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Blind People Tell Us Which Questions Annoy Them the Most | Blind People Describe | Cut

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Text Comments (11737)
randomstudios10091 (3 days ago)
blue shirt girl sounds like summer
aeronelise (4 days ago)
*back up* MOOD
The Best of Discord (4 days ago)
I'd bang the blind chick in the blue. Yum.
Disney Plays (7 days ago)
60percent of comments = *visual people* 40percent of comments = *about the guy in the mint green shirt*
allisoneuph1 (11 days ago)
The guy in the Brown shirt is hilarious
saito louise (11 days ago)
all u have to do is close ur eyes, and then feel it how would u like someone help u to lead a way. try to understand their position practically using ur own body instead moving their body in ur brain.
Alex Ruberto (12 days ago)
This video was such a great video to go out to everybody. Because I have a lot of people asking me every single day about my vision. And it’s just some questions that I just don’t know how to answer. Or that just aren’t appropriate to answer. But I’ve never been called visual or anything like that.
Tonya Kruid (12 days ago)
I would like to scream and very very slow motion... i’m blind not stupid🤬
Cesar Estrada (12 days ago)
John Cena
Allena pz (13 days ago)
I am blind to. I know how you feel. I hate it when everyone tell me how sorry they feel for me
Hol Horse (15 days ago)
You can make fun of the blind and the Amish all you want on the internet and they'll never know.
Hol Horse (15 days ago)
They seem pretty cocky for someone who can't see shit.
Alan Pollock (20 days ago)
Oh god, I'd never tell the guy with the sunglasses was blind :o with the others it was pretty obvious.
Gabriel Castaneda (20 days ago)
I want to know when to stop wiping after pooping if I go blind.
Delirious Dequarious (23 days ago)
So did the black guy know he was black?
Miy'Ka El Lovai (25 days ago)
blind and bougie here #WeAreWashitaw
Ocean Ho (1 month ago)
Imagine when they ask what questions annoy them the most, the blind person says: The question that annoys me the most is people asking me what question annoys me the most.
AGuy WhoWantsSubs (1 month ago)
"10 questions blind people are tired of *_seeing_* "
Aotahi Beach (1 month ago)
Brown shirt guy seems like a dick
kiato shine (1 month ago)
Im blind and I loved watching this video I can really see their points
Victoria Maidana (1 month ago)
I hate it when people get in front of me and ask me 'do you know who I am?', hell, I'm visually impaired, I am not Akinator nor some kind of device with voice recognition to remember the voice of every person that I meet 🙄
Arjun and Arnav Menon (1 month ago)
Blind people can't watch hentai.
John Marston (1 month ago)
Was I suppose to be offended with Visual People?😂
steve molina (1 month ago)
wow i learn blind people are assholes
GXD (1 month ago)
how do you use youtube??
GXD (1 month ago)
1:34 people have headphones sometimes
Nam Hoàng (1 month ago)
Damn, these are some mean ass blind people huh ?
Big_Stupid_Wolf (1 month ago)
thumbnail looks like idubbbz
shujinkoMK (1 month ago)
As a blind person I can say that the girl in blue is cute
tajrulzify (1 month ago)
how do you know?
Numskulled (1 month ago)
They’re just butt hurt ‘cause they can’t see (and the best part? They’ll never see this).
BobsAndVegane (1 month ago)
But how do blind people go to the bathroom? I get that they'd probably have to sit down, but what about for urinals? And for public bathrooms, how do they manage the risk of sitting in someone's nastiness they left on the seat?
roliy (1 month ago)
green shirt guy has a fucking watch wtf
Its Ali64xX (1 month ago)
Most Annoying question: *Look at me when i talk to you!!!*
Its Ali64xX (16 days ago)
+EpicFace212 yea but you know..
EpicFace212 (16 days ago)
That's not a question.
*So you're blind?* *Yes* *So you can see?*
Point less (1 month ago)
Thanks god i am not blind (i dont want to be racist)
Orchale (1 month ago)
You cant see mee -john cena
Theoretical Physics (1 month ago)
John Cannot-cena
「Raman」 M。 (1 month ago)
Blind people are gay, (they will never see this)
Flowers ASMR & Gacha (17 days ago)
+Sheina Hassya I know right.
Sheina Hassya (17 days ago)
so rude
Flowers ASMR & Gacha (24 days ago)
Shut up Asshole.
Novi (1 month ago)
That's funny and evil at the same time
Rainbowforce5 (1 month ago)
「Raman」 M。 They can still read it. Using text to speech. But technically true
i am balck (1 month ago)
Easiest fake yeezys sold lol
i am balck (1 month ago)
When your parents are blind so you buy infinite vbucks😎
JACK123101 (1 month ago)
So, just treat them like adults and assume since they’ve survived for so long, they probably know what they’re doing. If you ask for help, then I’ll help. If not, then I could care less. If I was in a position like that, I’d probably hold a similar mindset.
Leandro Diaz (1 month ago)
are you daredevil
david kecojevic (1 month ago)
WHY DO HALF OF THEM HAVE WATCHES?????????? 😂😮😮😂😮😂😮😂😮😂😮😂😮😂😮😂😮
Jérémy Rouvinez (1 month ago)
i think we should all go and ask blind ppl if they ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise, that way that becomes the most annoying question
Hol Horse (15 days ago)
Holy fuck, you're a genius.
I love that guy with the pastel green shirt XD
babfirelu (1 month ago)
How blind people see youtube video???
