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Guess The Disney Song Challenge!

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to "Can you guess the Disney movie just from hearing 10 seconds of its theme song?" For Video Submissions E-mail: [email protected] Follow Me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/talfishman_ Instagram: http://instagram.com/talfishman_ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialtalfishman Snapchat: TheTalFishman P.O. BOX: Tal Fishman 19300 Rinaldi St. P.O. Box 7356 Porter Ranch CA 91327
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Text Comments (8532)
Drizzleshine 5918 (2 days ago)
Got em' all right! Disney forever!!! 😄😄😄
May Green (7 days ago)
got them all right!!!
Summer Winchester (10 days ago)
Tal: let me know if you get all these movies right Me: ......I'VE BEEN GUESSING THE MOVIES AND THE SONGS TO THEM! WHEN THIS WHOLE TIME, I JUST HAD TO GUESS THE MOVIES?!?
Aura Ro’meave (15 days ago)
Oof yay I got em all right! 2019 anyone?
Jophiel Cabrera (17 days ago)
There are much older disney movie
let's draw together (18 days ago)
I found them all😂really
Bella Gaddis (21 days ago)
Anyone watching in 2019 after watching “Try not to sing-Disney addition”
Brandy Bilyeu (27 days ago)
There’s a live action Aladdin movie coming out soon!
Alyssa Bowman (1 month ago)
I beat you in this gammmeee😜
Ash_Chan food (1 month ago)
2:43 Tal says ”Who doesn't know Hakuna Matata?!” Me: ”Apparently you don’t” I know this song from the bottom of my heart ❤️
I got them all right ! I love Disney !
PAtaT. o (1 month ago)
Lol when the answer was sleeping beauty I was like what because I said Snow White 😂
Ann Marie Brennan (1 month ago)
I got them all rigth
anna velsi (1 month ago)
I got #1 #2 #3 #4
Madisontubehd (1 month ago)
Tara Morgan (1 month ago)
I got 5 right
Just Dream (1 month ago)
I haven't watched brave I 7 years
Hannah Lee (1 month ago)
I got all of them right also because I’m a kid
Noregrets Kid (1 month ago)
4 right
Ana Monica Mellorida (1 month ago)
This is my childhood!😂😂😂
Elise Miller (1 month ago)
the 3 one poka aones
Elise Miller (1 month ago)
like its famous liaon kign dude
Demetrio Montenegro (1 month ago)
We both sayed aladdin
Whit Loaf (1 month ago)
7 lol man omg
Horo624 (1 month ago)
Who else thought 2 was Mary poppins
Lilith Woytasik (1 month ago)
R.I.P. Robin Williams we all miss you
Hen & Kay channel 2 (1 month ago)
I guessed all of them and I know disany by heart
Chris Ohlsen (1 month ago)
Brave is from Pixar
Jenny Ow (1 month ago)
I just right on sleeping beauty and snow white.CAUSE i just remember them😥😥😥
iris weiss (1 month ago)
I got the second one right
Ashley Greer (1 month ago)
I love your videos they’re awesome
warriorgirl 101 (1 month ago)
I guessed more than half of the songs because of the voice
Shereen Meiring (1 month ago)
Nooo, l'm so mad and sad at the same time it is loin king.
