
I could have given suchlike reviews about every city and town I have visited in the UK, however, there is a lot of information about them, so again many thanks for the job you've done. Odesa is cool, though Odesa people are somewhat specific, but still you might have liked the city ;)
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
no problem Sash :) i've actually just been back to Odessa and Kiev again! Lovely place will keep visiting - new video in the coming weeks
Caleb Suko (2 years ago)
Ah too bad you only had time to visit Kyiv! You really ought to take some time and visit Western Ukraine and of course Southern Ukraine too! Odessa, is amazing during the summer!
Dan Yalovenko (1 year ago)
You should definately visit Lviv and Lutsk. And also go to Carpathian mountains.
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
+Caleb Suko It's funny you say, when i got back to England I booked another trip to Odessa in the summer :) (video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uS6rRmJclk ) stunning place love Ukraine, will be going back again soon!
Mike Alex (2 years ago)
weird that this video doesnt have many views, it's really good)
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
+Mike “Madao” Alex Thanks! Trying to grow my channel so hopefully many more views to come :)
Zh L (3 years ago)
You MUST HAVE visited Radunska 26, 13-th floor... You lost a much if you didn't visit!
Ksuhat (3 years ago)
hope u guys enjoyed Kiev. I want give u one advise. When u come to Ukraine never stay at hotels, it's sucks and pretty expensive. Rent flat , it is best idea. Very good and modern appartament gonna cost u max 20 $ per day. Chek out this site Doba.ua
Zoriana M (4 months ago)
Kyiv, NOT Kiev!
Ksuhat (2 years ago)
+ZiomekPatrykC I haven't visited Lviv yet ,but i like Odessa.I guess its more modern .)))))Btw what abt ppl?Where are more friendly ???In Kiev ppl are so rude ((
ZiomekPatrykC (2 years ago)
+Ksusha Lukianova  I'm from Poland. :) I would say I liked Odessa a bit more, but Lviv is also very nice. The two cities are quite different, so it's hard to compare them. :)
Ksuhat (2 years ago)
+ZiomekPatrykC Where r u from ?Im glad to know you enjoyed Ukraine .U r always welcome =))Which city did u like more ?
ZiomekPatrykC (2 years ago)
Yeah, of course I enjoyed it. :) Very friendly and helpful people, trains leave and arrive on time, everything is cheap and I've seen many interesting places. In most hostels you could also rent a room for a few people for a little more money if you want more privacy. I actually like the rooms where you just rent a bed, because you can meet people this way. :D
I live in Borispol

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