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Asian/white couple tongue kissing

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A passionate kiss between an Asian guy and a white girl with tongue action
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Text Comments (223)
Agent of the System (8 years ago)
@MzGreenEyes89 It's all from one guy I think haha
Victoria Morris (8 years ago)
@KoolJayJ That is so true, I know because its happened to me lol!
Victoria Morris (8 years ago)
I so wish I was you right now! Ah! So jealous! I love Asian guys! So hot and sexy!
Aznfella16 (8 years ago)
@MzGreenEyes89 Never say never.......u never know who u might meet one day ^_^
Jared Chan (8 years ago)
Yeah I seldom see caucasian girls with chinese man. Lol.
Ines Vojnovic (8 years ago)
This girl is lucky i want him !!!
~B'dazzlin~ (8 years ago)
OMG that guy is hot!!
Sid B. (8 years ago)
i luv you
Sid B. (8 years ago)
that some tasty looking kiss, i wanna see the full version too!
Jingle Bell (8 years ago)
I would give 5$ to a person who know that girl's full name or where I can watch the full version of this lol
50tonsdepalidezblog (8 years ago)
SEXY ! I am white, natural blonde, green eyes and I LOVE asian boys too. I hate when people say they're not HOT.
webmike720 (8 years ago)
yes wow! us asian guyz, rock white girls worlds, lol
isolvia (8 years ago)
he is very handsome.How come all the asian men,seem to be really good kissers?
gabrideen (8 years ago)
come to MD, we're more aggressive
Agent of the System (8 years ago)
I have the entire video... LOL I have to say, for some reason the chick's english is pretty bad too, maybe she's European and learned english from the Japanese? lol
binbinky78 (8 years ago)
the whole thing looks like an anime--they are even dressed like it
EmptyBullet (9 years ago)
girl's got cool hair...
Ichigo007 (9 years ago)
lol.. but i will :) lol i love white girl.. =D
angelonair (9 years ago)
I feel your pain. :( ^_^
Evie B (9 years ago)
asian guys r stunning :)
cindymmm11 (9 years ago)
This asian guy is SUPER HOTTT. I would make love to him anytime
Al l (9 years ago)
No big deal, I see white girls with Asian guys all the time. You want to meet Asian guys? Find your local promotion company that host Asian parties at night clubs. Go party in San Francisco if you really want to find your favorite Asian man.
Kaspergaling (9 years ago)
i'm asian and i love italian women
isolvia (9 years ago)
oo..the guy it s really hoy..she s so lucky
slayersmp (9 years ago)
what is the name of the white girl? or the title of this video clip?
Tennisfan (9 years ago)
why thank you!
吹雪薔薇 (9 years ago)
im a white girl, and i LOVE asian guys...why do so many white guys hate them...D: guys, don't even bring penis size into this conversation!! sorry know-it-all white men, your penis size will never please a lady.
AfflictionFTW (9 years ago)
ogh fuck......major boner...OVER HERE!!!!!
RockStar023 (9 years ago)
hey i wanna piece of the action, where do i sign up?
Nerdy Nimbiform (9 years ago)
the guy is hot, girl need replacing though they dont look like a good match "race" aside.
sousou1985 (9 years ago)
i don't actually like porn videos ....... but have to confess the boys is too damn freaking HOT !!!! like asian guys !!!
Mariko Shinzu (9 years ago)
hanzocloud (9 years ago)
watch?v=X3gh9LdB4cw thats another scene of them.. towards the end its so funny the things they say to each other..
ernest72 (9 years ago)
They both looks alike! They both destined to be lovers......so just leave them alone!
Jacinto Tabat (9 years ago)
can i kiss her..? ^_^
karun8236 (9 years ago)
Alicia Perry (9 years ago)
As a white girl that only dates Asian guys let me just say this... Because they're fucking hot! Look at this guy!
Von Trap (9 years ago)
lol asian grocery store!!!!!! he got buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurned!!!! asian grocery store rolf
hanzocloud (9 years ago)
man i dunno why peoples hating just coz their good looking.. probably just jealous aye.. dis reminds me.. Bruce Lee one of the greatest asian man to ever walk this planet had a white girl... no one said shit about him back then.. .. hmmm
hanzocloud (9 years ago)
some japanese porn !!! whhwhaehae although that guy looks a bit like those vietnamese guys from back in high school days.. his hairstyle too..
bleucheese14 (9 years ago)
slayersmp (9 years ago)
So hot...
WidowOfParadise (9 years ago)
Fuck! He is SO FINE. Nice score, girl. Wish I could get me a piece of him.
Kurenai_Chou (10 years ago)
That guy is sexxxy! I need an asian guy like that! haha!
ittsuka (10 years ago)
your so full of yourself, racist!
fiionaaaa (10 years ago)
wow. that girl's pretty hot. that's one lucky guy.
