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For my forth country of the year, I flew over to Sri Lanka, starting in the capital, Colombo. After a day on the road, I found myself in the stunning surroundings of Dambulla, where I wasted no time in trekking the Sri Lankan jungle. We then spent some time in Sigiriya, relaxing in the Jetwing hotel and seeing elephants on safari! After another long journey up to the North of the country, we spent a week on the beaches of Trincomalee, where we saw dolphins, whales and I indulged in a spot of jetskiing. But before going home, I had to experience one of the most famous Sri Lankan delicacies, it's tea, in Kandy. Please like, share and subscribe this video to support TrekTrendy TV so that we can continue to bring awesome videos from around the world :) Make sure you check out TrekTrendy.com where I'll show you how you can travel to some of the worlds most exciting destinations, at a fraction of the cost.
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man j (1 year ago)
proud about u and my country
AEUEL ASHER (2 years ago)
Wow, Very beautiful video!!!! Thank you for visiting Sri Lanka!!!
mkr mapalagama (2 years ago)
great video about my country ,thank u :)
mkr mapalagama (2 years ago)
next time , visit hill country area,specially Ella village , its very beautiful area in my country (im going to visit Ella next week ) and climb Adam's peak mountain , December to April is best time for visit Sri lanka :)
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
You live in a stunning country, i loved every minute of my time in Sri Lanka and look forward to going back some day :)
M V (2 years ago)
Nice trip, but you should not go so close to the whales, and quite irresponsible to swim with them.
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
Thanks Magnus, and we were careful not to go too close to them, we went with a registered guide, and whale expert in the area. Whilst it may look I was swimming right next to them, there was a good amount of distance - we were sure of that :)

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