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Pilot's eye view of a three-day trip from Boston to Paris

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Originally made in September of 2004, this video made a brief appearance on YouTube before being pulled due to the U2 song. Since Warner music has again allowed U2 songs to appear on YouTube, the video is back. The video was later used in our training department and shown at 'career days' around the country. It depicts a typical three-day trip from the perspective of the co-pilot.
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Why do most of American companies slanted or prejudiced to deploy the 767 , thus they are slightly or relatively out dated machines ? Doesnt that seem a little bit beguiling ?!
gustavo heberle (24 days ago)
Nice video !! I love flying, but the best part is coming home and receiving a big smile a and hug from the kids !!!
federal 007 (1 month ago)
Esse vídeo me deixa motivado , thanks !
22HaydenG (2 months ago)
Gotta love those old 767-300's!!!!!
PoKiA (2 months ago)
yes u2 music
Navin Johnson (3 months ago)
I just have to say that this is the most accurate representation of an ocean crossing in a 767 ER. I’m not with American, A loyal subject of brand X : ) nearing the end of my career but a decade and a half on the 767 was a gift that I can’t describe. You, however, describe it amazingly well here. I have shared this video with countless kids considering this career path. Thank you for putting this together.
Kent Wien (3 months ago)
Thanks Navin! What a wonderful comment!
Captaincontrail (4 months ago)
Saw this as a teenager.... now left seat for a major....thank you...
stacey hayes (4 months ago)
Old plane!
MannBrothersFilms (5 months ago)
My favourite video! I'm glad it's back! Edit: This video is the reason I started liking U2, the first time I saw it. 😂
031 Films (7 months ago)
Wow I remember watching this video when I was young when I first got my flight sim and now I just found it again during my ATPL training :D
MannBrothersFilms (5 months ago)
I'm so happy it's back!
trent1963 (9 months ago)
Great video!!
Javier Caro Mateo (10 months ago)
Great video. Never tired to repeat again and again!! Im a 737NG First Officer and still love that video as the first time I saw it too many years agi.
Piero Elias (11 months ago)
Song is too loud i can't hear the airplane sound and the rest.
Mrauto nom (11 months ago)
Fantastic video.
MasterCarguy44 (11 months ago)
Being a passenger and flying used to be so enjoyable and relaxing, now it's a circus and the airlines just care about bottom line profit, and nothing more. Pure greed. And soon they will allow cellular service 100% in flight. No thx. And more cramped planes.
JPQNY (1 year ago)
Mute if u watch!
Harry cover (1 year ago)
Vous êtes géniaux, merci pour ces partages et....bon séjour à PARIS !! :)
DMSDrummer (1 year ago)
4:17 Hello Hello
salvador solorio (1 year ago)
Eddie aviation's. Videos
Jet Lag (1 year ago)
Kent, I have watched this video some time ago and it inspired me to become a long haul pilot! I’m now an A330 Capt and love it!
ICU 2 (1 year ago)
fantastic Im an airline captain 767 love it ..
Clark Drew (1 year ago)
If I was an airline pilot I would be a pilot for American Airlines. And I would fly the 767.
BradRoss63 (1 year ago)
That was cool! Ah, how I miss working for the big AA!
Norma Jean (1 year ago)
Very handsome kent...n funny videos love the editing!!!
Clark Drew (1 year ago)
It is common for two sets of Pilots to fly during international flights. One set of Pilots goes to the bed and another set of Pilots take over command of the aircraft.
Pilot_guy 717 (1 year ago)
Was this in a 757 or a 767
Sean Nielsen (1 year ago)
Kent how are you doing?? This is still one of my all time favorite videos.
