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Brand Focus | Milk Makeup Tutorial!!!

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Hey beauties! All the info you want is down belowwwww: I N S T A G R A M : thelavishpalette - http://www.instagram.com/thelavishpal... S N A P C H A T : lavishpalette B U S I N E S S : [email protected] L A S T __ V I D E O : NEW Beauty Review! Milk Makeup Line! https://youtu.be/Hw0ymUqTiW0 O N M Y F A C E: PRIMER Milk Makeup Face Mist FOUNDATION & Concealer Milk Makeup Concealer | Medium POWDER Bare Minerals BareSkin Perfecting Veil | Medium (VERY little under the eyes and T-Zone) BRONZER & CONTOUR Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer BLUSH Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek | Rally EYE SHADOW Milk Makeup Eye Pigment | Peep Show EYELINER Milk Makeup Eye Pigment | Silent Disco MASCARA Lancome Cils Booster XL Primer It Cosmetics Hello Lashes FALSE LASHES House of Lashes Temptress Wispy House of Lashes Lash Glue BROWS Milk Makeup Gel Brow | Pilsner LIPS Milk Makeup Hero Salve Milk Makeup Oil Lip Stain | Vibes Milk Makeup Balm Tint | Real-Ish Milk Makeup Lip Color | C.R.E.A.M SETTING SPRAY Milk Makeup Face Mist TOOLS Sigma E58 Brush ELF Blush Brush FTC: This is not a sponsored video. All products were purchased by yours truly! :) Be happy, feel beautiful!
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Text Comments (32)
Jazmine Morales (2 years ago)
loved everything but the eyeshadow look 🙃
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Good to know! I personally was not a fan of these products on my skin to be honest but I'm glad I tried them all!
Maya Sullivan (2 years ago)
PLEASE TELL ME THE SONG AT THE START?😍❤❤ Loved the video by the way❤❤Xx
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Thank you! It's actually from the YouTube Audio Library! I believe the title is I Met a Girl in Oakland and it's by Otis McDonald!
Ariana Daiyan (2 years ago)
you remind me so much of kylie jenner. like who kylie jenner actually was hahah except your lips are actually bigger!
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Hahaha thank you!! I think she is stunning so that's a huge compliment!! xxoo
Emma (2 years ago)
Loved this tutorial! Very informative and this look suits you perfectly
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!
Lula G (2 years ago)
I personally really dislike this brand however you did a great job despite the fact i wouldnt use that look, ure really talented! Cheers from Argentina!
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!! Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it because I personally am not a massive fan of the brand either and this look was so out of my comfort zone because of the products I had to use but I am glad it worked out! Love to you in Argentina!! xxoo
Zaria Wetzel (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed this tutorial, I actually liked how you used the concealer for the foundation... It looked great
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Zaria! Believe it or not I actually do that often with concealer in general, especially the Nars radiant creamy concealer. Sometimes its just lighter on the skin and you need less but still get great coverage, just gotta find the right concealer for your skin because that hasn't worked out well for me with some concealers lol. Thank you for watching though and I'm so happy you enjoyed the video!!
The Clover (2 years ago)
the song plz ?
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
It's actually from the YouTube Audio Library! I believe it's Otis McDonald, A Girl in Oakland
Oyuki Verdines (2 years ago)
You look like that girl from high school musical, But glad you did a video like this
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Hahahaha Thank you for this clarification I'm going to go look up the music video right now
Zaria Wetzel (2 years ago)
I think she's talking about the girl that was like " I love to pop and lock and jam and break !" 😂 in the status quo song lol
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Hahaha I'm not sure who you are talking about but I'm happy you enjoyed the video!!
Gloria Sheen (2 years ago)
i wanted to see how rally looks on the lips but u didnt show it .. :/
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Sorry girl! I used it on my cheeks instead!!
on - fire garbage can (2 years ago)
You're so gorgeous!!
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!!! xxoo
Cristine Burgos (3 years ago)
Yayyy I was waiting for this video :) Love the look
The Lavish Palette (3 years ago)
+Crissy Clementine Thank you pretty! It was totally not a look I usually go for but I'm happy that the products are really clear in the video!
FerretinSocks (3 years ago)
Excellent look! I love how you explain each product clearly but aren't too wordy. I've been very interested in this brand, so it's cool to see what it can do!
FerretinSocks (3 years ago)
+The Lavish Palette Sadly, I am broke, but maybe one day.
The Lavish Palette (3 years ago)
+FerretinSocks Thank you so much! Hahaha I am such a blabbermouth and it's tough to not be too wordy, so I am very happy to hear you say that LOL! Have you picked up anything from the brand??
Grace Anastasia (3 years ago)
Your makeup looks pretty!!
The Lavish Palette (2 years ago)
Thank you!!
Mara S. (3 years ago)
TLP time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOW!!!!!
The Lavish Palette (3 years ago)
+Mara S. Mara!! That is SO sweet of you! To be honest I agree with you, not with the line doing me justice or not, but with the fact that the products performed kind of mediocre on me. This look is totally not one I would recreate to be honest, especially the face makeup but I'm glad the products and how they work are clear and I wanted to honestly show that. But I totally agree with you, the line is very meh according to me. Thank you for all the love consistently girl! It means more than you could know!
Mara S. (3 years ago)
First, let me say, that I adore what you do. I think you know that I really enjoy you and your channel...BUT....I honestly feel like this line does you and your gorgeous face NO JUSTICE!!! Other than the lip product, I don't think it's up to snuff 😕 but even with that said, you could make a paper bag look good! I hope you're doing well and that you're enjoying your travels. Have a great day or night and stay pretty. Can't wait to see what's next. xoxoxo

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