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Blind People Tell Us Which Questions Annoy Them the Most | Blind People Describe | Cut

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Text Comments (12664)
Mahwaz (4 hours ago)
But...the "how can you know which bus" question is actually good
The Average cuber (15 hours ago)
What color do blind people see
Hunter Lenzer (19 hours ago)
I cannot see I'm legally blind
Oscar Larsen (20 hours ago)
Fear pong with blind people
Ronja (20 hours ago)
jbhardy1 (1 day ago)
Is this your card?
Nightly (1 day ago)
Can they see?
Konami Sprines (1 day ago)
I thought it said rich people haha
TheHolyBone (1 day ago)
Frfn., hrs xdd::?># Get it?
CHESS Fan (1 day ago)
Robloxgirl Baldi (2 days ago)
How do you cook? How do you watch tv?
Zed (2 days ago)
Vision: what am I joke to you?
the chapdingle (2 days ago)
after seeing these dudes eyes now I know why blind people always wear glasses
Sasha Meloche (2 days ago)
Damn it’s blind idubbbz
Darragh Rowe Carr (2 days ago)
Mack is sooo cute
black ninja (3 days ago)
You know who are blind people who disliked this video
David Kelley (3 days ago)
That black dude can see
Darth Revan (3 days ago)
The guy at 2:01 is a fucking arsehole he said at the start he was born totally blind which isn’t true I can tell by how his eyes look and how he keeps them open but then he also said later in the interview that he doesn’t like to tell strangers how he lost his vision, he’s straight up lying about his condition and I think that’s disgusting
Eli Snyder (3 days ago)
Thumbnail looks like iDubbz
Spider Spider (3 days ago)
Ayush Anand (3 days ago)
Idubbbz blind cousin
GastonFN (3 days ago)
What do blind people *sea* ? *See* what I did there? :)
robot snake20 (3 days ago)
Can they see?
Brendan Harris (3 days ago)
1:40 he ain’t blind he was looking around at the people behind the counter
Agnes pivi Pivi (3 days ago)
I'm definitely more aware
RayRexDex WA (3 days ago)
can u see me? sorry i need 2 do it
Xnorey Balkan (4 days ago)
Amm i have to know so if you are blind can you see?
왕자님 (4 days ago)
I don't mean to be insulting, but why do their eyes look so strange?
Pranjal Singh (4 days ago)
"Why are you gay ?" Is still in the lead
Alabama Nigger (4 days ago)
Only blind people can read this So I’m sorry to inform you but...
Alabama Nigger (4 days ago)
Like this if you’re blind
Almost every day I trip in the crowded hallways at my school. But I always see this blind girl navigate perfectly fine with only a cane and the sound of the hallway.
onebourbononescotch (4 days ago)
Why would somebody ask how they go to the bathroom. The same as everybody.else...wow
Studená Strana (4 days ago)
My grandma raised me and she was totally blind, she never saw me becouse she lost her sight before i was born, when i was like 11 years old my first crush broke my hearth, i asked my grandma if im ugly and she told me im beautifull and belive me since then im confident about myself becouse i understood you can see true beauty only with closed eyes. Respect for these peoples dealing with these harsh questions with smile on their faces
Slowlenens -_- (5 days ago)
Nyo! Prussia (5 days ago)
Ingsoc (5 days ago)
The blonde girl is cute
Crackerz GD (5 days ago)
Kinda looks like Idubzzz in the thumbnail.
BalsaPS (5 days ago)
The most annoying question blind people hear Can you see?
The guy in the light green shirt.. He's kinda cute
Kai Rehak (5 days ago)
First guy lookin like idubbz in the thumbnail
Adrian Garcia (5 days ago)
I’m blind and just by listening to the people’s voices I can tell who is black and who is white and who’s older lmao
Koda Bootsveld (5 days ago)
Um can I ask a question? If your blind can you still move and blink your eyes or feel them?
Dank Potato (5 days ago)
"Being blind what are the most annoying question people asked you" The same one you just asked
Trippie Redd (5 days ago)
How many fingers am I holding up
A Pinecone (5 days ago)
Go-Go-Rilla (5 days ago)
Most annoying question: Hello
Alpha (5 days ago)
Don’t put a fucking french title if you don’t have subtitles in French asshole
Original Default (5 days ago)
I just wanna throw in this question that is bothering me How do people that are born blind imagine how humans looklike?
