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Alexander McQueen | Fall Winter 2015/2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Alexander McQueen | Fall Winter 2015/2016 by Sarah Burton | Full Fashion Show in Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - PFW)
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S-a-i-d (1 year ago)
5:40 the song is so scary.
croitor2009 (3 years ago)
How boring can it get?Bad construction, cheapely revealing, vingate wanna be but not quite.....far far from the bold, unashamed strong woman Lee created.
Tony E (3 years ago)
Dull and Boring...clothes look the same as summer collection.
Tony E (3 years ago)
Definitely miss Lee
Fashi0nm0nster (3 years ago)
wow the models all look like queens, with those expressions of a warriors and wearing those extraordinary pieces! I soo gorgeous! especially love the long dresses!
L. Flowright (3 years ago)
+Fashi0nm0nster Actually, they're looking more like phantoms, but very fashion phantoms
Edgy Mackenkie (3 years ago)
does someone know the songs??? plzz
Edgy Mackenkie (3 years ago)
+John Frostad Thx so much
李玙 (3 years ago)
I want Alexander's extremely sophisticated and crazy drama!!!! Where is it?
Penney Burgess (3 years ago)
Perfect mix of hard and soft. Familiar silhouette but updated and smart. Nice to see the pencil pleat in play. Love it. It's Paris circa 1896 ala  2015. If the bra lets go with dresses, sign me up.
mrblf652 (3 years ago)
While these clothes are nice, they are nothing compared to the great clothes that McQueen made.
Matheus Santos (3 years ago)
McQueen and Chanel... The best EVER
Grace Ide (3 years ago)
why do I feel like Tim Burton styled them? the clothes are amazing
GwiazdoOka (3 years ago)
Does somebody knows what music is on show? Amazing <3
GwiazdoOka (3 years ago)
Does somebody knows what music is on show? Amazing <3
dunbar dunelm (3 years ago)
Some wonderful pieces here (I’d never be able to afford!) - Bravo! The Legend Lives ❤️
Lucianno Falcon (3 years ago)
Someone explain to me who is designing ?? If Lee Alexander Mcqeen I died? Besides not have the same style and the shoes are very basic.
Maureen Bellefontaine (3 years ago)
Krystyna Liebowitz (3 years ago)
Awful .. well dressed zombies.
L. Flowright (3 years ago)
+Krystyna Liebowitz More like phantoms than zombies
Lex Liu (3 years ago)
Sarah is amazing about commercial design, i love the RTW though, Lee is one and only, he create the look which we never seen, and he is truly master
PastelCandy (3 years ago)
I also saw some models almost break their ankles a few times lol
PastelCandy (3 years ago)
I keep giving Sarah Burton chances but everytime im just like THIS IS NOT ALEXANDER MCQUEEN! It's too wearable and does not have that "woa" factor that Mcqueen was ALWAYS able to achieve ! This stuff is absolutely gorgeous but it does not live up to Alexander Mcqueen.
kvdoglover (2 years ago)
People need to keep in mind Lee himself wanted to make a "mockery" of the fashion world, which is why he was always challenging it by exposing things in clothing that in society women are taught not to reveal, be recycling old silhouettes but in exaggerated ways to jab at the industry for always being a repetitive cycle and how they just reinvent ideas that were already made in different eras, and by flipping the gender stereotypes by making woman the powerful ones, the dangerous ones, the ones that had no shame in their bodies, and last but not least to challenge the limited, narrow-minded concepts of what is deemed 'wearable' in society. McQueen often said we take fashion too seriously, and in a way that's true. I think what he wanted to get across is whatever women like in regards to clothing, whether it be conventional, unconventional, theatrical or understated, ugly or beautiful: women should be able to wear what they want and whatever makes them feel confident. Even though Sarah is talented as far as her technique, I do think it's a bit of a disservice to this fashion house in regards to the basis on which it was founded: to challenge the heart of the fashion industry. Lee didn't set out with the thought of: 'Oh, lets make marketable, "wearable" clothes.' As the quote in the film "Anonymous" stated, "All art is political, Jonson, otherwise it would just be decoration. And all artists have something to say,". That was Lee's stance. But Sarah, I think she's more "art for art's sake.", a pretty thing existing just to be a pretty thing of no further value. There's room for that art too. But I like the strange beauty that makes you think, as well as admire. A pretty thing is many times easily forgotten, for exterior beauty is temporary.
gianna victoria (3 years ago)
+PastelCandy i totally agree with you. his lined by Burton have become redundent. i missd my always surprising McQueen!
