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December Patch Delayed - The Playerbase is Heard

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Montanx HS (4 months ago)
Maybe up the gold rewards for each tier and take away ICR for 1-2 wins and keep it for 3+? I absolutely want to always feel like I’m getting something. Like “boo I lost, yay I got a pack.”. The vault is garbage, not sure why they don’t do dust like EVERY other card game.
Jamie Keddie (5 months ago)
As a software developer - Saying that a company would make a bad change just so they could make a less bad change is some insane tin-foil hat, Illuminati stuff. Understand, please, that these developers likely care about the game more than you do and are not intentionally hurting people for fun.
William White (5 months ago)
Well I've been playing MtG Arena for 2 weeks, I haven't seen an option to play Bo3? That right there might be why no one is playing Bo3
SH18 (5 months ago)
If I get a 5th copy, I don't want it to disappear into some "magical vault" remove the entire vault system. If we get a 5th copy and I recently got a 5th copy, the game should see that ahead of time and give us a wildcard of the same rarity, so that we may use it however it's needed for us to make stronger decks or have some fun and try some jank decks. WOTC needs to free up the game and make people happy, the happier people are the more people will play Arena and Arena will be talked about more and shared and have tons more people playing it if the player base is having fun, at this current time, I would say about 50% of the player base is unhappy with MTG Arena, well maybe 35-50% and I'm one of those unhappy folks which means I'll spend less time playing MTG Arena and more time playing Overwatch, WoW, Fortnite/PUBG/BFV/BO4.
SH18 (5 months ago)
Lol nobody playing best of 3, hell I'll tell you why nobody is playing best of 3 is because all of us people who are playing for free and there is a huge majority of us, since October Ravnica release in all this time we yet have not been able to create a competitive T1 meta deck, as for me I am extremely short of creating any complete meta deck(golgari midrange, izzet drakes, selsyna tokens, mono blue tempo, jeskai control). So guess what a lot of us are not playing Bo3 because we don't even have a decent 60 card deck, let alone a 75 card deck with full sideboard. If we could earn more packs per month freely, currently only 40 packs per month and it's clearly not enough, maybe by now we would have a deck complete and would start to entertain the option of starting to get involved with doing Best of 3 and playing ranked matches. However I have another 1 or 2 months to go opening 40 to 80 packs until I might have enough cards to build a meta deck. That is a problem, and people don't seem to be able to see it.
SH18 (5 months ago)
Closed Beta they gave us a generous amount of starter decks and cards, it was really good, we also had 3 packs of each set to open this was before the standard set change. I install open beta, and you get 5 starter and 5 dual colored/new player experience decks, which are not bad, however you only got 3 packs of Guilds of Ravnica…. like whut the hell...…, Closed beta we had 3 packs each of 8 sets, 24 packs, that's a nice perk for starting out, close beta wizards said bye bye boys, we currently have 5 sets in Guilds of Ravnica standard and we should of had 3 packs for each set to open, this did not sit well with me.
SH18 (5 months ago)
Economy still needs fixed for casual players/people who refuse to buy card packs, I only do free play to do my daily currency quests and to get my 4 wins, nothing else and with a 50/50 win rate 4 wins sometimes takes me up to 2 hours to complete it. I don't log on everyday as I logged on quite a bit during closed beta but now having to start over in open beta I kinda don't want to grind all that over again, as I am still playing a little bit but not like I was in closed beta, the fresh new car is less exciting for me now. However I am a free 2 play player, 29 years old, I did drop $100 for 20k gems however I likely won't be doing that again as 100 packs split between Ravnica/Dominaria/M19 did not really help much in terms of getting 2-4 copies of certain cards needed for meta decks. 40 packs per month, 10 packs per week, 1 pack currency per day is 7,000 a week packs cost 1,000, and 3 free packs per week getting 15 weekly wins. 40 packs is not enough, as when did open beta start? Me playing how I do I still am not able to make a deck with 4 copies of main deck cards, and pretty much the meta decks, Golgari Midrange, Izzet Drakes, Boros Aggro, Selsyna Tokens, the strongest cards that make up those decks im practically short on all of them, and with the current saved up wild cards I have Is still not enough to complete a full 60 card deck and forget about sideboard atm. Open beta start until now, the rate I'm going to me it's almost a waste of time to play Arena everyday yet the "end of the line" as you would say is still so far away. Yet we still have people saying that the economy is great, well compare it to real world card prices where people are use to paying 4 dollars a pack, well guys you've been overpaying for years, sorry. It's taking the average magic player a bit too long to get a single meta deck going let alone there are around 40 different versions of meta decks going on atm for GRN standard. I mean hell ida been fine with paying 30 bucks to buy magic arena, if it meant the amount of packs we can earn monthly makes it feel it's worth my time to be playing MTG everyday. WOTC is being too stingy atm, the amount of packs you can potentially earn by playing for free every month needs to increase to around 65 packs a 16% percent increase, that way maybe after playing open beta for 3 months I would actually be able to have 1 or 2 completed meta decks I could use to start entering events and playing ranked, in the mean time i'll slow roll my way for another 1 or 2 months until I can muster some kind of meta deck. But then the next set will be close to releasing and the meta will change......
