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Pop Art Drawing - POPEYE [Bleebo ART]

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DETAILS: =============================== Popeye Style: Pop Art Total Time: approx. 1 hour 16 mins Graphic Pencil & PrismaColor Markers Last Piece: Wonder Woman Pop Art http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsYAxdYzEhg ------------------ Music By: ------------------ Dan O'Connor a.k.a Dan-O Owner and Music Producer DanoSongs.com LINKS: ================================ YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/bleebo TWITTER: https://twitter.com/itzjed DAILYBOOTH: http://dailybooth.com/bleebo TUMBLR: http://itzjed.tumblr.com/ Buy a SHIRT: http://bleebo.spreadshirt.com TAGS bleebo jed vlog blog video log art artist draw drawing graphite pencil speeddrawing speed fast quick timelapse channel wonder woman dc comics movie pop art markers prismacolor popeye the sailor man sailorman olive oyl poopdeck pappy bluto swee'pea comic spinach roy lichtenstein andy warhol
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Text Comments (40)
Riya Ursani (1 month ago)
How’d you do the ben day dots so neatly omg
help help (1 year ago)
i saw this in art class the other day, and i gradually got more aggravated every time someone asked where the mouth is
Jewlian (1 year ago)
Frielle EGelle (1 year ago)
Good job on the dots. Feels like its not quite complete when it comes to colour tho. You could have coloured the hat more
Nuha Icon (2 years ago)
Eugénie Baumgarten (2 years ago)
How my god ! The perfection in your dots is mind blowing !!! Great job !!
alek woolridge (3 years ago)
why do you use dots i wonder
alek woolridge Ben day dots
Hajfa (4 years ago)
In the Czech Republic is it Pepek námořník :) PS : Im from Czech Republic :)
Hajfa (1 year ago)
Frielle EGelle (1 year ago)
Hajfa pepek means vagina in Philippines. Im from Philippines
bleeboART (5 years ago)
not bad drawings. keep on drawing. a competition would be a good idea. Any ideas on what the rules and maybe what a prize can be?
Omar Al Sayed (5 years ago)
@bleeboART can u plz take a look at my last video and tell me ur opinion and why dont u make a competion for drawing
bleeboART (5 years ago)
I usually have that info in the description section or at the end of the video. this one took 1 hour and 16 mins
bleeboART (5 years ago)
really? how so?
victoria arias (5 years ago)
Blue background killed it
bleeboART (5 years ago)
thanks appreciate it.
Back Dimples (5 years ago)
Wow You're A Good Drawer.
bleeboART (5 years ago)
lol. practice. ill try and do a tutorial in the future.
bleeboART (6 years ago)
i use a marker paper that just helps prevent the marker from bleeding to the next page.
Jose Luis Prado (6 years ago)
What kind of paper do you use?
bleeboART (6 years ago)
hmmm why?
bleeboART (6 years ago)
yeah I have pictures I look at. I dont trace. Tracing is a good way of learning to draw if your starting. Everything is free hand. If you want to start, just start drawing. more you draw the better you get. draw something everyday.
warmfriesandcoldmilk (6 years ago)
How do you start drawing? Do you have a picture your looking at or trace or are you doing it free handed? I'm curious cause I want to start but I'm not sure how.
bleeboART (6 years ago)
its a bic marker.
Lewiis Tagell-Cooke (6 years ago)
What do you use to colour in the outlines
bleeboART (6 years ago)
I'm glad you subscribed too! Thanks!
Diego Argueta (6 years ago)
k love ur work.thanks
bleeboART (6 years ago)
At the moment, I do not plan on selling anything, but maybe sometime in the future. But its nice to know that there are some people willing to buy my art. Thanks.
Diego Argueta (6 years ago)
bleeboART (6 years ago)
ah those dots. I just used this magical liquid called white out. lol. You should, pop art is always fun!
bleeboART (6 years ago)
haha. Thanks!
Chastityrichelle (6 years ago)
I would so buy your art if I had money.
Maxx Skates (7 years ago)
@bleeboART ohh ok cool thx soo much for taking the time to replyyy(:
bleeboART (7 years ago)
@kidsk817 The makers I used are Prismacolor Premier Art Makers. Their a lil pricey for makers. If you go to Michaels or art supply store they will be the ones locked up in a case. I only have the 24 pack. =/
Maxx Skates (7 years ago)
what kind of marker was that , that you used for the dots?
bleeboART (7 years ago)
@ShakeJunts66 haha. its all good. Thanks! Make sure to sub! More to come!
bleeboART (7 years ago)
@IchiArtz Thanks for the sub! Your Awesome! Have any requests or ideas on something you would like to see done?
Joshua Whitaker (7 years ago)
freaking amazing, i want to learn this style !
Alex Delker (7 years ago)
Wow. Only 24 views? The injustice.. I really like your work!

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