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First time coming to visit Paris? How to make the most of your trip in this video with 10 practical tips from a local Parisian girl ;-) Also check out : - My 5 "go-to" restaurants in Paris : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0rPacSywaI - My 5 Favorite places in Paris on a rainy day : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnONrc2jrvA - What to do on a sunny day in Paris ep. #1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAO3cJ1zzd4 Please subscribe to see more videos N'oubliez pas de vous abonner pour plus de vidéos  You can also check out my blog : Retrouvez-moi aussi sur mon blog : http://www.theparisasiangirl.com/blog 10 TIPS FOR VISITING PARIS : 1/ GETTING AROUND IN PARIS (metro, Uber) Paris Metro Mobile Apps : NEXT STOP PARIS : http://apple.co/2mc12ID METRO PARIS SUBWAY : http://apple.co/1j4fX33 MOOVIT : http://apple.co/2l9ZLUP 2/ BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS 3/ WATCH OUT FOR DOG POOP 4/ EATING IN PARIS Michelin Guide : http://restaurant.michelin.fr/ LeFooding.com : http://www.lefooding.com/ La Fourchette : http://www.lafourchette.com 5/ OPENING HOURS FOR SHOPPING 6/ TIPPING IN FRANCE 7/ BE POLITE, SAY “BONJOUR” (“hello” in French) 8/ PLAN YOUR TRIPS TO THE TOILETS 9/ CHECK THE WEATHER 10/ BIG RED BUSES (Les Cars Rouges) & RIVERBOATS (Les Bâteaux Mouches) MUSIC CREDITS : « You had to be » E's Jammy Jams « Italian Afternoon » by Twin Musicom licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artiste : http://www.twinmusicom.org/ « Calypso Beach Walk » by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions « Summer Sidewalk » by Audionautix licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artiste : http://audionautix.com/ « Coffee Stains » by Riot
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I'm Sleepy (7 days ago)
Thank you~
Beatriz Martins (13 days ago)
Hi! i do have a question... how's the weather at the end of october there? I'm going on my honeymoon at that time this year....
RitooRitu (14 days ago)
Do u always look so radiant or it is me turning into a lesbian?
Anamika 224 (20 days ago)
Bonjour!!! Please tell me where to buy the metro pass from?
Natalee Johnson (23 days ago)
Thank you for these fabulous tips.
Michela Novati (28 days ago)
Watch my new GoPro video of Paris--> https://youtu.be/tM2sOLBgXVI 🇨🇵🌍
N A (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tips. Will be traveling to Paris for the 1st time few days from now. Is it advisable to buy Sim card in Paris to communicate with your Hotel or with friends you are traveling with? Thanks.
hihhuhuijaa (15 days ago)
It may help to get a internet deal for the trip from your operator :) thats what I did
daveAZBC (1 month ago)
Seems like good info, but very hard to hear her - get rid of the background music and wear a lapel microphone. I had to kill the video after just a couple minutes because I couldn't make out what she was saying!
nursEula ASAP (1 month ago)
Hi! What hotel do you suggest for a first timer in Paris? or which area should we book?
Mark Otter (1 month ago)
Flying out of Orlando...so definitely not going to France for Disneyland, haha...but all over tips will come in handy. thanks and Bonjour!
ธา รา (2 months ago)
Thank you 😊
NL K (2 months ago)
Bonjour* thanks so much for this video. It;s very helpful even I went to Paris a couple of times ago and I will go back next month. Yes, I remember the toilet around Paris :( It's horrible :) Love your video. Very appreciated it. Thanks again.
