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Orzhov Syndicate Music Video (Collective Consciousness)

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This was definitely a hard, but fun one. -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/ Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Text Comments (248)
Void Layer N (19 days ago)
What is the card at 0:47? "Purchase your Happiness,- "
HydroGlobus (13 days ago)
Syndic of Tithes. The basic Orzhov bear, but with a great art.
Sota Steelwing (1 month ago)
Nicol Bolas needs you to die, Jack!
atokad reginsneb (2 months ago)
as a diehard orzhov player and tinfoil hat wearing dale gribble i LOVE this right here boyyy YEAH this metal BANGER
Inquisitor Buccellati (3 months ago)
One I would recommend would be "Reign of terror" by Raphsody.
One Nerd95 (3 months ago)
So...not the good guys then...
Twin Head Dragon (4 months ago)
Your money won't be able to save you, Orzov, as THIS IS GRUUL TERRITORY NOW!
Sota Steelwing (2 months ago)
Say that to the battalions of Boros and Azorious that we have in our pocket.
RedShadow (4 months ago)
fuck Orzhov this is basically American and the fake Christians and evangelicals theme song
stringOW (6 months ago)
As a proud Rakdos guy, I love me some dickheadedness, but screw these guys
nightdragon669 (6 months ago)
So this came out on my bday and i love it great work fav guild
Gyor Gyor (6 months ago)
The lyrics are too on the nose, there is no subtly at all to it. Orzhov would not be so blatant in it's oppression, it offers paradise in it's ghost palaces, but hides the fact that it's a faustin bargain.
Aidan Sherwin (8 months ago)
Who is this song by??
Sota Steelwing (29 days ago)
I don't know. Just look up metal gear rising and you will more than just this.
Yellow Sign (9 months ago)
Return to Return to Ravnica: Guilds of Ravnica (October 2018)
fowl fowl (10 months ago)
any song by Powerwolf would have suited much better!
dibujante ambidiestro (10 months ago)
Does anyone here get goosebumps while listening to the song?
neogreggory (1 year ago)
This song rocks hard, but every word makes the fire of justice within my soul burn ever hotter.
Lunamann (7 months ago)
Why hello, Boros.
0:59 none may pass....for free
ramii _ (1 year ago)
1:25 - 1:42
HydroGlobus (13 days ago)
I don't know if anyone noticed, but I love the part (easter egg? idk) between 1:25 and 1:42 in the lyrics about how Orzhov takes and corrupts (greys out) the central values of the other three colors. Are you sure this song wasn't actually written for Orzhov instead of Metal Gear Rising? :)
ramii _ (1 year ago)
HydroGlobus mew
Comrade Cthulhu (1 year ago)
Hey josh, have you given a donation to your local Orzhov church? By the way..Its mandatory. Sincerly,An Agent of the Syndicate.
Fire Line (1 year ago)
Communism in a nutshell.
Aidan Sherwin (9 months ago)
lol Orzhov is about as far from communism as you can get
Victor Sanchez (2 years ago)
This nation is communist and for some reason I love communism 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
Catalina Laird (2 years ago)
Anyone knows what the art of minute 0:46 belongs to?
MTG Philippino (1 year ago)
syndic of tithes
Shiny HunterAcE (2 years ago)
Miss your Simic vid :/ and the vid no longer has the google play link ;-; hook it up with a link ;)
Joseph Raus (2 years ago)
This is the correct song for this one. It sounds right and feels right.
Bolbra Px (2 years ago)
Perhaps a pipe organ instead of guitar and chorus instead of drums would sound more Orzhov... Creepy... Let the metal to the rakdos ;)
siegfried greding (2 years ago)
my fav is the simic and that just had to be the video that got copy righted lol
Manuel Porceddu (2 years ago)
are there any new metal bands playing this genre?
The Punisher (2 years ago)
so are they evil ?
William LaBar (2 years ago)
The azorius's problem can be summed as such "you need a permit to do x you don't have the permit to apply for permits"
The Punisher (2 years ago)
+King Arachnus thxs
King Arachnus (2 years ago)
Simic think any living things are their toys, that they can experiment with freely. They perform immoral acts and are terrible people. I don't know much about Azorius, but they seem to be people who need justice to happen. Due to the fact that they're part white, i assume they're okay.
The Punisher (2 years ago)
+King Arachnus what about simic or azorius
King Arachnus (2 years ago)
They are, but Rakdos is the worst guild. They torture, kill, maim, and torment for pleasure. Orhzov just put you in debt.