Tony Farias (1 year ago)
Watched this video 7 years ago and helped me to decide to become a pilot. Now im an airline pilot at Aeromexico. Great video
Driftminister (1 year ago)
I have watched this video so many times 12 years ago and it changed my life. Today there are plenty new videos on youtube like this one, but at that time there was not much motivational videos in the web for becoming a pilot. I have started to become a pilot myself and it took me 5 years of hard work with multiple jobs at once to handle it completely on my own. Nowadays I am an airline pilot with my own family and kids (1yr and 3yr old), flying around the world and coming back to my family everytime like in this video that I have watched so long ago. I don't know who has originally done this video, but please let me say thank you for the inspiration you gave me during that difficult time in my life. It helped me a lot to make my decisions and staying on the right way to achieve my goals. Thank you!
Driftminister (1 year ago)
Thank you for this, I really appreciate it!
Kent Wien (1 year ago)
Driftminister Yeah, I made it for my daughter as a 'daddy goes to work' video and uploaded it two years later when YouTube came out. It lasted a week before YouTube pulled it due to the copyrighted song. Later 10 others re uploaded it. I figured it was safe to post it again and so I claimed the video and put it back up. I've since posted other flying videos to this channel with more to eventually come.
Driftminister (1 year ago)
Are you the maker of this video from back then? I thought this is only a re-upload.
Kent Wien (1 year ago)
Driftminister Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I have run into a few people who said they've become pilots as a result of my video. But this takes the prize! I hope to fly with someone who was similarly inspired who lands at AA. Fingers crossed!
regalternative (1 year ago)
The original upload of this was the first video I ever saw on Youtube. In 2005 I think.
Kent Wien (1 year ago)
I posted it originally in January of 2006! I filmed it in 2004 though.
James Patterson (1 year ago)
Do pilots get bored on flights like these or does the paperwork keep them busy?
BGIislandflyer (1 year ago)
The operations and flight and Paris sights ... all ok, but it was the last piece, coming home to his little princess, that is the gem!
Ethan Chew (2 years ago)
This was one of the first YouTube videos I ever saw back in 2004. Amazing stuff!
Michael Shapiro (2 years ago)
I show this video every time I do my kids career day. Best video of a typical European 3 day, although since my wife and kids saw it I don't get a lot of sympathy for being tired when i get home.
ronleon62 (2 years ago)
The music is horrible.
Kirill Ryzhkov (1 year ago)
Best song possible for this video
Solomon Pilot (2 years ago)
nice clip but the music is annoying !thx 4 posting .
Michele Tripoli (2 years ago)
Diego Contreras (2 years ago)
Never get enough of this video
Ryan (2 years ago)
Plane get hijacked and goes to World Trade Center woooohoooo best flight ever
Leo Ferreyra (2 years ago)
Great video ! gave me chills ! (...and I am an airline pilot :/)
Barry Richards (2 years ago)
Where's the cocaine and hookers?
Loved this. Brought bAAck fun memories 💜✈️
the daniel life (2 years ago)
Love that video :) greetings from #EDDF
Aslan Karatabanov (2 years ago)
Saga (2 years ago)
Im not sure why but this makes me really nostalgic.
luka_____ (2 years ago)
Awesome! Please shovel out some more videos!
Jonathan R (2 years ago)
It doesn't get more epic than 3:14
Janell Irving (2 years ago)
Hello. Where were you flying from?
Flyguy Mike (2 years ago)
Kent, I just want to say thank you for making this video back in 2004. I want to let you know that this video inspired me when I was a young boy. Because of this video I started taking flight lessons. Fast forward 13 years, I've been with a regional airline for almost three years and now I'm getting ready for my first Major airline Interview. I just wanted to share that with you! Thank you Sir.
MCOSpotting HD (4 months ago)
@MasterCarguy44 Hate to say it, but no I am not.
MasterCarguy44 (4 months ago)
@MCOSpotting HD hate to say it but you are clueless.
MCOSpotting HD (4 months ago)
@MasterCarguy44 Stop trying to ruin that guys dream. The positives do outweigh the negatives, and I'm sure 95% of airline pilots agree with that.
MasterCarguy44 (11 months ago)
That's lots of testing and oral exams every 6-8 months or so. They give you 10-14 days to study. At least the regional jockeys are paid 50k now and not $26 to 33k.
