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If Anyone You Know Buys Almond Milk, Tell Them To Stop – Here’s Why

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If Anyone You Know Buys Almond Milk, Tell Them To Stop – Here’s Why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJfs4NjLN2I Almonds are incredibly healthy and provide numerous health benefits, as they are a rich source of healthy fats, protein, flavonoids, antioxidants, and beneficial phenols. Therefore, their addition to your regular diet will provide lots of benefits and lots of body energy. However, even though numerous people consume it and believe it is even healthier than dairy, the milk variant is not as healthy as they think. Please subscribe and watch this video until the end to know the complete information. Namely, the store-bought almond milk includes more water, sweeteners, and additives than almonds. The average carton of this milk has only a hand full of almonds. Research has found only 2 percent of almonds in the UK almond milk brand Alpro, and the rest is a mixture of sweeteners, water, added A,E and D vitamins, and carrageenan which is a thickening agent. Therefore, you need to drink the entire carton in order to get the needed nutrients. This explains the low amount of calories in it, as a cup contains only 30 calories, while a serving of almonds has 160 calories. Additionally, the nut milk costs 4 dollars per half a gallon. Moreover, the additives in this milk include a common thickener, Carrageenan, which has been found to cause inflammation of the digestive tract. Therefore, we strongly advise you to stop buying this mixture of water, additives, sweeteners and a few almonds and make your own almond milk instead. In that way, you can add more almonds in order to add nutrients to the milk, and avoid the sweeteners and additives. Also, its preparation is extremely easy, all you need to do is to soak raw, organic almonds in water overnight, and blend them with 3 cups of water in a heavy duty blender in the morning. Then, just strain it through cheesecloth, transfer it into a mason jar, and keep it in the fridge up to 3 days. After 3 days, prepare more almond milk if you want to. If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe to my channel for more health videos.
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Text Comments (152)
Erika Castillo (1 day ago)
Im enjoying my organic chocolate banana almond milk. You don't seem credible. It's actually pretty low in protein and full of calcium and half of human daily vitamin E and B12. Low carb, low sugar, low fat, almost nothing, no cholesterol, low calories.
Alexandra Varela (12 days ago)
At least we not stealing cow milk go vegan
Jackster Jackster (14 days ago)
On the side of the carton they say that if you are not satisfied they would refund what you paid up to two cartons. When they discontinued #90 and changed it to #80 I tried to contact them. I don’t like the #80. They ignored me. Try it. They’ll ignore you too! I don’t trust this company or their almond milk!
John Johnson (19 days ago)
Veganism is fine. Do not force your ideas on me.
Only mammals produce milk. From plants you get sap, juice, nectar, and oil. Plant "milks" are nothing but an emulsion of oil and water. If plant milks are so good why do they have to add anything at all. They even add sea salt, cane sugar and vanilla just to make it palatable.
John Habib (1 month ago)
is it the same amount of calories between the homemade and store bought?
K. Round practiced self-care!
Joshua Flecha (1 month ago)
If Silk Almond milk only have 2% Almond, then it's not worth the expense! You are better off making homemade almond milk to reap all the full nutritional benefits.
D4RKplayz (1 month ago)
The vegans in this comment section disgust me with their lies. Stop animal abuse by not being vegan! We can stop all these terrible things that plants (which are confirmed to feel pain and possibly fear) and animals go through, we can stop global warming by _not_ going vegan, spread the word, we can make a good change.
Alexis Dimes (1 month ago)
I drink unsweetened alimony and cashew milk it really doesn’t need the sweetness
Fe Wolf (1 month ago)
Whole Milk👍
khanlie (2 months ago)
I stop using diary products and within a month my acne was gone. I'm using almond instead.
nombulelo blose (24 days ago)
billie ruth (2 months ago)
i really dont give a fuck about inflammation in my poohole i’d definitely prefer that as opposed to forcing a cow to dispense juice out its nips whist living a miserable life in eternal confinement...
Dan Bravo (2 months ago)
Clickbait bullshit.
Dawg Pound (2 months ago)
That’s why you don’t be a fat ass and buy the unsweetened almond milk
Destruction Production (2 months ago)
Also fuck soy milk.... Almond milk the shit Regular milk is good tol
Destruction Production (2 months ago)
Read the ingerent. They can't lie about that shit They will get sued.. I drink almond milk because of lactose free.
Leah Carmona (2 months ago)
*looks over at my carton of chocolate silk* 150 calories per 1 cup 10 g protien per cup
Don't buy almond milk then.. Just make it at home
TheCookingNerd (3 months ago)
Created by dairy producers
Backpack Ace (3 months ago)
So what you expect me to do.....drink milk...fuck you..you ..you drink milk
Herman Quijano (3 months ago)
Does anyone know how to read a nutrition label ? 😑🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Bill Rayvan (3 months ago)
Haha just drink milk or forego fake shit.
