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Magic The Gathering Interviews: White

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Peace through structure? What does that mean? Let Magic's White tell you! Art by Aviatre http://aviatre.deviantart.com/ Edited by Drake Vagabond https://www.youtube.com/user/DrakeVagabond White played by Cavatina https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLqJzrWJkzWO0-yb-CSPWHA Mark Rosewater played by DaWillstanator https://www.youtube.com/user/DaWillstanator -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/ Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Text Comments (318)
Jack Creagh-Flynn (23 days ago)
13:05....I suddenly feel very cold.
The Captain Jack Show (1 month ago)
"You seem very sure that (moral absolutes) exist, what do you say to the idea that they haven't been proven?" Followed by a massive pivot away from the question. What does people appealing to a personal sense of right and wrong have to do with moral absolutes existing? People having emotional reactions to mistreatment offers 0 evidence towards the existence of moral absolutes I'm a staunch Azorius loyalist, but I spy a dishonest arguer
Marcel Edel (2 months ago)
I like White, she's like the sensible sister in a family. Edit: I agree with White's ideas of law and order, it just depends on how much is beneficial.
fireKide11 (6 months ago)
I can't wait for red
Dragon James (6 months ago)
Black hurts himself for power.
Nicholas Rodinos (6 months ago)
9:53 Hence MTG shards. The center color is allies with two other colors and the other colors hate each other. The opposite being a wedge. And now I anticipate people saying "No shit."
MTG Philippino (8 months ago)
Luar D'Andrea (9 months ago)
The right to fire a gun should not suprass the right to not get shot. Take notes america.
diaboli14s (11 months ago)
I honestly despise white I honestly love blue black and green
The King (11 months ago)
NicolBolas2 (1 year ago)
its ok to play white
whitemoonwolf13 (1 year ago)
funny enough my best colours are orzhov XD destruction of black and life gain of white
Barubary (1 year ago)
The more I've looked into this the more I can't wait for Blue. While I always viewed myself as a black player *if only for the evil aspect* as I've grown I think I might more align with Blue's ideology.
Silverbane 26 (1 year ago)
DAMORE WEST RAYE (1 year ago)
wheres green
Inrezairo (1 year ago)
Released this morning :-D
Mr.13 (1 year ago)
So this still happening? Cause Well I love Curse of Strahd I'm really hoping to see the other colors.
Camron G (1 year ago)
i sure hope so
Xien Tau (1 year ago)
Can't wait for the remaining colours. :D Also, I would have loved to see how white would react if the interviewer had asked about the Orzhov Syndicate (White&Black) and Boros Legion (Red&White) from the Ravnica plane. Judging from the interview, I think she'd be absolutely horrified by the Cult of Rakdos (Black&Red). ;)
Loki Jotunborn (1 year ago)
First off, good job. But second, White is a tyrant and a hypocrite. White creates "peace" by alienating anyone who doesn't agree with her. I agree with aiming to a world for everybody, but everybody does actually mean EVERYBODY! That includes white's critics. White's base personality is "I'm right, you're wrong. Follow my rules or else." It's a clear sense of self righteousness. She wants to end suffering and promote peace and love, but at the same time, many of history's atrocities were caused by people who believed their cause was righteous. Black I admit is extremely individualistic. Red is by nature unpredictable and emotional. However, what they together represent is the most basic element of any creature, individuality and free will. If Black and Red are the enemies of White, then that only means White is against individuality and free will because they challenge her authority. Other than that, White clearly is okay with discrimination so long as it can be excused by vilification. If White truly wants a Utopia, it should really work with and communicate with Red and Black, not fight them. And to be honest, perhaps black and red exist to make sure white doesn't falter on her "Utopian" ideals.
KinamOfMyth (1 year ago)
Sorry, sis, but a few problems with your philosophy: There can't be an absolute because different people view different things as right and wrong. What about doing the wrong thing for the right reasons? Do you approve of ends justifying the means? What if in the scenario, there isn't enough food for everyone? Does one get left out or do you get rid of the competition to survive? How do you decide that? War? If killing is so wrong, what about self defense? What about killing prey to feed your young? Unfortunately, not everything is so... black and white (I swore I wasn't gonna make a pun)
Data_Arcanist (1 year ago)
Ehhhh this video is pretty inaccurate tbh. Not to mention that White can and has been pretty evil/oppressive before in Magic. White doesn’t believe in following human emotions or choices. This version of white is very Mary Sue and definitely not entirely white. Or how green works with order.