MasterCarguy44 (11 months ago)
Only airline pilots for the most part have a fairly miserable life. It's like being in college full time all career long, litsof tesrung, larks, written, sim checks, check airmen checks in flight, lots of early 3am wake ups, sitting at the airport on reserve/on call, for 6-8 hrs a day only to go back home, not much if any family life, so you'll miss a lot of important dates and events. The worst part: after 1998, way to much politics and bs and not actually hand flying the plane much at altitude which erodes skills detrimental to flight safety. Most young airline pilots don't know what it feels like at high altitude, where the control reaction is very slow and delayed. And sadly, most pilots are alcoholics to some degree. Your much better off flying part 135 which is the business jet world or turbo props. It's a much much better life in so many ways. Sure it has its pros and cons too, but far in away better than part 121 line flying for an airline. It'll get boring quickly, flying the same route day after day after day. Puttythe plane on auto pilot and letting it fly 70-85% of the trips. I got into aviation to FLY, not be computer monitor specialist, which is what airline pilots are becoming year after year. Soon there will not be a need for pilots. They say there's a big need, but that's misleading.
Petra44YT Nein! (2 years ago)
Stupid music.
Diana Woolard (2 years ago)
I'm confused about how they can take off at sunset and arrive in Paris in the dark. Flight crews show up about an hour before a flight, and the clock in the operations room says 4:50. Must be p.m. because the shadows are long and it gets dark during the flight. Flights from Boston to Paris take 7 1/2 to 8 hours, and Paris is 6 hours ahead of Boston. Assuming the departure was delayed and they left at 8pm, it would take them until 4am east coast time to get to Paris, where it would be 10am, and yet it is dark when they land. And, ohmigawd, I'm a nerrrrrrrrrd!!!... But seriously, any explanations?
Diana Woolard (2 years ago)
Thank you, Kent! Thought the responses might be speculative, so it's nice to get the answer straight from the source. It all makes sense now! Didn't mean to imply that American is habitually late, btw- I fly with their Awards Miles and they're good at sticking to the schedule. Want to take this opportunity to add that I always appreciate what you guys do to ensure our safe transport-it should never be taken for granted. Love your videos too, and look forward to more.
Kent Wien (2 years ago)
Diana Woolard Hi Diana. Love the attention to detail! We departed on time at 6:10 pm. Since we had a pretty good tailwind, the flight took around 7 hours, putting us into Paris at 7:20 or so on September 29th if I remember correctly. Sunrise was 7:47 am that day (according to the Google). It didn't happen every time, but occasionally we would land before sunrise there.
g man (2 years ago)
fuck the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Daniel Antonetti (2 years ago)
The music is what makes this clip great so.....
Tomas Nunez (2 years ago)
I don't know if I have said it before, for I have seen this video in the past. Kudos to you guys. It is an excellent video, romantic as it may, it does show a brief snapshot of what it would be like to fly for an airline to a far flung locale. Excellent work; inspirational!
sneaks01 (2 years ago)
Great job!! Love the perspective and the editing!!
John Doe (2 years ago)
this video would have been fine without the slow mo
KPN (2 years ago)
The flag at the gate in Boston was a great tribute, well done sir!!
Bruce Horne (2 years ago)
I wish i could carry there bags on the trip
88rollins (2 years ago)
Well done!
marc Moon (2 years ago)
ok cool what now go to airport. what. whatever
Sergeant Sam Roderick (2 years ago)
I was born in September 2004, when this video was taken
TomCook1993 (2 years ago)
you're all fetuses.
Sergeant Sam Roderick (2 years ago)
@Money Maker September 21st
September 4th
VegasGirl35 (3 years ago)
Great video!
Wordsmith Gobshite (3 years ago)
Can't be a real pilot, he was still sober by the time he got to the cockpit
SquaadZulu (1 year ago)
Wordsmith Gobshite I honestly hope you are joking.