Ami Johnson (3 months ago)
We’re going to Paris for the 4th time in February 2019 to bring our 10 year old, per his request. I COMPLETELY agree with another comment about Musée d’Orsay and a Seine Cruise being highlights. We took a lunch cruise for about €50 (might be more now, this was a few years ago) with Bateaux Parisienne that was 5 courses and included amazing wine (is there another kind in France?) We took the Métro almost everywhere and it was a breeze. We actually found that if we went to the Louvre a bit later (like 11ish) it was much less crowded, but depending on the day and time of year they might be no ´good’ time. I highly recommend using the Mall entrance beneath the Louvre as there’s almost never a queue, and if there is it will be MUCH shorter than than the main entrance. Don’t waste money on the VIP entrance pass because there are almost always quick and easy ways to jump the queue (legally, of course). Some are as simple as purchasing your ticket in advance. I also highly recommend printing out a map of the Louvre with the exhibits so you can plan your highlights in advance, as there’s no way to see everything. It is 8 miles of art of course. We found the timing of entry to Versailles to be much like the Louvre. Arrive later in the morning and you’ll avoid the long queues. Even if the museums/palaces themselves are crowded you at least won’t have to wait to get inside. I also highly recommend visiting the Hameau de la Reine ( Queens Hamlet) and surrounding gardens while at Versailles. They do have trolleys that will take you from the main palace to the Hameau, Trianon, and Petit Trianon that are either free or very inexpensive. One mistake we made on two trips was to buy a Eurail pass. Unless you’ll be travelling a LOT between minor cities it will not be worth it. You will always have to purchase a ticket from or into any major city, with no discount. We splurged for First Class Eurail passes and they would only see us First Class tickets to Amsterdam, which was an extra €1200 for 3 people. I’m not sure if that’s an actual rule, or it just being our first time we were taken advantage of, but you’ll definitely have to buy the additional tickets, even if they sellyoua different class than your Eurail Pass. In terms of Paris being dirty...I lived in New Orleans for 2 years and it definitely cleaner than the French Quarter on any given day. That being said, it’s a big city, but I didn’t find it to be worse than NYC or Brussels. It’s very true about the pickpockets and scams, especially around Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. The first time we went they used children with postcards written in English to distract while an adult attempted to rob you, and the clipboard scam was much more prevalent the last time we went. We are very excited to bring our son and he’ll be vlogging each destination as extra credit for school (we’re going to several cities in Europe) ad he’ll be missing 3 weeks, but I think gaining something he can’t get out of a classroom.
Ali Kovacs (3 months ago)
Thank you for the tips I'm going to Paris in the new year I'm very excited!!!!
adnan raj (4 months ago)
Video sucks... She is eating a lot
Corvid Cares (4 months ago)
Bonjour! Merci for the tips. I'm visiting your lovely city for New Years and probably need all the tips I can get haha. I wish I had a less busy time I could visit to really take it in without the throngs of other tourists, but I'm sure it will still be amazing.
Chew Chew Train (4 months ago)
Helpful video! Merci.
a niu (5 months ago)
One big tip, to be polite in french is to show respect and not to be overly 'fakely' friendly. The customer is not King but more likely to be treated as a guest.
Tian Liu (5 months ago)
Thank you for the tips, my wife and I love your French. You made French sound more romantic. Wish I can ran into you next year.
A Minimalists Diary (6 months ago)
Awesome video! merci beaucoup! :*
Edilienne Henriquez (6 months ago)
Going to paris in about 2 months 💕 I cant wait
Follow My Obsession (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video! I'm so excited and can't wait to visit Paris a few months from now.
Ferry Anolin (7 months ago)
Dog poop!
ExtremeRecluse (7 months ago)
Go to grocery stores to get your food.
Nathan Ness (8 months ago)
You lost me at 'hipster,' a word bastardized by the yuppies, who want more than anything to understand the mind of a 'hipster,' be in the 'hip' places, but fail to understand that their presence - the presence of the yuppies, the plebeian beige- in said places indicates the doom of anything 'hip,' whatever that word even means. ***sigh
Nathan Ness (8 months ago)
That sounded mean, sorry. These are my own issues. Your handle -Parisasian- is very clever.
Tim Cheng (8 months ago)
Just went to Paris, stayed for 1 week. Its got the history and great sights (and you gotta see the Mona Lisa right?), but it was shockingly dirty. Old, dried poop on the sidewalks. Graffiti is everywhere. Homeless people. Traffic is horrible, by car it takes 30-40 mins to go 5 miles. During rush hour, scooters are jumping the curb and mixing with pedestrians to get around the standstill. If you take Eurostar from London to Gare du Nord, look out the windows when you arrive... I was thinking, is this Compton or is this the City of Love? That all said, there are so many sights to see, that you must go. Just preparing you for what they DONT tell you! I would recommend the Seine river cruise and the Musee d'Orsay, 2 highpoints for us. One last thing, the Louvre.. get there at 9-10am, no later, otherwise theres about 10 million people in it, lol.