Pt S (5 months ago)
Or provide cosmetic rewards. Like making 1card of your choice(specific rarity) foil. Even different foil techniques. This will milk a lot. Just other than gold.
Lucavi Lorell (5 months ago)
What was that music at the end?
Caio Luiz Franco Moraes (5 months ago)
First of all, congratz Nox, you are good explaining the pros and cons. I'm a new F2P and recently discovered the Constructed Event and his true value. Usually, I was using Gold to buy packs, but notice that, even not progressing very well in the Event, like 3w/3l or 2w/3l, the real value was better than expeding in packs. Losing 200G or 100G for a chance to get a rare or mythic was amazing. I hope they change this to a better format because chase money is not the best choice for me
Kevin Johnstone (5 months ago)
Id rather have gold. I can buy a pack of what I want and hopefully get my rare that way. Its way better. Why the hell would anyone be upset with getting gold, to spend on packs of their choosing, instead of 3 COMPLETELY RANDOM cards?
justen vanzant (5 months ago)
hmm i suck i cant compete there no way to get good unless you pay money to have the meta the problem im having is i dont mind playing to get cards but when i enter a event i get stomped and loss the 500 or 1000 for event entry. i dont mind losing a couple of times but every game no matter what deck i play 30 losses to 3 wins in an hour so my suggestion would be to make it 2 wins to get 400 gold in events and then a new card a new 3 cards like it is
Beast Mode (5 months ago)
Just go free 2 play problem solved
TR|TheRecorder (5 months ago)
i think its okay to nerf constructed events, in the end they have to make money, and finally they made a good magic game wich is x10 times cheeper than hearthstone, so i think they can make it a bit more pay to win
TR|TheRecorder (5 months ago)
TR|TheRecorder (5 months ago)
TR|TheRecorder (5 months ago)
TR|TheRecorder (5 months ago)
Alex Nas (5 months ago)
i stopped playing Arena cause i keep getting mana flooded while only running 20 lands, last night in 5 games 4 of the games i got mana flooded and in 3 of those games i kept a 2 land hand and by turn 5 i only drew lands
Maksymilian Gajowniczek (5 months ago)
How to repeat the same 1 min sentence in different ways 20 times.
Blaze 1UP (5 months ago)
just downloaded magic and first time playing it but its really difficult really hate the feeling that it may be pay to win.
Adrian Frandsen (5 months ago)
Do you consider hearthstone pay to win? MTGA feels a lot more rewarding at the moment. Regular play will give you lots of value. MTG has a high skill ceiling, and is hard for new players. Play the merfolk deck if you can. I'd say it's the strongest of the free two color decks.
ThunderJunk (5 months ago)
I know that a lot of people love grinding out that gold but, I would be fine if there was no gold rewards and instead there was a card unlock structure. Like you start at 0 wins with 2 uncommons and you upgrade the rewards as you get wins. So you could end at like 3 rare and 2 mythic at 7 wins, just adding extra cards and upgrading rarities as you win. Heck even allow them to spawn as wildcards. I don't do the events now because the only real prize is more gold. I would rather spend the gold to get more cards. which I can do just by hitting the dailies and buying packs which is significantly less time investment. I can log on once every 3 days, play 5-10 games and then go do something else for 3 days. I'm sure there is people out there that love grinding and more power to them, I'm just not a fan of grinding things out.
RagingGoblin (5 months ago)
Your cynicism is bordering paranoia. Granted, some companies might be into that sort of stuff (fake outrage), but you have to see everything as it is. Wizards has been fairly decent to its community so far, and they have listened. So why don't you accept the more logical explanation instead of spreading dissonance?
Luca Galvani (5 months ago)
that's amazing!!!
flol (5 months ago)
Was really surprised about wotc decision. maybe this will change my mind about them.
SilverFire200 (5 months ago)
Are they gonna address the fifth copy issue? I keep getting sinister sabotages and kraul harpooners, in every god damn pack :(
OverBIT (5 months ago)
Hey Nox, i recently saw your goblin tribal deck with skirk prospector and was wandering what fan could you have wtih 6 mana at turn 3, like sunbird's invocation, immortal sun, several planeswalkers including vraska(with some luck on the lands), vaevictis asmadi,...
M. F. (5 months ago)
I think your argument based around "how generous" MTGA is flawed on a fundamental level. While i agree that - if you play daily and are a good player you get a lot of rewards - if you are a "casual" player, MTGA feels very bad. While you may have the card pool to do 7-Xs every time you enter something, a casual 2-3 times a week player wont. And what does he see? He sees decks with cards he wont get because he has to save a week to play single round of Draft and thats basically all what he gets. 3 Card packs and his ICRs. One of the problem is the matchmaking since such a player will never even come close to the same level of understanding of a more advanced player, but thats not all. Ultimately you have to ask the question: How do you as a developer want to hook your player? Right now they choose to dangle good decks (piloted by good players) in front of casual players who then think: Ive to invest to get a deck and i can win. While this isnt fundamentally wrong (Hasbro is a company after all), it sends the wrong signal. Games like Path of Exile or Warframe did not get so big because you can pay for your "progress", its because they hook you with good gameplay. Right now, the gameplay for casual players is not good. I would really like to see you play on a fresh new free 2 play account with the basic decks just doing the events - playing everything except Draft. Maybe this is a good series - maybe it shows you a little bit how slow progress is, how valuable WCs are and how little ICRs matter if you get your Nicol Bolas, just to realize you will never play that card since not a single deck your support the color base at a reasonable tempo.
