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Custom Fonts in Android

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Demonstrates using custom fonts on TextViews and buttons. For other languages, check Android's Developer references for Localization at: http://developer.android.com/resources/tutorials/localization/index.html
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Text Comments (14)
FR3 SpeechB& (2 years ago)
thank you so much....finally something that worked
Roxy Delos Santos (2 years ago)
Just literally signed in to give you a thumbs up! Saved my life from all those android studio users XD Thank you so much :*
thanks keep going
Sarath Vavachan (5 years ago)
Very well explained.
Tautvydas Slegaitis (5 years ago)
The idea of the tutorial is brilliant... But im sorry your voice is so boring... And you talk so slow its unreal
Adi Sh (5 years ago)
i getting this error runtimeexception native typeface cannot be made
Walid Chaybi (6 years ago)
thank youuuu
Adarsh Raveendra (6 years ago)
How do I change the font face of a list view
Keran Look Loy (6 years ago)
Your tutorials are so well detailed and helpful, thank you so much!
Károly Holczhauser (6 years ago)
Hello ! It is a great video and thank you for sharing it. By the way, it is for beginners only, the most advanced way would be defining a custom attribute and give the name of the typeface thought xml. Why ? Because, you are on the way to write a hole android app your are not going to defining the typeface for each textview.
sanjeev sanehi (6 years ago)
lovely voice thanks
Tibu Aguirre (6 years ago)
I like many videos you could do a tutorial on a gridview and in the example shown with click and id of the gridview that you send to another activity
profgustin (7 years ago)
I would think it would work. Truthfully I haven't experimented with other languages. The Android Developers site has a good example for Localization that is a good place to start. I can't post a link the comments, but I'm putting the link in the description.
Ahmad Raza (7 years ago)
can i use the arabic fonts using this methode.

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