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The Secret Life of a 'Shadow Billionaire'

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After DHL founder Larry Hillblom disappeared during a routine flight, several young women claimed that he had fathered their children -- and sued for a piece of his huge fortune. As the battle over Hillblom's estate heated up, the sordid details of his secret life began to emerge. A missing billionaire, a secret life and the global battle for his fortune. "Shadow Billionaire" unravels the bizarre life of reclusive tycoon, DHL co-founder Larry Hillblom. Premieres Thursday, January 17th 9pm ET/PT on CNBC http://tv.cnbc.com
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Deplorable D (8 months ago)
where can we access the full movie?
USMC22ndMEU (1 year ago)
Larry was still alive in 2008. he was my neighbor in the Cayman Islands, and he had a place in Cuba, I was there many times. He is most likely still there. He had a different name of course.
samra salam (3 years ago)
the more the adultery he does......the more he suffers.....that's life...and no one is exempt from life's tests...not even billionaires.
wheelinthesky300 (4 years ago)
So what? Millions of guys every year go to Southeast Asia to get laid.
Obamalies100 (2 years ago)
+wheelinthesky300 I like your username. Are you a fan of Journey by any chance? "Wheel in the Sky" is one of my favorite songs.
Josh Cohen (4 years ago)
Yup, ugly bitches for sure. 
Marc Barber (4 years ago)
I love virgins!!
julio guardamino (5 years ago)
Some ugly bitches in that line up.
Obamalies100 (2 years ago)
Ugly like your sister and mom?
Flash (6 years ago)
That's evil.
exitno huang (6 years ago)
Which country
booga b (6 years ago)

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