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Blind People Tell Us Which Questions Annoy Them the Most | Blind People Describe | Cut

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Text Comments (14663)
LeeLee B (1 day ago)
Lesson I learned: You can offend any and everyone, despite your best intentions. The best thing to do is to mind your business! Help when asked, if that's your thing. Or ask, then help. But know that by asking, you're still risking being offensive. Just mind your business!
Piet de Vries (1 day ago)
Seriously? No one said: What´s really annoying is, when people ask me what´s annoying me :D
is every blind people a daredevil in their own world?
Bacchanalia (3 days ago)
Eww, no. I wouldn't touch them. Rude ding-dongs, yeah go straight. Which way is straight, yeah, figure that out.
automaticchic (4 days ago)
Blind and a Ph.D. wow just wow!
Shiboshi Gacha (7 days ago)
I’ve always been really small, this happened it sixth grade I was standing there waiting for my mom to pick me up and this 8th grader comes up to me and asks how old I am, if u was smart and skipped a few grades, stuff like that. Another time When I was little in elementary school, the fifth graders would laugh at me, note I was like, 4? That hurt a lot. It’s hard being a midget I’m Not an actual dwarf guys calm down
Lil youngman5 (8 days ago)
The most important thing is why does the person in the thumbnail looks like Ian from idubbbz
Felix Pantoja jr (8 days ago)
When do they know when to stop wiping
M B (6 days ago)
"Seinfeld" reference, very funny. But bad! Shame on you. LoL, my bad everyone, it is funny, and kinda classic. But Mr Felix, very bad, I do not approve. 🙄🤔😎👍
Low Horvath (8 days ago)
0:54 anyone else see his brown eyes that he then puts back into the back of his head? Why?
Ahmad Goes Boom (8 days ago)
how many fingers am I holding up?
patthemightymat (9 days ago)
Do blind people just think seeing is a conspiracy
patthemightymat (6 days ago)
Thx, why you gotta make me read this much
M B (6 days ago)
+patthemightymat LoL, another great observation. My bad, I of course liked the comment. My dog has recently gone completely blind, he hasn't been adjusting very well. It's been slow going, and a chore helping him navigate the house and yard. And tough to watch him run into walls, tables, and missing the 2nd step, then tumbling down the steps going out. I came across this video, and took a look out of curiosity, maybe gain a little insight as to what he may be thinking sometimes. Your comment sparked an old memory of a past discussion, of a somewhat similar topic. Had to touch on your commentary. But was late, me tired, sleep good, inadvertently forgot to 👍. My bad, keep on asking the insightful questions. Now to work, TGIF, woo hoo. Have a good weekend.
patthemightymat (6 days ago)
But you didn’t like the comment tho
M B (6 days ago)
Awesome observational inquiry. You possibly didn't, but just in case you may have, inadvertently, underestimated the value of the question you posted, it's a pretty good question to ponder. Couple quick thoughts that occurred to me; Surely those who had sight, growing up as a child for a number of years, becoming blind later, would, most likely, not think conspiracy. But those who have been blind since birth, or quickly after, having never experienced sight/vision, it's not only possible that one, or more, of 'those' blind people could think "all this nonsense I hear about seeing, sight, vision, I have no understanding or comprehension of such things. Sounds like some kind of "conspiracy." It's definitely, more likely, a probability. No time to get to detailed, but the way in which the brain and eyes grow together, cooperate, develop connections, etc, so the brain can interpret the light we view, and project the images we see, are beyond complex. For someone who at no point in life had sight, I surely wouldn't presume to speak for those people, what they think about, imagine, or even dream, of what sight and/or vision is all about. And the fact that everybody, everywhere, are all about "Conspiracy Theories" nowadays. The Q-Nut Q-uacks conspiracies, chemtrails, antivaxers, Flat Earthers, why not a "Vision is Bullshit" conspiracy theory. Nothing surprises me anymore. Sorry for the way to long reply.
ShadowSnake141 (9 days ago)
This is a great video!
