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OAT MILK RECIPE | DIY Oatly | Trick For Extra Creamy Non-Dairy Milk

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How to make oat milk – recipe to make it creamy, smooth and delicious! Get the full recipe and tips here: https://www.breakfastcriminals.com/make-your-own-oatly-easy-diy-oat-milk-recipe-video This is an affordable alternative to Oatly Barista oat milk. The trick to making the most creamy oat milk is the kind of oats you use. Steel cut oats will make the most nutritious, creamy oat milk. Our favorite brand is Flahavan's. Hey, I know it's not quite Oatly – but it's as close as it gets! Buy steel cut oats: https://amzn.to/2HWf63Z Buy nut milk bag for straining oat milk: https://amzn.to/2G3G5dn RECIPE EBOOK: http://breakfastcriminals.com/ebook WEBSITE: http://breakfastcriminals.com INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/breakfastcriminals Thank you for watching! Please leave a comment and tag us on Instagram @breakfastcriminals when you make our recipes. Superfood hugs! ABOUT BREAKFAST CRIMINALS: Breakfast Criminals is an award-nominated, globally recognized brand specializing in positively disrupting how you start your day. Known for influential social media presence on Instagram and blog, Kashi GOLEAN cereal box cover, and offline experiences that merge creative food and mindfulness, we spread the message of being the most radiant version of yourself through choosing how you start your morning. Breakfast Criminals if founded and run by world traveler, yogi, public speaker and podcast host Ksenia Avdulova. ABOUT KSENIA AVDULOVA: Ksenia's career and life were transformed by social media, and now she's on a mission offer a conscious approach to social media as a tool to design businesses and lives we love, create community and positive impact. She does so through educational online content and workshops that empower entrepreneurs to share their message online in a way that feels aligned. She has been a workshop leader and speaker at the United Nations GirlUp summit, WELLSummit, MindBodyGreen's Revitalize, Lead with Love and other empowerment and wellness events globally. She's been named "one of the pioneers of conscious social media", and her work has been featured in Vogue, Women's Health, Harper's Bazaar and Refinery29. MUSIC: Clams Casino - I'm God Engelwood - Rain #oatly #oatmilk #oatlyshortage
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Michele Michael* (1 month ago)
Steel cut oats are also known as Irish oats.
captainJHS (1 month ago)
Thank you for the suggestions on sweetening. You are beautiful btw.
Colleen Cody (2 months ago)
Can’t wait to try! Although, I may go with a cheaper brand of steel cut. Also, where did you get those beautiful jars? Thank you for sharing!
Colleen Cody (2 months ago)
Can’t wait to try! Although, I may go with a cheaper brand of steel cut. Also, where did you get those beautiful jars? Thank you for sharing!
Great question! I think I found them at TJMaxx or Homegoods...where I get a lot of my kitchen utensils!
Lexxie45 (2 months ago)
To avoid the slime make sure to soak the oats, whatever kind you use, for at least 15 minutes then rinse really well in cold water. Also use very, very cold water to blend it with and strain it twice.
Lexxie45 (22 days ago)
@lori grass Yes, absolutely you can. Just make sure to soak it overnight.
lori grass (1 month ago)
Hi Lexxie45. Do you know if you can make oak milk with steal cut oats? I see that the kind of oaks this young lady is using is quick cook oats. Thank you.
Lord of Dolls (2 months ago)
awesome! thanks! love!
intimom (2 months ago)
I've tried making this at home with steel cut oats and it didn't work out well. It was too gluey and thick! I'm going to try using old fashioned rolled oats. Also I heard if you blend it for too long, will result in a gluey or gummy texture.
Let us know how it goes!
Nature Boy (3 months ago)
The slime that Everyone is talking about is mucilage, similar to boiled okra. All oats, whether quick, rolled, irish or whole are all naturally gluten free. The more processed your oat, the less you want to soak it. I don't rinse mine. I just blend till I can't see anything in it, then pour it into a heavy flour bag in a bowl, tie the corners of the bag to a wooden spoon, then twist the bag till there is no air left in it, tie the twist to the spoon, then hang the spoon horizontally between to cupboard knobs, and let the bag drain naturally into the bowl. Takes a bit longer, but because your not forcing everything threw, and the flour bag is a heaver and tighter fabric, your final product is much cleaner. This is a good way to remove whey from homemade cheese or cottage cheese for baked spaghetti or lasagna, or anything that needs to be strained. Just need to have a little patience with it. Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways. ;-)
Hi Bryon - wow, thank you so much for this expert advice!
Amelia McGee (4 months ago)
Thanks. It came out really creamy. I added coconut butter.
Leen Gjoni (4 months ago)
Amelia McGee, how much coconut butter did you add?
