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Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed Review {English, Full 1080p HD}

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This is my review for Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed. It releases on August 12, 2014 for the Playstation 3 and Vita. The PS4 Version comes out Fall 2014. Don't forget to thumbs up, comment, and subscribe. If you would like to purchase the game and also help support my channel, then please use this amazon link to buy it: http://amzn.to/1kUsHME (PS3) http://amzn.to/1nGimP1 (Vita) Preorder the PS4 Version Here: http://amzn.to/1ozYVwt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Exclusive Content & Rewards if you become a Patron: http://www.patreon.com/R3DGaming Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/R3DGaming Like and Friend me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/R3DPlaystation https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003037052401 Check out my Website: http://www.R3DPlaystation.com If you want to buy a PS4 and also support my channel, then please use this amazon link: http://amzn.to/1kA6hwp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Akihabara. "Akiba," for short. This suburban Tokyo ward's seen it all, from Japan's post-war reconstruction to the economic bubblegum crisis of the '80s. Always on the cutting edge of progress, with a little something to offer even the most fetishistic of appetites, it was almost inevitable that this singular technocracy of indulgence would give birth to a whole new kind of appetite altogether. Enter, the “Synthisters” – vampires who prey upon the life energy of the town’s unsuspecting figurine-chasers, maid café connoisseurs and cosplayers. Those victimized by Synthisters take on the properties of their attackers while also withdrawing from society and becoming veritable shut-ins due to their newfound fatal weakness to sunlight. AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed tells the story of one such unfortunate soul: a young man named Nanashi who was lured into a trap by the promise of rare character goods and transformed into one of the walking undead. He, however, was spared the worst of his fate by the bloody kiss of a mysterious Synthister hunter named Shizuku. Together with the rest of his companions in an organization unofficially dubbed the “Akiba Freedom Fighters,” Nanashi and Shizuku must uncover the truth behind the Synthister plague and save Akiba from being overrun by violent, antisocial energy vampires. And of course, the best way to fight vampires is to strip them down to their skivvies so they melt in the noonday sun… Akihabara is the Tokyo ward where the story of AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed takes place, and were this game set anywhere else in the world, the tale it tells wouldn’t be quite the same. Known today as a haven for otaku, or fanatics, Akihabara features hundreds of stores offering an unprecedented variety of computers and other electronics, figurines and models, anime, manga, video games and anything else anyone with a penchant for collectibles or pop culture in general can possibly imagine. Maids patrolling the streets to hand out flyers promoting their maid cafés are a commonplace sight, and cosplayers -- fans who dress up as their favorite fictional characters -- feel right at home amongst countless throngs of like-minded individuals. If you look to your left, you’ll find ads for the latest manga plastered on a high-rise building; if you look to your right, you’ll find buses sporting decals for the newest role-playing video game. In order to make this setting as authentic to the real deal as possible, its developer, ACQUIRE, painstakingly recreated the entirety of Akihabara right down to the magazine stands along the side streets. The stores you can enter in the game, as well as those mentioned in casual conversation, are all real places that actually exist and have their own parts to play within Akihabara’s uniquely flavorful culture. Even the "Artliens" -- vendors who insist passers-by take a moment to look over the paintings in their tiny store near the station -- are actually there in real life, at that very spot, virtually every single day. And those standees you see at the beginning of the game, just across the street from ACQUIRE's head office, are really there as well. In fact, as of this writing, AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed’s own Kati Räikkönen is one of the characters on display! Here you can see some locations in real-life Akihabara, paired with their expertly rendered AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed counterparts, to see just how true-to-life an experience this game provides:
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Text Comments (103)
PenguinJ44 (3 months ago)
Wait, is it like open world?
noam k (8 months ago)
This is also an anime (Akiba’s trip the animation)
Andrew Spud (10 months ago)
I like the sporty redhead girl.
Ernie P (10 months ago)
does it have English dub?
End (1 year ago)
Clicked because the thumbnail look like Senjougahara...
bacd 1990 (1 year ago)
One of the best games on ps4.
