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little boy sleeps dads grave tells mom something leaves floored

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Text Comments (799)
Summertime West (3 months ago)
Very sad loss, but I personally am tired of misleading descriptions.
WatchZozo (3 months ago)
keep watching thanks for ur reply 👍😍
Nazi Pilot (5 months ago)
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww a hug ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Wendy Maddock (7 months ago)
Hi just to let you no that he is around them you just have to think of him and he will be right by you side am a medium and it maded me cry seeing yours sons caring for there dad he will walk the path of life by there sides xxx nice that you listen to your boys because they are intuitive as well xxx
William Warner (7 months ago)
No no no this is to sad....wow this really touch my heart,my Hod please...bless these two little ones wait a minute have to wipe eyes.....
Tereza Balogova (8 months ago)
Omg, this is so so so so sad 😔 😢😭😭😭
G keene (8 months ago)
828 haters? Morons!
WatchZozo (8 months ago)
Reema770 (8 months ago)
So sad but go to my country to the biggest cemetery in Iraq and the world too in Iraq Najaf You’ll see a lot of mattresses laying down beside a lot of graves lots of dad’s lost in the war and their sons refuses to go back home laying down beside their dad‘s graves.
I im crying about what if my dad die.i feel the same way, i will sleep next to my dad grave.but my dad did not die yet
Stefania Mirri (9 months ago)
What was told ro the luttle boy?.. truly sorry fir this family..also if it is a TRUTH they have their loved daddy/husband watching over them. But really unfair video made on others sad situation and stating nothing consistant. Much better leave this family in peacecrather than curculating their pvt things..
Nour Alrubaye (9 months ago)
I am from Iraq and on his grave it says Iraq and it really hurts my heart when people die fighting for my country
Aerookah Xo (9 months ago)
Loving the title..
Patricia Curnutt (10 months ago)
Cool Louise (10 months ago)
Mum died 7 months ago and I cry so much for her
WatchZozo (10 months ago)
Sicily Belcher (10 months ago)
I have been to that grave yard
WatchZozo (10 months ago)
For those people who disliked go die in a hole somewhere
Thandi Kubeka (11 months ago)
God heal the little boy 💓 I know u can do it in Jesus name amen 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Thandi Kubeka (11 months ago)
God heal the little boy💔💔💔💔I know u i the healer in Jesus name amen thanks lord i know u are busy doing it
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Caridad Payares (11 months ago)
it touched me and i cry its just so sad when someone who was with for a very long time.passed away ❤❤❤💙💚😇😇😇😭😢
Joefrenne S (11 months ago)
I’m watching this video again and it does make me sad and cry but is beautiful at the same time. I do wish those boys well in the future and it is nice to see that they’re so strong.
katsu (11 months ago)
_wayy too sad :c_
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Cookie_gacha _ (11 months ago)
That person dyed on my birthday
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Keri Benjamin (11 months ago)
So sorry for you 😫😫😫
black widow (11 months ago)
Why are all the good ones taken first,and all the SCUM, yes scum and i wont apologize is left behind the murderers,rapists,drug dealers child killers etc are STILL here they should die.
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
BaBaye yeh (11 months ago)
That title doesn't make sense
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Samuel Wyeth (11 months ago)
Res in peace love you ❤️💛💚💜💙
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Janet Baldridge (11 months ago)
I'm crying
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
fireflake (11 months ago)
Awwww so cute
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
fireflake (11 months ago)
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Alex Tabernero (11 months ago)
Is so sad when I see this feeling my heart was sad 💔 bit still when I watch this I will pray to GOD so my parents will be healthy
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Ok I cried 😢😢😢😢
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Person of ur nightmares (11 months ago)
The answer is “his soul is still there and watching over the children”
Y Gil (11 months ago)
jade harmony (11 months ago)
😭😭😭😭😭😭 so sad
Unicorn Bow (11 months ago)
I Lost My Mom At 3 And I'm 10 Now I Don't Remember Her ): I Have A Mean Step Mom
Logan Jones (11 months ago)
PYRO 1 (11 months ago)
PYRO 1 (11 months ago)
Amie Kolley (11 months ago)
Sorry for this family for they loss Dad should be happy to have great daughter son
Kimi Kiwi (11 months ago)
I am so sorry for all the people who lost some one I know how it feels you will always have them in your are and remember they want the best for you
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Treeleaf 6183 (11 months ago)
All the respect to that family. Keep it going.