@Amelia McGee nice substitute!
Amelia McGee (4 months ago)
Just the coconut butter because I didn’t have the shreds. 🥰
So smart! Was that on top of the coconut shreds, or just the coconut butter?
Jon Procter (4 months ago)
This worked out amazing thank you! Best bit is Flahavan's is super cheap in the UK so this won't add much to the cost either 😍 (googled and it looked like 4kg of Flahavan's is $90, 4kg here is £7 😳)
So awesome to hear. Wow... off to look into moving to the UK. #oatlyobsessed
W11 Granny (4 months ago)
I loved your video! Is it oatmeal or porridge oats you use. One is steel cut the other is rolled_ so which is best.
I prefer steel cut! From my experience it's even creamier this way. And thank you!
R. K. (5 months ago)
Ty very much. How long does it last?
I try to use it up within 3-4 days in the fridge in a closed jar!
David Esau (5 months ago)
Excellent, I am obsessed as well and love to try making it on my own. Thank you!
Awesome to hear! Welcome to the club.
davea402 (5 months ago)
what do you do with the leftover oats? make something out of it???
You could use it to make cookies!
Anna Kimm (5 months ago)
R steel cut oats the same? My coop is out of Irish oats
That could work - let me know how it goes!
HarrietTwelveThree (5 months ago)
Is filtered water completely necessary or personal choice?
Personal choice - use any the water you would safely drink on its own!
Onyrobrec (6 months ago)
I want to start by saying- Oatly is delicious... the only other commercial brand oat milk I've seen is Pacific which is incomparable on all accounts to Oatly...taste, texture, tons of added sugar. They're like 2 completely different drinks. 2nd- I've made oatmilk 3 times now. first i just blended oats. 2nd i soaked rolled oats for 20min, strained and it was eh 3rd time I followed your recipe. i soaked steel cut oats over night, strained, rinsed, blended with 4 cups, nut milk bagged and it was extremely thick and gelatinous, so much that it produces gooey strings of oat gel. I could cut it with much more water. havent tried in coffee, usually just use this for smoothies (which it works). but it is very much like drinking a strained oatmeal than being like oat-milk. Oatly seems to have figured out a very specific process and recipe to achieve their product. Nonetheless, I will keep experimenting, try this recipe again but with more water.
groxsii (5 months ago)
Onyrobrec try not soaking at all. I do that and its creamy without being very gelatinous
Zero96 (6 months ago)
So much pseudo medical knowledge.
Duka Oliveira (5 months ago)
Lino Scala (6 months ago)
does it work with frothing?
Lino Scala (6 months ago)
Ksenia - Breakfast Criminals someone recommended adding rapeseed oil... I might give it a try
Unfortunately, this version doesn't! If you find a solution, let me know.
Anna Brereton (7 months ago)
Ksenia - can you cook with this milk or does it go gloopy/slimey? I've tried making milk with oat flakes and whole groats (which turns out we're heat treated, though I think steel cut oats are as well) and both attempted produce okish milk but not as creamy as Oatly and it's not possible to heat without it thickening. Anyone had success?
JayeBird (7 months ago)
Best oatmilk recipe ever! Thanks!
Excalabor (7 months ago)
Does this mix well with coffee... or does it separate? If it separates, what an be added to help with this? Thanks!
Excalabor it’s wonderful when you blend it with coffee, especially if you add some healthy fat like MCT oil!
Fuddy Duddy (7 months ago)
Thank you for explaining why people soak them! :-) i was wondering!
Fuddy Duddy (7 months ago)
Ksenia - Breakfast Criminals Just did a search for oat milk. :-)
Fuddy Duddy my pleasure! Curious - How did you find this video!
IAM REAL (7 months ago)
Was this the Porrage or Steel Cut oats?
Briana Fiorica (7 months ago)
I am so excited to try making my own oat milk! Just waiting on my nut-bags to come in the mail! Have you ever tried toasting your oats before soaking them? I wonder what that would do to the flavor and consistency. ♥️
Robotron Sage (3 days ago)
'' Just waiting on my nut-bags to come '' i am sorry for being so immature but lol
Briana Fiorica i haven’t! If you do it, please report back to all of us on this growing thread of oat milk lovers 🥛
Gomez l Addams (7 months ago)
Gomez l Addams I believe it’s the same thing. Check this out: “Steel Cut Oats are also known as Irish Oats. They are groats cut into a few pieces using sharp metal blades.” https://www.theyummylife.com/Oats
Alice Wilde (8 months ago)
Nonsense you want to get whole oat groats that have the natural oils still intact.