Niggi Miggi (3 years ago)
steven reid (3 years ago)
thebobby (3 years ago)
Seemed to hit all of the Mcqueen archetypes, but I was not feeling the magic. Reminded me of the 'red ridinghood' show in the 90's where poor Kate Moss struggled with wolves down the catwalk.
Tamra (3 years ago)
A collection in those colors? Beautiful designs turned dull.  Even red can't save it.
adjanic (3 years ago)
For all the complaints of a lack of innovation and high-strung theatricality I appreciate that Sarah Burton has always designed the Alexander McQueen collection to offer up striking yet wearable and timeless items that warrant their high prices and make you look regal but approachable. Her fabric and design choices are what  makes her collections saleable as well and that's not always as easy season in, season out.  Bravo.
Xavior Breff (3 years ago)
is Treacy not working w/Burton? are any accessories verboten? some beautiful, if familiar, clothes, but the show didn't push the envelope. Burton has more than proved fully capable of her own label, I'd like to see 'McQueen' step out in front or retire. Sarah, if you read this and ever have an open call for ideas, let me know!
Lucy Originales (3 years ago)
Who edited this video. OMG. It's awful!!
Scotty So (3 years ago)
i just miss the art element in the shows of mcqueen :(
J. Bee (3 years ago)
what garbage
hotsquareinazoo (3 years ago)
when is the drop?
MrJDCorduroy (3 years ago)
bravo !!! bravo!! opulent & elegant & revolutionary textiles
Agnes Blow (3 years ago)
I like hair
Cecilia Segundo (3 years ago)
Después de ver la colección de primavera, creí que ya no me iba a gustar el trabajo de Sarah Burton, pero esta es hermosa, todo me encantó!
theblackcat diaries (3 years ago)
Personally, I love Sarah Burton's take on McQueen. Unfortunately, I think in some ways she does maybe play it safe. Sticking to the same fabrics and not quite taking the risks that Lee did. But her inspiration and ideas would be different than Lee's, her mental state is, we can only hope, different than Lee's was and therefore there is a different result. I think it's sad she doesn't follow the same idea of his concept shows and the big drama story lines. But I think there would be such a high chance for it just appearing cliche and faked. She has to stay true to herself as a designer and I think Lee would have loved and respected what she did with the label. She knew him well, and only those close to him can really say but he clearly trusted her as she was a chief designer years before his death. Good work Sarah.
theodorakisedu (3 years ago)
It´s hard to admit it guys!! but McQueen house without Alexander is just nothing..... This is just a show of clothing, not attitude, no concepts, just models walking the runway and that´s all............. so sad but it´s true.
Vikthor Rodriguez (3 years ago)
we need more fucking DRAMA ......Alexander where are you ?  :-(
Eli (3 years ago)
not really something I would wear. but when you start to look closer at fabrics and details you have no choice but to love the collection.
trannyglitter12 (3 years ago)
Gibson girl's cracked out cousin. Beautifully made though. Liked that "brocade"
michael montes-para (4 years ago)
Fabuleux,Sublime.Poétique. D'une élégance rare. Une réussite totale. La Maison McQueen devrait revenir présenter à Paris.
Afro Boricua (4 years ago)
I'd like to see these designs in different fabrics... all her designs r the same; in lace, translucent almost like sheer tops and ruffles.... why not try some other fabrics or even pieces of metal like McQueen? Or Plastic? Lol
Rowan Oscar R. (4 years ago)
Ugh, Burton. She makes lovely things but I wish she had her own label. She seems to take the same few McQueen shows as inspiration for everything. It all feels so similar. Look at Plato's Atlantis and then look at this. There's a serious need for variety in her themes. Also, some of those models are concerningly skinny. That sort of thing is not okay anymore.
Bogdan Kolchenko (1 year ago)
I feel that the so-called Romantic period in McQueen's career, namely his "Widdows of Culloden" (fw 2006) and "Sarabanda" (ss 2007) shows, were fully made by Burton as the Head of desogner Team, so she just found her feet exactly in that area, not modernism, futurism or defy to a society. However, just before 2015 she tried hard, and her shows were not so drama, but very various and in their way ingenious.
iCherryBlossom (4 years ago)
I could never hate Alexander McQueen fashion shows...they are always show-stopping.
H.C.S. Botch (4 years ago)
I loved the pieces, but why the dreary music? 
Lorraine Forrest (3 years ago)
+H.C.S. Botch the dreary music goes with the oh so dreary faces!
GVF (4 years ago)
I mean.. come on! Wowed.