Jay Well (2 years ago)
"When blood and sweat is the real cost" or "When blood and sweat is the real cause"?
King Arachnus (2 years ago)
Mal Masque (3 years ago)
Huh, and I thought the debt-collectors we have already were uptight. Also, how does a ghost pay back its debt?
redemption101caleb (2 years ago)
In servitude and suffering.
King Arachnus (2 years ago)
commander frostwolf (3 years ago)
+IDA Official descendants?
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
1:05 I do not know why, but I just picture Trump when the pic and words come up.
Lunamann (7 months ago)
Eh, Trump strikes me as more Rakdos than Orzhov. Definitely has some Black in him, but I see impulsive Red instead of White. The Republican party, though? Yeah, the party itself is full-on Church of Deals.
Epicarp (3 years ago)
Oh, didn't know you were into M:tG. What a nice surprise. Also, kickass video, definitely captured Orzhov.
Classical Conspirator (3 years ago)
I simply refer to Orzhov to a cross between a religion and mafia. I run Withengar with Stoneforge Mystic. GG bro. ;) XD
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
Felidar Sovereign + Ajani, Mentor of Heroes. GG
Classical Conspirator (3 years ago)
+UltraStinger16 But that tutor though.
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
+Classical Conspirator Not a fan of her. Lithromancer is better
Classical Conspirator (3 years ago)
Then everyone will try to kill me even faster in a multiplayer game. XD Though Nahiri, The Harbinger. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. >:D http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=410012
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
What about your Elbrus combo have Nahiri, the Lithromancer?
firesnake47 (3 years ago)
I swear some of these pics come straight from artwork on playing cards; specifically those from Magic: The Gathering. I even have one of them. It's called (goes to look through modest collection) Mind Rot. 0:38
Lunamann (7 months ago)
Very, VERY belated welcome to Ravnica. (Although, technically Ravnica's still relevant, as the most recent MTG release was Guilds of Ravnica, the game's third visit to the plane)
firesnake47 (3 years ago)
+firesnake47 After looking this stuff up, I feel dumb. I don't know anything about MTG, it seems. I've merely scratched the surface...
Arella17 (3 years ago)
Mirrodin is so much better, Myr are so cute.
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
And Elesh Norn is a beauty queen. . . In my eyes, she's the most beautiful Phyrexian in the set.
peter burczyk (3 years ago)
Orzhov Syndicate... making Ravinca great again...
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
With Donald Trump
Nicolas Clark (3 years ago)
I can't wait to see the remaining four guilds, especially Dimir.
Runemaster (3 years ago)
Wouldn't this song fit better with Azorious?
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
No. Azorius is about law and order. Orzhov is about controlling those who plegde blind loyalty to them.
TheKhfan001 (3 years ago)
all that's left now is gruul. make me proud, Josh! and then maybe move on to 3 colors
gearsfan6669 (3 years ago)
i had no idea that he(you if the uploader is reading this) played magic, i just though he was cool because he is a brony and a gamer and has a great sense of humor.
Flynn MacDonald (3 years ago)
Could have easily been a selsnya song. On the other-hand, didnt know you were a magic fan josh
Slow Moe (5 months ago)
Do you REALLY think a bunch of hippies would be singing this? Even if they are MILITANT hippies.
Lunamann (7 months ago)
Nah, this isn't green enough for Selesnya, and is too black for it, too.
DataWeiss (3 years ago)
I am so looking forward to what you come up with for Dimir. The last two songs for your MTG guild clipshows have been spot on. And they just keep getting better.
SmugLookingBarrel (3 years ago)
Really thought this would be the song for Azorius. Do you have another one in mind?
Charr (3 years ago)
+Najarala Same here! Well, let's hope my suggestion for the Gruul makes it.
John Healer (3 years ago)
Justin Carawan (3 years ago)
Frighteningly accurate.