Barron Stankus (5 months ago)
Wow what great news. I haven't logged on since the news. Just logged on now and started playing the weekend event that is Kiblers. I was just starting to feel like a scumbag for playing mono red to farm but now here you are, telling me that constructed is back to "normal" for some time.
Es Aldis (5 months ago)
To me, the summary of the proposed 'Constructed' reward system was: It felt like a Banking/Economics job. I, myself have always been good at math and logical thinking in general. I could've picked Banking as my career and done really well for myself by now, financially (I do understand it's a much more complex job position, but it works great as a surface-level example), and had no real ceiling as to where I could land in the end, as my final career goal. I'm also pretty good with musical instruments and music/sound in general. Taking a couple years after High School, I decided to go for Audio Engineering, as it's much more rewarding (to me), the final products of the projects feel interesting and fun. I do, however, scramble for jobs regularly and don't earn nearly as much in the end. The MTG:A 'Constructed' system felt similarly (even assuming the gold rewards were comparatively large). After working/grinding away at the event, I could get some cool cards - the better I do the prettier My Precious gets. Even if the prize was way less than what I could've gained via these new events gold-wise, I still enjoyed pressing the 'Claim Rewards' button a lot. When I put myself to the test in the new (hypothetically) version of the event, I get more money for the money I put in. That's where my comparison comes in, as I'm simply adding more numbers to my numbers, rather than getting a shiny, new thingy in my collection. Now, pressing the 'Claim Rewards' button is just sending away the bill for my troubles and getting compensated for the time spent In short: I'd much rather get an actual "Thing" that I can use in the game than build up currency to build up more currency.
Mirnae le palmier (5 months ago)
+Es Aldis you're welcome
Es Aldis (5 months ago)
Thanks to whoever actually reads that whole memoir of a thought :D
Grubosz (5 months ago)
Better move is to cancel Magic Arena.
lokone303 (5 months ago)
anyone knows if the mulligan thing is fixed or was only a myth? i really not playing mtga anymore because i'm very strict with mulligan rules because afects seriously to the overall stadstics performeance of a deck, and the decbuilding part mainly, wich i reallly like to take my time on it when i build a deck.
Randall Rapp (5 months ago)
I loved your breakdown of ICR. And understand that this is still a Beta with the tested iterations. I love the pauper events BTW.
christopher kastronis (5 months ago)
What are thoughts on the constructed event reqards being 3 cards and at different win levels u can pick one or two or 3 cards (at 7 wins). I like drafting because i love chosing my cards. This would also tone down the amount of icr per event.
Eogard (5 months ago)
I wish Dice did that with the TTK patch.
Evochron (5 months ago)
The thing is ICRs are still random to an extent. If they had gone through with the change for gold (albeit it's less gold and that would have to be balanced a bit more) and I think they should move all prizing to just gold for the reason of player agency. With ICRs it's still random and per your comment about Emotional Resonance it's totally true but Magic as a community has been conditioned to think that opening packs is wrong. For something like Arena, I think this attitude needs to change. If you were given 5000 gold to do constructed events right now and you got ICRs you have minimal control and are putting at risk getting a card you don't want or need due to the cards coming from all through standard. Meanwhile if you were given 5000 gold to participate in constructed events and the pay out was in gold, you have the agency to go to the store (which is another good reason for encouraging gold - for people to visit the store) and buy the pack that they want the card from but god forbid you crack a pack for no value. Except in MTGA, there is no available value from packs OTHER than cracking them. You could get the rare you want, you could get the rare wildcard you want but either way you're ALSO working on the reward track progress. That player agency is an intangible value that isn't brought to light enough when it comes to discussions about gold and card acquisition via icr.
Kuzon _ (5 months ago)
You Love And Hate Me Noxious... I am both Deathwing And Nicol Bolas
Ahren S (5 months ago)
Tomasz Kaleniak (5 months ago)
I think they should in the end copy the solution from hearthstone - separate ladders for bo1 and bo3 - you get the price from the one you are higher rank. They should however implement less ranks for bo3 simply because they last so much longer. As a new player, currently f2p, but I plan to spend a little now and then bo3 is not an option because I am missing too many cards but as soon as I build some decent(ish) collection I plan to play mostly bo3 - why? Cause I hate RNG, it made me quit Hearthstone, I like to have the feeling that when I win, I earned it, when I loose I can analyze the game and understand misplays - bo3 seems to deliver the most in terms of the experience I am expecting to feel. Nevertheless for the next 3-6 months to come I will probably spend 90%+ time in bo1 building my collection
Tomasz Kaleniak (5 months ago)
+William White I don't agree - they have to build the player base in order to have money to develop the platform, majority of players, not hardcore mtg, have little time to play and prefer to play 6 bo1 than 2 games bo3. I bet that it will be always around 90%+ games played each day will be Bo1
William White (5 months ago)
Bo1 shouldn't even have a ladder, should just be for quick play and testing decks out.
