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Nights of Frights 9: The Shining

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jack squatt (5 months ago)
Explanation: when you strip away the window-dressing of a "haunted hotel", it's a metaphor about alcoholism wrecking lives and ripping a family apart.
Mitchell Ducharme (5 months ago)
hey josh i'm a big fan of your FOB equestria series and i just started watching your night of frights vids i thought i'd help you here the weird scratching noise you hear the name of it is "Horrorscore" it's suppose to make your skin crawl and up your tension that is it's only purpose in horror movies. keep up the great work
ShutUpAdachi (6 months ago)
For as long as the movie is, I never once felt it was slow. Every second of the hotel's uncomfortably alien atmosphere and Jack's deteriorating sanity was a joy to watch. I love how the "haunted hotel" part of the story can just as easily be projections and hallucinations of the characters, whether it come from Jack's stress and anxiety, Wendy's terror, or Danny's abilities (that are definitely real, make no mistake about that). I think the only confusing part of the story might come from the ending photograph, but it's enjoyable to come to your own conclusions and how it relates to other elements of the story.
Brendan Milburn (6 months ago)
I don't think you're wrong, it's just it sounds like Kubrick isn't exactly your cup of tea. What makes this movie so effective to me is the slow sense of dread that's with the movie from the beginning (especially with the opening credits music). Plus you get a sense of Jack's alcoholic abuse and just the uneasiness of thinking whether it was the drink or the man behind the violence. Even with the ghost's influence, it's an interesting thing to think about whether he's just finally given the push to do what he always wanted to do or Jack truly was taken over. As for stuff like the bear scene, I can chalk that up to the sins/evil nature of the hotel being showcased (like earlier with the chopped up little girls or blood elevator).
Briton Merkley (6 months ago)
Could you please watch the Howling or the Ginger Snaps movie triology? Please?
supermariofan03 (6 months ago)
Joshy......Joshy.....You got a big surprise coming for you! Go watch The Exorcist. You’re not gonna sleep well! *laughs maniacally* GO CHECK IT OUT!!! *laughs maniacally*
CyberSurferXD (6 months ago)
If you think this version is slow, you should see the Mini-series King made because he didn't like this version..... "You ever want to watch 6 hours of absolutely nothing?" Also: If you're looking for some fun Horror flicks I recommend Trick or Treat by Michael Dougherty or any of the Puppet Master movies. The former is an actually well made anthology in the vain of a gritty Goosebumps serial while the latter are a straight to dvd horror series made on the budget of a ham sandwich and with as much cheese as you'd like~ Either one just grab some friends, pop a cold one, and riff as much as you'd like; best way to spend Halloween I find~
Ember (6 months ago)
For all those who think he's wrong because he doesn't have all the backstory and whatnot; the movie's runtime was its opportunity to DO THAT. If you need to do homework to be able to enjoy a movie, it is a shit movie. Same thought process behind why the 20+ hours it takes for FF13 to get a good combat system is dog bollocks. Do bear in mind that I haven't seen the movie myself outside of the obvious clips and whatnot; I might love it, I might hate it, Idunno. I will mention that I'm fairly certain that this movie is older than I am, so some of these complaints might be due to differing tastes from that age gap.
Ember (5 months ago)
That first argument is reminiscent of what people say when asked things such as "Why the fuck did you film a bowl of bananas for 10 minutes and call it art?" There are vast gulfs of difference between being completely stone silent on what the fuck is going on & why we should watch this movie and having all the tact and subtlety regarding your movie of thermonuclear war. If you want to do the Dark Souls thing and have the player/viewer need to pay attention to get to the deeper cuts, then you need to at least have shadows of them that can be seen without 5 hours of research. By at least Joshscorcher's standards, this movie failed while also being badly paced in general.
