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Girls Making Out

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Two girls making out to prove a point.
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Grace (6 years ago)
What do lesbians have anything to do with be vegetarian. I'm ashamed of PETA for doing this. Everybody is just looking at two lesbians make out. Nobody is going to become a vegetarian because of this. Use your money wisely instead of using it on porn.
Amy Fraser (6 years ago)
PETA always does this, putting girls making out or naked in their ads, no matter how irrelevant.
XxXxCamisadoxXxX (6 years ago)
Gain your cult followers by exploiting women- nice.
0inspiration0 (8 years ago)
love it. you have my attention lmao
mango0kiwi (8 years ago)
love peta but sometimes their way of showing it is just plain dumb
Javiera (8 years ago)
Eso pasa acá en Chile y queda la cagá! xD ¡Grande Peta! :)
Ivanna Butts (8 years ago)
do they have to do it where CHILDREN could possibly go by?
Dan Yal (9 years ago)
peta, the modern hippie.
Kaweebo (9 years ago)
all this proved to me that PETA uses lesbians in campaigns.
kevinwadeheat (9 years ago)
this gave me a boner
bartoreio (9 years ago)
One good reason to stop eating meat? I could give you thousands of reasons, but as you were seeing this video i can tell you that vegetarians have better sex.
RadRosa89 (9 years ago)
Yes you go PETA!!! You guys come up with the best ads ever!!!!!
deltagraph (9 years ago)
then where do the dudes get there meat Naw wat i meen
Shaitan051 (10 years ago)
Not a very well thought out plan. Nobody was looking at the sign. It's like the "I'd rather be naked" campaign, good in theory but...
dramaticafantastica (10 years ago)
so you're comparing youself to an uncivilised group of creatures who shit in public and growl at each other? do you track and catch all your own food as well? if not, then you didn't really think that through did you?
Tyler Hodges (10 years ago)
I could see this on HBO. Humans didn't get to the top of the food chain to eat carrots. Yeah they are okay, but it won't replace my love of ribs anytime soon.
supersaianslayers (10 years ago)
hmm...we should stop eating meat cause its wrong to kill animals...PETA, tell all the wolves, the lions, the tigers, and all other carnivores to stop killing animals! Why? Cause its wrong!
itsmylife451 (10 years ago)
haha this made me laugh
chironboy (10 years ago)
Why do you have canine and incisor teeth? Were you expecting the bananas to fight back?
yoroloco (10 years ago)
Yeah, and how many people even read the poster?
VSG QueenDiet (10 years ago)
Ummm, I don't think this is a music video ...
M oo (10 years ago)
all the vegans i've met so far are fat ugly girls. how come i don't see them representing your campaign? and there's nothing worse than having a piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth. this is so sad, what a joke. sex sells a lot of things, but veganism is not one of them.
mewosika (10 years ago)
are u promoting lesbianism or vegetarianism?well, one will define ths as :all vegetarians are lesbians/homo & will rather some straght people becoming vegetarians. this is morary offensive
taylor k (10 years ago)
lol i love how the guys all have their camera phones out ;)
SaccharineSith (10 years ago)
Um.. so.. what does this have to do with helping animals?
Mark Yanagisawa (10 years ago)
if thier promoting the use of veggies, why make the bed red and white. it looks like blood all over the bed, why not make it green like veggies?
RottingintheMidwest (10 years ago)
This action does not get me to think about my diet or animal welfare at all.
tweeked8 (10 years ago)
w00t for PETA! :D
flytallerkin (10 years ago)
to prove a point? give me a break....
Chelsea Gearey (10 years ago)
Omg this is awesome! To all who find this stupid or whatever: Most people in the world consider animals food... So, we have to do everything we can to stop that... Who cares if they're using sex to stop animal cruelty? It helps...
Kellie Altieri (10 years ago)
they're not using sex to promote animal rights .. they're using a radical approach to get peoples attention. it works alot better than a boring lecture.
Drew Lindeman (10 years ago)
i dated a vegetarian and he was tired all the time because he didnt get enough protien, not a good lover at all
I think it makes a really good point. I'm a vegetarian so.. I guess I would find it disgusting to kiss someone who just ate meat :S Irk!!
Muriel Seawright (10 years ago)
...and you watched this why?
Muriel Seawright (10 years ago)
haha i get the message.. it's true, veg's make the best lovers just like bi and homosexual love does. and it was probably to get others to watch it ;D great job peta!!!
Arol & Melissa (10 years ago)
lmao. good point!
TheNomadicCat (10 years ago)
God, I love Peta!!!
marcosso2007 (10 years ago)
eversince i started watching peta's vids... meat has been so disgusting to me.... it is disgusting......................i think i m turning vegan soon.. sooner than i expected
Anna Alissa (10 years ago)
joelrama (10 years ago)
francisoconnor (10 years ago)
MoraDiDISSaSS (10 years ago)
That's a good way to motivate perverted people :D
AngelaLiveLaughLove (10 years ago)
thats the best ad iv ever seen! shout out to all the vegetarians!! :)
Akul Bhatt (10 years ago)
i would like to get sandwiched by them ;)

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