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Lookbook | Styling Leather Skirts Outfits (Summer/Spring/Fall) - Fashion | Eva Chung

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Website | http://www.evachung.co Instagram | http://goo.gl/8jyhjX Facebook | http://goo.gl/EYdx8f Twitter | http://goo.gl/5BawWv I love pleather skirts! It gives an outfit some edge with a little class. They are so versatile and you can play up or down so many different looks with one skirt! I would definitely say this is a staple piece in anyone's wardrobe :) And yes I do enjoy twirling and touching my hair in videos. What else can I do in fashion videos? LOL. Yay for awkward posing and excessive twirling ;) OUTFIT 1: COLOUR IT IN Skirt: eBay Top: Urban Behaviour Necklace: Forever 21 Belt: eBay Shoes: Aldo OUTFIT 2: LAYERED AND SASSY Skirt: eBay Denim vest: Blue Notes Statement Necklace*:Born Pretty Store http://goo.gl/OQgKcu Use the code EHGW10 to get 10% off site- wide Bustier/Bandeau: Brandy Melville Shoes: Aldo OUTFIT 3: CROP A PEEK Skirt: eBay Crop top: Urban Behaviour Necklace: Forever 21 Shoes: Aldo OUTFIT 4: SOPHISTICATED COLOUR Skirt: eBay Blouse: Garage Shoes: Aldo OUTFIT 5: FEAR NO CHILLS Skirt: eBay Necklace: Forever 21 Sweater: Costa Blanca Shoes: Aldo OUTFIT 6: ROARS AND STUDS Skirt: eBay Thigh high socks: American Apparel DIY Sweater: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c-Hl7gbwxk MORE FASHION VIDEOS | http://goo.gl/BvDgvk LAST WEEK | BPS HOLO GALAXY NAILS http://youtu.be/DMpFdEBhzWI • • • MUSIC * I have personal permission from this artist to use the music Artist: Maja First song: Jimanji Second song: Thirty One http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPGBUiErxk4dzOY-F-s9tDQ https://www.facebook.com/pages/MAJA-MUSIQ/301379086655093?ref=profile https://twitter.com/MAJAMUSIQ http://soundcloud.com/MAJAMUSIQ • • • FOR ANY BUSINESS INQUIRIES [email protected] • • • DISCLAIMER Items marked with (*) have been gifted to me by companies, but in no way does it reflect or alter my opinion on the items. Honesty is the best policy ;)
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Text Comments (72)
djcharlyc (8 months ago)
So many looks with just one skirt, brilliant and awesome!
Eva Chung (7 months ago)
Thank you ^^
Achibi-chin (10 months ago)
i wish i was pretty like you
Eva Chung (10 months ago)
Allan Wright (11 months ago)
Nice skirts eva
Eva Chung (10 months ago)
Thank you Allan! :)
Jason Effinger (1 year ago)
You are just so pretty and perfect in a leather skirt and these outfits are just adorable! Keep up the great work and stay pretty!
Jason Effinger (1 year ago)
You're welcome, Eva!
Eva Chung (1 year ago)
Thank you Jason! ^^
Steven Charles (1 year ago)
I just love these skirts! Not to be worn on windy days, though.
Eva Chung (1 year ago)
Oh boy, it's never good when it's windy D:
Jan G (1 year ago)
Sie ist einfach süß mit ihren Look und sowieso mit diesem Minirock.
Dua Ryag (1 year ago)
Magnifique petite femelle.
Gordon Snell (1 year ago)
Love your outfits, very cute 😊😊
Gordon Snell (1 year ago)
+Eva Chung Ur welcome 😊😊😊 I am a skirt person myself & I enjoy wearing skirts 😊😊😊
Eva Chung (1 year ago)
Thanks Gordon! :)
lupin noir (1 year ago)
You're beautiful, but your skirt is always too long
!!!!!!!!!! + Eva Chung !!!!!!!!!! Du bist B I L D S C H O E N !!!!!!!!!!