cdcdrr (5 months ago)
Actually, backstory is not what you should need to watch this movie. If this movie confuses or does not explain things, that is deliberate. We are not supposed to come at the strange things asking "why is no one telling us what this thing is about?" but rather "I wonder what their story was" and let our imagination fill in the blanks, and be horrified by the possibilities and the fact we don't know. If there is something you need to know from outside the movie, it is the in-depth looks at the cinematography, the storytelling, and the possible hidding meanings of the film. A popular one being one of American imperialism and genocide of native Americans. This is one of those movies film critics have written at lengths about. Even making a movie about the themes of the movie, longer than the actual movie! And finally, speaking of supplementary material and adaptation, it is of course based on Stephen King's novel. King himself didn't like it, but as is often the case when an original author dislikes something, mainstream audiences disagree strongly. There was even a mini series produced under King's guidance, putting everything back that Kubrick excised. And in typical Steven King fashion, it fell squarely on the wrong end of "hit or miss".
AnimaMandala (6 months ago)
You can't be wrong about how this movie makes you feel. Film adaptations of elaborate and deep books don't always do the source material justice. It's like how people don't get Harry Potter when they've only seen the movies. Some of the stuff they cut out adds vital context to the overall plot, while changes they make can take some away.
Freak CO (6 months ago)
Fun fact about the door seen and the "Here's Johnny" that took 127 takes for the director to feel like the scene was okay and that line was totally thought up on the spot.
Freak CO (6 months ago)
Same I also thought it was a ehh movie to, probably because it was to over hyped but the things going slow was sort of a point of it, but the book is in my opinion better because it actually takes long time for things to get going but theres more little things imbetween the dad going all mad and them being all peaceful.
LegitLVBrony 2592 (6 months ago)
7:05 Based on the lyrics of the song, the alarm literally said, "Go to sleep." Why do I find that both funny and useful?
edson120 (6 months ago)
How about one of the good shyamalan horror movies? Sixth sense, signs, the visit, split...
Drill Killer (6 months ago)
Okay another reccomend, poltergeist is great you should watch that
Robzilla (6 months ago)
Cloverfield. CLOVERFIELD. PLZ.
NetConsole (6 months ago)
Slow? Are you insane?
MineBoom (6 months ago)
Dobadobadooo (6 months ago)
The greatest horror movie of all time in my opinion, I'd recommend you watch it again when you're more up for it. Clearly you weren't in the right mood for it.
Kandace123 (6 months ago)
i love that movie
AdventureJedi24 (6 months ago)
Hey Josh, I completely understand your opinion. I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey awhile back and although it was a good movie, I was bored and kind of heavy eyed at the times where nothing plot related happened. Keep up the great work!
Brook The Book Horse (6 months ago)
Kubrick movies typically are slow but they grow on you. I normally had to watch his films a few times before I really fell in love with them. But his films have a definite acquired taste. It's a bit like Hitchcock or Truffaut. They have a style that is odd and you have to really adjust to it.
323starlight (6 months ago)
Nice to hear the perspective of someone who doesn’t have the nostalgia goggles.
Nickel Smart (6 months ago)
egduj t`now I .noinipo na evah uoY
Hannah Barker (6 months ago)
I appreciate your honest opinion!😊👍🏻
William Crowe (6 months ago)
Not to say whether you are wrong about this film or not, but I could never look at it the same way again after hearing what Shelly Duvall was put through.
Deathclaw2014 (6 months ago)
4:10 - Gunter the penguin writes the shower scenE in Psycho.
meatballguy1 (6 months ago)
All work and no play makes Josh a dull boy.
Darian64 (6 months ago)
As much as I love The Shining, I can't help but share the same sentiments with you. It's definitely not the scariest movie around, but it definitely messes with you. That's why I prefer to call it a "Psychological Thriller". I think all the problems you listed go toward the fact that yes, it's a Kubrick film. The slow pacing, the over-the-top music, etc. I'd say my biggest issue with the film is the lack of character development of Jack. He just kinda snaps for no real reason. Every time I rewatch the movie, it's hard to tell when he exact moment is when he loses it. It just kinda feels forced. What made it scarier in the book was that Jack Torrence was made out to be a good and caring father who delved deeper into madness throughout the story. In the movie, he's played by Jack Nicholson, who already looks insane from the get go. Plus, there's context in the beginning of the movie that Jack was already a drinker and he broke his son's arm. So Jack was already an asshole from the start. However, I digress. The best part of the experience is yes, understanding the movie and putting the pieces together, because as I said, this movie messes with you. The ending is considered one of the best movie endings ever because of all the questions that can be asked from it. Did Jack die and become a part of the hotel itself? Was Jack just a reincarnation of the previous caretaker that murdered his family, and is it a never-ending cycle?