Why, Why not? (9 days ago)
political correctness is shit, take for example these people. The right way to pronouns them is not ViSuAliSeD SupEr people but blind. It's a simple honest word, what is wrong with that?
walliams__ (9 days ago)
As a blind person myself I find this very difficult to watch
Shadow Wolfie 101 (9 days ago)
Can you do things people colorblind are annoyed about?
Osterage Howards (9 days ago)
Give them glasses
A british aristocrat (9 days ago)
The real question is how the guy in the green shirt plays piano
Accio_Fan_6797 (6 days ago)
Playing an instrument is all about muscle memory, for example I play the ukulele and I don't need to look at the fretboard to play a chord, my fingers can just do it. For playing the piano I know of blind people who have little things or chips in the middle C key so they can kind of orient themselves on the keyboard, as I said though mostly it's just muscle memory.
werewolf873 (10 days ago)
I really dont see what they're so upset about.
MasterOfGaming (10 days ago)
Im blind Dont tell me you belivied that!!
Giving Present (10 days ago)
I know what it’s like to be blind I shot a gun without hearing protection so my ears were ringing for a while so yeah I understand what it means to be blind
Pepe gamer ree (10 days ago)
idubbz ,is that you?
Carle1612 (10 days ago)
How many fingers am I holding?
Michael Offner (10 days ago)
So how about "what bands do you listen to?"
Chetan Singh (10 days ago)
2:52 Whats the point of wearing that watch.
stormy the Pokedog (10 days ago)
I feel bad if they had a divorce and, they are paying child support for kids they can't see.
OldeOne deESuhrim (11 days ago)
"It makes me mad when people ask me questions about being blind." Also, "It makes me mad when people don't know anything about being blind."
Marco Meijer (11 days ago)
I guess being blind is as much an impairment for the people around you as it is for the one who's actually blind.
truly GREG (11 days ago)
The guy in the green shirt is soo cute, 😍
This Day and Age (11 days ago)
So basically these are the things you shouldnt ask blind people
Lucky Deoxys (11 days ago)
Blind people are amazing tbh. Anyone with a disability are amazing, there are so many things we can learn from them. Sad how some people look down on them. I remember 2 old ladies were passing by and a blind female was walking right in front of me. These 2 old ladies saw the blind woman but didnt care enough to move. They forced their way through her and the blind woman almost fell but I caught her. I look back at the 2 old ladies and omg I never disrespect elderly people but I get so mad and start calling them out and telling them that the woman is blind. I gave them a face of disgust and walked away. This all happened in the train station near the college I attend. They may be old but if your able to walk just fine and your able to see, dont be rude and try to push blind people just so you could get through. People need to learn and have compassion, just like the blind people in this video.
Carlos Rodriguez (11 days ago)
The girl in the blue shirt is cute
angelo Valenzuela (11 days ago)
Thought that was idubbbz
Volting BR (11 days ago)
0:22 blind? More like retarded lmaoo
Too Forest 2 (11 days ago)
You visual people... The guy with the green shirt needs his own channel.
garbageknights (11 days ago)
I don't have the ability to smell. If I'm not in a great mood I answer the most common questions before people ask. How long? Can I taste? Do I know what (insert thing here) smells like? I know it's not the same but people seem so baffled that I can't do something so common.
Gargantuan Cheeks (11 days ago)
Well people usually have sex with their eyes closed, so why do people ask blind people that? Doesn't make sense
Harvey Tomlinson (11 days ago)
Lovely weather we are having out side said the blind man to the def girl as he walked into the lamp post
shane app (11 days ago)
So if you are born blind what do you see/ experience when you are asleep? Just your imagination going wild about what you assume stuff looks like.
fcrfortes (11 days ago)
I am handiccaped and I understand the annoyance from stupid and repetitive questions. But I do my best to answer them as well as I can, because it's the only way I can fight prejudice and ignorance. If people are too embarrassed to ask a simple question because a handiccaped person might be offended, they will go on with their ignorance and this is bad for everyboy. Be honest and empathetic. That gpes both ways.
