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Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed |PSVITA|

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Text Comments (15)
Ccoolty (2 years ago)
2 things... You can't kill the cops and you didn't regen your clothes at all during the fight!
Dustin Brinnon (3 years ago)
Camera seems a little wonky - but after playing as much Kenka Bancho as I did, I don't imagine it'd be a huge problem. Looks... interesting.
Robin H (3 years ago)
I'm in love with this game! Especially fighting with my pants off.
Andry Joker (4 years ago)
дичайшая тупизна. Мочи всех монитором по бошке, срывай с их одежку... Ну прям симулятор японского гопника.
Red (4 years ago)
Blackman Hulk (4 years ago)
This game looks fun,you get to beat up bitches all day LMFAO Im getting this shit LOL
Jacobs Siegfried (4 years ago)
can you play this game with japanese voice?
Jenny Sammy (4 years ago)
kiran yusuke (4 years ago)
it's always nice to get a sneak peek at this before my import arrives, thanks for uploading this.
Edward Holsclaw (4 years ago)
Just bought it guy. Thanks for the video !
Tyler Olthoff (4 years ago)
Nice! thank you for watching!
CasperJ (4 years ago)
people are seriously looking forward to this? >.>
Tyler Olthoff (4 years ago)
Haha well ummm yeah. There's a silly story to it to give you more of a reason to play though it is silly. Im pretty sure it's based off an anime thats got a good following so that probably helps. Anyways thanks for watching!
June (4 years ago)
I might need to buy this game.. thumbs up! Good vid bro.
Tyler Olthoff (4 years ago)
Thanks! Hope you enjoy it if you decide to grab it!

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