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Alexander McQueen | Spring Summer 2017 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Alexander McQueen | Spring Summer 2017 by Sarah Burton | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - PFW/ Paris Fashion Week)
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Vivi Corleone (4 months ago)
This collection misses life and meaning to it. As if an existence preceding its essence.
Everett Rubio (1 year ago)
the vision died when McQueen died.  =\
Terry Liu (1 year ago)
McQueen no more..... As beautiful as this is, the brand has lost its aggressiveness. The daring vision that challenges the audience is completely gone, might as well call this some other brand~ Too bad he's not here to agree with me anymore... REPLY
J Maychak (1 year ago)
I want to cry this is beautiful
Olivia Pace (1 year ago)
MUSIC anyone know ?!
alain rosso (1 year ago)
interesting piece at 5:32
B Jones (1 year ago)
VinnyAntoine (1 year ago)
this is not really Alexander McQueen tho is it , i smelt his perfume in harrods and that was not him either, its not real they just regurgitating his brand which is a shame
Room 223 (2 years ago)
One of the most stunning displays of the post apocalyptic landscape I have ever seen. I am mesmerized as they march those blood stained ruins of war. I am in love. He's showcasing the value of pre-war materialism by degrading the fabrics, exposing their true form and is a constant reminder of the value we placed over that which was construed to be a form of real love, instead of listening to the voices of human suffering. MUAH XOX
Leonard Herrmann (2 years ago)
Not in the furthest stretch of my imagination would I call that a McQueen show. The models hair looked ridiculous when paired with those cute little dresses. Then there was the floor, I guess the idea was, make it look weird so it looks more McQueen??? The best thing to do to protect his legacy is to stop using his name... I'm sure there are people who don't realize that McQueen is dead and don't understand why his work changed so much, they have to know that collection wasn't McQueen!!!
Ruby Lum (2 years ago)
very artistic. well done!
Apollyon (2 years ago)
I'm not one to overly criticize an artists work, but I am a little disappointed by the way the McQueen line has gone. Now this is not to say that I don't think the designer is a good designer I just feel....coming from such a unique/ avant-garde style McQueen had...this is just not what I'm used to seeing from the McQueen line. Such a shame a talented artist felt he had to end it all. I wish the line would go back to the more out of the box designs and stop trying to go for a more cookie cutter couture I'm so used to seeing
Maxwell Rex (2 years ago)
yeah... the show is ....ok; I didn't love it or hate it...but it wasn't anything new.....where the innovation at?
H Bill (2 years ago)
this one feels like a good-bye nod to the past Alexander Mcqueen.... i miss Lee's stunning visions sooo much...
Oli Ver (2 years ago)
what the game of thrones is going on?
Oli Ver (2 years ago)
what the game of thrones is going on?
Oli Ver (2 years ago)
what the game of thrones is going on?
juliana dovalle (2 years ago)
vikings warriors?
Jayrald Socorro (2 years ago)
A British Work of Art. Intricacy of the craftsmanship is truly admirable, yet I am missing the adventurous side of this fashion house in telling a narrative through the clothes (not just in its runway set up) they are making.
Rebel Heart (2 years ago)
the 10 seconds each look gets doesn't do them any justice!
cristian cabello (2 years ago)
Hermosa femenina pura
Artis Causa (2 years ago)
Sarah Burton,for me the most talented fashion designer of today....
Harley Quindizzle (2 years ago)
sad to see his legacy smashed to smithereens like this
Jessica Xavier (2 years ago)
Inspirador e lindo! A riqueza de detalhes é incrível!
Neal Carey (2 years ago)
Why don't models walk like they used to? No sway, no swagger, no femininity at all. Just stomping along with no grace.
Purely Me (2 years ago)
As I watched this show, I can honestly say that indeed McQueen was gone :-(
Shanny Rosetree (2 years ago)
the hairstyle on all the models for some reason gives me an uncomfortable feeling but the clothes look lovely.
jafs65 (2 years ago)
I'm sorry, but this is hideous. Alexander did it much better.
Miss I Told You Sooo (2 years ago)
So when a prestigious fashion designer dies another designer still designs under their name??? I know Gianni Versace sister Donatella did this but I thought that's just because they were family. I didn't know that other deceased designers did this??? dont kill me, just curious ...what to know
Rishon Hislop (2 years ago)
Yes. Usually a new creative director take the place of their preceeder. They aren't usually related though.
