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★ Subscribe MY CHANNEL: https://bit.ly/2J5HP7j This is Derek. You know what the greatest ambition of his life is? He wants to be a famous chef. He’s known that this is what he wants to do since he was four years old, when he helped his mom make Christmas cookies for the first time. After producing his first tray of cookies, Derek was deeply impressed by this magic phenomenon of converting simple products into beautiful dishes. His mom taught him something new every day, and by the time he turned seven, he could already cook a simple breakfast for the whole family on his own. While all of his friends were playing football or listening to music, Derek was experimenting in the kitchen. Derek went to see his dad and told him that he wanted to take up cooking classes. “Whaaaaaat?! Are you kidding me? Cooking classes?! - dad said. “If this is about money,” Derek responded in an attempt to placate him, “I have some pocket money saved up, so I can contribute… Dad, this is my dream! I want to become a chef!” It was then that he noticed that his dad was slowly becoming red with anger. Derek felt devastated. He went to his mom for support and explained the situation. She was very understanding and said he could take the course while she discussed the matter with his father. When he started his classes, Derek felt ecstatic to learn all the tricks and methods that were his first steps towards his dream of becoming a professional chef. His dad seemed to calm down a bit; maybe it was just that he couldn’t do anything about it or that his mother’s negotiating had helped. Derek hadn’t realized what was actually going inside his head. He’d decided to sabotage his own son. Once, Derek was making a simple chocolate cream sponge cake. He was supposed to bring it to class and let everyone try it. There he was getting it ready, all the ingredients tasted fine, he had just made the cream and left it to cool down a little when his dad came to the kitchen and asked Derek to help his mom do the laundry. When he came back from the basement, he finished his cake, putting the layers together with the cream and covering it with fondant and frosting. When he went to his class, Derek was looking forward to receiving top marks, as he was sure that the cake was perfect. His teacher cut a slice and took a bite. Derek was waiting for his smile, but instead saw a strange expression of incomprehension appear on his face. His heart sank. “What’s wrong?” he asked in a defeated tone. “How could you have mistaken sugar for salt? The cream is salty!” Derek couldn’t understand how this could have happened. He’d tasted everything the previous night. Then suddenly it occurred to him that it had been his dad who’d been left alone in the kitchen with his cake. How could he!? He decided to face him like a man, asking him directly: He appeared to be ashamed, and admitted it. Derek was angry as hell. He sighed, and said: “Son, I need to tell you something. Sit down.” He went out of the room and brought back an old photo album Derek had never seen before. He opened it, and Derek’s jaw dropped. There he was, his dad as a teenager in a fancy glittery suit dancing with a suntanned teenage girl. “I’ve never showed this to anyone. This is an old and painful story for me. No one knows it, so please keep it a secret. I used to love dancing and I was really good at it. I took up classes when I was about your age and even took part in several competitions, until one day, I don’t know how but my classmates found out about it. Can you imagine the reaction?” “No.” Derek was puzzled. “They started mocking me, and told me dancing was for girls! They treated me horribly, and in the end I had to give up. But they remembered it, and made my life hell till the very end of school! I know how this finishes so I wanted to protect you!” “But dad, my classmates already know and they think it’s cool! Especially after I brought my homemade muffins to school.” His father seemed lost at this news, and opened then closed his mouth in astonishment. “But would you still like to dance?” Derek asked. “Yes, but keep it quiet! Not even mom knows. Then I guess it’s ok if you don’t have any problems at school. Off you go!” He seemed pretty embarrassed by his sudden confession, but that still didn’t put Derek off cooking. And he thought up a plan. Derek had a chat with his mom the next day about the secret his dad had been keeping from her. She gave him a sly smile and said nothing. But he soon found out that his parents were taking up tango classes! Derek cooked them supper for the first evening after their class, and waited excitedly for them. When they came in, his dad gave him a warm hug and hissed “Traitor!” straight into his ear. But he didn’t look sad at all as Derek gave him a sly wink. #secret #family #cooking
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ACTUALLY HAPPENED (2 months ago)
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Turkey Chicken (1 day ago)
You heart your own but no one else’s
That's not a dirty secret
Lock Lady (11 days ago)
saerci mall (15 days ago)
It’s Liv & Lucy (17 days ago)
Milk And Cereal (30 minutes ago)
Mah hobbie iz playeng gams
Dylan Bayne (33 minutes ago)
Nice job keeping your dads secret
Anthony Turay (35 minutes ago)
My hibby is sleeping
Harvey G Chua (1 hour ago)
and dacing and singing too
Harvey G Chua (1 hour ago)
I Love cooking and baking and swimming and art
David Kuzmanoski (4 hours ago)
My hobby is boxing
Amazing Unicorns (4 hours ago)
Piano and watching youtube
Ayesha Alsaboosi (5 hours ago)
Dar iel (6 hours ago)
my hobby is dancing
WIT노란불'黃火 (6 hours ago)
i allways do that expirementing in the kitchen
Raindow mint (7 hours ago)
I like drawing!