TheMoonlover93 (1 month ago)
Sounds like any big city. I live in NYC and he have all the same problems 🤷‍♀️
Mark Otter (1 month ago)
Good advice, but any big city has a bad side...sections of my town here in Florida that I wouldn't walk through...day or night!
G Zam (2 months ago)
+greentealover i went in January. It isn't that bad. Just focus on the good. Almost every city has its down side if you look closely. Take the negative stuff with a grain of salt. You will. Enjoy your trip. There is so much to enjoy, you don't have time to focus on the small nuances.
greentealover (2 months ago)
Oh now i just booked tickets for sunday 1pm :((
G Zam (3 months ago)
Mike Capannelli (8 months ago)
you're shit hot....nice video
Frida Larsen (9 months ago)
Bonjour! 😉 Thank you very much for the video and the description! I feel more confident now 🙏🏼
Are these still valid hi from Toronto
Phuoc Nguyen Huu (9 months ago)
These tips are very useful ! Thanks for your kind!
Richelle Agbayani (9 months ago)
bonjour et merci!!! the tips great, would you happen to have any regarding traveling with a toddler and a child?
shir kehila (9 months ago)
Why do you recommend disneyland on tuesdays and thursdays?
G R (9 months ago)
There is an app helping to get realtime advices of any type on certain locations you are interested in - chatadvisor. The list of supported is currently limited to the most common destinations, but will increase with demand. Ask questions, Get answers, Help others
cap4life1 (9 months ago)
most useful guide for paris i've seen
Foxes on the Go (9 months ago)
Thank you for the tips! My family and I recently got back from a 3 week European vacation where we visited the country town of Belluwood and Paris. We loved France and can't wait to go back and explore more. :)
Felix Qt (9 months ago)
Coming from a fellow Asian have you ever felt alienated there? Someone told me there isn’t very much asians
Imani Safi (9 months ago)
Pardon... You are a Madam not mademoiselle... I just noticed your wedding pics in background😄 So extra question... What are great places to visit outside of metro Paris for families?... I love learning about other cultures so I like going to countrysides and not always the tourist areas but still want to be safe. Trying to get my hubby and teen son on a fabulous educational vacation.
Imani Safi (9 months ago)
Merci beaucoup Mlle... Very nice suggestions and insight. Do you have tips on relocating and finding work and rentals? What areas are still safe but not as expensive?
Xia Shi (9 months ago)
Hi, Thanks for the info. I am visiting for 3 days. do you recommend ParisCityPass or ParisPass? thx
JTrost1234 (10 months ago)
You look Oriental, but you are very pretty.
MissRizyGm Gm (10 months ago)
Thanks dear it's really informative. Please guide that we are coming to Paris this june on 21 so what would be the weather for kids as we are living in Pakistan, so here weather is hot means very hot. So should we bring jackets ? And is it rainy in june?
Agent (10 months ago)
Very informative! We’re going in August. This will be my 2nd time in Paris but I hope to enjoy it more this time & be leas touristy since I already saw the major attractions before. 😊
Donna Alexander (10 months ago)
When is the vacation zone in Paris? We will be traveling to Paris in early July.
Andrew Prior (10 months ago)
Great tips and I love your style. Merci for a great video and hopefully I might see you out and about in the city sometime.
Chef Vegán (10 months ago)
I will be visiting in August! Thanks for the helpful tips :)
miss j Rich (10 months ago)
Thank you so very much
Abhishek Nabar (11 months ago)
Very helpful. Thanks
Anna Butler (11 months ago)
Heading there today
Pia Crawley (11 months ago)
Thanks for the tips. Very helpful
DanVsWorld (11 months ago)
hahaaha The Parisasian girl! Nice play on words I love it!
FlyDorsch (11 months ago)
I'm going to Paris tomorrow and this was really helpful. I'm definitely going to check out the restaurant guides and maybe the boot tour :) merci beaucoup
rumeur21 (1 year ago)
The most informative video for first-time visitors!!!! Merci beaucoup! :)
Becky Winn (1 year ago)
Bonjour! What;s the best way to get from Chas. DeGaulle Airport to Paris with 4 pcs of luggage! Taxi? Is there a more dependable taxi company?
clint gerald (1 year ago)
loved the city :) This is my 5-day itinerary. https://www.pjazzaregina.com/5-day-paris-itinerary
luv2travel2000 (1 year ago)
Great advice! Thank you.
shweta srivastava (1 year ago)
Very informative video. Please let me know if you have any idea where to stay in Paris.