Malcolm Neill (3 years ago)
@joshscorcher Lyrics: Does it feel good knowing you've tried, Knowing that all that remains, Is the slow, cold, cruel death, Of the ones that will all die in vain, How does it feel knowing your efforts will fail? All that you've built will be torn down, The hope of the people has failed, Send your guardians, They will fail, Legends and heroes will crumble and fall You will not prevail. When allied together a threat they display, Divide them with doubt it will all wash away, One spark can incite their hope, and ignite the hearts, of their weary souls, I will extinguish their flame. (Piano section) Arm your armies, dream your dreams, Make your plans and plot your schemes, Send your fighters one and all, Then in battle watch them fall, (Piano section end) It was you who ended their lives, Bade them to dig their own graves, With the dark, sick, cruel design, Convinced that the world could be saved, Have you no shame? Signing them up for your war, Trained them to fight what they can't beat, Yours is the one they'll pay for. Sacrifice them for your needs, Murder is coming the end drawing near, You'll regret your deeds. Legends and fairy tales scattered in time, Try not to keep them hooked up in a lie, It's too bad you'll never see, Your wars will not win, They'll never bring victory, Divide them, tear them apart, Sever their trust it will strangle their heart, Divide them, plant seeds of doubt, Hope will be smothered, They'll turn on each other, Hatred will spread the suspicion and doubt, Vengeance and anger will lead those in time, The taste will be sweet when you get what you want, As I watch. You. Burn.
Cody Hines (3 years ago)
Isn't that from RWBY?
TonyToons (3 years ago)
Awesome josh. if you ever decide to get into the game, I have a super collection to send to a po box. I would recommend Theros as it was the block (3 expansions) based on the Greco-Roman myths.
Ayasyr Omneuma (3 years ago)
I don't agree with the message, but I do like the instrumental.
superdimentiobrolyX (3 years ago)
It's all good but your art choice from the start to "the fires of greed" is actually perfect.
Alex Braunberger (3 years ago)
Oh, you found the Democrats anthem. Well done. lol
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
Nicely work man! I was expecting something that talked more about money, but that is pretty good! What's your next Guild Tribute going to be about?
88Hyo (3 years ago)
AfterGuilds of Ravinica you're planning on making any moreof these? 8D I suggest Shards of Alara and Khans of Tarkir.
ErikTheRedd1 (3 years ago)
that was awesome! I had no idea you did these!
Zakading (3 years ago)
Eh, would've opted for something more focused on their bank and greed theme, considering their entire religion is based around cash. loadsamoney would've easily been the best fitting song.
Lunamann (7 months ago)
I mean, yeah, but then that'd be missing about 80% of the Church of Deals, and their gloriously flavor-filled Aristocrat decks. The greed is a tiny part of the larger whole, and thus, two lines devoted to it is plenty.
Kar The Best (3 years ago)
how are the orzhov like as a clan i know rakdos are physchopath boros are righteous crusaders but i dont know who are the orzhov like
Lunamann (7 months ago)
Here's the recipe for Orzhov. 1 church/religious organization 1 black market 1 mafia 1 political party Place into one pot and stir well under low heat, then grab the middle with a pair of tongs, lift out of the pot, and coat thoroughly with expendable minions and tortured souls. Serve immediately before infighting at the top occurs, which it will happen. Orzhov likes to backstab itself.
Danny Gravdahl (3 years ago)
+ThomasOliver Landry Think of a church combined with a mafia and bank.
alassandro (3 years ago)
a church in which each action earns you debt and they can last long into your afterlife
Xanaguy The Legend (3 years ago)
Have you heard the original version?
carlos castillo (3 years ago)
Great song Josh!
Rutger van den Heuvel (3 years ago)
For what Top 10 did you use this song again?
Phashift (3 years ago)
"Uncle sam needs you to die JACK!" I love this song xD
Colaris (3 years ago)
wow... perfect!
TARDIS915 (3 years ago)
So glad you reused this song! Awesome choice, man!
JC Junior (3 years ago)
In all realty the whole giving up your "selfish" thoughts and "individuality" to join us is more selensya's gig, hence my hate for them. Red mana for the win!
Lunamann (7 months ago)
I mean, not really? Orzhov is all about powerful people at the top subjugating chumps at the bottom for personal gain, all while telling them that yeah, if they pay in, they're gonna be safe, don't worry.
commander frostwolf (2 years ago)
pssh free thougth is important yes, if it helps society reach greater heigths(blue FTW)
kasigah (3 years ago)
New favorite!
james goebel (3 years ago)
i see you used a lot of magic cards in the vid but do you play if so prepare your deck and your face cam i have my Skype account and I'm itching to use my improved sliver deck
Danothyus1 (3 years ago)
at first i was doubtful about the song, but then when i remember the lyrics, it makes total sense. good job, consider your debt with the syndicate paid...for now.
