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Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B

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"Girls Like You” is out now. http://smarturl.it/GLY For more, visit: https://www.facebook.com/maroon5 https://twitter.com/maroon5 https://www.instagram.com/maroon5 Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/Maroon5.News Music video by Maroon 5 performing Girls Like You. © 2018 Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/51VylS
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Text Comments (504345)
Joel Guerrero (4 minutes ago)
Sterling McCord (5 minutes ago)
2:15-2:30 Ellen!!
lonewolf469 gamer (10 minutes ago)
Awesome song I love this song💕💗❤️👍👍👍
Zoe Walsborn (17 minutes ago)
Donna Solomon (22 minutes ago)
I'm having a celebration I will sing girls like you in front of my crush
Sniper Habitz (25 minutes ago)
Cardi B messes up the whole song Like if you agree
Veronica Policarpe (27 minutes ago)
best song ever!!!!!!!!
Deathtoyou10101 Deth (34 minutes ago)
Why is there so meny girls?
takayla duncan (37 minutes ago)
yaaaaa i need like you ya
Rosita Medina (41 minutes ago)
Like si eres de otro pais
Rosita Medina (41 minutes ago)
Giros like you ilove you
Vanessa Restrepo Molina (42 minutes ago)
Balasekhar Nelli (43 minutes ago)
I'm here for Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Gadot!!
IR KAMERA (44 minutes ago)
iki lagu opo toh
gameplay boy (48 minutes ago)
jennifer lopez is so sexy
Cha Run (48 minutes ago)
3:26 is that Jennifer Lopez?
mundo do Julio (51 minutes ago)
2:19 millie Bobby Brown?
sok pin (56 minutes ago)
I am Cambodia i like this song
Shaik Haji (1 hour ago)
Excellent song bro
Vincent Carlo (59 minutes ago)
Cardi B more like Cardi B a Hoe that girl just trying to be just like Niki Minaj
Kaitlyn Pommells (1 hour ago)
Make a mother one
EL ZURDITO (1 hour ago)
Alguien que hable Español?
Hanna Diaz (1 hour ago)
Girls like you love ❤
corgi puppy (1 hour ago)
rabiul islam SOHEL (1 hour ago)
Nice song 😘😘😘
Lomica (1 hour ago)
Lomica (1 hour ago)
Haboen p amiguitos si Diana
Oscar R. Ramírez L. (1 hour ago)
1. Cierra tu puño 2. Pide un deseó 3. Dale Like 4. Escribe en tres videos más 5. Mira tu puño
Dez Allen (1 hour ago)
Love this video!!!!
I love you marooon 5
Fnaf Fan (1 hour ago)
Who else noticed Ellen?
In love with this song...❤❤❤
Sonny Howard (1 hour ago)
This song was pretty good till Cardi B opened her mouth. God she's such a shit artist.
super Baker Baker (1 hour ago)
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Chananya Phompuang (1 hour ago)
2B ✌✌
AYY The baller (1 hour ago)
Jet lag O by now
Hey Lah (1 hour ago)
Almost 8 billion veiw
Jiggley Wiggley (1 hour ago)
まんじ卍 (1 hour ago)
Funny how she’s on it lol Read More
Cleises Filho (1 hour ago)
Regina Camacho (1 hour ago)
Good music,:v
LilMama InPajamas (1 hour ago)
J-Lo! :) She still Jenny from the block ❤
Melanie Martinez fan (1 hour ago)
Who saw lily Singh
Vonza Foley
Anna 18 (2 hours ago)
Oooo lily these moves
LilMama InPajamas (2 hours ago)
Ellen!!!!! :D ❤
Yara Sousa (2 hours ago)
Beautiful 😍
Rafael Diaz (2 hours ago)
Gal gadot is pretty and cute
Sandy Olvida (2 hours ago)
Rafael Diaz (2 hours ago)
That's my song 👊💪👍🎧🎤
Chloe Rippetoe (2 hours ago)
Anisa Fadillah (2 hours ago)
Kok bagus x lagunya #takadaotakkau #stepen
Akosua Mensah (2 hours ago)
Wow 😮
Tiffany Means (2 hours ago)
Tiffany Means (2 hours ago)
Now it's all good
Tiffany Means (2 hours ago)
I need a girl like you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Tiffany Means (2 hours ago)
Love this song
Quang Minh (2 hours ago)
Việt nam dơ tay 🇻🇳
selena Acosta-prieto (2 hours ago)
This reminds me of the boy that likes me
selena Acosta-prieto (2 hours ago)
I need a gril like you
Mauricio Zurita (2 hours ago)
2019 poder girls and woman
michelle aispuro (2 hours ago)
0:05 James Valentine ( Maroon 5 lead guitarist ) 0:40 Camila Cabello 0:52 Phoebe Robinson 1:08 Aly Raisman 1:21 Sarah Silverman 1:33 Gal Gadot 1:46 Lilly Singh 1:52 Amani Al Khtahtbeh 1:58 Trace Lysette 2:03 Tiffany Haddish 2:07 Angy Rivera 2:10 Francesca Ramsey 2:14 Millie Bobby Brown 2:19 Ellen DeGeneres 2:54 Cardi B 3:25 Jennifer Lopez 3:29 Chloe Kim 3:31 Alex Morgan 3:32 Mary J. Blige 3:42 Beanie Feldstein 3:44 Jackie Fielder 3:45 Danica Patrick 3:49 Llhan Omar 3:52 Camila Cabello 3:53 Elizabeth Banks 3:56 Ashley Graham 4:00 Rita Ora 4:07 Behati Prinsloo ( wife of Adam Levine ) 4:07 Dusty Rose ( Daughter of Adam Levine ) P.S: This comment is a co-comment by many people update. We trying to help some people who need to know the names especially new viewers with a love Thank!
