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Alexander McQueen ✰ Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Full Edited Show

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Alexander McQueen / Last Show Mar 2010 / Paris Full Edited Show in HD Song: Asa - Vapour
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Lyndsey MacPherson (10 months ago)
A timeless collection...whenever I think my creative muse has packed up and left, I look at McQueen's work and remember that every moment has its own muse. One must simply be fearless enough to listen. And so he was.
Nicole Salinas (1 year ago)
I love the golden feather gown so breathtaking
Photographe Demode (2 years ago)
The Music is by who???
Lyndsey MacPherson (10 months ago)
by whom? why it's Asa & Stumbleine...click the ReadMore button and it shows the full details
Christie Gurganus (3 years ago)
Angela Zuluaga (6 years ago)
Best designer that has ever lived. Sublime. Mesmerizing. The music track doesn't work with such beauty.

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