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Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Paris Fashion Week PFW | FashionTV

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Text Comments (59)
mingze kan (1 month ago)
Not nice design at all! No spirts !
Sara Fouad (1 month ago)
Golden Glove (1 month ago)
1500'S Exquisite Gowns....so beautiful...Clothes for Queens.
李文俊 (2 months ago)
haute couture
Franco Andres (2 months ago)
Sarah was pregnant with twins at the time...Hence why she did similar looks...She minimized the connection to ten looks because she was pregnant.
Zesiro Danendra (2 months ago)
This collection reminds me of the 2018 met gala theme and I believe that this collection fits that theme perfectly
Ricardo Roberson (3 months ago)
Alexander never really knew how to do fashion
Aidan Sazon (4 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of this collection?
Franco Andres (2 months ago)
majestical ecclestical
Maria Colls (6 months ago)
It feels like to much of a departure from the collections leading up to 2010.
Alex Alex (6 months ago)
Genius. Wow.
Jerry Garcia (6 months ago)
How!! If he died in 2010!!!! How could he have more designs to produce!!! Unless he isnt dead and ..... unless he reaps off his dead name to the world.
vanna jessie (9 months ago)
i like the dress and the mask it's soo amazing, but if i wore that to wedding party maybe without mask would be nice
Maritza Mejía (9 months ago)
i am deceased
Zoe Kouf (10 months ago)
No Name (1 year ago)
Did he ever use a model of color?
Dasha Yankovskaya (4 months ago)
yes he did
Mean Vecktor (1 year ago)
OMG Alexander MaQueen is by far one of the best fashion designer the world has ever seen.
BorahaeJiminie (4 years ago)
wtf.. this is supposed to be fashion?
Franco Andres (2 months ago)
your face is ugly.
La Reine (9 months ago)
Stick to Michael Kors and Forever21
Wilmer Villarroel (10 months ago)
high fashion is art
Luiz Felipe (1 year ago)
What is fashion for you?
whatadollslife (4 years ago)
stunning,I want to make a dress for my Asian BJD doll like that first one !!!!
Bobby Weedman (4 years ago)
Looks like clothing 500 years ago for the rich porn industry.
Fernando Lopez (4 years ago)
Very detailed and the feathers resembles Alexander's Bird inspiration.
missysummertime (4 years ago)
very intricate
This is by far my favorite collection made by S. Burton. But is sad that the collection was so short =( I hope and wish more works like this.
Franco Andres (2 months ago)
she was pregnant with twins fucking asshole. What did you want her to do give birth in the atelier ????? Have some compassion please. lol kidding but she was pregnant and that's why she made the collection so short...she always overseas everything not how the designers of today do like Virgil abloh who call in their collections or like Maria Carla chiuri who along with Virgil are the worst designers ever.
N.O.C (4 years ago)
Original and interesting. 
Samantha Fofovifo (4 years ago)
oh my Giattt!!! the detail and all everything is so complicated, yet stunningly beautiful
saturdaysyouth (4 years ago)
this looks more hc than pap.
Sasha Schirowa (4 years ago)
tiziana callari (4 years ago)
McQueen beauty is gone forever, these women have nothing of his style, there are as chunky as a piece of wood. no forms, no style... disgraceful. 
dreamershavemorefun (4 years ago)
What's beautiful about this collection is that Sarah has taken an iconic house and injected a feminine beauty to it, I am loving this direction and am always excited to see the collections, this one was no different, I love the black and the pearls and the head pieces, I am entrapped that someone has put this on a catwalk for us to admire. While I still love Lee and his groundwork and vision, I think Sarah is doing an amazing job adding her touch to Lee's vision and giving the house of McQueen new life and a new place in the fashion echelon.
Roman Luna (4 years ago)
Imagine showing up to work dressed like that!
Franklyy (1 month ago)
+conatus 😂
conatus (2 months ago)
your boss will offer you his job.
TheTaxburden (9 months ago)
That would be amazing! Boss!!
La Reine (9 months ago)
Roman Luna I wish I could
keiran Hurhangee (4 years ago)
Damn pure epitome of chaos, what was Sarah Burton thinking!
A S (4 years ago)
Amazing quality! 
Ramon Il (4 years ago)
Sarah Burton has done an absolutely amazing job taking over this house. She has stated that she is being more feminine with the 'McQueen' woman and love or hate it but that's how it'll be. No she can never replace Lee but I don't think she is trying too.
Parisa Kook (5 years ago)
J kK (5 years ago)
Trying too hard to be McQueen.  ain't workin'
Carducci1959 (5 years ago)
Heavy handed and too theatrical
Cirque Du Opinion (6 months ago)
You would have never said that about Lee had he done this
thomas261989 (5 years ago)
Lose the head gears and the overly puffy coats then a lot of these are wearable.
Naecenes (5 years ago)
I know that sarah will never be lee and that is perfectly fine.  There are many who carry the name after the originator has passed on and do an amazing job. Yves Saint Laurent from Dior, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and I am sure there are more.  The thing is these successors were merely inspired by the original designers and interpreted their use of lines and fabric in their own way. Their personal interpretations were strong.  Sarah's sense of form, line and fabric manipulation seems very weak. 
boweryboy07 (8 months ago)
La Reine I disagree. This is basically different variations of the same two or three dresses. That’s some lazy design. McQueen would’ve designed unique and individual pieces. I’ve been continually disappointed with her work.
La Reine (9 months ago)
What are you talking about... this collection is exactly what Lee himself would have done.
piwitron (4 years ago)
Sarah just fails to impress. I reckon with time she may be able to deliver a collection as unique and perfect as Lee did, but years will be spent on the making.
Katarina Skupch (5 years ago)
 :) very childish!
Karen Antequera (5 years ago)
pobres pajaron.... no otra vez las plumas no :(
Glenn Juan (5 years ago)
Mother of pearl!
Molly LaVixen (5 years ago)
OMG! That collection was like walking art. Loved every piece.
Tour O (5 years ago)
awesome collection...
Drake Perry (5 years ago)
that was awful! this is an insult to mcqueen!
Alex Brand (5 years ago)
I think the people saying things like "this isn't the real mcqueen" need to realize that we are 4 years out  from his passing and the "real" Mcqueen is a well stated thing of the past. I say that in the best taste possible. Sarah is not his replacement...but his predecessor...she's taking the line from where he left off and taking it down a different fork in the road. Very Elegant and regal. There is still whimsy and fantasy in this work. 

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