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Chapter 16 How to set border style, color, width, radius in CSS Hindi

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Text Comments (15)
uma tiwari (12 days ago)
Jagga Jagga (20 days ago)
Love u
Subash_C_ Mahato (1 month ago)
13:23 order didn't matter at least in chrome.
Misbah Qureshi (3 months ago)
Whenever i couldn't understand any topic related to any course of my comp degree .. i search for Saurabh Sir lecs! Thankyou! 🇵🇰
Brijesh Kumar (5 months ago)
Agar mujhe border ke top aur right portion ko solid Karna hai aur bottom aur left side ko double Karna hai Tb kyA karenge
FG GAMING (6 months ago)
sneh lata (7 months ago)
Your 36700th subcriber
jeetu vishwakarma (7 months ago)
sir make series of ANGULAR JS. THANKYOU
Vikram Singh (10 months ago)
Thanks you sir
Rajesh Parmar (1 year ago)
Your teaching style is very very good.
Naveen Sharma (1 year ago)
sir aapse pdne mai bhut mza aata hai aur sab smjh bhi aaram se aata hai, please aap <div> tag pr bhi video bna dijiye
monali deshmukh (1 year ago)
sir,pixel and percentage difference kya hai...
Kritika Arora (2 years ago)
Sir i have to make 1 website for my colg project so I am bit confuse on which topic will I make the website and how. We hav to submit it within two weeks so sir plz give me suggestion about the topic and content related to it
jaimin dave (3 years ago)
is this possible to apply radius on specific side? how?
+jaimin dave radius belongs to the corner, joint of two borders and not to the individual border

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