Hawkdew (1 month ago)
Just tell them you thought the sun was pretty and wait for the look on their face. Oh wait.
EonHSD (1 month ago)
I swear to god the black dude looked in the camera lol. But seriously though, it's hard being around people with disabilities or visually impaired If you have never been confronted with such things.
julioCesarNO (1 month ago)
"You can't see me" -john cena
Alican Tulan (1 month ago)
The guy with a dark body doesn't look that blind actually like he keeps looking at the camera it confused me
Hugh Mongoose (1 month ago)
They seem so angry
Shinigami Ichigo (1 month ago)
these people are immume to the circle hand
Lil Green bean (1 month ago)
why do you wear sunglasses if your blind?
Chris P. Bacon (1 month ago)
All those nice comments i can't imagine how happy they are when reading them
Sawyer (1 month ago)
lol why are ppl acting offended at us calling us visual people
So dude in the green doesn’t want to get prayed for or blessed?
aids is a good flavor (1 month ago)
all my relatives are moslty blind so for thanksgiving i moved all there furniture 3 inches over and I can't wait until someone trips and dies
Crazii (1 month ago)
The thumbnail made me think he was ripping his eye out
lit jit (1 month ago)
no cap tho I thought the guy in the thumbnail was about to take out his sharingan 👀
Mustardy Boi (1 month ago)
“Are you a visual learner”
McChicken (1 month ago)
No room to get annoyed by questions, blind fuckers
ExpansionProgress69% (1 month ago)
The guy in thumbnail is idubbbz
Snow (1 month ago)
I'm blind for using the mangekyo sharingan too much.
Fawwaz Haziq (1 month ago)
how do they detect hot objects?
Hol Horse (15 days ago)
They smell them out with their tongues, like snakes.
Boi (1 month ago)
Lol wait until he sees this
DannitheDanki (1 month ago)
The guy in the green shirt looks like iddubbbztv
Big Bob (1 month ago)
How do you wipe your ass?
JayZtunning (1 month ago)
Yo dat question is crazy, wat color they see . How they know wat color is wat.
Bob The cat (1 month ago)
If “visual” people can’t see john cena can they see him?
McChicken (1 month ago)
jooe's nose is my new favorite anime people like you need to be hanged
KeeperPlus (1 month ago)
How is praying for someone a question? Donk ow why that guy wpuld have an issue with it
KeeperPlus (1 month ago)
I would ask did you hear my fart 2 stories down?
Jose Alejandro (1 month ago)
Is that Idubz
King True (1 month ago)
I know this is mean but I never seen blind people without glasses. Shits funny
How do you play fortnite
Samy Shinobi (1 month ago)
You visual people! Ive never been called a visual person
Hugo Brandsen (1 month ago)
0:31 that sounds like a Minecraft villager
Char (1 month ago)
Yeah he's blind but the fat guy is a fucking asshole
7awadeth (1 month ago)
The guy with light green shirt sounds like Jesse Eisenberg. He's a hero. They all are
Edilson Mendez (1 month ago)
I now don’t like blind people They don’t understand how it is to not be blind because when a person that’s not blind sees a blind person they get really sad and wanna help but clearly they don’t like it So next time I won’t ask 😡
Justin Osborne (1 month ago)
Y are u wearing glasses if u can't see the sun
Frosty PandaHD (1 month ago)
That’s so weird that means they don’t know what anything really looks like. They can imagine it kinda but never really know.
Hasager (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who thinks the thumbnail looks like Idubbz?
DemirPro_ (1 month ago)
You live in dark all you see is dark you don't even know what do you look like... must been a hell of torture to them
P-series (1 month ago)
You can't see me ~ John Cena
Ashleigh Schamper (1 month ago)
Dumbest question: Have you watched that new musi- oh..
Most Annoying Question for Blind People: Can you see?
Michael Sanchez (1 month ago)
Blind people are low-key assholes
Dragonkenzo 2610 (1 month ago)
Is that dude idubbz??
Phil Kessel (1 month ago)
Dude looks like idubbbz
jj butler (1 month ago)
I want blind people that vote trump
jj butler (1 month ago)
lol blind people saying they dont want help crossing the street better not ask for my help to peel them off tha street😂
Max DeBorde (1 month ago)
Hey let's go play hide and seek
DarkWeb (1 month ago)
When the guy in the green started talking loudly it kinda reminded me of Thad
Endangered Mexican (1 month ago)
Now John Cena is really unseeable
Markus Wheeler (1 month ago)
“Get your fucking hands off me”😂😂😂
tomas gaspar (1 month ago)
I used to believe that blind people were totally faking, until i read the bible and jesus confirms that some people really are born blind...but i have a question....an important question. EVERY person in this world has dreams at night. Dreaming is absolutely essential...but what does a blind person dream about if he or she has never seen anything? I know blind people dream, but what do they dream about?
tomas gaspar normal things. But instead of seeing like a normal person, they may only hear things
Señor Lechuga (1 month ago)
The praying question put me on my nerves Also, there's some people that treat visually impaired people like... I dont know, like they're little kids... And that surely pisses me off
WhyAlwaysMe ? (1 month ago)
And there's me struggling to make a sandwich
Lulul Hadøøø (2 months ago)
Fuck blind people
allisoneuph1 (2 months ago)
Green shirt guy is hilarious!! 😂😂
Alani (2 months ago)
Why does the first guy look like idubbbz in the thumbnail

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