Rosette B (3 months ago)
It’s not good
Jason McDougal (3 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with carrageenan. It's actually found in a lot of foods and guess what... It's seaweed.....
Artavious TV (3 months ago)
Idc I’m still drinking almond milk, fuck animal products, meat and dairy got disease and shit 😂😂
rugerdog77able (3 months ago)
I love cows milk but I am doing low carb diet and one cup of milk has over half my carb limit for the day. So I drink unsweetened almond milk at 2 carbs per cup.
Takahashi Hokuyoku (3 months ago)
Natural Remedies I strongly disagree to everything you said how can you judge that almond is bad the fact that dairy whole milk rice milk and skim milk is trash despite the fact its has so much disease chemicals and whole milk has pus and so much disease. You just don't know anything about almond milk because almond is actually healthy for lowering cholesterol, reducing risk of heart disease and cancer and high blood pressure. I'm a scientist so you can not say to people in the world that almonds are bad. Other milks are garbage
Giovani Amador (4 months ago)
fight with a vegan and see who wins
Dva Dva (4 months ago)
Ignorant channel to fool unaware people, yes any sweetened drink isn’t good for you and is unnecessary, but most brands offer an unsweetened variant and thickening agents “known to cause inflammation” hush up dingo, real milk leads to throat inflammation as well, except that it’s more common; oh yeah and it also can cause acne and isn’t good for you in general, unsweetened almond milk is the least of your worries. I can go on about a lot but just no.
prophet Ray (4 months ago)
I drink the unsweetened almond milk and it's 30 calories
Carolina Roman (4 months ago)
I’m lactose and tolerant don’t got much option to drink milk but soy and almond had never given me problems so 🤫
Backpack Ace (3 months ago)
I’m lactose and tolerant. I think you was made for me😍
Natural Remedies (4 months ago)
just look for the ones that do not have such low calories mentioned on them
m s (4 months ago)
almond milk is way better than dairy milk.
Obeey Ness (4 months ago)
Bitch I’m here for a good time not a long time
French Connection (4 months ago)
Barse Man Reviewz (5 months ago)
I rather drink almond milk then milk from a animal
Aliyahsveganlife (12 days ago)
JessT96 (24 days ago)
+Cave Johnson it is very sad. Your body was meant to eat animals and animal products. Even god meant it that way if you believe in him. That's why vegans have to take supplements to account for the missing nutrients from animal products. It's just a bunch of people that want to be different. Just go do crossfit and don't put our farmers out of business.
Cave Johnson (24 days ago)
+JessT96 Supply and demand mate, when more and more people switch from cows milk to plant based milk, the dairy farmers slowly and slowly lose their business. Its already happening.
JessT96 (24 days ago)
If you drink almond milk and then you drink milk from an animal, you would still be drinking animal milk. I think you meant to say I WOULD rather drink almond milk THAN milk from AN animal. And also, you're an idiot. They're not gonna stop producing milk just because you refuse to drink it lol. Enjoy your little corner and stay there.
Cave Johnson (1 month ago)
So fucking true.
Kseny Amarandos (5 months ago)
absolute bullshit
Xavier Cortez (5 months ago)
This channel is fucking garbage. Pure misinformation garbage
Jeff Wolfenson (6 months ago)
It's almond juice not almond milk. You can not get milk from an almond
Harri ThaWizard (19 days ago)
The Ghost Of Lucias Clay owned 😂😂😂
Should be called almond coffee. It's basically the same process for both. The only similarity with milk is its white.
Eweezy Lybreezy (6 months ago)
I dont drink almond milk as a handful of almonds replacement, that's silly. I use almond milk for cereal and dipping vegan cookies. The main reason I drink it is because factory farmed milk is pure abuse, and will give you osteoporosis. People fell for the milk trick. Also Carageenan WAS used but is not in most almond milks today so yeah, almond milk is by FAR healthier than another specie's teet secretions loaded with hormones, anti-biotics, pus....yuck. This video was obviously made by the dairy industry and what a lame video at that. Nice try.
Vera (6 months ago)
false. just to get views. shame
Shawn Darling (5 months ago)
This is one of the best videos out there
Rey Rey (5 months ago)
Vera your cute
Camille Toubol (6 months ago)
Yeah cuz raping and killing innocent animals is always a better idea!(:
Sheynaz Omar (8 hours ago)
Nobody knows (14 days ago)
Raping animals? I think you're overreacting a little sweetheart.
SpaceyWorld X000 (6 months ago)
Dairy contains poo,puss and blood
Shawn Darling (4 months ago)
+Dark Chocolate They are so small it just passes through your body. What about bird shit and mice shit and dead mice in the hoppers I wouldn't trust plant based drinks.