Ranjana Sharma (1 year ago)
Bonjour! Thank you so much for sharing the tips and the Bonus tip :) I shall be visiting Paris on a solo trip soon. Could you make a video on some tips for solo female travelers? Thanks in advance :)
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Thanks for your video idea suggestion! I don't think I'll have time to make that video any time soon though, sorry... but the tips I already gave in my 1st video were quite female-travelers-appropriate, too? What kind of tips / advice would you want to hear?
Carola in Paris (1 year ago)
I have been living here for 6 months and still found your video so helpful. I will use your tips to find better restaurants. I had amazing food and horrible food in Paris.
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Yeah... you do have to do your research otherwise touristy places can be quite bad... :-/
Hazel T (1 year ago)
How much is Uber in Paris please? (:
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
It depends on the distance you do, I guess? But it is largely used by Parisians!
Hazel T (1 year ago)
Thank you! Do we need air con or heater or none in mid September Paris?
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Normally, you shouldn't need any!
Mariam Elias (1 year ago)
Very helpful Thank you😊 can't wait for my trip
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Hope you'll have a wonderful time in Paris !
Nicole Whitman (1 year ago)
Excellent!!! Thank you!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome ! My pleasure :)
Julie Davies (1 year ago)
Bonjour! Thanks for the good advice!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
De rien ! ;-)
Rodimus Prime (1 year ago)
i'm from paris i don't need this video
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Good for you !
Latasha James (1 year ago)
Very helpful, thanks for these tips!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome ;-) glad to help!
Linda Stitches (1 year ago)
Bonjour! Are the riverboats expensive? Your video is very helpful. Merci!
Alvydas Kalnas (1 year ago)
https://www.pariscroisieres.fr/croisieres/bateaux-mouches/ you can check this web site. Bon journée :)
Linda Stitches (1 year ago)
Are the Riverboats expensive?
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Around 13,50€ for adults and 6€ for children for a 1-hour cruise !
Kevin Ton (1 year ago)
Bonjour, great tips. Thank you!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome ;)
Maysa Gettingfit (1 year ago)
Awesome vid thanks for the great advices Keep up the good work!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Thanks :)
isama altaein (1 year ago)
Thank you ,great tips
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
you're welcome! Hope it helps ;-)
Sandip Basu Mallik (1 year ago)
Nice video ! I went there in 2016 December . But Paris metro is very complicated have many lines with different colour I suggest tourist must get metro map and must understand the flow. Else it will be difficult and have to keep asking other .
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Thank you! I actually think that the Parisian metro is well-organized and covers pretty well the whole city... But for that, of course there are many lines... Although once you get the gist. But I must admit sometimes when there are problems on the line due to incidents or strikes it can be very annoying!
So many great tips. Can't wait to arrive.
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Hope you'll have a great time in our beautiful capital! ;-)
Tanya1976ism (1 year ago)
Boujour et merci!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Bonjour à toi et de rien :)
Keira Okami (1 year ago)
Hi! We are going to Paris in a few months with Eftours through my school, and I was wondering if the touristy places are less busy on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Also would you happen to know if Sainte-Chapelle is a good place to visit if we have free time after the Louvre and Notre Dome, I've heard it's beautiful but is it realistic in an aspect of time management. Also, how is the weather in late March?
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Hi! I would say the less busy days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. But not Wednesdays as the kids are off-school that day! Concerning the Sainte Chapelle, it is geographically not far at all from Notre Dame or the Louvre (by metro), but although you can visit Notre Dame quite "quickly", I don't know for sure how long the queue can take... As far as the Louvre is concerned, it really is a huge museum, so I guess it depends if you just want to spend an hour and get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa or to stay half a day and really immerse yourself in all the areas... Late March, the weather can be tricky, sometimes it can be rainy, sometimes sunny, and we have what we French people call "les giboulées de mars" (which translates as "blasts of March") which is a mix of all season in a day : rain - sun - hail - wind... all in one day! So I guess I hope you get lucky and have a nice weather when you'll be coming but we can't predict for sure. If you are lucky, you could have nice weather around 10-15°C... or else you could have rain!
isa happy (1 year ago)
Bonsoir ! Merci! Super - clear and accurate -
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
De rien, merci !