Emma Mooney (2 months ago)
I got All of them
Galaxy Virág (2 months ago)
Kristopher Cox (2 months ago)
I am mad lion king
Nathan Sears (2 months ago)
I’m littarly going to Disney world in 2 days
Jeffy Boi (2 months ago)
I got 2-7
Candice Lopez (2 months ago)
Yup, stupid. Jk hahah love yah
The Ruby and Zeta SHOW (2 months ago)
I got all
Who else got all of them right? I didnt even watch Sleeping bueaty
holly stokes (2 months ago)
Sir I believe that you need to watch Disney movies
Gacha raven (2 months ago)
When the lion king showed up I kinda got hyped also i got em all right
Tiffany Zhu (2 months ago)
Come to think of it before the video I thought it would be easy but I was struggling so hard😂😂 I've never watched brave Aurora And toy story
Bella Martinez (27 days ago)
Bella Martinez (27 days ago)
Ok thank you for the spelling correction
Ethan Woodward (27 days ago)
Bella Martinez, you spelled ‘serious’ wrong, but I feel your pain,
Camryn Storkson (2 months ago)
I guessed all of them right
Camryn Storkson (2 months ago)
Has I am a supper can of disney
Eduard Roquero (2 months ago)
yeah me too lion king
maddy Nelson (2 months ago)
Got all of them
WeirdGirl_ YT (2 months ago)
Song four= Tal:*puts hands on head* idk this! Me:uuummmm....SNOW WHITE Answer:Snow white and the Seven dwarfs Me:I was close I guess -_-
Alexis Medor (2 months ago)
When it was brave and Snow White I was like “B*** WHAT THE F*****” then I realized brave but didn’t believe ;-;
LDPtv (2 months ago)
Rip Lion kings like one of my favorite movies
Dream Big (2 months ago)
2019 anyone
Kawai Playz (2 months ago)
Every movie song on that I have heard it and watched it
SHELBY F CROTSER (2 months ago)
o o (2 months ago)
And you say your millennium
2:48 that face of despair
Sam Sam (2 months ago)
I got all of them
Jessica Star (2 months ago)
I know all the songs
Classic Claire (2 months ago)
Hassan Alnajdi (2 months ago)
kawser parvez (2 months ago)
not easy for me
6BC News (2 months ago)
I got all correct because I'm an all time Disney fan. I watched all this movies more times than I have been alive and I'm 13
Arjun Jyothish (2 months ago)
I got one right one right one like
faze aim (2 months ago)
Have great day comments pls😁👍
Mark Stretton (2 months ago)
Uhh wats toy stories
Kayleen Dutra (2 months ago)
The song #3 was from Brave
Paisley Hendrix (2 months ago)
3:10 everyone else: oh he must have not watched it me and a few others: HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW THAT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
PotatoV24 IoI (2 months ago)
2 0 1 9 ? !
Ava Rose (2 months ago)
I got them all right literally I LOVE Disney movies especially the lion king
Omar Cruz (2 months ago)
LDPtv (2 months ago)
So easy 10 out of 10
Derp Felix (2 months ago)
Artha Fronda (2 months ago)
Yey i got all.😍😎
Lamborghini Squad (2 months ago)
Aladdin is awesome
Jeremy Miller Jr (2 months ago)
Omg really
Enrique Hernandez (3 months ago)
7 out of 7
wolfkat6132 AJ (3 months ago)
I only got sleeping beauty wrong. I dont watch it that much. but... I'm a HUGE disney fan
Ramiro Rodriguez (3 months ago)
i 😍😍 te lion king
iris salazar (3 months ago)
I got 4
Stephanie Is a person (3 months ago)
It annoys me
Nadia Cross (3 months ago)
I’m mad that you said beauty and the beast or Cinderella instead of snowwhite... like I’m shocked...but I still liked the vid And he said he feels stupid for getting lion king wrong.. I feel kinda stupid for him
Aeden Harris (3 months ago)
I got all of them
Anita Byram (3 months ago)
I got all the answers so easy
Liisi Valb (3 months ago)
Aladdin was my favourite too ♥️
Na odwrót Tv (3 months ago)
Sleeping Beauty is the best !!!!
Taya Coverley (3 months ago)
I got all of them corret
J Leend (3 months ago)
I had them all! Ha easy peasy😍
Smokestack Vintage (3 months ago)
Smokestack Vintage (3 months ago)
If you watched film theory Lion King and Mulan was pretty brutal movies
nightmare girlxxxtomboy (4 months ago)
emma richards (4 months ago)
Brave is a picstar
Drizzleshine 5918 (4 months ago)
Haha...got them all right! I am a true disney fan!
Vada Brattin (4 months ago)
3:10 face of pure disappointment
cool channel (4 months ago)
Dude on acumanatata I laughed so hard
Coryn Costamagna (4 months ago)
OMG you NEED to watch Brave Tal. It's AMAZING!
Classic Claire (2 months ago)
Its one of my favorites!
LolaR Morgana (4 months ago)
Dude I'm younger than u by about a generation and got all of these right away......and yes u are stupido
Papiya DasVerma (5 months ago)
WTH tal you don't know all the songs I'm only 12 and i knew all the songs and all were correct

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