Shawn Darling (4 months ago)
+Dark Chocolate what shucks from the almonds
Dark Chocolate (4 months ago)
+Shawn Darling how hard did you look? I don't think it's visible to the naked eye. They are small particles.
Shawn Darling (5 months ago)
What country are you from? Have you even been in a milking parlor??
Shawn Darling (5 months ago)
+SpaceyWorld X000 I know with soybeans for soy milk rats, birds, bird shit get in the combines. Those people don't even care.
Wenceslao Futanaki (6 months ago)
K’Chelle’s Wayy (6 months ago)
Was drinking almond milk while watching this... isdc
Christopher Blair (6 months ago)
Worst video on YouTube.
William Luckey (6 months ago)
Silk almond milk doesn't have carregeenan...
SCYTHE2525 (6 months ago)
"You have to drink the entire carton to get the needed nutrients". What? Going by the nutritional facts there's plenty of vitamins and minerals PER SERVING. Granted a lot of it very well may be fortified (added in) which I don't particularly like. But what was stated is misleading.
YourBuddyChip (7 months ago)
I'm sorry. But i think you're too racist about almond milk.
YourBuddyChip (1 month ago)
+tortatorres i mean, if you're talking about it using the english language, it doesn't add up well, same with the scientific groupings of nuts. Almond milk doesn't have any race. So i could've just said that "they're being too judgemental about almond milk", but i felt like it was too formal for the internet, so i used the word "racist" instead, because it's more of a slang-ish word to say in the interweb. :p
tortatorres (1 month ago)
Almond milk doesnt have a race 😂😭 #fail i think you mean discriminative lol 😂 😭😭💀💀💀
YourBuddyChip (3 months ago)
+Hanzo Main thank you
Hanzo Main (3 months ago)
+YourBuddyChip You know what? You're totally right, I'll try and see things from the Almond milks perspective from here on out.
YourBuddyChip (4 months ago)
+Hanzo Main i can see that you don't put yourself in others shoes
Soya Sawyer (7 months ago)
Sounds like you guys never put water into milk and sell it labeled milk.
If your referring to 2℅,1℅, or skim your wrong about water being added. Milk is run through a cream separator (centrifuge) and milk fats are removed. Then that is added to other products like cheese, ice cream , and coffee creamers.
Steve Wohlford (7 months ago)
Not drinking almond milk will still kill you.
Tammy Farley (7 months ago)
Everything is bad for u I believe
wrdmndan akdude (4 months ago)
only if you like it
Kenzo Kenny (7 months ago)
Currently drinking almond milk as I watch this ....#NoRegrets 🤗
Aliyahsveganlife (12 days ago)
Lmao same I’m having a coffee 😂😂
lady Gore (22 days ago)
Me to
+Shawn Darling if it's processed the same as soy "milk" it has cane sugar added along with sea salt which is also extra healthy l bet. And don't forget about vanilla being added to make it palatable. Healthy living is eating natural foods like real milk not man made processed foods like plant "milks" or tofu.
RAGE MASTER (29 days ago)
Shawn Darling kill yourself.
Kenneth Gibson (1 month ago)
That's your ass!
NoSoldat4u (7 months ago)
Are you seriously trying to "inform" people about how bad almond milk is? Do you not realize that almond milk even in its worst form (lots of added sugar and the vaguely bad carrageenan) is a vastly healthier option than what MOST Americans consume on a daily bases? Sodas, fruit juices, beer, and even regular DAIRY MILK are the real problem. I just went to my fridge and pulled out my Silk Unsweeted Almond milk to look for all the nasty ingredients you mentioned. Guess what? It did not have added sugar, it did not have carageenan, and oh wait, IT HAS VITAMINS ADDED?? TOSS IT IN THE FIRE! Get the fuck out of here. I made a very difficult commitment to stay away from Coke which consumed me for many years, and I switched to water and almond milk which helped me to do this successfully. So how dare you try to scare people from this healthy alternative. It doesn't need to be jam packed with nutrients for it to be a good option.
Kelly Freedo (5 days ago)
NoSoldat4u apprently we need as much nutrients as a cow 😂 I’m guessing we need the added hormones too? Haha who decided that milk is a daily source of nutrients? Not all of us want milk every single day.
Sinac the Hogeheeg (16 days ago)
Wow “she” is a speech to text program.
MsMarmima (29 days ago)
+V29M3 you can't drink lactose free milk? Or is it the hormones (if you are from US) that make you sick?