Miss I Told You Sooo (2 years ago)
So when a prestigious fashion designer dies another designer still designs under their name??? I know Gianni Versace sister Donatella did this but I thought that's just because they were family. I didn't know that other deceased designers did this??? dont kill me, just curious ...what to know
steven reid (2 years ago)
X Y (2 years ago)
Dress number 45 (the end), is my favorite.
Davide Corrado (2 years ago)
Where the hell is the McQueen DNA?
Jihano Diamond (2 years ago)
MrDoug41 (2 years ago)
This collection is excellent!!!!!
Las modelos parecen Zombies y algunas tienen pésima pasarela...!
sid dharth (2 years ago)
yeah! it lacks mcqueen! .
Tami P. (2 years ago)
This lacks the magic of McQueen but it's really amazing...
pafakell (2 years ago)
I believe Sarah is a very gifted designer and for the most part think her clothes are beautiful (the bee themed show? Uh no), but it never fails to grate when I read all the dismissive comments regarding her talent followed by the pining whining for "Lee" from people who think they understand him better than the one person he chose and trusted to be at his side from the start. It's ironic that these same people who never met him would have likely been dismissed themselves with a snooty snort because, in case you didn't know, he was a mean asshole who very well may have skinned eagles alive and had his models walk out with nothing else except those dead birds on top of their heads (the theme being "Save the Birds!") if it hadn't been for Sarah. Do I think he was a genius? Yes, but it's ridiculous to think Sarah's soft touch had no influence on his work. Maybe without him the clothes seem too soft and the shows boring, but McQueen's House only turned a profit one time before his death, and that was his last show, one that didn't get very favorable reviews if I recall correctly, at least not until after he "died". I do realize that now it's considered the greatest fashion show that ever existed. And that brings me to another grating thing. He didn't "leave" or just "die". He killed himself folks, and he didn't care who he hurt when he did it. He didn't care about all the people who depended on him for employment or all the little student designers who think they're so much better than his right hand lady. Also, he treated that Clara Blow person - his greatest friend - abominably before her own self-inflicted death. A boyfriend of his said point blank the fashion industry was so superficial, shallow and toxic that it changed McQueen for the worse. Sarah Burton may never fill Alexander's shoes to those who worship and were inspired by him, but I can appreciate the designs for what they are: a softer, subtler version of McQueen with exquisite detail and (surprise surprise) more sales.
thisiskevinvu (2 years ago)
efyization (2 years ago)
the music the models everything and the clothes!! colors senses amazing!!!
Lovell Mooney (2 years ago)
Lil Uzi grow up brought me here
Lauralai Wilson (2 years ago)
Wow this collection is really average
Denis Pupyshev (2 years ago)
Who is the model on 1:48-1:58?
Rafi Wahyu (1 year ago)
Denis Pupyshev Mica Arganaraz
J G (2 years ago)
where is Lee
Nicky Gamalinda (2 years ago)
Ever since Raf Simons unexpectedly left his position as creative director of Christian Dior in October of last year, everyone has been asking the same question: who will be his replacement? Alber Elbaz, the former creative director of Lanvin? Jonathan Saunders, the London-based designer who recently shuttered his eponymous label? Six months later, we still don’t have answer – but, in an interview with Vogue Hommes, legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has given his verdict. “I think that Sarah Burton would be an interesting option,” he says, as translated from the original French. “She is fantastic and what she’s doing at McQueen is truly haute couture. Actually, when I photograph couture collections, I always ask for McQueen dresses. It’s really the next level. Would she really be able to bear the weight of Dior on her shoulders? As I always say, all you need is a little bit of padding!” “I think that Sarah Burton would be an interesting option. She is fantastic and what she’s doing at McQueen is truly haute couture” – Karl Lagerfeldhttp://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/31003/1/karl-lagerfeld-thinks-sarah-burton-should-go-to-dior
Nomad for life (2 years ago)
Combo of leather, chiffon and metal added up to a winner for me!! Loved the jewelry. Only drawback, the hair that looked like it had a cup of grease on it. Detracted from the styles.
пять копеек (2 years ago)
purewonka (2 years ago)
Not so into the lace paired with studded leather looks, but the sea inspired gowns are beautiful.
Rishon Hislop (2 years ago)
Half of you can't realize that Sarah is not Lee. She can't exactly think like him, it's impossible. You could at least give her credit for trying to continue the brand.