Ministério do Rei (2 hours ago)
Donna Ivey (2 hours ago)
The six went in dancing very good
Donna Ivey (2 hours ago)
The 5th one is too
Donna Ivey (2 hours ago)
The 3rd one is very pretty and I love this song
haffy rahman (2 hours ago)
whats the 3rd one name
LYNNE G (2 hours ago)
I love yoo
Chinyere Onwunali (2 hours ago)
CardiB is good
Queen Isabelle (2 hours ago)
never thought i see ellen
Coala Cheroso (2 hours ago)
ALQUEM 2019 BR ou gringo
Kahlyn Reese (2 hours ago)
Cardi B part is the only reason why I listen to this song
Just Mommy & Me (2 hours ago)
Love this song ❤️
crystal Reyes (2 hours ago)
Erivan Leite (2 hours ago)
Bidmii niismkivii lçmais oara quem nao tem lvjwloobsbujdmoibmlodmloodnnikzbjiivdkibbbhzkiidniosnbcdnijjdkkjvbuudbc. Mais tidos mundo tem qye te verganha na casra poe qie se nap vvamiid buemoobdbkid jjbzkikbkisbbjsjiusbbdbjzjzbzjjjzbjiznioamoosbhgsn88sggsmkiznv jydnoon. Shgsnutsnigsn8gsnugdn8s nusnvs. Uhsbuysvh. Dnjdbiid jislp x. Jjdbdkdkxjjxxbxbxbkdisnsbdndnznzjdnx
khaled pac (2 hours ago)
i love you
Felipe Souza (2 hours ago)
Ai !ei deus
Edineia Fabiane (2 hours ago)
Canta muito, clip muito criativo sou fã incondicional.
Xx_weird Potato_xX (2 hours ago)
Samuel Melo (3 hours ago)
like si lo estas viendo el 20 de febrero de 2019
Alexandre Páscoa (3 hours ago)
muito legal
Ruby Lefebre (3 hours ago)
I love your songs! !!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀
Kevin Lombana (3 hours ago)
Ped Troll (3 hours ago)
I BUY POWER (3 hours ago)
" I need a THOT like you, yeah, yeah".
Idk kkk (3 hours ago)
2019 guys?💍
Bisdak Games (3 hours ago)
i like this song, cheers to maroon 5
Frank McCoy (3 hours ago)
WATER IS LIFE I'm a protester
Playne Bagels (3 hours ago)
At 2:14 her nose shoulda started to bleed. If yall watch stranger things u will know what im talking about.
Officer Will01 (3 hours ago)
keep making music
Pantey (3 hours ago)
si quieres saber en que momento hacen cortes esta en 1:51
Cory Hurd (3 hours ago)
I love that song
alexis carrillo robles (3 hours ago)
2:53 ay se echa a perder la cansion jaja
mis locuras Daniela (3 hours ago)
ami la verdad me gusto el rap que le agregaron a la cancion
Astacia Solomon (3 hours ago)
2:53 Cardi B Came Out❤❤
Plainrock 125 (3 hours ago)
How come I am watching this but I love the music tho!
Natielly Tieli (3 hours ago)
Alguem em 2019
SELLING REPLAY BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 like each :P 00:00 <------ 1 like 00:00 <------ 1 like 00:00 <------- 1 like
panther 32341 (3 hours ago)
2019 anyone i know im not alone
Veronica Garcia (3 hours ago)

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