Teddie (1 year ago)
I like Nana, the way she talks is just awesome. And Brotaku is the best word ever :)
fabreezefalcon (1 year ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, nanashi means "no name" in Japanese, I've seen it used in other games like SMT4 apocalypse
Goro Majima (2 years ago)
I know some Japanese games with great stories. Not an excuse.
Matheus Gonçalves (2 years ago)
quem veio ver aqui so pelo ANIME ?
Nathan Straker (2 years ago)
so it's like the yakuza games but with stripping. is it replayable? I heard it's a short game
Ciel de Nuit (5 months ago)
i know this is super late but yes, it has new game plus and yeah it's short, since it has multiple endings
Zeke Thompson (2 years ago)
I don't know I might be too old for this game.
Jimmy a Geek (2 years ago)
Is the Game World Like GTA ?
Jimmy a Geek (2 years ago)
+Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming Thanks I Buying from eBay for $30 and Did You Play Ukiyo no Roushi
+Jimmy a Geek No driving in this game. Lots of stripping clothes off.
Jimmy a Geek (2 years ago)
+Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming So it Mean its Smaller, I Just Want Play the Game Like Beating NPC, Is There Any Driving in the Game ?
It's not as big as GTA. Totally different.
Matthew Fell (2 years ago)
Why they call it Akiba's Trip and it spose mainly Akiba Strip?
Emily Vasquez (2 years ago)
Matthew Fell Now I find a vocaloid here...
Matthew Fell (2 years ago)
+Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming okay.
It's called exactly how I said it is called.
Khaymn Adams (3 years ago)
it doesn't matter if the graphics looks bad. the game itself matters.
mr everdread (3 years ago)
yea akiba (ah-kee-bah) is what they call akihabara in Tokyo for short
Gerjan Keizer (3 years ago)
There is Steam version too. Now with Winter Sale for lower price. But PC version is akward because game is designed for gamepad. Better use gamepad than keyboard/mouse. Even you can choose antoher and better keys on keyboard.... Just started with PC version, the default keyboard keys are not good. Must change it to match your game feel with keyboard.
Annie W (3 years ago)
The way you say Akihabara .-.
Christopher Butera (3 years ago)
This game looks and sounds uber stupid
Jesse Leveque (3 years ago)
i hate to say it but you said akabara instead of akihabara at around 2:50 the pronounciation was right ass you said but you pronounced the wrong word
Jesse Leveque (3 years ago)
+Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming - -〉 R3DPlaystationFilmer no i actually got the pc steam version this morning it was released a few weeks ago i had planned on not playing it but then i randomly stumbled onto this review and i just couldnt help but a least try it and so far its been a blast to play tho i did have to work on the keyboard mappings for the longuest time util it was actually playable thx for the review it realy gives a great view of what the game is like
+Jesse Leveque Thanks. I am glad you my review was somewhat helpful. The gameplay is silly but fun. The ps4 version of this game (if that is what you are planning on getting) comes with extra content for free too. :)
Jesse Leveque (3 years ago)
+Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming - -〉 R3DPlaystationFilmer my bad then anyway thanks for the vid i was wondering whether i should try it or not and i decided to try it after seeing your view i must say even tho the concept is silly the gameplay is awesome
+Jesse Leveque Sorry sir, but I just clicked on that part and I definitely said Aka-ha-bara at 2:54. Akiba is a shorter name for Akihabara. :P
Nine_Tails137 (3 years ago)
Sorry to say this, but after watching your review, I can say with complete confidence that this Game looks Dumb!
Nine_Tails137 (3 years ago)
+VeggyZ It's True! The Game was released in Japan on February 18, 2016, and is available for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita! The Graphics and Gameplay are pretty much the same as that of the Dynasty Warriors Series. Ya know! Free-World Roaming, Hack n' Slash, Beat em' Up type Game. Also, the Game is supposedly getting a North American and European Release sometime in 2016(sorry, that's all I know in terms of Release Dates)
VeggyZ (3 years ago)
Actually no, I had no idea about a game.   If they can make an AoT game the quality of Xenoverse or the DIMPS games, though, it would be an amazing experience...  now you got me dreaming.