DTylerFultzVA (4 months ago)
White is only doing what anyone would do in an interview--present their cause in the best possible light. Black did the same thing in his interview. Would you want to paint yourself in a negative way? Besides, the downsides of White are further explored in the other colors.
Gerald Bordley (1 year ago)
When our way going to get the rest magic the gathering interviews
Estevan Garcia (1 year ago)
I want them to do green
Estevan Garcia (1 year ago)
Where is green
magefire130 (1 year ago)
Now that I looked at Bant, I can say I don't like White's philosophy at all.
ZGuy0fSci (1 year ago)
*_"There can be no Freedom without Order."_* *_"There can be no Order without Strength."_* *_"There is no Strength without Devotion to the Truth."_* "The Force Shall Set Me Free." ;)
ZGuy0fSci (1 year ago)
To say, _"Nothing wrong with Dictatorships so long as you're the dictator."_ Utopias are an easy thing to make or achieve such people simply sacrifice all their Freedoms and their Rights to follow some self appointed greater leader who alone sets the standards or the rules. Such a thing is ever so simple a thing is it not? Yet so too is it equally as dangerous an ideal.
ZGuy0fSci (1 year ago)
Yet with Order must come Choice, else "Order" is meaningless as is in place Tyranny than said Freedom that has no worth to anyone nor mearth, only the hypocrisy of a ruling few. Such where those ruling few were not there gained the more through meritocracy rather by deception.
Is it just me or is this a bit sexist the two women are good and the one good guy is "cold and distant" But I feel red and green would get along on to Black's interview
Lunacorva (1 year ago)
None of them are "Good" or "Bad". That's just White's own bias.
William McKenzie (1 year ago)
A well intentioned extremist that has some points but othwrs a skewed intresting.
P S (1 year ago)
What a lot of people don't realize is that each color, on their own, is bad. Why? Because they are extreme beliefs. White believes that the group matters more than the individual." If you have more food than you need, share it ... or else". She is more than happy to strip you of individual rights, such as owning your own food and doing what you want with it. Worse part is, White is so certain of her beliefs, she has become a radical. "I believe this and I'm certain that I'm right, so I am GOOD, and those who don't agree with my beliefs are EVIL". And, again, the other colors are just as bad.
Skyler gee (1 year ago)
I don't trust her, she says she helps the weak and inocent but says that red needs to be destroyed because of his powers? She's not the kind hearted soul she pretends to be she is a demon and a monster if your not with her you're against her there is no between that is how monster thinks
Anime'sJudgementDay (1 year ago)
I love how the voice actor said the line, "Black and Red aren't there!".
HalfTangible (1 year ago)
7:22 Common misconception; it's actually perfectly legal to shout "FIRE" in a crowded theater.
Lunacorva (1 year ago)
But it might not be in WHITE'S world. White is the colour of Order, not Freedom. The "Right to Free Speech" may very well be absent in White's constitution.
SyniStar616 (1 year ago)
Stupid question, but are all five colors getting covered? I'm incredibly curious to hear Red, specifically, seeing as I run a red/white mainly.
Lunacorva (1 year ago)
Anti Theist (1 year ago)
I can describe it in one word: stagnation.
michael emory (1 year ago)
I have magic the gathering card's but not the dice
Matthew Bradley (1 year ago)
OMG! You're doing the Color Pie Interviews! I've wanted to see this acted out so much thank you! My one question is that after the main five interviews, do you plan continue with the Guild/Wedge combinations?
Lunacorva (1 year ago)
Yes, he does.
Avery Spence (1 year ago)
Do more of these please.
anime7479 (1 year ago)
I'm more of a yugioh guy
ILuvSmexyShowgirls (1 year ago)
I really wish WotC would bring back Land Tax as a card instead of making it just a tournament prize.
John Kozloski (1 year ago)
I love this concept! Can't wait till my girl Green shows up.
Ethan Searls (1 year ago)
The description of manslaughter is a little off; that's closer to second degree murder. Manslaughter is purely accidental. Third degree murder has intent to hurt or maim. Second degree murder is intent to kill in the moment or "as the result of a depraved heart or extreme recklessness", and first degree murder is premeditated. I'd say red's murders fall under extreme recklessness more than accident.
