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Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 1997, "La Poupee"

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"La Poupee" by Alexander McQueen
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Oscarh Ceja (18 days ago)
Anyone knows the name of the song? Or kind of music
Zipporah Wachiuri (1 month ago)
I wish I'd wear like that and not give a fuck about it. I'd give too much fuck.
Zipporah Wachiuri (1 month ago)
Back then models were not too skinny.
Zipporah Wachiuri (1 month ago)
This is fashion in 3008
adi ezra (1 month ago)
Watch óut todler bij..ţhis is already you do a couture show from out of the box!
DISCO BIANCO (2 months ago)
4:28 catwalk
Rudyspective 1 (2 months ago)
The most fun McQueen show ever!! GENIUS! And the music selection is awesome!
19:54 is this were the Channel plastic trend started?
so only white women wear pink?
raebele (2 months ago)
of all the things you could have had an issue with-
Sung Choi (3 months ago)
an asian model wore pink too @11:38
Maya bruh this was in 1997 don’t push political correctness here
Bunny (5 months ago)
the makeup and fabric is just fabulous...models did good work too.
Ben M (10 months ago)
The only thing that annoys me about early McQueen is the lack of attention for menswear. There was so many opportunities here for amazing menswear. It’s all boring compared to the theatrics of his womenswear.
Qendresa Kuleta (11 months ago)
he did not give a fuck didnt he
Ra-sone Rucker (1 year ago)
12:20-14:20 that girl is a Master piece
Dylan Scott (2 years ago)
the wire cage piece still haunts me in the most beautiful way. so shackled yet elegant and terrifying all at the same time
Rakim8 (1 year ago)
Ra-sone Rucker No prob!
Ra-sone Rucker (1 year ago)
Rakim8 Thanks so much
Rakim8 (1 year ago)
Ra-sone Rucker Debra Shaw
Ra-sone Rucker (1 year ago)
FACTS do you know what her name is by any chance?
Hard Bone (2 years ago)
I love how he almost always finds some way to bring tits into the show. Love the exposure at about 3:50! And, why is the model at 7:00 playing with her tit? Amazing that he's put a crotch window in just the right place, shown at 13:30.
patricia (1 month ago)
the touching their bodies thing is part of the show. He sugested to the models to do that if they wanted i think it kind of brings a little cool erotism to the show
prod hbe (1 month ago)
+juliee_ u fucking idiot do u think he made the models expose their body so that THEY WOULDNT LOOK AT IT??
matt martinez (2 months ago)
Hatti x (2 months ago)
juliee_ nah I think the point of the clothes is to draw attention to the crotch and breasts/ ass. Whilst the face is split or concealed by the garments and headwear: its a question of what attention is being paid to in the context of Hollywood I think these models hair seems very reminiscent of Paris Hilton and the posing in parts mimics celebs on a catwalk. I think it expresses the sexualisation/ dehumanisation.... the cuts and lines of the garments all draw attention to those areas. Kinda reminds me of how paparazzi are always trying to capture clothing slip ups, get underwear shots: photograph the sexual body parts under the clothes.
Clariccy (2 years ago)
Scott A (4 years ago)
Such a master... he is missed!
Nama Farm (4 years ago)
4:27-4:48 and 12:20-14:20 that Girl is a Master of Fierce...!
raebele (2 months ago)
+Incredible Mann that "poor girl" is a famous model and was asked by mcqueen if she would want to wear the shackles bc he said she looked mesmerizing walking with it and she said yes, you absolute imbecile.
venuslovechain95 (7 months ago)
Debra Shaw
Incredible Mann (2 years ago)
+Nama Farm That poor girl was rewarded by been shackled to all 4 extremities and then walk up and down a set of stairs!!!!  We should get Anna Wintour, that guy that weights about 400lbs and is always wrapped up in about 3 miles of shinny table cloth and who's nose is wider than the Sahara Desert-Andre Leon Talley, that's it, wear and walk in that shit so they can experience the beauty of what they preach:  Fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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