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FUN News Episode 1 - Three Funny Poop News Stories

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Hello and welcome to the LazyJs.net channel. This is the first episode of our FUN (F'd Up News) Series which will talk about 3 funny news stories and we ask that you leave a comment regarding your favorite story of the 3 and why you liked it best. It appears our audience loves crap stories as our most popular videos have something to do about poop. So we delivered once again and our first FUN series brings you another video about crap. Here are 3 funny, disturbing, gross news stories about poop. Dont worry we promise the next one wont have anything to do about feces. If you happen to have a funny video you want used in one of our future videos or if you have an idea for a video send it to [email protected]
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Raoul (29 days ago)
I d say the first and last one are joint worse as both involve shitting in a super market so unsuspecting shoppers could step in their shit whereas the 2nd one was just a moron being stupid he deserved to be coated head to toe in human faeces. Anyone who has ever used one of those chemical porter loos knows they are somewhat disgusting so would need there head examined if they thought climbing inside one was a sensible idea.

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