Windhelm Guard (1 year ago)
true red is perfectly aware of teh fact that destruction happens in his wake, he just doesn'T care.
Ethan Searls (1 year ago)
There's a certain amount of fascism in this philosophy...
Cthight (10 months ago)
yes communism
Chocolate Cumprimenta (1 year ago)
Ethan Searls Except for the socialist part And the utopia, the rest i agree and defend in real life. white is Not fascist in core, but can turn into.
Sliverandzant943 (1 year ago)
And even more complete than the original one.
Allister Draws (1 year ago)
I think its funny that she is sugesting her utopia is built off strait up communism, but no ones angry because she dosnt say communism.
HELL SCRATCH (1 year ago)
I love ur mlp oc a lot
HELL SCRATCH (1 year ago)
hi fire brand ur so awesome ,🔨😘
John Sanchez (1 year ago)
* Grixis intensifies *
bryceh59 (1 year ago)
So, which one's next?
Madison Worstell (1 year ago)
Was listening to music earlier. Specifically the songs The Vengeful One and Land of Confusion by Disturbed, Higher by Creed, Hero by Nickelback, and Blow Me Away ft. Valora by Breaking Benjamin. Each song made me think of a YouTube world, where Youtubers big and small are fighting off issues of YouTube. The problems that came to mind for me, were: 1. #WTFU as an army with a special program with the hashtag that could save Youtubers from big companies. 2. The depression, anxiety, or other issues fans may have made manifest as monsters that work lile Venom from Spiderman. Instead of loud sounds, happiness, love, and more cures the afflicted. As Youtubers, whether they realize it or not, do save many lives everyday with just one video alone. 3. Wall Street Journal picking on mature content channels after the big Isis scare. Just another big villain for the Youtubers to battle against. Not all Youtubers would be fighting the bad guys though. Some would be focused on saving who they could I'm the world. Spreading happiness and love where there may be hate or flamewars. Peaceful solutions in dark times if you will. I swear I'd love to this idea become an animation or something. But I don't have the tools to do it myself. So I figured I'd at least pitch the idea.
Richard Oberly (1 year ago)
White as a point but with good deeds breeds a greater drakness plus i'm a goblin deck user Red/Black have more good that just need to be seen in a differnt light
Snuggle Hyena (1 year ago)
Windhelm Guard it drinks foul humors.
Windhelm Guard (1 year ago)
red and black are the puss in a wound, the sophisticated individual might look at it in disgust, but it's the puss that pushes out the foul elements and renews the blood.
J Lan (1 year ago)
The people in the comments keep talking about how certain colors can work together, they can be unstoppable when they all stand together. My two most powerful decks are 5 color juggernauts that when used skillfully left the groups I played with shuddering at their mention. The deck that caused the most terror was my Sliver Legion deck, the only way to defeat it was to use an even faster deck that could take control first. My personal favorite however is my old school Mirrordin (I think that's spelled right) sunburst deck. That thing had a versatility that was difficult to counter.
James Collette (1 year ago)
Before you make any true assessment of White, let's discuss White's so called obsessiveness about her utopia. Everyone has a differing opinion of what a utopia is. As an inherent result, everyone will make attempts to adjust the society to their perfect ideal. To stop this, White would need to find a way to stop such inputs or risk all society from falling apart and the only meaningful way to do this without just killing everyone outright would be to force their beliefs to be White's beliefs. This is where White and Black start to merge. "You are in the way of my special society and your death is now justified for being in my way." For all White says about Black, they really are the same. Different stick, same result. That's why I go Esper. Less mess and all the power.