MynxLynx (11 days ago)
I watched this video with my eyes closed
kami -chan (11 days ago)
can they read?
NIc K (11 days ago)
I came away from this with a weird thought...notice how many expressions are likely not learned visually and possibly are just innate in humans? Weird shit.
Burrito Wyrm (11 days ago)
Bruh just open yo damn eyes
SerboBLFan (11 days ago)
1:44 anyone that does that is retarded
Simon Fetwi (11 days ago)
wholesome recommendation youtube , well played
永遠にX (11 days ago)
I would love to know how they got blind. Going bild in one of the biggest fears of mine.
Oh Yea yea (11 days ago)
The guy in the light green shirt looks like Idubbz and Anthony Padilla
PurpleGoomy (11 days ago)
I also would like to add, in my country, only 4% of blind people have no vision at all, so it differs greatly. As for being legally blind, thats also a whole other kettle of fish. So someone who seemingly looks like they can see can be registered blind (legally recognised by the government as blind) so you never really know. Not all disabilities are visible.
I think I've seen Mack potts on hiho
Lomzy (12 days ago)
Wtf yo people walk away during a conversation instead of being decent and having backbone when you offend them is fucked up... wow.
zaku99 (12 days ago)
Yeah I'm sure people who can see are terrible.
Beckett McDonald (12 days ago)
Wtf lol
JoshR Gaming (12 days ago)
What about people waving in front of your face to check your blindness, I can imagine. "Hey can you see this?!" "Ok, ok, what about this??!" 🙄
trbn lennart (12 days ago)
I think they are very unpolite
AndroXx PC (12 days ago)
Guy: sir how long have you been v-v-visuallllllyyyy... Blind Guy: You mean blind? Guy: yeah that My favourite part of the whole vdideo lol
Daniel S (12 days ago)
That was honestly so interesting, wow. I sometimes feel pity towards disabled people like that, but I’m pretty sure that they don’t want any pity at all..
Neukx L (12 days ago)
The first guy is so funny hahahahah .....
BuzzLight Year (12 days ago)
I Told A. Blind Person nice *Seeing* YOU. I felt bad.
Xzidia Xianzus (12 days ago)
Deaf people hates ventriloquist These guys hate magicians.
trajan_x (12 days ago)
Want to hear a joke? A blind man walked into a bar. And a table. And a chair. Please don’t kill meh it’s a joke :/
Eva Roovers (18 hours ago)
I feel so bad for laughing 5 minutes straight at this joke 🤣🤣🤣
Mostlyfpsclips (12 days ago)
This was informative and interesting.
Suchi Lai (12 days ago)
I wish I could comment this in Braille so that all the blind people can read the comments.
Marie Sacchitello (12 days ago)
One question: are they like so blind they can’t use glasses of some sort? (Not meant to sound mean or sarcastic)
PurpleGoomy (11 days ago)
Marie Sacchitello if you are legally blind, there is no improvement on sight with any aids so no they cant wear glasses.
Marie Sacchitello (12 days ago)
2:48 wow he doesn’t look blind
Marie Sacchitello (12 days ago)
Is it just me or I just immediately look at their eyes
Nightbot - (12 days ago)
The guy with the brown shirt was pretty rude about it
Charlotte Emily (12 days ago)
The first time I met a disabled person I didn't know how they got disabled until I was friends with them for 1 year because they just told me one day and I was like oh ok and we started talking about something else
Julio Reynoso (12 days ago)
Didn't knew idubbz was blind
LA Nopi (12 days ago)
Why tf does a blind man have better hair than me smh
They don't have to worry about Bird Box
cj (12 days ago)
That black dude still has his pupils? But is blind?
Anna Marusarz (12 days ago)
0:54 his eyes go to the side and u can see his pupils woah
Newt (12 days ago)
How do blind people know what their wearing? Like do they know the color of there clothes?
Anthony Duck (12 days ago)
A fate worse than death!