Reinecouturia (4 years ago)
Its alright honey , if you fall, fall fabulously!
lp2925 (4 years ago)
I sniff the smell of money.Do you guys smell that? Its so fucking stinky!!
cesar lorenzo (4 years ago)
OMG! Histerical over this perfection!!! Amazing volumes and such great combination of only 4 predominant colors and the prints so elegant and sober! Some brands needs to learn from Mcqueen's creative director!
pricklyphlox (4 years ago)
Music should have been Rasputina and where is Helena Bonham Carter
King ME (4 years ago)
Carducci1959 (4 years ago)
Nothing to do with McQueen's vision.
David Bundrage (4 years ago)
+JetsovrTaylor http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0018NPA9E?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B0018NPA9E&linkCode=xm2&tag=facebook0e225-20
JetsovrTaylor (4 years ago)
Actually if you have seen much of McQueen's work you can reference a lot of this collection to his work
Abby (4 years ago)
Some pieces have a Marie Antoinette feel. Loved it!
Arthur McGEE (4 years ago)
Beautiful...Shame it wasn't edited well...
Shay Dali (4 years ago)
This collection spoke 1700s ethereal darkness to me. Everything was amazing the garments, the hair, the models, the music. I especially loved this model selection, every model looked atleast 5'10 and up, they looked huge like fallen angels.
Yash Sanhotra (4 years ago)
i felt that this collection is way better than the previous collections
Caroline Campos (4 years ago)
A M A Z I N G 
Edu T. (4 years ago)
vcs já perceberam que a sarah sempre trabalha os looks em dupla? adoro o trabalho dela, mas sinto um pouco de falta de um vavavum, de algo que vá pra frente.
BrodeurBear (4 years ago)
hmmmmm too dark and they can't walk in the shoes!
Cougars Pride (4 years ago)
Best yet so far. !!! I absolutely love this collection ,everything is just so cohesive ,clean and Taylor to perfection. That's what McQueen stands for . And she did a amazinggggg job
Andrew Massyn (4 years ago)
very bad lighting,.......couldn't see any details! 
Ricky Chen (4 years ago)
Absolutely dreamy. The shapes and silhouettes are all perfect, even If they are repetitive. One thing I do not understand is why designers like to show the same dress several times in different colours with slight changes? Mcqueen always showed a different look each time a model was sent out. I'd love to see a post-mcqueen show in a 90's format, with a big catwalk and models showing attitude, with a little bit of a theatrical presentation like how mcqueen showed a hologram at the end of his 2006 show, NOW THAT would be a true show close to mcqueens aesthetic. I also want to see some suddle humour in the show and more danger and excitement, but other than that , a huge amount of improvement from last season's trainwreck, props to Burton.
Flo NY (3 years ago)
+Agnes W. My thoughts exactly. I also miss the built up of drama, a scenery in which the audience get traped into. Alexander created illusions,dreams, he wanted to make us think about every piece of couture he presented and to scrutinise the whole show itself...in my opinion this is missing here. The pieces are wounderful but a little bit "too commercial" in my point of view it's not McQueen as it used to be.
difau14 (4 years ago)
Oh god, the best runway, fashion show, collection during this week, so far.
PatientLove (4 years ago)
Amazing Mcqueen would be proud
Clay Byrd (4 years ago)
This is beyond beautiful ,from the delectable coats to the sleekest boots ever, and those stunningly gorgeous dresses this collection delivered everything a lover of McQueen could hope for
Squizree (4 years ago)
Absolutely gorgeous. EVERYTHING is perfect. Hauntingly beautiful.
Luna Royale (4 years ago)
Cool. I love it. Never wear it though...
sharaxxvable (4 years ago)
Wow... The petals skirts! 😍😍😍 and the glazed pink/red corsets ... So yummy. Beautiful! 😎
Chanel S (4 years ago)
This was amazing I absolutely loved every piece the shoes and the closing outfit were to die for his felt very McQueen bravo. Is that first girl ok? She looked like she was about to fall every 5 seconds lol.
Bridget Yorke (4 years ago)
Absolutely OUTSTANDING, FLAWLESS! Casting Sublime, make up and hair so in synch with the garments, music pacey modern mystical, that understated Elizabethean vibe was just gorgeous. 10/10 in my book.
Betzy Maya (4 years ago)
What was that first model walking like that On purpose ??????and I'm a say the venue is pretty dope
Kaj Te Briga (3 years ago)
+Betzy Maya maybe her shoes were too big :\
alex liu (3 years ago)
+Betzy Maya now whats the big deal? she tripped that's not such fuss there was one model who fell completely! why judge?
Rhys Bobridge (4 years ago)
she is pigeon toe'd. literally tripping over her own feet.
Andrew Massyn (4 years ago)
How would you be walking in shoes with 6 inch heels you've never worn before?
abubakrm4 (4 years ago)
I was thinking that too. Maybe she was told to walk like that? Or the shoes were crap?

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