EquestrianAngel:Curt (6 months ago)
How funny i watched this film in its entirety for the first time on the 1st of October. This film is amazing and a classic...although i would understand if you dont like it...its definitely slower paced but that means it give the film and atmosphere time to breath and be soaked in.
EquestrianAngel:Curt (6 months ago)
Maybe try something newer like Hereditary or Ghost Stories...hell even a Quiet Place might interest you.
EquestrianAngel:Curt (6 months ago)
Also its kind of hard to find a film you would enjoy...youve watched some really amazing films this year yet you havent liked them that much.... Maybe something like the Mist would work with you or The Autopsy of Jane Doe.... But i swear i get called for being picky with what i like about films but you havent liked much of anything here just...damn
The Daybreaker 7th (6 months ago)
I feel bad for your headache man...get some good sleep.
Blaze the Planeswalker (6 months ago)
4:19 Josh I think the word your looking for is discordent I only know that because I had to do a 3000 word essay on this movie
Honey Drop the Unicorn (6 months ago)
Josh, the remake is better, and it also might because you watch it with a headache
Tropical Wave MLP (6 months ago)
Here’s Johnny!
Serena Lara Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Why is this movie scary
Kelaiah01 (6 months ago)
If you want to understand The Shining, I suggest you watch all the theories surrounding it. I'm pretty sure you've heard about the faked moon landing theory (though personally I think that one is pretty reaching), but there are other theories, all of which are possible on some level or another. The theory about the man in the bear suit is that its supposed to represent Wendy coming to terms with something that she's been in denial over: that Jack has been molesting Danny. That might seem way out of nowhere, but there are several hints throughout the film, the most notable one is that, at one point during his interview, Jack is seen reading a Playgirl (not Playboy) magazine. That same magazine was found, and on the cover was an article, "Why do parents sleep with their children?" There are more hints and possibilities and theories around the subject, so many that I'm too lazy to list them. XD But I hope your headache goes away soon, and that its nothing serious. :( Take care, and God bless.
Liberty Patriot (6 months ago)
I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen and heard “Here’s Johnny.” That Joke is never gonna die.
The Lone OneVA (6 months ago)
hey josh if the kubrick film wasn't up your alley I reccomend the 1997 mini series which is loads better and more faithful to kings source material
Geralt of Trivia (6 months ago)
Kubrick's film is genius. King's mini series is trash.
The Circle of T.E.D (6 months ago)
lol, please that Mini Series is utter rubbish; it may be better in terms of character development, but it's offensively boring.
Darian64 (6 months ago)
Stephen King is a good story-writer, not a good film maker. Kubrick's version of The Shining may deviate from the book is some ways, but it's beneficial to the film. Ever hear the phrase "show don't tell"? That's Stephen King's problem when he makes films. Too much talking, not enough action.
EquestrianAngel:Curt (6 months ago)
More faithful does not mean good...the acting was bad as well as the CGI...it copied homework straight up at points from the film...it was so boring...plus the film for the most part knew what to take out like the bullshit explanation of the boiler going on and on and on and not to mention how bullshit that is...a boiler that of which one employee misses their schedule all the guests and employees going bye bye!!! Plus in the words of the Dom "HEDGES ARE NOT SCARY!!"
Tnecniw (6 months ago)
Ben Minns (6 months ago)
Hey Josh, do you like other Kubrick movies?
fretbeast (6 months ago)
Josh. Wtf, 3am? Keep em comin
Blaze the Planeswalker (6 months ago)
oh boy 3 am

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