Zatheres Vi Ravenloss (1 year ago)
Ironically my main decks I use are Black and White
Unpronouncable (1 year ago)
White. *This* is why people act like morality exists. ready? Paranoia. Need for Survival. Mind theory. For now put a pin in the last one. Let's say morality does not exist. Everything is moral. or nothing is. Feel free to pick witch. It makes no difference. If your neighbor has something you want. You can just go and take it. If you don't like someone you can just kill them. So where does paranoia come into play? Well you live in this world with other people other people. They might also like your things or might like the idea of you dead. So it is survival of the fittest? Right? No. Even if you are the biggest baddest buffest guy or gal on the block you don't want to get into a fight. That scrawny little shit bites on your ankle and it gets infected suddenly you're not so big and tough. They might die but in the process they turned you fragile and ripe for the picking for someone else. Paranoia is fear of lack of trust. It is in our selfish best interest to trust each other and cooperate for the benefit of the genetic code within us. there is no voice telling us "this is bad" or "this is good" absolutes like that do not exist. What does exist is a little voice in our head that tells us "what would my parents think", "how would my group react" "will I move up or down a social ladder?". This is where Theory of mind comes into play. Theory of mind is simple and easy to understand. for grown adoults it is just a statement of following facts. - you are a mind. - there are other minds out there. - those minds have access to information you don't. - you have access to information they don't. - there is some shared information. That is it. It makes all of the above work without compleat ToM Paranoia does not work. It is what makes you worry about your social standing or how trustworthy you are. it is what makes you scared of other when you consider someone untrustworthy. Trust is our social currency and we are rigged to generate it for the sake of our survival.
genius11433 (1 year ago)
Unpronouncable Unpronouncable Sorry, but there's a flaw in the logic, and it can be seen from the very first sentence of the argument: you assume the very premise that you seek to prove. Furthermore, you just assume that "it's in our selfish best interest to trust each other" because of our genes, without proving the same. Yes, one can make an argument that, e.g., man starting from a state of nature can eventually come up with "Thou shalt not kill" as a defensive measure--and guess what? That's exactly White's argument: with a bit of logic, we can tell what's right and what's wrong. In short, you have yet to prove that there are no such things as morals; if anything, you've only reached her same conclusion through a few leaps in logic.
88Hyo (1 year ago)
no way red is a guy. 😆 also, why didn't white mention mardu?
88Hyo actually she us the central color of jeskai
joshscorcher I could only imagine what the guilds have to say
joshscorcher (1 year ago)
Interviews exist for the wedges, and I'll be doing those as well.
88Hyo (1 year ago)
She's not the central color of Naya and Jeskai. Let green and red do that.
joshscorcher maybe have her mention naya and maybe even jeskai
Rogue Shadow222 (1 year ago)
no comment to her
Drwasp (1 year ago)
you did not ask about brown (edit begins here) i looked back at my deck and realized that brown = artifact and that i am an fool so ignore my complaint sorry
Drwasp (1 year ago)
i started and ended with 7th edition
Lord Sathien (1 year ago)
"brown" stopped being the artifact color border with Mirrodin. *smiles* How long ya been playing? I started around 5th Edition/Weatherlight.
Đorđe Milenković (1 year ago)
I hope we get to see interviews with the other colors
Vigriff (1 year ago)
The Jedi would certainly like White.
Windhelm Guard (1 year ago)
the sith would most certainly not be rakdos. in fact the sith are probably the closest anyone woudl ever get to being black-white the sith want to bring order and peace to the galaxy (representing white) but they are uncompromising and willing to do whatever is necessary, including murder, arson, jaywalking, high treason mass genocide and casting away their own pride and dignity to reach that goal which are strong qualities of black.
Vigriff (1 year ago)
Wouldn't the Chiss Ascendancy be blue? The Hutt Cartel seems to be black to me.
Lord Sathien (1 year ago)
The Sith would be Rakdos and most of The Jedi would either be Azorius or Selesnya, depending on the particular agent.
Redstar31 (1 year ago)
deathshadow2492 The Sith would embrace the red and black. The senate would embrace green. And the Hut cartel would use blue.
Payton Hammaker (1 year ago)
Why does Black look like a demon version of Qrow from RWBY?
Cameron Edwards (10 months ago)
Payton Hammaker that how she sees him
leopard eye (1 year ago)
Au the personality and beliefs behind the mtg colours. Always found them much more interesting than the whole d&d alignment system. I even recall ones debating with some friends on what kind of color combination the mane six would have based on their personalitys and goals. Looking forward to more, great jobs
Jeremiah Huntley (1 year ago)
I feel like this is an episode of dr.wolf
Mahtan Amandil (1 year ago)
"I have Bant to show" except it don't since it was fused with the other 5 shards and thrown in chaos, because of it's inability to adapt. If something Serra's plane should be a better shown of what white is capable of archieving.
