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COD XP Grab Bag Pickups

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Text Comments (249)
shanghaininja1 (6 years ago)
bless you
Madden4Lyfe (6 years ago)
Why the fuck is there blood spots
dethlord91 (6 years ago)
xp two thousand women...stupid CC
Metal Lemon (6 years ago)
thank god i wasnt the only one who noticed... whats with the blood on the bed
Rodrigo Morales (6 years ago)
Hardened edition is a book!
archy beauge (6 years ago)
that what i thought
Flimsy Staple (6 years ago)
his girlfriend had her period on his bed
ZACHABOB (6 years ago)
Why the duck is there blood on da blanket
SuperSouthside808 (6 years ago)
KC is a piss of sh!t
Bob fluffer (7 years ago)
there was nothing funny so thumbs down your coment
ShaoKhan (7 years ago)
And next we have this *item drops* turns ghetto is .5 seconds xD
Ryan Sanfilippo (7 years ago)
i think there is blood on his bed
Benjamin (7 years ago)
Period blood? :D
Jay Allen (7 years ago)
cut ur fingernails -_-
Kieranfb (7 years ago)
Pause at 3:13, press CC, turn captions on, click cc again, click translate audio and watch from there
Falcon51 (7 years ago)
Why is there blood stains on the bed ??
Evarluda (7 years ago)
Hugo Souza (7 years ago)
Nature Future Rios .
Anthony Bradbury (7 years ago)
you sound very antisocial
Amar Alibegić (7 years ago)
I never ate Doritos.....
LpZ (7 years ago)
@Bateone nobody asked gay ass british or kids that say mum not mom so fuck off
Smug Shitlord (7 years ago)
I love how the captions translate "Sexual twice for in love" when he's saying "It's actually for a 24 gaming marathon"
MC (7 years ago)
0:35 with transcribe audio: SOAP!
Harray (7 years ago)
Most of these comments aren't call of duty related there just saying "Why the fuck Is there blood on your bed"
Emiliano Snipes (7 years ago)
theres blood in your bed
JPinoy (7 years ago)
is that blood on da bed?
Mason F (7 years ago)
you hella illiterate bro
Mario (7 years ago)
Blood on the bed? 0:40
Warren Clap (7 years ago)
I see the code :p
Keaton Gaston (7 years ago)
ohh my jesus
Gregory Padilla (7 years ago)
How much 4 that can of mtn dew
Why is there blood on your bed?
Joe Foxwell (7 years ago)
What's with all the game memorabilia, I thought you'd attended a fish convention?
watford777 (7 years ago)
blood :(
Grady TrippyTv (7 years ago)
Who else noticed the ketchup stain on his bed at 0:44
Hitman2676 (7 years ago)
step 1: Click the 'CC' button step 2: turn captions on step 3: Click the 'CC' button again step 4: click transcribe audio step 5: Watch video & read :d
Anthony Amers (7 years ago)
someone needs to cut dem nails.....DAYUM CRAIG!!!!
Sro Dubsteep (7 years ago)
Wodern Marfare 3
john Hinrichs (7 years ago)
ok I have that same blanket in my room (cleaner) but its up there!
Eddie Boyle (7 years ago)
@kylehigginsusa2009 hahahahahahaha
superbaconator98 (7 years ago)
Cut ur nails
Vitor Mendes (7 years ago)
was blood on that bed and yyou have to cut your nails, the person you kill was under the bed I saw the foot was out check again
Skyfall Gaming (7 years ago)
there is blood on your bed
Ethan (7 years ago)
0:53 is that blood on your bed?
Gwyler Aviles (7 years ago)
YourDeathEdited (7 years ago)
as soon as i saw the doritos i decided im going next time..
Morgan Whitehead (7 years ago)
I'm 7th lvl 7llol
Fernando Martinez (7 years ago)
blood in bed? o.o
StankyDanksGaming (7 years ago)
4th 40
mike carrano (7 years ago)
what level are you?
yelleryams (7 years ago)
his cherry poped
Dildo Farts (7 years ago)
The Life of Kye (7 years ago)
so i went to that and it wasnt cheap so u have money y dont u clean ur beed its nasty as hell
Olsendar Jones (7 years ago)
This video sounds like it's being narrated by Marshall Mathers.
