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Fishing bite alarm for ocean surf fishing (shore fishing)

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KXTGA.com Never miss Fish Bite - a loud sound will notify you that the fish is hooked. You will not worry about missing fish, even if you have many fishing rods at the same time. Ease of use - attach the alarm device with a rubber band on the rod holder. Powered by 9 volts battery. Maximum volume up to 110dB. Highly Sensitive - sound pattern can ignore most noise from current or wind, reduce false alarm in most conditions. The fishing bite alarm will save your fishing line - you will fish out in time and it will not be able to mess your fishing line or even several other lines. No need to stare at your rod tip all day watching for that nibble. This fish call device will ensure you never miss fish bites again. Bite Alarm is easily heard 100 yards day and night in windy weather and waves.
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