Reed A Williams (1 year ago)
This is great really but I think their is something you should keep in mind. The interviews your copying themselves have problems. Green is the biggest example.Greens philosophy wasn't fully built. For example Black problem with Green shouldn't be the life thing. It should be the whole distiny thing. The Idea he can't or should decide his own path.
Jacob Bielski (1 year ago)
Blue's avatar feels something like a let down. There's something clearly magical with all the other avatars. White has a passive glow, and Black has corpse-like skin and pulsing eyes. Green is very tall, and besides green hair itself being odd, it spreads out in every direction like long leaves. Blue looks like somebody typing on their laptop at Starbucks. Blue is about seeking knowledge, but this guy looks like he's purposefully trying to look like he's part of the "in" crowd, as opposed to an inward-focused intellectual. I'm also surprised that you didn't make his avatar a Polynesian, given how prominently islands feature into that color.
Snuggle Hyena (1 year ago)
joshscorcher I like the Tony Stark look. It kinda fits him. Blue is logical and cold. So he definitely would be flashy and over the top. That's Red.
Snuggle Hyena (1 year ago)
joshscorcher I was thinking blue could get a pair of glasses.
joshscorcher (1 year ago)
Well, we were going for a Tony Stark-esque design so people could connect it.
Vigriff (1 year ago)
"Red isn't evil, he's horribly misguided." Pot meets Kettle.
ajnapalm (1 year ago)
Josh, you have peaked my interest with just one video. Great job. Can't wait to see the others,
Vayne Insane (1 year ago)
Now that I've gotten through the video proper, I absolutely love this and it generates a lot of questions to be asked in later interviews with each color. I'm looking forward to more keep it up!
Please, don't make black a goth
Snuggle Hyena (1 year ago)
medramon masque de cendres he's more Fonzie esque. Black leather and messy hair.
Snuggle Hyena (1 year ago)
medramon masque de cendres he's definitely not
Brandon Hann (1 year ago)
are there more intervoews in this series? im very interested.
siegfried greding (1 year ago)
when will the next color interview start and is it in the wubrg style? white blue black red green.
MultiYogibear (1 year ago)
I wish that you didn't use words like good and evil because all the colours are capable of being good and evil. I mean sorin (black planes walker) created avacyn(powerful white creature)
Lord Sathien (1 year ago)
I would be surprised if he didn't espouse something akin to "better to reign in hell than serve in heaven."
MultiYogibear (1 year ago)
joshscorcher I wish I could argue with that point, I just hope with that black will cover things like white's totalitarian dictatorship
joshscorcher (1 year ago)
AH, but here's the kicker. White doesn't believe that.
Kellin Bloodwolf (1 year ago)
To me, white is horribly misguided. She seeks something that is impossible. In her dreams of peace she has forgotten one very important thing; good cannot exist without evil. No matter what you do, something will always arise. Of course, evil cannot exist without good either. Good and evil are a delicate balance and a critical one. White seeks to destroy evil, and in a way, that's worse than anything else. Eventually she would become a tyrant and the misery that she hopes to prevent would only worsen.
Chocolate Cumprimenta (1 year ago)
Lucy Faery off course There is good and evil. this is something evil people Say to justify shit.
Lucy Faery (1 year ago)
Kellin Bloodwolf there is no good or evil, but there is liberty and freedom. The more freedom people have, the less liberty. If rape and murder goes unpunished, then it inevitably runs rampant, but rape and murder going unpunished is absolute freedom. White cares about the weak, the poor defenceless masses, not the Individual. That's the lense being looked through with this character
Vigriff (1 year ago)
An example of a White world would probably be Kingdom Hearts.
cmmd fugal (1 year ago)
you know this series made me go out and try magic and im liking it so far. i can see where she is coming from. i admit i would love a world where chaos is limited and we can improve while still appreciating what exists. but there is a reason why the color wheel is a wheel and not a half circle. balance must exist. without some chaos stagnation occurs. and as a result we would not innovate. a prime example is the splitting of the atom yes it is a deadly weapon but it can also provide a great power if utilized properly
Tyrant-Den (1 year ago)
Well if you want to think that is White Mana, go ahead. But I am pretty sure she is a troll (not a literal one, obviously) but white has some of the most dickish and annoying cards. Even more than Blue.
