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Jaime Foxx tells funny story about meeting Chris Brown

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PowerulJRE #990 - Jaime Foxx Jaime Foxx tells funny story of the first time he met Chris Brown. Also talks about the first time his daughter showed him a meme of Rihanna's pizza dress.
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Rossco Picoltrane (6 hours ago)
They can fight their girlfriends
King Similien (7 hours ago)
I did some ol pop locking bullshit😂😂
Zage13 (1 day ago)
Jamie is taking about Dave
Andrei Frolov (1 day ago)
JFoxx - illuminati confirmed. This dude ate more babies than an avalanche in Alps.
Big Papa (4 days ago)
Justin Bieber fight? Does everybody forget about the time that his bodyguard put him back in the crib? Get to pussy he's not a fighter
Tran Quoc Anh (4 days ago)
dave chappelle in a white suite
Jerp grayson (4 days ago)
Lmfao Chris brown and Justin Biber know how to fight GTfOh
Thomas Minarchick Jr. (5 days ago)
I never understand why no one ever calls out Jamie Foxx when he talks about Chris Brown as this major talent (that he says he discovered) and NEVER ca him out for supporting a vicious woman beater. Wtf?!
anthony pulcini (5 days ago)
Great conversation guys!!!!!
Nathan Montilla (5 days ago)
I took a pic with jamie last year ..he is very very cool nice and. A gentilman..u rock j
Wrubber Dhukkie (6 days ago)
LMAO Mikey was wild n out back in the day 🤣
Jaden Grant (6 days ago)
The White suit is definitely Diddy lol
David Ugarte (7 days ago)
Just noticed Joe’s Dhalsim shirt. Well done!
macfan128 (8 days ago)
Social media didn't ruin Chris Brown...beating up a girl ruined him.
Nick Courie (8 days ago)
His philosophy is a good one
Jonathan Hunt (8 days ago)
A verbal argument ensued and Brown pulled the vehicle over on an unknown street, reached over Robyn F. with his right hand, opened the car door and attempted to force her out. Brown was unable to force Robyn F. out of the vehicle because she was wearing a seat belt. When he could not force her to exit, he took his right hand and shoved her head against he passenger window of the vehicle, causing an approximate one-inch raised circular contusion. Robyn F. turned to face Brown and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then drove away in the vehicle and continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand. The assault caused Robyn F.'s mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle. Brown looked at Robyn F. and stated, 'I'm going to beat the shit out of you when we get home! You wait and see!' The detective said Robyn F. then used her cell phone to call her personal assistant Jennifer Rosales, who did not answer. Robyn F. pretended to talk to her and stated, 'I'm on my way home. Make sure the police are there when I get there.' After Robyn F. faked the call, Brown looked at her and stated, 'You just did the stupidest thing ever! Now I'm really going to kill you!' Brown resumed punching Robyn F. and she interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face. She then bent over at the waist, placing her elbows and face near her lap in [an] attempt to protect her face and head from the barrage of punches being levied upon her by Brown. Brown continued to punch Robyn F. on her left arm and hand, causing her to suffer a contusion on her left triceps (sic) that was approximately two inches in diameter and numerous contusions on her left hand. Robyn F. then attempted to send a text message to her other personal assistant, Melissa Ford. Brown snatched the cellular telephone out of her hand and threw it out of the window onto an unknown street. Brown continued driving and Robyn F. observed his cellular telephone sitting in his lap. She picked up the cellular telephone with her left hand and before she could make a call he placed her in a head lock with his right hand and continued to drive the vehicle with his left hand. Brown pulled Robyn F. close to him and bit her on her left ear. She was able to feel the vehicle swerving from right to left as Brown sped away. He stopped the vehicle in front of 333 North June Street and Robyn F. turned off the car, removed the key from the ignition and sat on it. Brown did not know what she did with the key and began punching her in the face and arms. He then placed her in a head lock positioning the front of her throat between his bicep and forearm. Brown began applying pressure to Robyn F.'s left and right carotid arteries, causing her to be unable to breathe and she began to lose consciousness. She reached up with her left hand and began attempting to gouge his eyes in an attempt to free herself. Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers and then released her. While Brown continued to punch her, she turned around and placed her back against the passenger door. She brought her knees to her chest, placed her feet against Brown's body and began pushing him away. Brown continued to punch her on the legs and feet, causing several contusions. Robyn F. began screaming for help and Brown exited the vehicle and walked away. A resident in the neighborhood heard Robyn F.'s plea for help and called 911, causing a police response. An investigation was conducted and Robyn F. was issued a Domestic Violence Emergency Protective Order.