If you avoid them, wrong, if you try to help them, wrong too. Why dont they appreciate some help even though they dont know how to do, specially for the white dude in the brown shirt
bananakawan13 (6 days ago)
"How many fingers am I holding up?"
yeah (6 days ago)
Now do one of these but for deaf people
Hydenn (6 days ago)
I didn't know that iddubz was blind
Cesar Estrada (6 days ago)
What would you like to see change in the world
John Dowling, jr. (6 days ago)
I honestly find it amusing with some of these questions. like, how do you go to the bathroom? Dude: just because I can't see, doesn't mean I can't go to the bathroom. Do these people have brains? Are they that stupid? just saying.
Anna Loves You Videos (6 days ago)
I have one blind eye (my left eye) but no one knows except my parents and you
Monkey D Theories (6 days ago)
Do you speak Braille?
questions blind people hate to see asked
Patrick Star (6 days ago)
The dislikes are from *visual people*
PoofMcOof TM (6 days ago)
I see said the blind man to his deaf son
lil tentacle (6 days ago)
Why does the thumbnail look like idubbbz
oi bruv (6 days ago)
mack pots is like stevie wonder
Keegan Large (6 days ago)
0:30 We have found a Minecraft Villager
max davies (6 days ago)
Not being mean but half of them don’t even look blind
Communist Crustle (6 days ago)
I see a guy walking down my street everyday with a cane. At first I thought he was blind, but then i realised he had it to prevent looking up from his phone to see where he's going. I am both amazed and confused by this man...
Jackson Dias (6 days ago)
I have a special case where I can't see or hear obnoxious people, can someone tell me what happens in this video
Bosnian Mapper (7 days ago)
*u can see can't you*
grizz is pizzed (7 days ago)
Buzzfeed 2.0
Chief Dankster (7 days ago)
I dubzz
Daniel Straughan (7 days ago)
Why do blind people have sort of wierd eyes
playdoheater1 (7 days ago)
imagine being blind 💀
ICE BERG (7 days ago)
The guy wearing green sounds like jessie eisenberg
Albus Dumbledore (7 days ago)
wheres the bleach
Grumpy Cat (7 days ago)
*How do blind people drive?*
Adebisi (7 days ago)
CaN YOu dO thInGs LIkE DaReDeVil ??
Dake (7 days ago)
How to you know when to stop wiping your ass after taking a shit?
Ændy Bœį (7 days ago)
“how many fingers am i holding up”
Flamingpaper (7 days ago)
Fuck blind people
Big Papa (7 days ago)
:45 sounds like a hell of a life
Pyrotech224 (7 days ago)
I don’t mean anything offensive, but I swear all blind people talk the same way. I go to school with a girl who was born blind and she talks like everyone in the video, they all talk at the same speed and slightly stutter and it’s amazing to me
Andy Davis (7 days ago)
PunnyMegan (7 days ago)
I don't know if this is an annoying question but are valid people able to visualize things like in their head?
D- devil (7 days ago)
How did daredevil know his costume was red?
GDWaive (7 days ago)
Visuals are stupid these days
Tatsumaki Senpukyakku (7 days ago)
I like how the black blind dude thinks people are just ignoring him because he's blind 🤣
a small boy (7 days ago)
John Cena goes up to a blind person John Cena: YOU CAN’T SEE ME! Blind Person:
BouncingTurtle (7 days ago)
Very true, I agree with all of those answers. I am completely blind, I can’t even use a keyboard. Life is tough as a blind person
B_1Lancerz (7 days ago)
How do they dress up so nice tho lol
Kevin Morales Gomez (8 days ago)
Bruh why can’t they just open there eyes it so easy
The Meme Syndicate (8 days ago)
Just think about the fact that blind people have never seen a single meme in thier life
SoraExe (8 days ago)
If the first person in this video have normal eyes, he would be hot...
Sushi Bott (8 days ago)
So they want us to be brutally honest
Egg Morp (8 days ago)
If blind people sleep, can they see something in their dream?
Egg Morp (8 days ago)
If blind people imagine in their head, do they see something?
radish. (8 days ago)
Thumbnail low-key look like iDubbbz tho 🤔
CERO (8 days ago)
Comments : guy in the light green shirt is so cute 😍 Guy in the light green shirt : *YOU VISUAL PEOPLE*
Toasty Doge (8 days ago)
If Birdbox happend they would survive it
Taekata Manley (8 days ago)
Can you see
lukisnootis (8 days ago)
next time i'll just let them walk into the street and get hit by a car, ungrateful bats

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