HandSanitizer (5 months ago)
They should make 3 packs 400 gems instead of 600. I'd be much more open to packs, if they were cheaper. It would even encourage f2ps to buy packs.
pedro beato (5 months ago)
Also I'd like to bring a topic for you that maybe you find relevant. I'm a braziliian player and Magic has always been popular in Brazil (as I said on my previous post, it was launched here in the mid 90s with alot of success despite it's price being very steep by our standards). The game is localized here and Brazillian Portuguese is one of the few languages the game is translated to but the majority of the country doesn't speak english so it's difficult for the brazillian playerbase to join the mainstream conversation around the beta. The thing I wanted you to take a look at and maybe use your platform to spread the word (if you agree) is localized pricing. We can chat at length about it if you are willing but the main point is that Brazil's currency is very weak against the dollar/euro and Brazil being an emergent 3rd world country (also in the middle of an economic recession) makes in-game purchases almost prohibitive for the middle-class and even upper middle-class people doesn't think it's worth it. The 20,000 gems bundle, for exemple, costs almost half the local monthly minimum wage so there are alot of people F2Ping that want to spend money but don't. There are probably other countries with the same problem where the barrier of entry to Magic is too high. Do you think WotC stands to profit and grow their market in those places? Do you care for these fringe playerbases? And do you think that the mainstream audience (western europe and america) would support this? I'm trying to bring attention to this but it doesn't gain traction because doesn't pertain the majority of english speaking players. Thanks for reading through this wall of text. Cheers
pedro beato (5 months ago)
Hey Nox, I'm new to your channel. Planning to start following you on twitch. Really like your content and insight but I'd like to make a sugestion. I'm not exactly new to MTG (having played in the late 90s some kitchen table) but there are alot of new mechanics specially in Arena so while I appreciate that you're obviously experienced and skilled you're also kinda impatient it seems. So when you were playing the Welcome to Jail deck (for exemple) sometimes you went so fast past what you were thinking regarding the use of Artifacts that I was having a hard time following. I don't know, just my two cents to make your content more inviting to newer players. But maybe that's not the point of your stuff and I just jumped on the deep end too fast. Anyway, much luck to you and card draws
Lazuardi Barkah (5 months ago)
They really go all out in MTGA till they started to listen to the player base.
Akos Sam (5 months ago)
5:23 it's not cynicism. What you described is basic corporate practice. Happens every day.
Draco Dominus (5 months ago)
Ok so I posted this below in another thread but I'm gonna pop it here cuz it's a question... Does anyone know why there isn't a ranked mode for Bo1 and a separate rank for Bo3? It honestly seems like such a simple fix. Slightly better rewards for playing Bo3 for the extra effort required.
Mark Lundy (5 months ago)
Talking of the vault. I am a relatively new ftp player but I play for about 4/5 hours nearly. Every single day. There's been days I've even sat and played for 12 hours... And after all this time. I've never seen the vault activate.
Beast Mode (5 months ago)
Same i have invested probably 100 euro worth of packs do my daily's weekly's and have not opened the vault since beta
adrianocs4 (5 months ago)
The problem whith bo3 is making a sideboard as f2p, i created a good merfolk deck and if i wanted a good sideboard i would need extra 12 rare wilds that i could be using on others projects
Sébastien Beaudette (5 months ago)
Why you talk in english? Where is french quebec magic ?
Rakra (5 months ago)
Thank you Nox. By the way your thumbs looks very similar to Kripp's
nfc14g (5 months ago)
Sounds like they listened to the community and made the right decision to me. I'd much rather devs listen to people than bring out a patch that's going to cause player drop off. I totally agree they are more than overly generous with the free cards, decks and packs that they have given out. it makes buying packs even more painful because they have given so many commons that when you buy a pack there's little chance it's going to give you anything. The only way they can get it to work for both parties is drop the free cards they give (still give the starter packs). And implement trading. Add a friends list, add a market place. Take a trim, 2% of all trades etc. It's a TRADING card game. You need to be able to trade out dupes.
HandSanitizer (5 months ago)
It makes me really happy, i was ready to drop mtga
mujexzilla (5 months ago)
My resonance is so emotional after getting my 4th Apex of Power from ICRs. Prolly never gonna play the fucking thing, but still emotional ;d On a more serious note, the feeling I get when I see the yellow / red outline on an ICR is palpable, I guess it appeals to the gambler in me.
Martin Walker (5 months ago)
I think it's easy to be jaded and assume this is a trick but I personally am just happy they've accepted they were wrong and that just giving gold profit isn't the way to keep people playing!
scott cisek (5 months ago)
I'd honestly want the gold over the random cards but I don't do the constructed events those are for net deckers
Lorenzo Maria Martini (5 months ago)
what do you play instead?
Turtle313 (5 months ago)
Thx again for the good analysation. Maybe i´m just a bit different here, but i stand to the comment i gave to your last upload - i honestly wouldn´t care if they would cut out ICR's when they compensate it with enough gold to buy packs on my own. Personally i feel like opening a full pack of the block of my choice feels even better than ICR's. But i got your point and maybe a lot of people feel the way you do. Anyway it´s good to hear they decided to rethink their action and hopefully they come up with a better solution.
