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Dust From Africa Travels All The Way To The US

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The annual dust storm that carries sand from Africa to the US has expanded its destination range. The annual dust storm that carries sand from Africa to the US is expanding its destination range. Florida has been a settling ground for it, but this year the stream is making it further into the south and southwest regions. Each year around late June due to thermal expansion of the equatorial atmosphere, an enormous quantity of dirt is suspended above the Sahara and blown across the Atlantic Ocean at an altitude of thousands of feet. Approximately 40 million tons ends up in the Amazon River Basin, and a good portion of it lands in the Everglades as well. That's a good thing, as the sand contains beneficial nutrients and helps replenish soil that's been stripped by heavy rains. Along the way the dust stream helps cool ocean temperatures and reduce the amount of hurricane-feeding energy the water gives. What the longer-term effects of it landing further inland are remain largely unknown. For the immediate future, residents of the newly affected areas are warned that they may experience a spike in allergies and have to wipe the Saharan sand off of their cars.
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