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Day 2: Day Trip out of Paris to Mont Saint Michel

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After a solid 4.5 hours sleep, we woke up and headed from Paris to Mont Saint Michel in Normandy by train. It looked like a castle on the hill, and spent the entire day running up 13592793759 stairs to get to the top (which you couldn't actually get to). ------------------------------------- * Subscribe for updates: https://www.youtube.com/coffeecashmere?sub_confirmation=1 paris vlog travel vlog paris france travel blog tourism daily vlog travel diary mont saint-michel
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Dicen Velasco (1 month ago)
Hi! did you purchase the tickets in advance or at the train station?
Da Pipit (2 months ago)
Hi is it better coming here or Palace of Versailles? Since i only have one day to do the day trip from Paris. Thanks a lot!
Hi Da Pipit, the trip from Paris to Mont St. Michel can be done in one day but it's a very long day. I would recommend Versailles if you only have one day. It's an easier trip and quite beautiful. ~Pam
Gian Wek (4 months ago)
Hi! What camera were you using here?? Amazing quality
Teddy Kurniawan (6 months ago)
Nice video. Wish I can visit Mont Saint Michel one day.
Pawni Agrawal (8 months ago)
So cute
Gabrielle Urbina (1 year ago)
Tenzin Dhekyong (1 year ago)
Can you tell me the names of the transportation that you took to get to Mount Saint Michel?
Lady Creme Bee (1 year ago)
Ur funny gal! Hello from Australia ❤️
Coffee & Cashmere (1 year ago)
Omg hiiiiiii! I'm back in Australia visiting now actually. I love it <3
Frances Phyleexia (1 year ago)
Dunno if I ever mentioned this.. we have the same name n surname yoo! hahaha... Mine is Felixia Lee though..
Josue Mejia (1 year ago)
What the French song being played throughout the video?
Jon Jacob Smith (1 year ago)
The marks on the ground are the marks of the people who laid the stone. The mark is how they got paid for their work.
Jon Jacob Smith (1 year ago)
I was there last month.
Sorin Lica (1 year ago)
you do not post on a chanel with 680k subscribers (otgw), but you post on one with 58k, very clever :))
Angela T (1 year ago)
What you're under 25? I never knew! Cool vlog! :)
Tylah Risse (1 year ago)
I had no idea I was subbed. YouTube notified me that you uploaded SO HAPPY
An Shieh (1 year ago)
I live for your Harry Potter references
Ding Han Lim (1 year ago)
I like your voice! I have no idea why, but hearing your voice makes me so calm at heart
an na (1 year ago)
omg what’s the bgm for this vid? 😩😩👌
jada morris (1 year ago)
George Allen (1 year ago)
Mmmm two yummy Asians
Nicholas Lam (1 year ago)
Felicia and mia is a prefect soul mate !
Nicholas Lawrence (8 months ago)
If you observe, in this video, she hardly featured Mia at all. She kept the camera focused on herself most of the time. Whereas in Mia's videos, she always gives other people a fair amount of air time.
Nicholas Lawrence (8 months ago)
Actually, Mia is a very sweet and humble girl. Felicia is more vain and narcissistic. I much prefer Mia's videos. They're much warmer and more personable. Felicia's videos are all about telling people how great she thinks she is, and how pretty she thinks she is.
Nicholas Lam I would ship them like a couple (lol) , I'm just kidding
Yovani Achata Flores (1 year ago)
J'adore tes videos ! Mais parler un peu de français
Paola Dyan (1 year ago)
So crazy how I’ve been watching the Korean drama “The Package” and this was the legit location 😂
ettoilemagik (1 year ago)
Wow it looks so pretty. To pronounce "monsieur" it's like "meusieu" (strange, I know) ^^
Ky (1 year ago)
you guys are so funny! This seems like such a cool place but stairs and stairs and stairs xD
Umbrella Corporation (1 year ago)
9:20 umm that's a castle? haha you're so cute. =)~~
Victor Li (1 year ago)
You need to go back to Japan...and remember...don't format your computer until you've backed up all your videos
mmars (1 year ago)
I love your vlogs💕
Wadha Alotaibi (1 year ago)
Iove your vlogs!!!!
staledreams (1 year ago)
so with Felicia's love of cheese did she ever go into any of the cheese shops in Paris?
Nigel Marvin (1 year ago)
Been to Mont St Michel. Loved it. And where is OTGW?
Jojo T (1 year ago)
No nail polish??
zbillster (1 year ago)
Yesssssssssssss! Finally! :) Now she just needs some practical walking shoes!
Jojo T (1 year ago)
Always fun to watch!! Love to get notifications
Jacob Xiong (1 year ago)
Where’s otgw?
Ripplin (1 year ago)
I've asked a few people from OTGW this a couple of times on Twitter and no one ever responds. :/ (I think Dan has liked my question, but that's about it)
Rachel Walker (1 year ago)
what sunglasses is Mia wearing?
Nancy Afonso (3 months ago)
Rachel Walker n
Amos Darius (1 year ago)
Favorite youtuber!!!❤️
Thomas Kirgis (1 year ago)
It is not a castle . It was a monastery for monks.
Hodoss (8 months ago)
Actually, it's a city. The monastery is at the top.
Nicholas Lawrence (8 months ago)
Exactly. Since when is the truth not welcome? Astroception is probably a truth-hating liberal.
Erik Dahlin (11 months ago)
Mr. Kirgis is correct and simply stating a fact. Not "welcoming" facts is not a particularly good attitude to take.
astroception (1 year ago)
your correctness is not welcome.
Persona Nongrata (1 year ago)
Very pretty. The scenery looks nice too....

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