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Learn colors for toddlers kids children. Magic paintbrush and shades of green. Coloring cartoon

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Learn colors for toddlers with this new educational coloring cartoon! You’ll see a magic paint brush. She likes painting and coloring very much. She shows her palette. Today she is working with various green colored tints, shades and tones. Look how many there are: green apple, mint, emerald, olive, and other! She is coloring pictures with plants and fruits. In the end of this video the magic paintbrush asks a child to bring his favorite green toy and try to match up with one of the colors on the palette. We hope this cartoon will inspire little artists to grab their pencils, markers or paintbrushes and start drawing and painting. It will also help your child learn new words, enlarge vocabulary, and enhance speech development. You may watch all cartoons about learning colors in one playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCsBweb0jQ6SN8V__6eHE4R4WseHiRycW Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mizyakadizyakaeng
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SeeAppsForKids (1 year ago)
*💌👍😊 💕💖 NICE video my friends 💌👍😊 💕 💖*
Best Of (1 year ago)
Good lesson

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