Sim Deck (3 years ago)
Kevin Villeneuve (3 years ago)
What fun! As a flight attendant, this video really shows what a whirlwind our transatlantic trips are! Sometimes I feel as though my life is going by at the same pace as this video when I'm flying! Thank you so much for this! Bravo!
T R (3 years ago)
Rebel Lord (3 years ago)
See this, Want to see the world! Spend 100k on training and dedicated your life to a dream. end up divorced and flying a emb-175 to the armpit known as NJ for 30k a year. #pilotlife
JD Shemp (1 year ago)
Oh yes,missing just about every pertinent life event in your children/spouses lives...
JD Shemp (1 year ago)
From an ex airline mechanic,You didn't mention working nights,weekends and holidays.....
Kojack (2 years ago)
Wow, Im sure if you went to Embry Riddle university you might spend that much, and the divorce rate NATIONWIDE is 50% regardless of your profession so that doesn't matter, and you could always get a different/better job if that one isn't working out for ya. I spent 5 years in the Marines, it wasn't what I expected so I left. Most of my friends who got married in the Marines are now divorced. I know where you are coming from, but it's not as bad as you are making it out to be.
One MercilessMing (2 years ago)
Still, Rebel Lord, you are appreciated. Consider this: Four years ago, I was called to my dying mother's bedside. Buying an airline ticket on short notice means you get bumped around the USA. Four flights, three layovers, and a regional jet got me home to the closest airport to my mother's hospital bed. You got me there in time to say goodby to my beloved mother. Believe me, you are appreciated and your willingness to fly for 30K a year meant that my mother had her oldest child holding her hand during her last moments.
Daytona Aviation (3 years ago)
Amen brother
Mark g (3 years ago)
Kent, love your videos but this one is one of my all time favorites on the tube. Reading all these comments it's really cool that your video has inspired SO many people to consider a career like this. What I liked about the video is it's always great to see great guys doing a great job all while actually having fun. I've had trips I though would never end, but I could hang with your guys and have a blast. Keep up the good work, and I heard that you upgraded to Captain... Congrats.
lordoftheflings (3 years ago)
very cool.
Martin Theiss (3 years ago)
Looks like the guys had fun together that day in Paris. Do pilots on the same carrier end up becoming good friends or is this just odd.
NP70707 (3 years ago)
I can't wait the next 7 years! I really wanna get my wings and Fly for American. I really enjoyed this because it kind of gives me a feel for the future!
brooklyndrive (3 years ago)
Great video thanks. A pilot friend flew the DC3, Fokker F27, 737-200, 767 and retired off the 747-400 with Air New Zealand. His favourite was the 767 (the plane in this clip). He described it as: "the biggest plane you can strap on your butt and throw around the sky".
Phrostyfly (3 years ago)
Clever from your employee that you spent the night near the airport. Rushour into Paris: 2 hours! Great video!
Lauren (3 years ago)
Certainly a good deception of the job.
vienna11215 (3 years ago)
What a cool video. Thank you!!
Stan Patterson (3 years ago)
Easily one of the best vid's on all of YouTube.    I salute you, Sir.  The subject matter, imaging, editing, assembly, and even though I'm not much of a U2 fan, the choice of audio worked wonderfully.   Well done,  Kent !
Jack Cade (2 years ago)
@Scarlett Whisperer ASMR uh, cause it is an awful sing written by a bunch of washed up has-beens.
Jack Cade (3 years ago)
+Stan Patterson Yeah, I hate that song, but it works here for sure. Nice video.
berenice raffaelli (3 years ago)
5:00 THE moment♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!
James Keller (3 years ago)
+berenice raffaelli 2:11 THE moment! :^)
per bonde (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed this!.