V29M3 (1 month ago)
Thank you. I drink it because I am lactose intolerant and regular milk really messes with my body
Mia Kota (2 months ago)
He'll to the yessssssssz
Your Mom1010101001 (8 months ago)
I literally just drank some before watching this video XD
6rofoni 5lim (9 days ago)
literally less than 5 minutes before watching this
dymonbak (1 month ago)
I just got home from Walmart where I bought a case of almond milk and it’s so delicious I’m drinking it straight out of the carton
EastWindBreaks (7 months ago)
Foxytails Films lol u were probably thinking “ I am eating healthy!”
Tom Schatza (8 months ago)
I love wen all u IGNORANT dumbasses say every damn thing in world is causing global warming an sure lots of stuff is bad but isn't gona end life u JACKASSES u ALL can't b so STUPID? Well Yes u can I know u live in a house has everything natural or do u hav like oh idk furniture? Well someone had to make that shit for u using everything u say causes global warming an untill u idiots live in a mud hut's an not use ur phone computers cars toilets showers an all u eat is grass an eat bugs drink only water from a ditch shut the FUCK UP about ur so called global warming u idiots don't deserve to use our global warming units like oh idk heat or A/C or gas or public transportation u think u r saving the world from everyone but u just go now an jump off a cliff or just go away an shut up untill u live in a mud hut without ur all natural cell phones an all ur non electronic devices u can't set down to even wipe ur asses with pinecones shut up ur IGNORANT INBRED DUMBASS MORON'S! JUST SHUT UP ABOUT UR GLOBAL WARMING U DUMBASSES! Ur the problem not the rest of the world! IGNORANT HYPOCRITICAL ASSHOLES! THANKS HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY!
Lenny The Ghost (9 months ago)
yeah and people with alergies are not gonna drink any shit?
Phill Sims (9 months ago)
And dairy is just so much better
YourBuddyChip (4 months ago)
Fake comment
Brooke Bee (4 months ago)
Phill Sims (7 months ago)
briskyfumes - thank you lol
briskyfumes - (7 months ago)
Zelthic pretty sure they were being sarcastic
Zelthic (8 months ago)
You know dairy milk contain bacteria and cancer that cane from cows?
edstar83 (10 months ago)
make your own at home the blender does all the work.
Natural Remedies (10 months ago)
yes dear, that is the best way ! please share this video with your friends and family
Antonio Marusa (10 months ago)
Terrible video. Dairy milk is nothing but full of disease blood and pus...not to mention global worming.
CPR4THEBODY (1 month ago)
+Toni Stark lol
Toni Stark (1 month ago)
Rambo Loko well we can’t stop cows from taking shits 😂😂😂
Rambo Loko (1 month ago)
+Toni Stark the shit from the cow burns the atmosphere and there are millions of cows shitting everyday
CPR4THEBODY (1 month ago)
Wow..a vegetarian genius looking for drama
Khaled Mohyeldin (1 year ago)
انت شرموت علشان كل ساعة بتناكي قبل أسبوعين 😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎👙👙👙👙👙👄👄👄💏💏💏
hotties3v3n (1 year ago)
Looks more like almond water at the end...
smack23 14 (1 year ago)
Coconut milk?? Any better
high mann (3 months ago)
+Vera you're wrong about coconut milk,caribbean people like me have being making and drinking coconut milk for years from generation to generation and we're healthy and strong.
wrdmndan akdude (4 months ago)
no doubt you believe in man made climate change
Vera (6 months ago)
anything coconut has bad cholesterol so be careful
Vera (6 months ago)
false anything coconut has bad cholesterol ! so coconut milk is BAD!
Natural Remedies (1 year ago)
it depends on what brand you are drinking from and what are their ingredients, however, coconut milk is better dear. :)
promate (1 year ago)
Can we drink homemade almonds milk? Thanks 😊
promate (1 year ago)
Natural Remedies Thanks 😊
Natural Remedies (1 year ago)
yes dear, homemade almond milk is great :)
Natural Remedies (1 year ago)
Most of the almond milks sold in the market are low on nutrients and high in artificial sugars and other additives. You are better off preparing your own almond milk full of nutrients at home! Comment below if you found this video helpful 😊
Joshua Flecha (1 month ago)
If Silk Almond milk only have 2% Almond, then it's not worth the expense! You are better off making homemade almond milk to reap all the full nutritional benefits.
Herman Quijano (3 months ago)
Natural Remedies no it wasn’t at all
SCYTHE2525 (6 months ago)
Only issue I have with that might be that if you were to suggest a considerably higher concentration of almonds, the greatly increased fat content would probably take this over the edge of being 'healthful'. It would be like drinking a nutrient packed milkshake as far as fat and calories go.
Deth Rugg (7 months ago)
How many antibiotics or birth hormones will you find in almond milk...Have a problem with sugar buy unsweetened...Far healthier than actual cows milk
Marshmallow Fox101 (7 months ago)
It is not. Get out.

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