Lord Sathien (1 year ago)
"Symmetrical effects are perfectly fair." "But Balance..." "PERFECTLY. FAIR."
siegfried greding (1 year ago)
I am all about magic the Gathering lore and I love this I can't wait to see the other four
EnfuegoBeat (1 year ago)
Wow white is essentially a proper spoken version of me
alacard40 (1 year ago)
Black weeds out the useless who would otherwise hold down the chances the strong would have in creating a much stronger world that does not give in to the desires of people who feel they should be treated on t he same level as someone who is willing to work harder than others.White is the equivalency of handing the world to children who will eventually weaken their society to the point they have the mental entitlement of the average spoiled child.
Luar D'Andrea (9 months ago)
alacard40 try not to cut yourself with that edge. Black WANTS to be the one who separates the strong from the weak, but in reality it's just a selfish kid throwing a tantrum for not having it it's way.
Camron G (1 year ago)
alacard40 (1 year ago)
And this colour is exactly why i play heavy on the black mana pool because fuck morals....
alacard40 (1 year ago)
My edh commander for my best deck is jeleva nephalia's scourge. check it out and you will see why i love it.
Lord Sathien (1 year ago)
I have a Gisella, Blade of Goldnight commander deck that I only pull out when people want to play "serious."
Lag Incarnate (1 year ago)
I hope this series continues in a way that has each color paint themselves in a good light. For White this is easy, White is order and order is (usually) good, while with something like Blue or Red it becomes more difficult with their more obvious extremism. A sight that this is being handled properly is giving White a question for her to find something salvageable in her enemy colors and being able to come up with a reasonable answer that also shows how even enemy colors can work together. Other notes: I'm not sure if I should be upset or proud that White didn't criticize Blue for being a little controlling. I also like how visibly upset she gets once she has to talk about Black and Red, helps disassemble her previous front of pure optimism and friendliness and show that she's not without a bit of Wrath.
James Woods (1 year ago)
Oh man. seeing the interview of the other colors are gonna be interesting......wonder if he will do colorless too
SS4519 (1 year ago)
I'm excited to see the other colors, if you guys are doing them. Especially Red, the color in MTG I find myself gravitating to the most.
Sweetie Bloom (1 year ago)
Oh these are finally coming out! I remember you bringing up these a while ago! This is great so far! I like this one especially since I'm light green myself (Selesnya Conclave; between white and green). It's interesting to see the points I both agree with and I think are a bit extreme. I find my connection to these colors actual helps explain the alignment I usually play in D&D, Neutral Good. I understand the importance law has in some situations when dealing with establishing norms and coming to agreements in what things best benefit the group as a whole, but I also have an understanding of the need for chaos in not sticking so close to the rules that we lose our understanding of differing perspectives. As such "neutral" is really the only choice for me. Sometimes the law of white and the chaotic nature of green can work together for good. At least that's my general belief. Probably more on that when Green's bit comes out. Can't wait to see the rest!
Lord Sathien (1 year ago)
The way I see things: Azorius = Lawful Good Boros = Chaotic Good Dimir = Neutral Evil Golgari = Neutral Evil Gruul = Chaotic Neutral Izzet = Chaotic Neutral Orzhov: Lawful Evil Rakdos = Chaotic Evil Selesnya = Neutral Good Simic = Lawful Neutral
Diana M (1 year ago)
I LOVE this!!!! Can't wait for more!
Barubary (1 year ago)
Wait wait wait wait. I don't know much about the lore of MTG... But wait... Are the color's themselves characters or is this like some sort of like fanfic that humanizes them and sort of explains how decks work and counter each other?
Snuggle Hyena (1 year ago)
Their interviews with the colors personification. Look up color interviews by mark rosewater.
PMB Gaming (1 year ago)
Now I Love My Black Blue Deck Even More. *MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* XD
Transhuman Hivemind (1 year ago)
I hope we get to see black or red next soon.