Yassir Amry (5 months ago)
I am a free player and thankful that Magic Duels and MTGA exist. There are only several LGS in my country and the most closest one is 3 hours away. MTGA makes Magic available for everyone. Even though I am free player, I do want MTGA to succeed and finally hit the economy balance between the company and all players. If the current rewards are too "generous", and it can hurt the overall economy of MTGA or even Magic in general, I am ok if they nerf them. But such a huge nerf in one big swing is not fine. I would suggest a little nerf at a time will do much better because eventually people will get used to it.
eneses93 (5 months ago)
I feel like the BO3 format might yet rise in popularity down the line. At least if a lot of other players feel the same way as I do about the format - I would like to play it one day and get good at it, but right now I am grinding for just the cards that I would main-deck. Though, once I complete my collection of the 20 or so rares and mythics that make one deck competitive in BO1, I'm not gonna want to grind for whatever should go in that deck's sideboard to make it also good in BO3, instead I'll start focusing towards a new deck. Like if I was going for Jeskai control and finished it, now I might want to also have a Grixis deck or one of the jank decks you show on this channel, it's way more appealing to have that variance and freedom in the potential future than to be able to play the same deck again, but in BO3. But anyway, I'm saying given another year or so, me and a lot of other f2p or almost f2p players will probably get there - we'll have a ton of cards and cool decks and we'll want to play a format that adds another level of complexity.
MrGrimgate (5 months ago)
I don't think there should be a vault, I think if they are going to take your fifth copy of a card they should just give you the Wild Card that matches. "Oh you got this Rare Card you already have four of, here's a Rare Wild Card instead, pick another Rare." That's my thoughts on it anyway, trading in a crap ton of fifth copies of random cards to get six Wild Cards is rough.
eneses93 (5 months ago)
That was my first thought too, and a lot of other people's. As Nox explained in a previous video, though, that's very unbalanced for the high-paying members of the community. Imagine after completing your collection of say Ixalan, you can buy tons of Ixalan packs even though you know you have 4 of all of them, and just get wildcards, tons of wildcards. Each can be turned into whatever you want. That completely breaks the intended system. Still, the vault is not a good solution and people have thought of other ways to improve it.
VividPsychosis (5 months ago)
On an emotional level, it also feels better to use a wild card from the grinded extras on a card I want for a deck instead of a random other card I didnt have yet that I also dont want. I dunno, maybe I am weird.
Ben (5 months ago)
I'm tired of hearing about the 5th copy problem. The BS "reasoning" they claim was to protect newer players. But the 5th copy problem literally has no impact on new players what so ever. Also, if they are finding issues with brand new players losing to heavily in constructive event all they have to do is create a barrier of entry (number of non-tutorial cards in collection, number of games played in other event types, etc). As a new magic player the constructed event was perfect as an introduction where the stakes were higher than just "play" but even with a 0-3 run I didn't feel like I was getting totally screwed. It introduced me to cards from all the sets that I had never seen before. Not to mention with a proper hidden MMR they can prevent new players from always going up against high quality players/decks.
Noxious (5 months ago)
I agree; the importance of the 5th copy problem is minor, but the negative emotions that getting a 5th card in a Wildcard system is awful. It's not worth maintaining, if only for that; the best solution in my book still remains duplicate protection + incidental 5th copies from Limited or fully completed collections being turned into gold.
Richard Thurman (5 months ago)
I like seeing that WOTC is listening to the fan base. It may he true that the ranking system must be tweaked, however it should be very difficult to reach mythic. Otherwise what is the big deal? I know I am the minority here, but I don't think the 5th card problem is actually a problem. I think it can certainly be improved upon, however, it is not unreasonable how it is. Just my opinion. I think this video was very well done. Keep up the great work.
Kenneth Hohbach (5 months ago)
I don't understand why they can't simply convert duplicates to wild cards. You get a 5th rare, get a wild card instead. Or at least after a certain number of duplicates relative to the rarity.
Pedro Borges (5 months ago)
Nox already explained. If that happened you would open a lot of boosters from One block,get all The cards (even trading Wildcards) then continue to open boosters from the block same block getting wc everytime. Ppl would just abuse the system.
Subham Mohanty (5 months ago)
After opening a very large number of packs from a single block, the probability of getting a fifth copy becomes huge, so if this(5th copy to wildcard) system is implemented, all we have to do is open huge numbers of packs from *one* block only to get huge numbers of wildcards. This makes it easier to complete your collection of choice. I don't think that's what the devs want.
dontaccoll (5 months ago)
Nice analysis, the 3 slaps instead of 5 is very real.. I don't think an above average player can go infinite, especially if you have a limited time to play, like 2 or 3 hours a day. And you should play always with your competitive deck that you know perfectly, i get bored after 5 games with the same deck...
Christopher Young (5 months ago)
Spot on. I've only spent 5 bucks on the game and will not spend a penny more. The ICR for constructed events are one of the few things that keep me going. As with any game most gamers (myself included) enjoy something to work towards. Building a collection and constructing decks is awesome. Buying pack after pack hoping to get lucky isn't really fun. In real magic you have the option of trading cards. That being non existant on MtGA makes the ICRs that much more awesome. If they take away these ICRs it would alienate alot of players. I myself wouldn't play near as much if at all.