F1 David (2 years ago)
I love all of your outfits
F1 David (2 years ago)
Eva Chung does that skirt look nice in any blouse because I have a blue one x
F1 David (2 years ago)
Eva Chung what do you wear under the skirt xx
Eva Chung (2 years ago)
Haha, yeah I feel more mature in that outfit. :P Thank you <3
F1 David (2 years ago)
Eva Chung I love the one with the blouse and the skirt xx it makes you look pretty gorgeous x
Eva Chung (2 years ago)
Definitely the one with the blue vest! It's girly but still edgy at the same time. :P
MUD VAYNE (2 years ago)
so pretty my love I love you so much😍😘😘😘💓💓💕💕💕
Eva Chung (2 years ago)
Brianna Hughes (2 years ago)
1 outfit took so long but all in all I liked it
Chelsea Nguyen (3 years ago)
Where did you get that skirt! Cause I'm looking for one for grad and it's so hard to find one
Eva Chung (3 years ago)
+Chelsea Nguyen eBay :$
Tonic ForTiredEyes (3 years ago)
This is turning me on.
Neltierra Segay (3 years ago)
whats this song called?
Neltierra Segay (3 years ago)
+Neltierra Segay lol nevermind I got it lol
Melanie Jaram (4 years ago)
Did you sew the first leather skirt
Eva Chung (4 years ago)
+MelanieAVON Haha, no I didn't. I have 0 skill in sewing. ):
Aria Aisaka (4 years ago)
Love the last one! Simply cute! :3
SALTY_ EYEZ (1 year ago)
Eva Chung love your green crop top, very cute
Gordon Snell (1 year ago)
Aria Aisaka I agree, it was cute 😊😊😊
Eva Chung (4 years ago)
+Aria Aisaka Thanks Aria <3
Meltedkitten (4 years ago)
Love the knee highs with the skirt.
Eva Chung (4 years ago)
+Litttleimitator Over the knee socks are all I ever wear in fall, hehe
Kristin Mansfield (4 years ago)
The green crop top with the skirt was my favorite ~ that was cute 🎀
CurlyinColorado (4 years ago)
I love the looks with the bandeau top and the crop top.
Vanessa Rivera (4 years ago)
Is that the only skirt she has
Frida Corona (4 years ago)
So pretty :)
Colin Nutley (5 years ago)
Simply beautiful!
Angelina Escobar (4 years ago)
Umm, ok. 
editor 3.3 (5 years ago)
I can not style like you are the videos are THE BEST VIDEOS EVER you are giving me lots of laugh making these vidios
Shaira Gonzales (5 years ago)
Just found your channel love all your videos!
April Leyva (5 years ago)
OMG they're all so cute !!
Eva Chung (5 years ago)
Size small :) Mine is a really stretchy material though!
SALTY_ EYEZ (1 year ago)
Eva Chung you're green crop top was cute, and I like your jewelry that goes along with it
Craft With Mary (5 years ago)
and fear no chills is my favvvvvvvvourit!!
Craft With Mary (5 years ago)
i'm dying for all the outfit and girl u roooooooock!! and i loved how u name every outfit of urs!! i do that too and since i design and i have a fb page i like to give every outfit of mine a name!!
Khanhha Hween (5 years ago)
I like all of them :3 great style ^_^
Angela Lam (5 years ago)
The last one is definitely cuteee
Iris Yim (5 years ago)
what size do you wear in the crop top in outfit ? <3
TheDivaliciousThing (5 years ago)
loved the last one :D
melushus (5 years ago)
Loved them all....cute
adriana fernandez (5 years ago)
U look likejayhunny
Connie Yang (5 years ago)
your hair is soooooo longgg!! love all the outfits<3
Cartney (5 years ago)
I love your style(:
VJ bautista (5 years ago)
Youre soo pretty ugh so perfect gurl :)
MichelleBnatural (5 years ago)
You're too cute!
Candace Briana (5 years ago)
14th viewer
Peter Groß (1 year ago)
Candace kjukuuukjkkkün
Lise M. (5 years ago)
I love your legs!
Cynia Richards (5 years ago)
First and second comment!! Lol
Cynia Richards (5 years ago)
Love it!!!

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