Grace Browne (8 months ago)
Haha crazy, the Flavahan's oat mill is actually really near my house here in Ireland - guess I can just go pick up a bag and make this recipe :)
Robotron Sage (3 days ago)
​@Ksenia - Breakfast Criminals hey i found your channel by searching how to make oat milk like oatley (lol) thankyou so much! i've subscribed :) btw are you vegan?
Grace Browne lucky you! Let me know how it goes. Ps how did you find my channel?
Update: this recipe works with the Trader Joe's steel cut oats, see here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpIQurFBriA. Your feedback is super valuable – if you make this recipe, let us know how it turns out and what oats you used. Thank you all for stopping by!
David Bennett (8 months ago)
Have you tried steaming this for cappuccinos and lattes? Does it work well?
intimom (2 months ago)
I have and it cooked the oats! I was so disappointed.
Mariiexxbabby (8 months ago)
You remind me so much of Eileen leahy from Supernatural. Anyone else see it ?
Moot Point (8 months ago)
i dig it. subscribed.
Mark Ups (8 months ago)
I'm new to this oat milk stuff, can anyone explain to me how slimy oat milk tastes and looks like? English is not my first language and I'm slightly confused about the "slimy" thing.
Alexa S. Torres (2 months ago)
They don't taste bad, but the consistency is like egg whites. Slippery, runny and a little bit sticky... Kind of like boogers.
Kiril Boyanov (7 months ago)
If you soak the oats and then blend without straining them it will be very slimy. Same thing if you heat oat milk for e.g. hot chocolate or cappuccino - in that case it tends to get a bit slimy even if you strain the oats when making it.
Melantis Obtrusis (8 months ago)
Thanks for the prompt reply! I tried doing yogurt out of (1) oat milk, (2) coconut milk, (3) hazelnut milk and (4) almond milk. I put in each jar (~250 ml) one capsule of probiotic. After 1 day keeping the jars in a warm temperature they were still liquid. I added another one to each batch. The liquid separated from the solids, but still not solid enough that I could strain it... so I ended up mixing it and back to liquid... after the second day I just decided to put it in the fridge and have it as "milk" with probiotics. I did not get yogurty consistency for any of the milks I tried... :(
Adela Glez. (8 months ago)
Interesting. I also had this issue. So you just used a previous sample of a previous batch without adding any extra probiotics? I have also read that there are vegan probiotics different from the ones often sold, and vegan probiotics should be used with vegetable milks, but I am not sure.
Nicki Luescher (8 months ago)
Could be your probiotics are not strong enough. I made my coconut yogurt with a very expensive brand, and would use a tablespoon of the made yogurt to make the next. This way I could save on the expensive pills since both I and my dog use probiotics. Later I couldn't get the yogurt to thicken and I tried with new probioticcs and it worked again. I am guessing that my expensive probiotics lost their strength. Try with a new bottle, I am sure that is the cause since I didn't have any problem with the coconut milk. Good luck
stefan0325 (8 months ago)
This creates starchy water. It has nothing in common with milk, except for the color.
Benjamin Chavez (7 months ago)
She soaks overnight, strains then rinses which removes most of the starches
Alice Wilde (8 months ago)
No it is creamy - oats have natural oils, milk is essentially fatty water whether from plant or animal.
GnarlyKicks (8 months ago)
That's a wonderful voice and tone! Amazing
GnarlyKicks (8 months ago)
Ksenia - Breakfast Criminals  I'll check it out! You have a great voice for a podcast platform, super chill with an unexpected vibrancy. It's amazing how someone can sound when they aren't basically yelling or slipping into the use of "vocal fry" FYI: I have oats soaking right now, lets see how this turns out in the morning :)
GnarlyKicks thanks so much! I’ve been speaking up more now that I have a podcast. Here it is if you’re curious about conscious social media and entrepreneurship: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/woke-wired-expanded-consciousness-entrepreneurship/id1391881620?mt=2&i=1000412589876
claire Uccelli (9 months ago)
Thanks for your video am going to try this...I cant get flavins steel cut oatmeal in the uk can i just use my normal flavins jumbo rolled oats for this recipe and will be as good for my barista coffee??
Hannah Floyd (9 months ago)
Hi i just tried with jumbo oats, I am British. It's a bit too gelatinous so I might reduce soak time. What we're looking for in the UK to substitute for what's in the video is in fact called OATMEAL not Oats. You should be able to find it near the oats.
Leah Ah (9 months ago)
I had an oat milk latte for the first time yesterday. I am definitely hooked!
Leah Ah (9 months ago)
Thank you! I did try it. I used gluten-free oats and though mine did come out with a slimy texture, I think I need to strain it through some cheesecloth and not just a mesh colander. I’m sure that was the reason. I will Definitely be trying it again. :)
Leah Ah welcome to the club 🥛will you be trying this recipe?