Josh (2 years ago)
best collection of the season... finale piece was BEYOND
Kat Me (2 years ago)
the boots are so not feminine. It just doesn't look right with these light romantic dresses
Yasemin dk (2 years ago)
Kat Me thats a contrast and I love it
vangoghmatisse1 (2 years ago)
Sybille Gaiva (2 years ago)
I don't know why there are some dislikes here... Because i truly loved this collection... There is no way Sara can be Mcqueen...everyone was born with his/her own mind ( side of thinking) that is why you will never see Mcqueen's collection again in the show except if you want Sara to copy the whole previous collections that he did...the same as Chanel... There is no way Karl can bring more of Chanel's creative side in the collection because he is not her... These previous respected designers are our source of inspiration, that is why, their left memories should always be kept in a better place (our minds) not to be abolished forever... #RespectToAllOfTheDesigners out there...
Hatarvolgyi Attila (2 years ago)
why not (2 years ago)
reminds me of the place dior's 1999 fashion show took place
Lana Crowley (2 years ago)
I love the song
T McG (2 years ago)
No bueno.
Yvette Roe (2 years ago)
Music please? :'( its so goood,q
Blerta E (2 years ago)
does anyone know the audio to this?
joshcka (2 years ago)
By far, this is her weakest collection ever... I can't see McQueen DNA in it.
jj jj (2 years ago)
I miss the real McQueen :( These are look so-so.
mdomingz18 (2 years ago)
no one denies sara burton makes dreamlike garments but....the spectacle, the showmanship, the story telling... so sad it is missing. And what was the runway about... it looked and sounded as a very sad desolate war memorial.
Matthew Anderson (2 years ago)
Valentino? Dior? D&G...? Not Alexender McQueen.
Marco Sosa (2 years ago)
I've seen this before from Sarah, time for something new
renee martin (2 years ago)
Bulut Senyaprak (2 years ago)
Why are people arguing so much? Just appreciate the beauty of these clothes, I know it's not Lee and it's not what he would do but it's never going to be. Everyone should stop being bitter and act like they are the shit because you may not like Sarah's work but frankly you most likely cannot be even compared to her. Just enjoy the show as it was intended and please keep your opinions to yourself. On a side note, I'm not defending anyone and personally I think houses should just die with their creative directors' passing. I agree that Lee was amazing and McQueen will never be the same without him but being this hateful towards Sarah is just pointless.
Bulut Senyaprak (2 years ago)
Enrique Rdz Fashion is art. I'm sure you wouldn't say 'if you don't own any Monet paintings you can't have an opinion on them'. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying the people who brutally criticize Sarah's work to the point where they call her "untalented" are right but I'm also not saying they can't be entitled to their opinion. I really don't think owning a designer piece makes you an expert nor not owning one makes your opinion irrelevant. It's just a matter of how they were slandering Sarah's work in McQueen I was criticizing plus I really have no clue if they actually own any McQueen pieces or not which - as I stated before - does not change anything.
Enrique Rdz (2 years ago)
Bulut Senyaprak and yes if you dont buy you are irrrlevant to the industry writting an opinion becomes just a waste of time
Enrique Rdz (2 years ago)
Bulut Senyaprak i think having ítems from designers whe talk about should always be relevant..i have scarves shirts or sneakers from mcqueen when lee himself was alive ive never found those items special but overpriced,yet,i like designers goods
Bulut Senyaprak (2 years ago)
Enrique Rdz I personally don't really believe that owning a McQueen item is very relevant because people may appreciate or criticize a designer without owning a piece from them but I agree with you on how people criticize other people's work as if they are so much better while actually being irrelevant to the fashion industry.
Enrique Rdz (2 years ago)
Bulut Senyaprak people talk as if they were important to the industriy..most of them surly have not gotten a Mcqueen item on their lives...pathetic
# (2 years ago)
no energy or edge. Beautiful but Boring. The production/execution is terrible.
charlie southerton (2 years ago)
i love how its regency and warfare inspired
Lex Liu (2 years ago)
beautiful, but not Mcqueen, miss the darkness
akadimas (2 years ago)
it's like the Sia in music industry, love it so much
Javierg MUA (2 years ago)
Que maravilla ♥
imanii moore (2 years ago)
these clothes r horrible McQueen is rolling over in his grave
Phoenix (2 years ago)
Gaga + macqueen= boooooomm
MONIKA KMITA (2 years ago)
Thank you SAra but you need also change the music and choreographer.you cant be always sad and dramatic .pls .I respect you so much.keep him a life with this part to.we are sad enough...