Nine_Tails137 (3 years ago)
+VeggyZ Yeah! I don't doubt it! Good luck Man! Also, Speaking of Attack on Titan, did you know Koei Tecmo and Omega Force released an Attack on Titan Video Game?
VeggyZ (3 years ago)
The only things I know about my aprents hobbies are that my dad, would not have anything to do with anime.  But my mom?  she looks down on cartoons, as they're not real entertainment - but I know that she enjoys Sci-fi stuff, from Stephen King, like horror... things that are out there, I know she's "liberal" with her entertainment and that's why I HAVE to get her to watch Attack on Ttians' first season with me...  I think that in 2 days I'm bringing my external HDD to her house so I can set it up on her TV now that she's temporarily unemployed and have her watch a couple hours, the first few eps There's NO WAY she won't get engrossed in Attack on Titan, no way would she not cry.  I'm interested in introducing it to her! excited even!  because man, I love anime.  I really do.  It puts me in my happy place, ya know?  It's so much more pleasant than mainstream entertainment... more colorful, often a lot DEEPER in content as well.   I'll convert my momma yet... just wait.
Nine_Tails137 (3 years ago)
+VeggyZ Well, I know next to NOTHING about my Parents Hobbies. So picking out an Anime that might interest them is like looking for a Needle in a Haystack. Plus, whenever I ask them what they want for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, their Birthdays, etc. They always tell me I don't need to get them anything.
Tarks Gauntlet (3 years ago)
Not a bad job guys. I took my own shot at reviewing this, but I think you definitely done it better. Though our view points might differ a little bit.
+Tarks Gauntlet Thank you.
thiagots85 (3 years ago)
oh, I love Nana... lol
Echo (4 years ago)
@reach9111 ps4
reach9111 (4 years ago)
So should i get this for Vita or PS4?
PS4, unless you are on the go more.
Francesco De Paoli (4 years ago)
Instead of saying "sorry if I butchered the pronunciation" why don't you just check beforehand the fucking pronunciation!? "Akhabahara" wtf dude?
Akihabara is the full name of the city :P
Bat Guano (4 years ago)
Hm! There was a terrific fighting game for the PSP called Gladiator Begins where you had to strike off parts of your opponent's armor to get at the vulnerable gladiator flesh underneath. Shields, weapons, helmets, arm protectors, leg protectors had to go flying if you wanted to inflict some damage on the body these items were protecting. Plus, collecting struck-away weapons and armor was lucrative for a gladiator in ancient Rome. Furthermore, it pleased the crowd to see you hammer away parts of your opponents' armor, and as an entertainer that was important too. Perhaps the game developers and designers should make a gladiator-themed expansion to Akiba's Trip to meld these two games to make Roman gladiators battling away in Tokyo's Akihabara "electric town" district made famous in film as well as cartoons like Denki-gai no Honya-san (The Electric Town's Bookstore).
Kairu Otaku (4 years ago)
The combat looks pretty good but yeah it does look repetitive. Probably won't buy it tbh.
Drunken Canuck (4 years ago)
The game's title had me curious but now it has my full attention
GruntledSinistar83 (4 years ago)
So you can pick up almost any item and use like a weapon similar to the Dead Rising games?
Mr. Gentleman (3 years ago)
No, you acquire items when you defeat enemies and then you equip them from your wardrobe.
Bari Ngozi (4 years ago)
I thought it was Akiba Strip. A game about taking people's clothes off.
Subscribe To PewDiePie (13 days ago)
Thought so too.
Dario San N (11 months ago)
gaiden danmachi (1 year ago)
JazGalaxy (2 years ago)
It's a pun. It is both Akiba's Trip and Akiba Strip. It's also a reference to the Akihabara (area in Japan) Strip, the area in which the game takes place. So it's really a multi-purpose play on language.