Mortalgnomo (5 months ago)
TY mate. Have you got any video with cheap decks? i mean , not all of the players have 8 rare or something like that and the starting decks are pretty much shi .Thanks again
Lorenzo Maria Martini (5 months ago)
check out his mono U budget build
lawrence Hoffman (5 months ago)
They just need a mode for new players that locks the precon decks and lets you change 1 card ever 5 wins or something They also should just flatten all the event ev maybe even push bo3, and monetize cosmetics, pretty straight forward.
Martin Sparkes (5 months ago)
On the subject of ranks, I would like to see less back sliding once you pass gold. Instead of going back to gold you slip down one notch. That way Mythic is attainable eventually. You maintain a level by adding a band per cycle which sounds much more manageable.
Artemis Gray (5 months ago)
Came for revel in riches shenanigans. F
Mattia Selicato (5 months ago)
Nox the best mtga YouTube content creator Hands down
Charles Lumia (5 months ago)
Good news on the Constructed Events. I liked them myself and I liked the random ICRs. It's fun to get a few random cards. Still it's not very fast. If you won a good amount of games you played Magic for an hour or more and you got three cards. That isn't outrageous or game breaking.
Zach Gayan (5 months ago)
I hate to be 'THIS GUY', but MTGArena is very fixed. It's enraged and outraged me for months! I've been playing MTGA since the closed beta and have pumped about $400 into the game to purchase gems. I've spent those gems on sealed, draft events, and packs of cards to open. Each of the sealed and competitive draft events cost a significant amount of gems to enter. Each of these events have a prize structure that rewards your gem investment with gem rewards as well as a few random cards based on how many wins you achieve. Before I voice my complaint, I want to make it clear that I love playing MTGA and plan on continuing MTGA for the rest of my life... unless my frustrations with the following finally get to me. My issue with these events is the amount of times I get "mana-screwed" at crucial times during the events. Now, before I get laughed at and I hear the cliche... "everyone gets mana-screwed sometimes" and "mana screw happens in paper too, dude" responses. What I'm saying is I get mana screwed during the games that allow me to "profit" from the events. I will often win the 2 or 3 games of an event to slide forward on the reward scale. But, when it gets to the nitty-gritty games of the event, when I'm about to make the jump to a 'profit' in gems or 'gold, I've noticed the land-spell-ratios begin to change. I begin to experience games in which 8 of my first 10 cards are lands, 11 of my first 14 cards are spells. Oftentimes, the opening hand will be acceptable... 3 or 4 land opener. As a result, I'll be "forced to lose" even though on the surface it is chalked up to "bad luck". I almost always play midrange type decks, in which my land base is 40 to 45 percent of my deck. MTGA's motive for doing this would be to keep users paying for events, not allowing for profit to happen. Holding a carrot in front of a donkey by the means of showing top prize potential of 2300 gold, when in reality there is very little chance of actually reaching it by merit of skill or deckbuilding ability. But rather, the way to win is by luck, winners are decided by whom the game deems more fit and allow the hands to be better. I have only collected small amounts of date on this so far, but I intend to do more extensive research. Unfortunately, the ranking system seems to be the same. I've reach silver in limited and constructed recently, only to be mana-screwed out of a disproportionately amount of games once I reach the tier. This would be a very easy way for MTGA to choose its' winners and losers based where it can see the greatest potential for future profit and revenue. In conclusion, I hope that I'm wrong. I hope that I'm simply one of the few that is unlucky when it matters most and not one of the players that has "ice in his veins" to win when it matters most. I want MTGA to succeed. I want it to be fair and fun for everyone. I hope that Wizards will see that growth is based on supply and demand, which is why Starbucks and Microsoft got rich. They got there because of a huge demand for their products, not by extracting the most out of a loyal and adoring fanbase.
Zach Gayan (5 months ago)
+MawilliX Thanks, no problem. My recorded sample size needs to be bigger. Since I've made this post I've recorded the land ratios in 10 games in the new ranked portion of the game. I was posting this as something that I've been experiencing. Before I started posting evidence I wanted to get an idea of how others have been faring. Also, I hesitate to post demonstrative data proving MTGA is fixed in any way. I like playing the game, and don't want to bash it in its' infancy.
MawilliX (5 months ago)
Oh, and I just want to mention, my sample size is also small. That's why I want a larger, recorded sample of games. I don't think you're lying, and I think that what you are saying might indeed be a thing they're doing. But I would like to see evidence of that.
MawilliX (5 months ago)
Zach Gayan Hasn't happened for me. Try going for a larger sample size, and record each game.
Lauro Cesar Nogueira (5 months ago)
Would be nice if they put a Booster Pack for the first place instead of taking out the ICR, that would make the level of Constructed be a thousand times more competitive!
Rykiniafan1 (5 months ago)
constructed event feels nice because theres something ur trying hard for in the short term. even when we get ladder it will (probably with next expansion) be azorius spam (maybe esper takes over) and then whatever aggro deck can sometimes get under (not trusting in frenzy since its easily countered/bound) and its always seasons. 1 month for like a card back or some form of cosmetic. constructed event is a few games u try hard and u get something for it. thats something that keeps me interested. so if they change the rewards to be really bad and u cant sustain a few runs per day i will prolly quit like hearthstone since ladder grind only is really boring especially as f2p with 1 pack a day... hearthstone was fun cause of arena to me. i couldnt go infinite but i could usually get a few wins and not lose much gold so i never felt like i cant do anything in the game. needs to stay like this in arena too. (5k gold for draft for example is just not worth to do for fun. and i dont value commons/uncommons over wildcards...)