MONIKA KMITA (2 years ago)
This collection make me very sad.Its not Mc Queen any more.I can fell now.or find new choreographer)))OMG.hairstyle very sad just reminded me about his last moment....so sad...just pattons .....and memories.make him a life.not .....PLShelp Mc Queentonstill a life...
Carol Sant'Anna (2 years ago)
Jacopo Ferraro (2 years ago)
such a toned down mcqueen
Nicky Gamalinda (2 years ago)
"there is so much in so many ways that Lee would never be Sarah. Her definition of beauty is unmatched."
Nicky Gamalinda (2 years ago)
awww...im so hurt because she laughed her fat ass out...huhuhu
hellcat19832 (2 years ago)
Clay Byrd (2 years ago)
This is a beautiful,provocative, romantic, balance of prints, fabrication, sillohutte and shimmer that somehow manages to embody a look of relaxed edginess .Sarah Burton brilliantly incorporated all of these elements into one collection and it was truly moving .Well done.
Moises Estrada (2 years ago)
as much as i know sarah is trying i do not believe this is the true essence of mcqueen. i know the main inspiration was sailing ships but i saw no connection between it until the final look. i dont understand how those patchworked knit lookiny garments tyed into something couture looking evening gowns. moral of the story, there was a big misconnection and tbh was bored. but that last gown that was beautiful.
*Royal Huskies* (2 years ago)
edmund ocampo (2 years ago)
while watching it i cant stop my tears from falling... i miss alexander so much😢😢
hellcat19832 (2 years ago)
This just looks like any other designer's collection, Lee is probably rolling in his grave.
Scorpio7700 (2 years ago)
I think Sarah did a great job here. Colliding the collection with this amazing music (I think it is Flo+The machine-Queen of peace intro) is another smart idea. She gives us exactly Mcqueen through this hard mother**ckin craftmenship that she does. I mean, this is some serious, intelligent clothes. I always want to see more from her, and I am always happy to spot Sarah's creation. 10/10
hellcat19832 (2 years ago)
stephberri (2 years ago)
everything good in one collection
Chinzo uno (2 years ago)
So even Alexander Mcqueen is out of new ideas?
hellcat19832 (2 years ago)
Well, she never had them to be honest, all she did was capitalise on Lee's legacy.
Chinzo uno (2 years ago)
+hellcat19832 yeah, I mean the brand as a whole
hellcat19832 (2 years ago)
You mean Sarah Burton.
George Castillos (2 years ago)
John Macom (2 years ago)
Like like!
Jocelyn Christine (2 years ago)
That was gorgeous. Could not take my eyes off the screen
John Macom (2 years ago)
Matthew Velilla (2 years ago)
Mcqueen was and is by far the most creative designer i have ever encountered. His clothes moved in such a way that it showed beauty, fierceness, femininity, and story. He created what he felt, broke the rules and blew away people at his shows awed by his creativity. He was an artist that knew how to express his art through his clothing creating iconic pieces and shows like Plato's Atlantis (obviously) . A beloved artist that will always be missed, but now i don't see Mcqueen anymore, he has disappeared, it needs to represent him, release the imagination that he had through the one who is creating the clothing. Ask yourself what Mcqueen would make, what would he imagine, what he felt what you feel and let soar let it fly. But this, this is not Mcqueen
+hellcat19832 Exactly!!!!! It’s just NOT special....
Ladera Hotel (2 years ago)
Matthew Velilla You nailed it!! totally agree!!
hellcat19832 (2 years ago)
I completely agree. Sarah needs to just stop, yes this is beautiful, but it's not special and it's definitely not McQueen. I too find it very sad, it doesn't represent him at all.
Irkajavasdream (2 years ago)
I love this gorgeous fantasy Sarah! The necklaces are divine, and the leather bralette worn over such delicate fabric delights my senses. The knitted patchwork, all of the denim, the one or two lace halters followed by poofy shoulders omg I'm in love. I cannot believe how gorgeous the lace...every last piece. To die for
Matea Plachkova (2 years ago)
The last few dresses were pure magic!
Sergey Laletin (2 years ago)
losgurbio (2 years ago)
this music is Amazing.
Din go Chill (2 years ago)
Wish I was on drugs rn
Dionisio Garcia21 (2 years ago)
I just miss Mr. Mcqueen...
Charlie C (2 years ago)
I'm in love with this collection!

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