Eurodollar tv (1 year ago)
hello Parisasian girl i heard that over there at Paris it is cheaper to order whatever they have on the menu for that day instate ordering whatever you want to eat from the menu like in the USA . is that true? thanks.
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
It depends on which kind of restaurants you go to and what kind of food you order. For instance if you are in a casual typical brasserie, the "dish of the day" might be cheaper than ordering something "à la carte", but not as cheap as if you order something like a "Croque Monsieur" (French cheese and ham toast with salad or fries on the side) or sometimes a salad. But if you go in a proper restaurant (not a brasserie-style), or a fancier restaurant, you usually have a "menu" which is a formula with starter + main + dessert or starter + main or main + dessert which is cheaper than if you order everything "à la carte". In some restaurants, everything is included within this formula as well. But usually, the "menu du jour" (or "menu of the day") is for lunch only, and it is less expensive than at dinner. In fancier restaurants, or Michelin - starred restaurants, the lunch formula of the day (sometimes also called "Menu du marché" which means that the menu is based the fresh local seasonal produce from the market) can be 50% cheaper than the price at dinner. Hope it helps and sorry for the delayed answer to your question!
My'kia Perater (1 year ago)
you use tobe my old teacher at 52 school its mykia
kattasarithaa (1 year ago)
Very nice video. We r planning to visit paris in jan 9th.we can use your tips
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Thanks! Hope my video was helpful and that you enjoyed your trip!
kattasarithaa (1 year ago)
Very nice information
Flight Of Spice Blog (1 year ago)
Im so addicted to travel! #Gypset
Erik (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips. My wife and I have been watching your videos in prep for our trip next month. Keep them coming!!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome! I'm always glad I can give some useful advice to people coming to visit Paris. I'm not as fast for making new videos on Paris as they do take quite some time for gathering enough footage but I'll definitely continue ! Hope you will have a nice trip in Paris ;-)
fuusa (1 year ago)
I've been there numerous times, I've found people quite polite & dog waist is rare , at least compared to where i come from.
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
I guess it also depends on the area you go to! Of course certain arrondissements and neighborhoods are more / less clean than others. And if you've only encountered polite people in Paris, that's great!
Juan Diego Ramírez (1 year ago)
Bonjour! and thanks for the video! it was really usefull. it is going to be my first time in Paris
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome! Hope my tips will be helpful and you'll have a great time in Paris!
Michael Harrison (1 year ago)
Thank you for the tips! Much needed for my trip in November. How do you spell the second restaurant guide website you mentioned? Please & thank you.
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome ! Thanks for mentioning it, I just put all the links in the infobox, here are the websites I talked about in my "restaurants tip" : Michelin Guide : http://restaurant.michelin.fr/ LeFooding.com : http://www.lefooding.com/ La Fourchette : http://www.lafourchette.com
L Jeffers (1 year ago)
Best tips so far, thanks so much!!!!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome, thanks very much! ;-)
Andrea Ryan (1 year ago)
I'll be there in a little over a week for the first time. Thanks for the tips!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome! Hope you enjoy Paris! (and hope the weather is going to be nice, too..!)
Hadassah Nay (1 year ago)
Bonjour, I love this video. I have been to Paris twice and loved it. On my second visit, someone tried pickpocket me. That was not a cool experience.
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Bonjour! Yeah.. pickpockets unfortunately in Paris are a real problem... Paris is a wonderful city but it is not flawless... I'm glad you loved it anyway! Just have to always keep an eye on your stuff and be cautious in public spaces and transportation.
Ivan Boldyrev (1 year ago)
Bonjour ! Thank you for video! Could you, s'il vous plaît, add mentioned websites to description? P. S. I was in Paris month ago and enjoyed every day. :) Your video is very useful, and very well done. :)
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Hi! Sorry, did I forget to mention a website that was in my video in the description box?... I'll check this out. Glad I could help, hope you spent a nice time in Paris!
supergail (1 year ago)
This is amazing! I'm glad to find this video before my trip to Paris. Thanks for the tips.