Bari Ngozi (4 years ago)
I read. This is so dumb it just might work.
Blair (4 years ago)
Going to hopefully get this tomorrow, and I had two questions. 1. I heard rumours of a female protagonist as DLC, so is there a way to play as her, getting the DLC, or just use the model of a different character? 2. Can you use any kind of sword as a weapon in the game? Because that's just badass.
Mr. Gentleman (3 years ago)
Wooden sword
Keimarr (4 years ago)
is this game only you play as a guy cause i saw in a top right corner i saw a guy with a question mark and a girl with a question mark in character creation
Reddragon619er (4 years ago)
Is there a phisical copy?
Yep. Use my amazon links in the description to find and buy them.
Reddragon619er (4 years ago)
Is it in cartrage?
I don't understand what you are trying to ask.
Tom Anderson (4 years ago)
Just gonna be straight up: Do you see tits in the game, yes or no? Yes, I am basing my buying decision on that single factor.
Troy Comstock (4 years ago)
Hey R3DPlaystationFilmer I would have to say i like your review and vid it is pretty nice how ever i do have to say i can tell your not a major Anime or manga fan. But just to let you know so that people that are hardcore into it dont troll and rip you apart with comments about how your pronouncing stuff is to remember the english languange destroy's words compared to other languages. Im not a Language major but i am a Hardcore Anime fan and I just wanted to let you know that when pronouncing Japanese words in english just remember to use the Long versions of the vowels. Like Akihabara and Akiba are pronounced A Ki Ha Ba Ra and A Ki Ba as in short sound for A, Ki and is our word key, Ha as in laughing HA HA HA. You should be able to get my drift there and as for NANA her name is actually pronounced NA NA not Nan a. K just remember with japanese word there mostly contrived of two letter syllables and normally use the Long version of the vowel not the short unless its a stand alone vowel like A=ah I=ee etc. Please dont take this like im ripping on ya just letting you know, I do happen to know a few hardcore fans that if they heard you pronounce Akiba the way you do they would do there best to blow up the comments and rip ya apart. I myself dont mind just wanted to give you some insight.
Almozayaf Roman (4 years ago)
Each time i say japan can't Surprised me any more , japan prof me wrong
SeasonADay (2 years ago)
TheGamer21b (4 years ago)
Should I get this or wait until Sword Art Online to come out in a few days?
Baconpancakes (4 years ago)
Bought it for the PS Vita from crunchyroll because you get a extra mystery item. (Only bad thing is slow shipping but I'm ok with waiting for extra item with no extra cost!) :D  Great review! You always have such fast reviews and on games that are niche too! Thank you! 
Thanks. You always give me constant support on my videos. :)
Chouchers (4 years ago)
One big downfall of the game you can beat it under 6 hours that too short for me.
You can always wait for a price drop or for the PS4 version.
Chouchers (4 years ago)
Ok I think you unlock diff moves at battle arena but my mine problem with bittle system is it like to strip clothing off without holding buttons to do like game says and before it ready causing it to fail and you kinda open enemy to attack I think it like be better if use one L2 or R2 to be hold then press that button to strip clothing.
+TheDog7118 So you only toss the baddies up in the air with all the girls? That's stupid. I thought they'd add more and different moves.
Chouchers (4 years ago)
I bin with every different girls in the game but no moves.
lenyek penyek (4 years ago)
Dude, how are you hating an imouto dammit. Its a FUCKING IMOUTO!! Anyway, nice review. You helped me deciding to get this game.
Santiago Lattanzio (4 years ago)
The fate of the undead you shall know..
darkkrayken (4 years ago)
nice review thanks
SourStrawberrys (4 years ago)
There is something similar about our avatars.
Yeah, there is. :)
ReddSouljah (4 years ago)
what would you recommend I get it on? (PS3 or Vita)
ReddSouljah (4 years ago)
I'm thinking of getting this game today lol hmmmmmm
DRM Sparkles (4 years ago)
ill probably hold out for ps4 version...
The name got me interested

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