Kian Murray (8 days ago)
They NEED to make this a Toon
Patrick Mc Caffery (8 days ago)
Did this cat just say Justin Bieber can fight? Hahahaa
John Henderson (9 days ago)
Beautifully and aptly put.
Jack My-Ears (9 days ago)
Fox does a great Dave Chappelle lol
Alex Simon ll (10 days ago)
The worst hat ever?
Marc Garza (11 days ago)
Lol you like BMW's
John Huggins (11 days ago)
That last part got me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
hotman718 (11 days ago)
His Mike Tyson impression is spot on hilarious.
C Dai (13 days ago)
3:54 that's a good point
v r (14 days ago)
That’s Dave Chapplle at the end.
Pauline Ackermann (14 days ago)
Jamie Foxx I just love him. I hope he isn't illuminati. Lol.~: \
DeltaBlaZe77 (14 days ago)
....yep...Chris Brown can fight...yeeeaaaahhhh...awkward...
James (14 days ago)
It sounds like hes imitating Dave Chappelle in his last story
Trev Mink (15 days ago)
Id be so tempted if i ever met mj to be like, "hey, mike! The ceiling is the roof!"
Robert Bowman (15 days ago)
Social media makes you color inside the lines.... I had a teacher that said "character is built when no one is looking", basically, your morals, standards and what should be international means of compassion must be in line on the constant.
Jordan Sharkey (16 days ago)
Did he say Justin bieber can fight? 😂
Victor Ortega (16 days ago)
Justin beebz cant fight, can't dance and is not athletic.
Algrhythm (16 days ago)
"Not right now. I'm rich!" definitely sounds like something dave chappelle would say...especially given the tone jamie said it in.
Mary Scott (17 days ago)
Chris yes
Mary Scott (17 days ago)
Justin beiber ..no
Paul Estrada (17 days ago)
For Jones his craziness is just the crack he used to be addicted to and the steroids he continues to use. Joe please stop acting like this is a good guy, he's a good fighter but he's a piece of rotten shit.
bAbYkEkONA (18 days ago)
Guen Doff (18 days ago)
atown 2018 (18 days ago)
Fook Utube (19 days ago)
He look like a young mike tyson
Marcos 5 (19 days ago)
listening to joe talk about the jon jones fight back then and realizing jon jones also fought yesterday
CarrotCruncher1984 (19 days ago)
Chris Brown is a fucking knob
Oli Ravenhill (20 days ago)
Joe holding his cock talking about Jon Jones
King2084 (21 days ago)
Bieber can fight who, when, how i have so many questions
Gi Al (24 days ago)
Yea, b/c Chris Brown’s biggest problem isn’t that he beats women; it’s that he’s just “too talented”.... He “looks good, and can fight”. Wtf, Chris Brown can’t fight, he just punches girls... Jamie, just retire so we can forget this interview happened.
Anoni.mouse same (26 days ago)
That last story was about Dave Chappelle even if it wasn't.
Peter Cooney (27 days ago)
He had to have been talking about Dave Chapelle.
Liam Hardy (27 days ago)
So to sum up, Chris Brown does backflips, Rihanna wears a pizza dress. Jamie's not sitting on the fence.
lsunationalchamps08 (27 days ago)
Holy shit his Mike Tyson impression was great! Lol
AA KK (27 days ago)
Im Rich Biiiatch... Dave Chappelle doesn't wear suits.
Shayne Thomas (29 days ago)
Jamie Foxx is one charismatic dude. Can't help but like the guy.
K1NGSMOK3 (28 days ago)
He's always funny af too
Chris Gonzalez (30 days ago)
I used to always tell my buddy that was a Laker / Kobe fan, when I'm a San Antonio Spur fan hating Kobe that "Ya, he nice but God doesn't bless u that much... You can't have a beautiful girl, win all those rings, all that $ and not have an issue or something wrong with you.... Ya you know he got a 2 incher.... Haha God gives and takes haha.... Like Jamie said "Yin and Yang to everything"!
FaTal GenasIs (30 days ago)
8:20 Sounds like dave chapelle some how lol
Frankie Cuellar (30 days ago)
I bet he was talking about Kevin Hart at the end
Rob Alonso (30 days ago)
Jamie is cool af, would love to crack a beer with him lmao
Elias Rodriguez (30 days ago)
oh my gahhhd thats so true about Jordan fuuhhhck 😂
maeburekaiser (1 month ago)
Chris Brown didn't get shit on for being talented or being in a meme. He got shit on for beating his girlfriend.