Twinkle Twinkles (10 years ago)
He's so hot............ -dead-
Bludika (10 years ago)
hahahah right way to put him in his place Mehnnan, he probably is asian himself who is bitter that he can't get any white girls to like him lol...
ExtremeCrewForever (10 years ago)
Hey don't feel bad. WHITE Guys still Date More ASIAN Gurls than ASIAN Guys date WHITE WOMAN lol.
TearsForLosers (10 years ago)
hahaah well said
Abigail Shelton (10 years ago)
that must taste good you go girl
codeagent47 (10 years ago)
hahaha i guess you burn him off! lol
theosthebest (10 years ago)
haha nice 1
Alisa SHAKTI (10 years ago)
cute asian dude...I'm white, and I wish I could have an asian dude like that. ;)
KatanaWhisper (10 years ago)
he's gorgeous! nice vid, btw.
BIGcoxMAN (10 years ago)
A lot of asian guys are starting to have a thing for white girls.. I want a cute blonde/brunette myself.
Lilith Ivan (10 years ago)
man..i want an asian boyfriend too!!
Arun A.G (10 years ago)
Wow white girls are so cute......
lllaaaiii999111 (10 years ago)
i want more and [email protected]@
Lexicon Games (10 years ago)
dude...he's cute..why cant i find a guy dammit?
jukijunk (10 years ago)
that guy has nice hair.....
Macca Xinlei Lee (10 years ago)
bro,if i know right, u ripped this off part of a porn video LOL
Jeams Dalaguit (10 years ago)
how many times a day, bro?
xOxDeathWishxOx (10 years ago)
i wish i could see the rest too this is the hottest kiss ever...that guys is so damn hot...yeah im a white girl
bahnstormero (10 years ago)
I'm ugly and stupid. I'll never have a girlfriend. I'm a looser.
Random Videos (10 years ago)
very sexy school girl sexy figure sexy tongue sexy body everything is sexy.
Vu Nguyen (10 years ago)
they are a sexy couple
rtp1968 (10 years ago)
Damn,asian dudes are HOT!!!!!
Meteotrance (10 years ago)
cute and horny isnt'it lol ^^
dan kwon (10 years ago)
omg id do that all day all night long with her
khmerbraveheart (10 years ago)
mad cause Asians are jacking your girls?
SGirlSony (10 years ago)
Hmmm I want to kiss my Chinese BF! xD
franky3923 (10 years ago)
this must be from a porno lmao
TheUltimateGrlFriend (10 years ago)
doood LOMA
hxly2 (10 years ago)
whale lovers?
Elyasis (10 years ago)
There should be more, im pretty sure there can be a market for this kinda thing.
hxly2 (10 years ago)
not yet, but soon the girl will be f______ a___
muffdriver69 (10 years ago)
white guys will go up in arms for this, saying "stop stealing our women!", Angry White Guy ^^ instead of Angry Asian Guy
oblyth (10 years ago)
omg someone did notice!
FridayKiller19 (10 years ago)
what the hell is a white girl doin with an asian that should be ilegal
The Gonch (10 years ago)
i searched for "nba fights" and this is what i got...wat the fucks wrong with youtube
uncomonsense (10 years ago)
they didn't all have the same father
KGuy135 (10 years ago)
there are millions of eastern european - asian male couples in all over south east asia, especially both korea and japan.
barry ko (10 years ago)
fucking asian
uncomonsense (10 years ago)
his tongue is probably bigger than his asian dick
Lanie B (10 years ago)
Lanie B (10 years ago)
what about asian/black love? i like asian guys too dont leave us out either:(
asdasdasdasd (10 years ago)
The racist/angry/jealous white guys here just plain FAIL. The Asian guys that overcome cultural barriers and racist stereotypes and find themselves a good girl are the REAL men. What struggles did white guys have to overcome in the dating world? NONE! Yet despite that, white guys STILL feel the need to belittle Asian guys whenever they can (in a porn movie to boot too!). Honestly, what the hell? These hateful white guys have some insecurity issues. Some SERIOUS insecurity ISSUES.
jliu6190 (10 years ago)
dw4lubu (10 years ago)
shes hot.
xOxDeathWishxOx (10 years ago)
asian guys are so hot..im a white girl and i choose asian guys over any race
SephCat74 (10 years ago)
they are nice :D
xOxDeathWishxOx (10 years ago)
helll im an american half german/half italian white girl..and i think asian guys ar hot as hell..i prefer asian guys over any race.
BK K (10 years ago)
prons phun lol
paulette otan (10 years ago)
asian boyfriend kiss very well !
rouge871 (10 years ago)
Then she would be forced to do some real acting.
rouge871 (10 years ago)
southpark, she would be forced to do some real acting then.
viavarava (10 years ago)
James (10 years ago)
you never see asian guys in american porn this must be from asia
sublime95 (10 years ago)
Lmao. This reminds me of my uncle. 50 year old Chinese man, dating a 39 year old Irish Red-Head. Usually its the other way around, white guy dating asian girl.

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