Miriam Castro (11 months ago)
How bless😇😇
sobroko 78 (11 months ago)
Funny how there is no proof of heaven or hell, god or satan but billions believe in them
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
CHRISTAUPHE PHAN (11 months ago)
😢😇 it so sad
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Frog (11 months ago)
The title had weird English
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Ronald Castro (11 months ago)
God bless Fred and his beautiful family...✝️
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
maliyah Warren (11 months ago)
Nooooooo I crying nowwwwwwww ahhhhhhh can't stopppppp!!!!!!!! cryinggfgggggguuxgyyi, mytfymtkshe4!!!!!!!!
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Ish Omega (11 months ago)
This made me sad because I barely got to see my dad unless it’s the holidays or he wasn’t working and he died when I was in first grade and his graves in OH I live in FL but I visited OH to see my aunt every summer for a week
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Sid Anime (11 months ago)
So sad, but the title doesn't make sense
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Ryan Thompson (11 months ago)
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
AidaLight Truth-B-Told (11 months ago)
I'm so sorry for their loss, this is amazingly sad but touching, I recently lost my nephew he was the 1st born to our family. This has been so hard on my family specially on my sister but being a bibble believer and a born again Christian I know he is not watching us, he is not to be wondering earth says the bibble , the little boy either felt the holy spirit or something else I'm praying it was the holy spirit besides those precious children. Please read your bibble and be aware the devil is a lie and likes to play mind games on us when were vurnable. The lord says "My people are DESTROYD for lack of knowledge" the only way to know the truth is to read the bibble these days you don't even have to read google these things and let the truth set you free, I too use to think these things until I started seeking the truth not just believing everything I heard, to god be the glory. God bless.
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Madeline King (11 months ago)
I'm so touched it made me burst out in tears and I can't stop hoping for the best for that thoutful little boy and god bless your family and your dad is watching over you hoping for you guys I only hope for the best for you guys.
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
FUNTIME FREXY Ty (11 months ago)
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Sackglom (11 months ago)
Title got me all confused
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
foamyfungus_ 3616 (11 months ago)
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Electricbolt gaming (11 months ago)
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
ねこかわいい (11 months ago)
now i wanna go to my papas grave! im so sad
Faith Norris (11 months ago)
I’ve been there
Baby Cute Umbreon (11 months ago)
The tittle is poorly worded
Bradley Lake (11 months ago)
😭😭😭 I’m so sorry for there loss..Love the ones you have
Luke Cooper (11 months ago)
Chloe K (11 months ago)
My dad died a couple weeks ago too 😕 he’s getting cremated though
Chick-fil-A baby 101 (11 months ago)
God bless you Fred thanks for serving our country
Im_not_ Creative (11 months ago)
like every comment has a reply from the video creator that is just the 😢 emoji
Kristoffer Dominic Amora (11 months ago)
Im so sorry
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Leah’s Dollies (11 months ago)
I’m sooo sorry for this family loss ):
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
AG Axiz (11 months ago)
Both my parents died... And this makes me cry
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Juju on that beat Golding (11 months ago)
That’s what you call a real sin.AMEN!
GhostCity Shelton (11 months ago)
As I'm writing this there are 767 thumbs down. How can you not feel for this family? Very sad. To the knee huggers who want stuff handed to them, grow up. Freedom is not free. Don't like the country leave. Go to China & pull that crap, see how far you get. This family lost their dad/husband. Because folks like him the kneelers have the 'right' to kneel.