Coraline Kozun (1 year ago)
Danothyus1 excuse me, but if I may the patrons debt is far from paid, and will most likely carry over into their next life of servitude. Such is the nature of an orzhov debt ;)
Dragon OftheNorth (3 years ago)
Willingmess (3 years ago)
I'm sort of curious now, would you consider also doing the shards of Alara and the clans of Tarkir?
Willingmess (3 years ago)
This song is awesomely fitting for the Orzhov! ...Especially when you consider some of the recent story. There's a lot more going on in this guild than meets the eye.
David Timmer (3 years ago)
Metal Gear Rising?
Armageddon3035 (3 years ago)
+David Timmer yes
EmicalFire055 (3 years ago)
Yes! This is by far my favorite. Mostly because I know the song from Revengance.
J.J .R (3 years ago)
thank you
Drakkari Lich (3 years ago)
Orzhov in a nutshell- "We'll make them an offer they can't refuse"
Sobosswagner (3 years ago)
Is Gruul next?
Fan of Most Everything (3 years ago)
I'm not sure how to feel about the Church of Deals rocking that hard, but I can't deny that the subject matter of the song was perfectly on point.
SecondDeath777 (2 years ago)
This comment is awesome for basically every reason.
Bolbra Px (2 years ago)
Fan of Most Everything perhaps it would be better to change the heavy metal for something like a pipe organ, wouldn't it?
Fan of Most Everything (2 years ago)
That I am.
genius11433 (2 years ago)
Wait a sec--are you the same FanOfMostEverything from FiMFiction?
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
+Fan of Most Everything 1:04 Donald Trump moment. lol
alaster boneman (3 years ago)
something tells me your a magic the gathering fan...its just a hunch but I feel im on the money. ;)
Itachi45481 (3 years ago)
its good my guild man my guild
WittyCrusader (3 years ago)
Pretty good. But I'm not letting my country control my soul
EnfuegoBeat (3 years ago)
So are there any definitive good guys in Magic. i don't know the lore so i have no idead which side is pure evil, misguided or good
Nathan Marcano (3 years ago)
+EnfuegoBeat Not really. Then again, I don't believe in definitively good and definitively evil, which is fitting, given the guild this video is about. Black usually represents some very bad elements, whereas White represents the polar opposite of that kind of thinking, but both have one very similar ideology; leave nothing behind.  I'd say for Ravnica, your best bet would be the Azorius, since they have a clear order, as well as seem to have the largest web of alliances (Boros to keep the city in control in conjunction with their own forces, Izzet to maintain it, to a certain degree the Golgari to keep it clean and feed the poor/homeless.) that I can think of. But even then, they have their dark side. Do one thing wrong? You're getting arrested. To them, you are not a person, but a walking violation of the law waiting to happen.
Xien Tau (3 years ago)
+EnfuegoBeat Read some of Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" Novels. I recommend the ones featuring a character called Sam Vimes, starting with "Guards! Guards!"
EnfuegoBeat (3 years ago)
+Danothyus1 I get what your saying
Danothyus1 (3 years ago)
the truth about ravnica is that almost every guild do a important job to mantain the city working, but they cant see that and think only their work is important. Azorius make the laws Boros keep the laws on check Orzhov keep the economy working Rakdos give the working hand for many lower jobs on the city Golgari take care of the sustain of the city Izzet build the city Selesnya take care of the non-guild ppl and nature simic take care of the nature and medical care Gruul protect the wild places on the plane Dimir(if you consider them a guild) take care of information.
EnfuegoBeat (3 years ago)
+Xien Tau I have no idea what you are talking about
GenPone (3 years ago)
BNik92 (3 years ago)
Can't help but think what'd be fitting for the Azureus. if Orzhov control the soul, then Azureus are certainly the ones after the mind and body,
Sir Brachidios (3 years ago)
+BNik92 auzurious are law makers and not really after the control of mind or body. They just force you to follow there rules thats mostly it.
BNik92 (3 years ago)
+BNik92 Azorius* Forgot their name for a moment there.
William Côté (3 years ago)
We only need a gigantic mecha now.
Alexander Wallace (3 years ago)
Yay! The Authoritarians get their time to shine in the land of Orzhov. Come learn great magic for the itty bitty cost of your free will and your undying loyalty. Enjoy your stay at Oceani....I mean Orzhov.
coolcat001100 (3 years ago)
Ugh... the Orzhov. Selfish pretenders with no sense of justice or righteousness.