Brandon A (1 month ago)
Did this dude just say justin bieber can fight???!!?? Hes a fuckin liar.
Nexures (1 month ago)
Justin birber can fight? Wut
Javier Aviles (1 month ago)
The crybaby face 😂😂😂😂😂
THETRUTH24SEVEN (1 month ago)
It was dave Chappelle
AS J (1 month ago)
Not right now man, I'm rich bitch!
Xavier Stewart (1 month ago)
Jamie Fox still doesn't understand what a meme is 🤣
J A (1 month ago)
I’m picturing the guy at the club as like diddy or something. The shades, white suit, attitude, even the voice
Justin Barrere (1 month ago)
Who the fuck ever said Chris Brown or Justin Beiber could fight? 😂😂😂😂
Robot A. (1 month ago)
It's hard on Chris Brown because of social media?!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me? The piece of shit is an abuser of women......but, no, it's hard on him because social media is a thing.
filipnr1 (1 month ago)
Jaime Foxx IQ is like 7
Scarlet Guardian '64 (1 month ago)
8:20 No fuckin way that that wasn't Dave Chappelle that said that...
B n (1 month ago)
8:09 Jamie imitates the people he tells stories about, if he can do a decent impression. It was Dave Chapelle.
LéVie Saint Nom (1 month ago)
i’ll never forget Rihanna got these triangle tattoos all on her hands, up her arms and someone said on imgur “she trying to remember the combo chris brown did on her.” I almost died bc it was so funny and horrible. A year later she must’ve seen it cause she got that shit taken off
Xavier Jackson (1 month ago)
taylorgonesmoking Gang (1 month ago)
justin and chris cant fight for shit lol wtf is jamie talking abt
jamey smith (1 month ago)
Bieber is athletic and can dance? Gtfo lol
Somali Kanye (1 month ago)
"Cry real quick dawg" I cannot respirate
wyatthicks16 (1 month ago)
"I'm riiICH" That's fuckin Chappelle, has to be.
Richard Kocksworthy (1 month ago)
I believe in black and white. Yeah ok Fox. Enjoy the lodge meetings
Ell G (1 month ago)
That can not fight! Chris brown and Justin B? No
Justin Ledvina (1 month ago)
Social media done fucked it up for celebrities to beat their women. Jamie calls it tucking your artistry in. So out of touch with reality.
Cerise Jones (1 month ago)
Boohoo if celebrities dont wanna be remembered for wearing a pizza who cares.
my videos brown (1 month ago)
jamie foxx gay
Gaston Phalange (1 month ago)
I love Jamie Foxx
77 77 (1 month ago)
"Thats some Avengers shit." hahahaha LOVE Jamie Foxx. I could watch his interviews for hours. So versatile, dynamic positive and funny.
lordcrumb07 (1 month ago)
Tracy Morgan maybe?
Stuart Clayton (1 month ago)
Damn funny.. More please...
Sounds like Hit is Dave Chappelle but the suit and shades throw me off. Maymbe Katt?
Kazi Supreme (1 month ago)
I wonder what Jammie demon is
Kazi Supreme (1 month ago)
A man cry right quick dog😂
Sean Adonis (1 month ago)
Did he say Justin Bieber can fight?
floresaza253 (1 month ago)
Manny Pacquiao and Tiger Woods are perfect examples of what happens when athletes turn their lives around. When they were cheating on their wives they were destroying everyone and it all changed when they did.
Noah Forman (1 month ago)
seems like a cool dude
Anthoney (1 month ago)
Justin Bieber can fight? No chance.
Latonya Johnson (1 month ago)
JB can't fight.
TheTaterTotP80 (2 months ago)
Fucked up that she wore that dress honestly. It's fur.
TheTaterTotP80 (2 months ago)
Brown and Bieber can't fight.
TheTaterTotP80 (2 months ago)
Badre L (2 months ago)
When grandma used to sneak me a 10$ and my friends ask me if i wanna play with them.. NOT RIGHT NOW, I M RICH xD
fresh2def234eva (2 months ago)
Jamie lies so much smh
Exterioris-vallem (2 months ago)
Jon Jones is so unbearable! He's a douchebag that tries hard to be a sweet guy. Get the fuck out of here with that shit!
Aidan Stewart (2 months ago)
Joe Rogan has no idea what the fuck Jamie was talking about 😂

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