SouljaKittyV2 (7 years ago)
The only useful thing in that bag were the Doritos
Edin Livadic (7 years ago)
juicyboix1 (7 years ago)
xclusiv23 (7 years ago)
how do u get the grab bag?
Fear Vapor (7 years ago)
u got bug bed bugs bra?
Spare (7 years ago)
I hear a heart beat in this video...
MrBoom35000 (7 years ago)
FUCK, I Gotta Go To A Call Of Duty: XP Event...That Shit Is Badass....and Check Out My Channel For MW3 Videos.
alex054739 (7 years ago)
@NGGAssassin Camper 100%
Johninatoooor (7 years ago)
why's there blood on your bed & you got some long ass nails
Justo Gaviño Romero (7 years ago)
jajaj hablas como el orto yankee de mierda aguante argentina putos
Galaktik (7 years ago)
Your girlfriend must be a bleeder. O.o
Efrain Cintron (7 years ago)
ur high aint ya lol
PrEzY Gaming (7 years ago)
theres blood on his bed
ECNHProductions (7 years ago)
@hackduder111 he covered the bottom because it probably had a code or something because be said its a free copy of MW3 hardened edition... probably a coupon or code..
dapo (7 years ago)
@1lildil it cost like $200
CalamityBaird (7 years ago)
So how much does it cost to go to cod xp cause wen another cod comes out I want to go so I can get hardened edition free So yeah how much does it cost to go
Johnny Wellfare (7 years ago)
i suprized they didnt give him a bucket of fried chicken insted
Jake B (7 years ago)
PERIOD today? or were you born on that bed?
Joney Durpp (7 years ago)
so u get nothing really that important lol,
Venom (7 years ago)
BEAST Clips MW3 /watch?v=D8FSvUCfi4E
ɪʍραα (7 years ago)
does all the bags have mw3 game in
ɪʍραα (7 years ago)
the crisps have a combat card code on
xXDarkLegend16Xx (7 years ago)
flashpoint (7 years ago)
watch my mw3 video please
theGUTBUSTER24 (7 years ago)
sneez my jezzus lol i cant stop laughing
b0gl 360 (7 years ago)
@tawanihud he grabbed it and ran, like he did with my bicycle... god damnit
JAMMER2000 (7 years ago)
how to you get this bag?
Antawani Wright (7 years ago)
how do u get the grab bag
Mohammad Khan (7 years ago)
gamer24061 (7 years ago)
who did you kill on your bed
Brandon Nellis (7 years ago)
this fool must be on his period this week!
hole lotta gang shit (7 years ago)
Shit.. that aint Blood Its Koolaid :D
Smakaldorf (7 years ago)
whoa!, you wear your watch on your right hand too!?
Justin Toohey (7 years ago)
just woke up? thats everyone's excuse for being high.....
Generic Bronzie (7 years ago)
ANY1notice the blood on his bed?
Meany101 (7 years ago)
@guynumber20 no cause u had to take ur free hardeneed and order it online lol u cant redeem it at stores lol
guynumber20 (7 years ago)
its because of fucking call of duty xp that all the fucking stores ran out of hardened edition.... INFINITY WARD FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU
guynumber20 (7 years ago)
JoheedzBoyz (7 years ago)
vaansr (7 years ago)
dude are you a girl ?? lol what is that Blood hahahaha
Mc Lovin (7 years ago)
Was that blood on his bed?? D:
The motivation king (7 years ago)
check mine
Jainil Patel (7 years ago)
why is there red dots like blood dots on your bed
ThisZachary97 (7 years ago)
@xxx69ajj69xxx Do you have to say "nigga" nigga?
T Burr (7 years ago)
@momwer23 Exactly, apparently his welfare doesnt cover anything to wash his hands and shit with.
yoitsdaman (7 years ago)
He's probably in his motel bed, that's why its bloody...maybe?

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