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Nutri Ninja Auto iQ 1100W Personal Blender with Smooth Boost on QVC

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For More Information or to Buy: http://qvc.co/28Xvpll This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.
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Text Comments (21)
MrSammy (6 months ago)
😒 anyone have a PDF Link for that recipe book? 😒
MrSammy (6 months ago)
😒 WTH! u forgot to grind up the greens in the green one, now im getting Triggered! 😨😤😡😊
Scottish Lass (8 months ago)
I love the way David Goes Haw Haw @ 9.12 LOL :P :D
Adrian Coe (1 year ago)
Would this chop chocolate bars for my children's milkshakes..mars, snickers, bountys ect?
Scottish Lass (8 months ago)
@ Adrian Coe , yes it will no problem whatsoever.
Adrian Coe (1 year ago)
Brett Kaye thankyou
Brett Kaye (1 year ago)
Adrian Coe . Yes . It crushes ice too. Got mine at Costco.
BAMBO (1 year ago)
3:12 Your nuts, your seeds, your... eyes ?! What ?! 😕
MrSammy (6 months ago)
✌😏 she meant Ice (eyez)
ShawtCakes (1 year ago)
BAMBO 😂😂😂 haha
James Robert (1 year ago)
@Charles Thanks for clarifying that LOL
Charles Benjamin (1 year ago)
BAMBO She said ice, but has an accent lol.
Mr. Squidward (1 year ago)
Share Hunk (1 year ago)
Who is dat duck faced host
Raymond Rodriguez (1 year ago)
May i know the model number of this Nutri Ninja? tnx
Am (2 years ago)
so you give a 100 recipes book with this small one. I bought the bl642 and get a 40 recipes book. why I dont see the logic here?
AK W (1 year ago)
Hush! Lol
The Greek Pianist (2 years ago)
Finally a product that's QUALITY! The Ninja works real well and I use it every day :)
LaShonda Monroe' (2 years ago)
MsDee J (2 years ago)
9:12 (haw haw) LOL

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