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome! Have a great time in Paris :)
putri permatasari (1 year ago)
your tips really help me since i will be traveling to Paris in November. Can you share a bit about the weather ? Thanks!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Hi ! Glad I can help ;-) It is quite difficult to guess how the weather is going to be in November as it is a transitional month towards winter... it might be quite cold or rainy already, or the weather could not be as harsh if autumn lingers on... it really depends if winter is coming soon or later this year. Either way it will probably be in the 10°C something (or less on colder or rainy days) but I don't think it can usually reach 20°C at this time of the year (unless you are lucky and experience an exceptional sunny time in November). Anyway, don't forget to check the weather before packing up! ;-)
Anna Levina-Zubarev (1 year ago)
Bonjour! Such great tips! Loved everything you said as I'm sure this will become so helpful to me while I'll be in Paris very soon!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
I'm glad if my video is helpful :) Have a nice trip in Paris!
Lianna N (1 year ago)
thanks for the tips! first time going to Paris and a little nervous!!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome :)
Nubianette (1 year ago)
Very good for the 1st time traveler!
Quyenth (1 year ago)
Thank you for your helpful tips! My Husband and I are going to Paris for the first time in June (25th Wedding Anniversary). Can't wait. My question is where should we stay...I would like a view of the E.T. from our room. TIA. Blessings!!!
jill Massa (1 year ago)
Quyenth (1 year ago)
The Parisasian Girl Merci!!!
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Happy anniversary! Paris is indeed a very romantic city (if you go to the right places :-)) If you want a view on the Eiffel Tower, of course some hotels can offer a beautiful view, usually the more luxurious one, and it's usually mentioned on their website when you choose the room. Otherwise, you can also search the Airbnb for an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower, it is often even displayed on the title / name of the ad as it is a great feature for any traveller... good luck and I hope you have a wonderful trip!
aleyna sur (1 year ago)
Tip : don't look for someone who speaks english. 😂😂
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Well it really depends on who you talk to! Mostly people who are younger would have a better English than the older generation, excluding of course the people who work at restaurants and touristic places who are expected to speak English because of their job. French are not the best at English if considering Europe in general, but we do speak far better English than in Asian countries in general (except for places like Hong Kong, etc.).
oneday (1 year ago)
Thanks again 😊
oneday (1 year ago)
Hi again, can you tell me about Hôtel La Comtesse by Elegancia , this is actually where we are intending to stay when we visit Paris, is it at least near to major attractions like Eiffel tower which is the number one in my bucket list :) any suggestions as to which hotel is nice, but reasonable competitive rates, just when you have time to reply to me :) this is the farthest travel me and my hubby will be doing so we are kinda excited but more so scared of making a mistake choosing which hotel to stay or would you suggest to just go with the travel agency? not sure if its going to cost more for us. :)
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
You're welcome :)
Tim Yoon (1 year ago)
Great video. Helpful.
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Thanks! Glad that's helpful :)
oneday (1 year ago)
love your tips :) appreciated much... can you let me know if month of March is a good time to visit Paris? im more concerned about the weather for that month?
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Thanks :-) Well.. weather can be quite unpredictable in France, especially in Paris.. Some years spring is quite sunny, sometimes it can be quite rainy... Very hard to tell in advance, you have to check the weather forecast the week before coming. Surely summer is a good season (although it can be rainy some days even in June, July or August...), and in general Paris is so much more enjoyable when the sun is out!
MiracleTime (1 year ago)
Hi Jane thank you very much for sharing your tips! we are planning to visit and was wondering if credit cards are regularly accepted? If yes, is Visa, or Mastercard more common?
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Hi! You're welcome, I'm glad if it helps :) Yes credit cards are commonly accepted in Paris, either Visa or Mastercard. Amex are not always accepted, though. In bakery shops and fresh produce markets you might need cash, also!
James Stewart (1 year ago)
Great video! Helpful stuff on pickpockets! Question: I cannot have caffeine but love coffee. Can I order decaf in Paris? (Je parle un peu de francais!)
The Parisasian Girl (1 year ago)
Hi James, thanks for watching :-) sure you can order decaf in Paris, no problem, it's called a "déca" !

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