Yuan-Yo Jian (5 months ago)
The fact is the net benefit of constructed event is too big to not to attend. Nearly no cost exists. The paidoff need to be cut to balance.
WeaponX (5 months ago)
Wait. "Bo1 is gonna be a clown fiesta in esports" did you not watch the pro tour championship a few weeks ago... literally did bo1s..
Andrey Chaves León (5 months ago)
One can unironically say "WE DID IT REDDIT"
Barzak (5 months ago)
leave the ICR's alone, just tune the fucking gold reward down!
Damon Baritaud (5 months ago)
Salut Nox ! Juste pour te donner l'info : je suis un joueur free to play, ancien bon joueur hearthstone (top 4, 25 eu), et oui moi même je me suis vite aperçu que les événements construits étaient très favorables. Mais de mon point de vu ce n'est pas "trop". Oui c'est très très rentable, mais le nombres de cartes déjà disponibles dans mtg arena et gigantesque, déjà 112 (il me semble) mythiques différentes, je ne sais combien de rares (qui deviennent d'ailleurs pour moi plus compliquer à collecter que les mythiques), ils y a vraiment beaucoup plus de cartes à obtenir, et pourtant je joue plusieurs heures par jour avec au moins 70 % de win rate en événements construits, et je galère encore et encore parce qu'ils me manquent pleins de cartes métas. Donc non, je penses que même si le système et très généreux au vus du nombres de cartes que comportes déjà MTGs, ce n'est pas trop (surtout si on compte le non système de dust, le coffre étant très très long à remplir)
Olivier St-Laurent (5 months ago)
You should be an hired public speaker for teams of game designer. Your understanding of the micro, macro and meta reality of a game and its systems is crystal clear, easy to understand when you explain it and eye opening for future avenues of design.
the_brein (5 months ago)
I was speechless. Puts out a 20 minute rant video about it. Lol
Nirvan Maraj (5 months ago)
Guys remember when Nox lost his shit and started pretending to be a mad professor?
scrangos (5 months ago)
Nox you are an above average player but you also do this for a living... you play a LOT more than most players. Not everyone has time to convert gold to cards in CE as much as you do.
momierxorz (5 months ago)
Card collection is arena's form of progression. It is like leveling up in an MMO, it shouldnt be their main form of monetization ergo... they need to keep good card progression in abundance while offering more cosmetics for money.
awshot (5 months ago)
I wish I could buy boosters and get digital copies of the cards...
Matteo Cacace (5 months ago)
Just give like 1 ICR for breaking even to 3 for getting all the 6/7 wins
Cafelattis94 (5 months ago)
Props to WotC and you Nox.
MIND VIRUS (5 months ago)
Too generous. Shut your trap.
Marco Della Torre (5 months ago)
on a rational level it's called gambling. Well, should not take too much to get to mythic rank, it's only 98 wins above your losses. Which makes me think that they could do a weekly league, that could be intersting.
Stylianos Gakis (5 months ago)
I call 4D chess. Make an obvious bad design change that you are planning to change last minute anyway, but wait for a backlash first and THEN you change it just back to what it was anyway just so it seems like you are listening to the player base. Stay W O K E
spaceLegos (5 months ago)
I wish they would let us dust cards into gold so we can convert more gold into gems..
spaceLegos (5 months ago)
They could turn the ICRs into wildcards.. Starting at rare to mythic.. Or have them able to turn into rare or mythic wildcards
ZetsCoony (5 months ago)
I was wondering why i was always able to queu in constructed events o: I agree with the emotional value daught =) Just today i did a 7 win run and nailed a Setle the wreckage and man i felt like a God!
Aztek536 (5 months ago)
The devs get lots of critics but the way they reacted is really really good and healthy. So far i'm enjoying a lot the game and I want to see it go for a long run.
Kohga Mole (5 months ago)
Buddy, you are walking a fine line between protecting corporate blunders, and outright corporate greed. Gamers are rightfully outraged at the massive amount of corporate disregard for their customers, just look at the recent street fighter 5 debacle. That is literally just the most recent example of en ENTIRE YEAR FULL of these types of insults. Gamers are done with corporations spitting in their mouths and then telling them to pay for it. Just saying, your gamer audience will have your back, not WotC if shit hits the fan.
Kohga Mole (5 months ago)
Bravo WotC, bravo!
spaceLegos (5 months ago)
Fuck yes they realized how goddamn terrible the game would be if they completely removed ICRs and turning the game into hearthstone ladder...
aa a (5 months ago)
I'm kind of new to mtg i played a little bit thought out the years but I consider myself new to the game because of how much I been playing MTGA and growing as a player. As of now I play BO1. But as I get better I know I will start to play BO3 more and more. I believe that a lot of the people who are playing MTG more and more because of the accessibility of MTGA are going to start playing BO3 like I will as they get better.
José Alvarado (5 months ago)
Thats partially true, most people feel better playing to build a collection and some players don't have time to play as much, because of that only 3% of the player base play bo3. Not only is because you need more time to get a side board but because is a longer format and some people can't do that, or prefer to grind faster game modes to build a collection. But I also think that more player will do a Bo3 runs in the future but still be a minority and I hope this isn't a excuse for Wotc to make competitive around Bo1 for ever, that will be sad.