CrystalTopazTiger (6 months ago)
Hey! Watch what you say about us! You still haven't paid your rent!
XXsirstrawhatXX (1 year ago)
just like our president!
Totodile Games (1 year ago)
coolcat001100 dam azorus Izzet master race
Coraline Kozun (1 year ago)
Tch, we are more just than the Azorius and more righteous than the Boros. We accept that the only real power is in faith, specifically in money. And with that, well, one can do anything.
Coraline Kozun (1 year ago)
Danothyus1 this one gets it ;)
Cody Hines (3 years ago)
for science?
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
Let's just say no one including myself can't gain life/heal (if it makes sense) and everyone's including my hp goes away quickly.
Cody Hines (3 years ago)
+UltraStinger16 Sorry, I'm not a player of Magic.
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
+Cody Hines I have a dangerous Rakdos deck so dangerous that I put myself in danger. Havoc Festival
Cody Hines (3 years ago)
+UltraStinger16 I probably listen to that one the most.
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
+Cody Hines You better get ready to DIE!!!
angbandsbane (3 years ago)
Do I even *want* to know what kind of college ball these guys played?
DarkCT (3 years ago)
...dang this is fitting for orzhov. as a Simic person myself, im.. intrigued. that said, id like to see what you'd do for the phyrexians as a whole.
The Frigid Centurion (3 years ago)
as someone who plays orzhov religiously (hehe get it) i love that you choose this song
Jonathan Bristor (2 years ago)
Daniel Cowan enter jontron saying "I don't get it"
Daniel Cowan (3 years ago)
*insert Josh saying "I get it!" here*
Blitz (3 years ago)
The music video is absolutely amazing! Even if this's probably not my type of song, but still, excellent production quality. :P
LyraWolf (3 years ago)
Amazingly accurate and you matched the artwork perfectly. Loved this =)
Marshall Garrett (3 years ago)
Love Orzhov! Can't wait to see Dimir.
Xien Tau (3 years ago)
+U.S. Marshall What is this "Dimir" of which you speak? I've never heard of a guild with such a name... ;) (Yeah, I wanna see it too! )
leopard eye (3 years ago)
Not my kind of song. But definitely very fitting for the orzhov.
Dragon Hero (3 years ago)
Not a bad one
Donn Gladwin (3 years ago)
josh that is the best one yet can you do the gruel next please
Daniel Cowan (3 years ago)
I have no words describing how awesome this is and how happy I am because of it. Orzhov for life!
Haden Wilson (1 year ago)
Izzet really though? :P
Amit Sugarman (3 years ago)
So there's only Gruul, Simic and Azorius left.
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
+Raymond Brasuell Well, the music video is not Bad, its different
Raymond Brasuell (3 years ago)
+Skyler Bean I'd go with Bad, by Michael Jackson.
Habeki (3 years ago)
UltraStinger16 (3 years ago)
If the Azorius were next, it'd be interesting to see what their song is
Habeki (3 years ago)
its until your next turn ......... Which can be confusing I know and i like it but when you play a creature with that ability people tend to focus them
xxx xxx (3 years ago)
Lyrics kinda fits but the music imo really does not.
Dante Phantom (3 years ago)
music amazing, art so beautiful
Sharp Kitsune (3 years ago)
Love every single one of these music videos you make! Badass music and a badass video!
Jon Paul Cuellar (3 years ago)
You're really making me want to try out Magic.
Franklin Stone (4 months ago)
So, like, this is a really late reply but Magic Arena is a great way to get introduced to MTG if you are still somewhat interested. Free to download, and you can grind your way to some good cards and cue times are usually within 10 seconds for a game. So, ignite your spark today(tm)!
Danny Gravdahl (3 years ago)
+JVB Better bet would be Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
Danothyus1 (3 years ago)
you can allways try some simulators, me and some friends tend to play on untapin or cockatrice.
superdimentiobrolyX (3 years ago)
it's a horribly addictive and expensive habit, you be been warned
Anthony Canizares (3 years ago)
+Sharp Kitsune it shall consume your body, mind, and soul like the Golgari.
The Nuclear Otaku (3 years ago)
So worth the wait!!! This kicked ass! Loved MGR music too. It bizarrely works despite the styles of music and guild clashing greatly. I personally cannot wait for Gruul, but hey, I'll settle for whatever's next. Keep up the stellar work, Josh.

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