Luke 2.0 (10 months ago)
Did you ever make the porridge video you mentioned at the end of this?
Luke 2.0 great call. I paused editing it but you’ve just reminded me to. Subscribe & stay tuned! ♥️🥄
Leah Selman (10 months ago)
UPDATE #2: thought I should warn others, Irish Oats do in fact contain Gluten! Beware if your sensitive. Gluten-Free Steel Cut Oats also have a different taste, nuttier & not as sweet & “wheaty” as the Glutenized Oats. Comparing the two makes Irish Oats taste like bread dough. I’m pretty sure all retail Oat Milk is glutenful & it is spiked with cheap Sweeteners & inflammation causing Oils like Coconut Oil & other filler seed oils. Best to make your Own, use your buying power to create a demand for Pure Oats. Non-GMO does not indicate if the product was genetically crossed with Wheat or Corn, boycott the Wheaty Oats!
foul mouth troll (2 months ago)
@jcruz04 well said.
Danica Blackburn (4 months ago)
Thank you!
jcruz04 (4 months ago)
Before you heed the warning, first make sure that your gluten sensitivity is not self diagnosed. Have it verified by a doctor before jumping on the bandwagon
Erick Marshall (7 months ago)
thank you for saying this! I was about to purchase but couldn't find an answer about gluten.
Zaixai (10 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with GMO. If it wasn't for GMO you wouldn't even have oats. The irony.
Leah Selman (10 months ago)
UPDATE: I just started using steel cut Oats. What a difference! Bob’s Red Mill is oat-of-stock so I tried some McCanns Irish Oats & yeah these really must be extra soaked, extra-Food Ninja’d & fully strained, steel-cut pulp is just too hard core for my stomach. Takes twice as much to make milk but the taste is def more nutritively dense. Glad I switched
Leah Selman (10 months ago)
excellent recipe, every brand of Retail Oat Milk contains inflammatory oils for suspension (rapeseed oil, lecithin, sunflower oil). I don’t see why these oils are always added to otherwise healthy Beverages, like RiceDream for example switches between safflower oil & sunflower oil. It’s like consumers are terrified of a settled product. I use a Food Ninja to make my OatMilk & I don’t bother straining it. Great Video! Thanks
Robotron Sage (3 days ago)
i think it's because a lot of consumers are terrified of a settled product
Minister Evil (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who saw Himalayan Pink Salt even though the caption said Sea Salt? Also, supposing it makes no difference what kind of salt we use, what's the proportion?
No difference, correct! However, I recommend celtic or himalayan salt. Just a small amount, about 1/4 teaspoon.
Garry Belleau (1 year ago)
love your channel! I'll be watching...! :)
yay! so many exciting things coming.
Jemma Johnson (1 year ago)
I am SO excited to try this out! I spend so much on Oatly Barista a month, I need to find an alternative. Thank you for sharing this!!
Ha I love it! You're not alone. We're all obsessed with Oatly...!
Salome Wubeshet (8 months ago)
I know you didn't ask me, but I thought I'd answer since I saw you ask it elsewhere as well. I found your video by searching "oat milk recipe" on Youtube and although yours was the 6th video down, I clicked on yours because you had the magic word I was looking for which was Oatly, lol. Thanks for the recipe, can't wait to try it!
7evenb (10 months ago)
How was it
I feel you, Jemma. Let me know how it goes :) Curious - how did you find my video? YouTube search?
Susan Jo S (1 year ago)
Ksenia could I use GF oats? I have celiac. Can't wait to try this. Thanks!
Susan Jo S it should work perfectly well, Susan! Let me know how it goes 🥄
Maria Tonkopiy (1 year ago)
Love it Ksenia!!! Thanks to running into your Instagram a couple of years I started eating better and feeling better, living a healthier life! ❤️ my fave blog hands down
Maria Tonkopiy wow thank you so much Maria! What an honor 🙏🏼💋💛 any requests for the videos you’d like to see?
TurquoiseWaterLapping (1 year ago)
I share your enthusiasm for OatlyBE. I'm trying to create oat milk without a slippery gelatenous quality. Will try the oats you recommend. Will soak them then rinse them 3-4 times till water is somewhat clear. You not adding canola oil for foam formation?
TurquoiseWaterLapping (1 year ago)
keyword search Oatly
Turquoise Lap perfect! Nice to meet a fellow Oatly Barista lover. Definitely interested in adding the frothing quality, haven’t gone into that yet so let me know how it goes! Trying to find a cleaner alternative to canola oil. P.s. how did you find this video?
Love it Ksenia thank you I am inspired 🌷
thank you so much, Aggeliki! Have you ever made oat mylk?

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