Ben Meulink (12 days ago)
3:48 this. So this. Not just about blindness, but about pretty much anything.
Stevetime (12 days ago)
I have HUUUUUUUUGE Respect for blind people I think it's incredible how they are able to handle the blindness
Hexagonal Cloud (12 days ago)
3:20 And nothing more
Fabianter (12 days ago)
I would probably ask out of curiosity if and how they dream Because let's say you were blind your entire life so your brain never got to process a picture in your head so with what sort of dream does it come up at night? A dream entirely out of smells and noises?
Punk Last (12 days ago)
It was suprising that the host didn't ask them where do they see themselves in a couple of years... I think this really made us see it from their point of view atleast from their perspective i think i can now see what they deal with everyday unlike them offcourse but it really set a visual '~'... Like them i couldnt see the problem with some of the stuff that was listed... A question tho if ur clumsy and blind what do you blame it on if u trip over something... Hrmm.. I guess they didnt see it coming so its really hard to put ur finger on that Ahh and this comment you can give a thanks to the algorithm... because of their recommendation it made me come straight from the youtube home page to this...And this comment is probably why i would/should never google blind people vids...
sara sholi (12 days ago)
Okay i learned sth so important !!
Mike Reyiz (12 days ago)
ZirraAkuatic (12 days ago)
There was a time when a blind man was walking with his walking stick where his stick went straight in between my legs from behind and hit ma balls. I thought someone was molesting me.
Mikee Meador (12 days ago)
These guys crack me up. "Get ur fucking hands off me" he sez.
nciez hooeg (12 days ago)
Being blind, What are annoying questions that people ask? Literally this question quite annoying lol
Rebekah Chapin (12 days ago)
"what are u blind get out of my way" people have said that so many times
Ko - Po (12 days ago)
Haha wow, this is just as bad as Buzzfeed!
M16 W (12 days ago)
At least they can't see TikTok videos
Irina K. (12 days ago)
I realized I'm one of these annoying people: those who feel pity, sympathy, but not respect for those who are disabled. I'll try not to. And see them as equals.
Cutie bumpkin (12 days ago)
Tbh those are lame questions... im not blind but its common sense ( most question about hiw to find bathroom,buss, ect ) poeple its memorize.
Chip Izumi (12 days ago)
How many fingers am I holding up?
Alexandre de Souza (12 days ago)
Dude, Matt Potts looks so much like Bo Burnham, he's a fucking piano player. Plus, how do blind guys use public restrooms? Do they pee sitting down?
Benjamin (12 days ago)
"What's your favorite color?"
spartan 6 (12 days ago)
When your blind are you able to see anything: theres my annoying dumbass question for them
PurpleGoomy (11 days ago)
Yes sometimes. Only a small percentage of blind people have no vision at all
saphy nunia (12 days ago)
I did that once there was blind man crossing the road but not at a crossing (wasn't really any on that road ) so I just talked to the man and asked if he wanted any help and just walked with him to the other side and walked back across then when he next crossed the road other road I nearly died, some van guy had his ladder like sticking right out of his small van like car and the man almost walked head first in to it, I was so scared for him. Im not saying I'm a great person or anything but it must worry there family's of all the potential dangers we don't even think about.
Adeus (12 days ago)
Invites blind people 0:18 *_ArE YoU BLinD?_*
Yang 2020 Gang (12 days ago)
Nice vid, now I see the problem
curryMaDmAn n (13 days ago)
The black guys eyes look like they can see, how he looks off to his right when he’s thinking and also looking up at the source of the producers voice
Shubham Jain (13 days ago)
The voice of the black dude is so deep love it
sandwich (13 days ago)
*10 things blind people tired of seeing*
Clare Lim (13 days ago)
The guy in the green shirt is really funny, 10/10 would be friends with them
Bicho04830 (13 days ago)
My questions for blind people: -How did you edited this video? -How do you read the video comments?
shadow saiyan (11 days ago)
We use an accessibility feature on iPhone called voice over

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