Stan Hogenelst (5 months ago)
This is some really good/high quality content. This video literally discusses most of the (in my opinion) really big issues in specifically online gaming right now. Developers basically squeezing the money out of their player base. People/players criticizing game developers every mistake or potential misstep (sometimes to the point that it can barely even be called rational criticism). And last but not least the fact that the design of a pretty big number of games just crushing any positive 'emotional resonance' a game has and sometimes even causing a lot of salt and toxicity. League of legends in my opinion is a great example of this even though that game has way more issues than that, so many even that I would say it's one of the worst designed games ever in terms of player experience. I'm gonna stop hear though because I'm actually really happy after watching this video This is something I have waited for someone to talk about for quite a while now. Thanks a lot nox. This really made my day.
Zeydaan The Dragon (5 months ago)
16:48 ; thats HALF right .... let's say, I make uhhhh.... Grixis dragons, so I spend my rares / mythics on Bolas, Vraska's contempt, w/e ... then the game gives me the 5th copy of bolas and vraskas and now I dont have my wildcards AND the 5ths go away at a 0.001% increase to completing the vault like atleast I can respect Eternal, with the system they have in place, buying one rare u can dust 4 rares u dont want for that one u do, 1:4 ratio is better than the current MtG vault system imo
Slawomir Chmielewski (5 months ago)
This is a terrible news. "Playerbase" is quietly playing the game and doesn't even know about the patch for the most part. It's a bunch of whiny busybodies in Reddit and other similar places, less than 1% of actual players. They have no clue what they are talking about other than "I WANT MY ICR, NOW OR I QUIT, REEEEE" Devs have their jobs because they know what they are doing. They should never listen to idiots in Reddit.
Emanuele Masnari (5 months ago)
It depends. This is not a mobile game with lot of people playing while commuting and never joining the community. This is a beta of the online version of a complex game that can be only played on a PC. Forums, Reddit and Twitter feedback is more relevant for MTGA than, say, Hearthstone or Shadowverse, because the player base is more engaged. It's not surprising that Arena subreddit is the second most popular subreddit for CCGs despite Arena being still in beta and without the numbers that Blizzard and Cygames could showcase. It's not just 1% of the playerbase like you say, but probably more like 10%. A number large enough to be considered relevant.
BPigari (5 months ago)
I believe they could simply step down the value. Instead of a uncommon as base they could give commons with a chance to upgrade. At 0 wins you would get 3commons and that's it. People that are not confident enough would rather play ladder than risk it. But it is still engaging! Going 7 wins should reward you at least with a mythic.
TheOfficailTribe (5 months ago)
it's like arena mode in hearthstone you get one pack no matter what which feels good , draft is bad because you can only enter it once a week if you are free to play even if you did put money in the game draft is just incredibly expensive.
aa a (5 months ago)
so glad!! I understand that competitive constructed is being abused and wouldn't mind if it was tweaked by maybe a 100 to 500 gold decrease in rewards for 4 plus wins or more. But to completely gut the rewards from events on top of the predatory nature of the vault was to much for me.
absolute dogy (5 months ago)
I think they should just make it a scaling amount of ICRs back IE for 7 wins the progression would be 1UC->2UC->3UC->1R2UC->2R1UC->1M1R1UC->1M2R. after that tone down the amount of gold you earn because I have found even weaving in 0 win runs I am able to play a whole day from ~1K gold and get enough gold return added to completing daily quests to keep going. worst case you are paying 400 gold for 3 UC with a chance to upgrade on them. this model feels really good but if the issue really comes down to wanting to make it less rewarding keeping an ICR scheme and then toning down the gold so its harder to just keep playing competitive BO1 for free. This would work out really well in my opinion as it would mean that your choice is to gamble on harder infinites in BO1 still get meaningful card rewards even if you strike out OR buy packs/draft. I dont think ICRs are the issue with the reward scheme on BO1 I think it is solely to the fact that it is so easy to only lose a small portion of gold that once you get a buffer the game becomes only BO1 constructed and nothing else thats just my two cents though I am curious how they will balance this
Thomas Walters (5 months ago)
That is awesome that they would do that. I never have seen this. After years playing hearthstone, the closest thing I heard was, "we know this card is an issue, but it is going to rotate out in a couple months." Basically a we hear you but we don't care. This how ever, I give WOTC a slap clap.
The Rooster (5 months ago)
I told people not to worry too much, that they seem to listen to their customers. I'm not against them scaling back rewards a bit it really did feel almost too generous, that being said its always easy to give but hard to take away.
Miles Jonas (5 months ago)
Couldn't agree more with you Nox, apart from game-theory, story-telling and all the things we love about this card game, emotions are the most crucial part of MTG and should also be at the core of MTGA game development. I opened a Jadelight Ranger and Find/Finality the other day through CE, which not only made my day (I am farming Golgari), but also brought back random happiness memories from my childhood MTG days when I won my first "Thoughtseize" at my local card store in a lottery. We all associate emotions with MTG and random ICR are definitely a key factor for a lot of us (f2p as well as p2p) to return to MTG through MTGA. Can't wait to open up my first Thoughtseize when modern gets launched :P

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