Kian Aleta (8 hours ago)
Yes I have makiiing sliiiime
Meep Ramen (8 hours ago)
piano bich
YoongiGotMyHeart (9 hours ago)
He said keep it a secret and you tell all of YouTube 😂
ctopline2 (9 hours ago)
So much for a secret.😂
Ikilluaq Pirti (10 hours ago)
My hobby is hockey and soccer
Main Strain (10 hours ago)
I hope you got permission before you shared your story
Sebastian Barreda Green (10 hours ago)
Does his dad know about gordon ramsay? XD
kathia ama (10 hours ago)
I go to Ballet
Spooktober Time (11 hours ago)
snaps fingers aggressively
Kate’s World (12 hours ago)
I do hockey (I am a goalie/ goaltender)
Lps Volcano (12 hours ago)
I absolutely love his accent!!
Patricia Cardenas (12 hours ago)
yes drawing and making clay figures
Pls Don’t fucking sub (12 hours ago)
*cream has been salted*
Jedi Talez (14 hours ago)
My hobby is crafting!
Hammad Khan (14 hours ago)
5:01 hey that rhymed! DR SEUSS REFERENCES
Missy Yolo (14 hours ago)
What’s with the title though?
Nae Builds (15 hours ago)
Good Job at keeping that secret!
susie gacha (16 hours ago)
3:43 Dad, *WERE IT YOU* that has salted my cream?!
Prank Master (17 hours ago)
Football and Fortnite
TheAncient Tribalia (17 hours ago)
My Dream is to be Architekt ;D 46°√π×24⅝³-843%23's *IK IT WAS NOTHING* :P
your dark side 0130 (17 hours ago)
R.I.P. dads secret
Ale Carmona (17 hours ago)
Gymnastics and i love that hobby
UNICORN CAKE (18 hours ago)
You.. spoiled your father’s secret ...
•SaDz 89• (19 hours ago)
My hobby is dancing. 💃😂❤️
Kate Ekoma Ezekiel (20 hours ago)
1 like equals one slap for his dad 👇
Rocket Speed (21 hours ago)
Cooking is truly Magic
• C a t h l e e n • (23 hours ago)
Keep it a secret *post it on youtube* 😂😂😂😂😂
I guess he asSALTED HIS CAKE :D
*squiiz * (1 day ago)
How is his secret dirty?
lea rowland (1 day ago)
Desiree Pante (1 day ago)
Drawing (^♡°)
My dream is to be come a youtuber 😇😇
XxhauntxX playZ (1 day ago)
I bet his dad's bullies are now dancing Fortnite emotes and regretted saying dancing is for girl's
HACKER_DUDE 29 (1 day ago)
i am expert at gadgets
Anna Joyce (1 day ago)
*DAd WeRE iT YOu wHo haS SaLTeD mY CReAm?*
Thats not dirty
Nick Papadoulakis (1 day ago)
# coolkidz (1 day ago)
despacito wut?