Pusheen Player (11 months ago)
SofyTDC — (11 months ago)
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Ginger Hopper (11 months ago)
He is still watching over them! They will always feel his presence in his heart and be loved every day! I'm not normally saying Christian stuff but... God bless this family. I'm not Christian though
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Aislinn Sauerhagen (11 months ago)
My dad died when i was six
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Crystal Vargas (11 months ago)
Aww so sad
Marie van Gool betgen (11 months ago)
😢😢😢😢😢may God bless the family 🙏🙏🙏
Jordan Phan (11 months ago)
Tarra Hardeman (11 months ago)
so sorry
Trevor Nettles (11 months ago)
vlogs and gamming mlg (11 months ago)
Desyrea Malave (11 months ago)
my dad past two
Dilek Aydin (11 months ago)
Joseph Obrien (11 months ago)
Please provide end music credits!
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Richard Pierece (11 months ago)
As someone who doesn't show feelings this story touched me I wish the family all the best for the future my heart goes out to you
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Christina Johnson (11 months ago)
I am so so sorry for your loss rest in peace y'all dad was a great man but he is in a better place now he don't have to be sick any more because he is with god now R.I.P
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Shian Wang (11 months ago)
May God bless everyone. Hallelujah! Amen!
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Cupcakerainbowe Lol (11 months ago)
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Dwight Turner (11 months ago)
I believe about 5% of what is on this channel. He throws up a few pictures that could easily be staged and gives a narrative that could be made up...and all to play on emotions. No semblance of proof is ever offered. I think that this guy is just a bullshit artist.
sunnystormy * (11 months ago)
Dwight Turner I'm sure not...go away now. 😎
Dwight Turner (11 months ago)
Sunnyand Stormy --- I'd say you are a self-deceived hypocrite. So you think you're wonderful? I wonder what those who know you well would say. You know, like those who live under the same roof with you. They might have a different opinion of what you are really like.
sunnystormy * (11 months ago)
Dwight Turner You _quoted_ me, and i did not say that. I am very much a _"WONDERFUL"_ person, thank you. If you are so angry with this channel than why do you watch it...? Good day. 😒
Dwight Turner (11 months ago)
Sunnyand Stormy --- Well, somebody needs to point out your self-righteousness. You are saying, "I am good. I always follow the golden rule." Either you are a WONDERFUL person, or a huge hypocrite. I stand by my original evaluation of this channel's believability.
sunnystormy * (11 months ago)
Dwight Turner I have respect for people, and do onto others, the way i want to be treated in return. Feel better now that you vented your anger on me... 😕
dominique macias (11 months ago)
oh wow man
WatchZozo (11 months ago)
Kapal Muks (11 months ago)
my eyes........I cant
havingfun1968 (11 months ago)
You touched my life in this VA Hospital bed. Captain T, U.S.M.C.
Robert Burke III (11 months ago)
You know if these people are Christians their father is in heaven waiting for be that as it may this is called grave soaking it's satanic these children are feeling demons manipulating them for the future
Harry 8642 (1 year ago)
Feel sorry for all the religious people 😢
Glo Girl (1 year ago)
Lovely, heartwarming story and so thoughtful of you to post it; however, the final minute of escalating clapping/pounding reduces this to a promo for your channel. While, yes, I realize I can skip that part, I also know it will show up in my "continue watching" feed for eternity unless I remove it from my history. I am going to do that, to your channel's detriment, as that action will preclude ANY and ALL of your content from appearing in my "recommend" feed. Perhaps a more subtle outro might be considered?
Panda Power (1 year ago)
I had a dad but he passed away cause of cancer I really miss him a lot he died December 13 and I was at school so I was going home early I came home and was told what happened and everything was changed and l am and at that moment only 9 years old
Supreme paddy Joshua (1 year ago)
I feel so bad
Raj Veer (1 year ago)
I.m so so sorry
WatchZozo (1 year ago)
Ehsan Tajik (1 year ago)
WatchZozo (1 year ago)
R.i.p :( i cried
WatchZozo (1 year ago)
Alexa Raphael (1 year ago)
Sooo sad. 😭😭😭
Quinton Uran (1 year ago)
I love this Read More
masani aulia (1 year ago)

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