SuperGilles27 (3 years ago)
Computer monitors / pilots . The auto pilot is way more efficient "money" wise. Pilots nowadays are limitedby " Corporate" rules . They rarely fly the damn plane because the computer does a better job and saves fuel ! Money ..Landings and take offs are about it . Greyhound Bus drivers with wings.
quinnjim (3 years ago)
You wouldn't have said that if you were landing in IAH with me last week. Severe thunderstorms, already diverted to San Antonio once, two failed attempts to land (due to wind shear) and then finally got it on the ground just as we were reaching bingo fuel. Pilots are awesome. Haters gonna whine and complain as they try to demean guys doing a job that they could never handle… Rest assured, the sky gods take no offense from losers like you.
Laurent-Xavier Herzi (3 years ago)
+SuperGilles27 Button pushers. No real airmanship anymore.
Esteban Morales (3 years ago)
Wow! Fantastic editing!
divisioneight (3 years ago)
Love the video! Especially the ending. Great job.
B.A. Campbell (3 years ago)
Awesome. You got some real talent man. How do you do the speed up mode? Final cut? And does youtube send notifications for answer ? Or would you please rather email me directly! LOL....<3
James Ramos (3 years ago)
Very nice video
John Armstrong (3 years ago)
So cool!
Markus Birth (3 years ago)
At 1:38 I was waiting for the pilot to turn his head to the back of the flight deck and pretend he's driving in reverse…
Michael Czombos (3 years ago)
4:18 - Ultimate scene from any 1990's MTV video. Awesome...
Steve McKenzie (3 years ago)
Love this!
Michael R Murphy (3 years ago)
That one at the end. A future blond FA for American Airlines!! Boston is an hour from where I live! LGN to CDG or HND? Sounds good to me!!
Michael R Murphy (3 years ago)
Its always fun in and out of Logan over the water there. 
Michael R Murphy (3 years ago)
Yes, you have to start training early.  Get your first hours with Daddy at the yoke. 
Tod Davis (3 years ago)
+Michael R Murphy she could also be a future pilot for AA
Jonathan R (3 years ago)
The national anthem of aviation lol
Jpk516 (3 years ago)
Wow, I'm old. This was 11 years ago 😭
Drew Sprayberry (1 year ago)
Now it's 13...
Juri Stephen (2 years ago)
These are 3 days of best job in the world you guys shouldn't get paid for ; D 
Pounds J (1 year ago)
Juri Stephen don't worry most regional guys don't ;)
Arvind Bala (3 years ago)
The Best Bloody Video on Youtube :) Love and much respect to all Pilots out there. You guys made it ! :)
Sevanaia Tagotago (4 years ago)
do you still have the older version sound track of the U2 song for the previous video ...it sounds cooler with this video..!!
Twinkle Mummy (4 years ago)
Wow I loved this!
coldhoist (4 years ago)
The music really ruins this video.
njnjron (4 years ago)
Great video
Travis Olson (4 years ago)
This video makes life during the Regional years seem a bit worth it.
03:14 most epic moment :-)
salvador solorio (1 year ago)
berenice raffaelli (3 years ago)
+DiegoNavalpotro Castillo 3:14 A sort of "Catch me if you can"
Opie (3 years ago)
+Diego Navalpotro Castillo lol Swagger in the classic sense of the word.
Jonathan R (3 years ago)
Rodrigo Brambilla (4 years ago)
I watched this video for the first time about 8 years ago, I'm not sure. But from that moment, I was sure of two things. First, that becoming an airline pilot was definitively my dream. Second, that I really wanted to, one day, fly for American Airlines. Well, all these years later, here I am, in the U.S. getting ready to start my flight training. I am 18 years old now, and my passion for Aviation has just been getting bigger and bigger over the years! And I'd like to say Thank You, @Kent Wien, for inspiring me with such an amazing video! It means so much to me, as it was the first video I've ever seen that showed what it's like to be an airline pilot! Sure, I know how difficult it is to get there, to stay so much time away from your family, but for those who truly love Aviation, maybe pushing the throttle forward and taking that metal bird out of the ground, makes it worth it!
Oh no no (4 years ago)
My favorite video on YouTube
Heidi Ortmann (4 years ago)
Awwww. Sweet. Love the ending especially. :)

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