Aranya Nandi (1 day ago)
This was the best thing I heard today ❤️❤️
Ryan Bailey (1 day ago)
Why would he freak out over cooking when his backstory was about dancing? Also a chef is a thing for a boy
Samael (1 day ago)
Your cake turns a fail not because of your dad, but the fondant, a whole cake cover with that shit? disgusting
Specti Lou (1 day ago)
Snail Gamer (1 day ago)
Gaming and riding bike
gluecrackerz (1 day ago)
My hobby is to draw, and animate! ^^
Rhea Cokiez (1 day ago)
What a villain?!?! Hahahaha
Anna Eades (1 day ago)
My hobby is gymnastics
SilverLapraz (1 day ago)
i dont think these stories actually happen
jane rigler (1 day ago)
The moral of the story is to not give up
Jhazaire Ferrer (1 day ago)
My hobby is cooking and i wanna grow up to be a Chef!😃
Kitty Animations (1 day ago)
My hobby is art and animation, also that dad turned as red as his shirt 😂
Loan Huynh (1 day ago)
Yes I have a hobby my hobby is drawing!
Rev_ gaming YT (1 day ago)
And shooting
SillySisters (1 day ago)
I myself like to cook. But right now I'm to young for cooking classes. I also come from a very poor family. But one day I will achieve my dream! And so can you! 🖤🖤🖤
Rev_ gaming YT (1 day ago)
Tiyanna Polson (1 day ago)
GoldCub (1 day ago)
Cooking classes are not for boys? *Ding Dong* Gordon Ramsey's cooking a can of Scotish Whoop Ass
Shamiya Douglas (1 day ago)
I love to cook
DDevil 15 (1 day ago)
My hobbies are singing🎤🎵
Eric Chu (1 day ago)
Dad: *confused that the students like his son* Me: Allow me to explain... No one messes with someone that can bake you a cupcake, cookie, cake, and other things.
Dakota Stein (1 day ago)
4:20 ...well,so much for that
Holly Flynn (1 day ago)
U want to be. A bakery and my inspiration is master chef and Carlos bakery
iiKattx UwU (1 day ago)
How is this... a... *DIRTY* secret?
Real Nasty (1 day ago)
I thought his dad had a child porn addiction
glitter rose (1 day ago)
Baking aswell!
Lisa Zweig (1 day ago)
Cooking, studying biblical history and science, physics, writing
Um... You didn't keep it a secret... Well, we dont know who the dad is so... Okay...
Gatcha gal (1 day ago)
Yes, I like to draw, and animating and making stories
CocoPets AR (1 day ago)
how is this a “DIRTY”
Himaru Sama (1 day ago)
I like to draw and paint but I also like watching anime
livia (1 day ago)
AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH im having flashbacks to that olivia episode where the kids are making lemonade for a lemonade stand and olivia asks her little brother to get sugar to put into the lemonade and he gets the salt along comes the school teacher and she drinks the lemonade and she is running all over the place and screaming
Damon Merrick (1 day ago)
I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!! 😍😍😍❤🤤🤠
Gunner Likes lemons (1 day ago)
Dancing is for everyone I do hip hop,modern and tap and their are boys in most of my classes
Karsyn Woods (1 day ago)
Dealing with my horse
Melissa Portela (1 day ago)
Dad: I beg you to keep it a secret.. Son: *Puts it on youtube*
the Denigs (1 day ago)
My hobby is dancing 💃💃💃💃
My hobby is being fat...
Panagiotis Ts (1 day ago)
I collect minerals
EASY GAMEAS (1 day ago)
Malia Dannae (1 day ago)
Welp...it ain’t a secret no more😂
brooke rylee (1 day ago)
4:18 yeah so much for that
mushfequl haque (1 day ago)
My hobby is drawing
Milena Painter (1 day ago)
Dad: Do not share this with *anyone* it is a secret! Son: okay! Son: *walks out of room* Son: *posts on YouTube* Son: *looks at views* Son: *NOW 3 MILLION PEOPLE KNOW HIS SECRET*😈😈😈😈😈😈
Ironicness (1 day ago)
The real victim here is the dad who never got the opportunity to follow his passion in his life.
Memoe Reee (1 day ago)
I want to be a YouTuber a Gamer or an Animator/Artist 😄

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