Flaming Spirit (1 year ago)
well blacks library consists of swamps and graveyards as far as lands, creatures it consists of vampires skelotons zombies rats and other disease ridden creatures, now with the general spells blacks library is outfited for the soul purpose of draining your hitpoints and causing pain to the player who used these spells. so in my opinion black decks are in short a double edged sword, they are built around the prospect of sado-masochism just to get the job of eliminating your opponents. but thats just my opinion. in all honesty id consider myself a mix of black and red mana due to my temper and my chaotic nature
Mr.13 (1 year ago)
A lot of that has to do with the nature of the game though. Your in essence roleplaying to Planeswalkers battling each-other. In such a life or Death game what should black bring to the table? If you have to defend yourself or something/someone you care about and your given the choice of any weapon why would you limit yourself to a pistol when you could bring a tank?
Leer Senso (1 year ago)
I believe that we didn't get the full story from white. She talks so much about how she despises black and red, but she never spoke about the times they work well. There is passion in white and there is order in red. Hence Boros. Or what about the times putting ones own being in the spotlight, actually help the whole. She talks alot about her hatred, but that isn't all that is there.
Everfree (1 year ago)
I'm mainly a green player, but I have great respect for both black and white.
Everfree (1 year ago)
I got the deck, but it's difficult to get the hang of it. I mainly add black to my green deck. although I'm adept in the others.
yoyomoer_xD (1 year ago)
Wait... is 15:57 a Mysterious Mr. Enter reference?
LucarioSmash246 (1 year ago)
Not all rules are good rules and some are decent rules but they have loopholes or aren't clear on what they mean or intended.
LucarioSmash246 (1 year ago)
Also saying that something is a utopia or being perfect is subjective. (definition of a utopia: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.) i do agree with most of her points though, so you could say im a blue (which is my favorite color).
Daffyhat (1 year ago)
**ahem** Allow me to explain my... Distaste for White's opinions of "Order". Bant is a world without the very elements of Red and Black. Congratulations! You've condemned these people to a world of pointlessness. She believes the absence of chaos is order. Without evil, there is good, like they aren't two sides of the same coin. Like a fool. By removing what she sees as evil, she's cursed an entire Plane to emotionless "Order". NOTHING is pure good or pure evil, THERE ARE *NO* ABSOLUTES. Bant is a mistake.
daneiltherat 2 (1 year ago)
Similar problem with Naya. It's stagnant. There's no individuality and no desire to improve. So it's essentially Frozen in time. Grixis and jund have the opposite problem. There's no structure/growth on grixis and no unity/ thought on jund. On grixis, no one knows how to cooperate and get along, and no renewal to balance out death. On jund there's no unity, people can't work together and no thought, everything is constantly at full speed all the time. No brakes. Esper has a similar problem to bant. No red means no thought and no green means no acceptance. Esper is a world of cold logic. No one can truly care about someone there. No acceptance means no one let's sleeping dogs lie. Everything is catalogued,dissected and controlled. It's completely artificial. The shards show why all 5 are needed for a healthy society. White brings law and peace, Black ambition and individuality,blue curiosity and discovery,red passion and love and green interdependence and growth.
Chocolate Cumprimenta (1 year ago)
Daffyhat If you really think that in real life, you are a son of a bitch.
Lunacorva (1 year ago)
She did praise Black's honesty.
Daffyhat (1 year ago)
joshscorcher As I said. It's in the read more. my biggest problem with her opinions of the others is the exclusively negative things she said about Black. Allow me to reiterate: for someone so critical of bias, she can't seem to get over her own.
joshscorcher (1 year ago)
"she trusts in Green and Blue as if they can do no wrong," Really? Because she seemed to have complaints about their behavior as well.
Adam Pelletier (1 year ago)
This was amazing, and I'm not even that big of a Magic the Gathering fan, I can't wait to see more.
ZCid47 (1 year ago)
I cant wait for black and explain why is not evil, but complicate
White is the perfect example of Communism and she doesn't even know it XD
Erie Perry (1 year ago)
i dont play Magic (Yugioh is my TCG) but based on this video id probably be a blue player. whites too focused on the greater good, blacks too immature, green too hippie, and red is too chaotic.
Erie Perry (1 year ago)
Fantastic video!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!!!!!!!!! Hope there will another as soon as everybody can get around to it.
ChaosServant 12345 (1 year ago)
Reminds me a bit of a certain furry therapist for some reason...
Gamemaster Anthony (1 year ago)
Was expecting Gideon for this, seeing as how the members of the Gatewatch are kind of seen as the "faces" of the five colors right now. But, I rather like this character.

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