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BigDawsTv (6 months ago)
Thank you guys for the support! I just dropped some new Merch, click the link & support the #FAM - https://bigdawsmerch.com 😁🤘🏼
Carmen Cirino (15 hours ago)
BigDawsTv nfL
Justin Y Gaming & More (26 days ago)
BigDawsTv ommmg i was the 1000th like, shoutout?
Shameer Sha (27 days ago)
Brenda Dutschke (1 month ago)
BigD awsTv
toshiro hitsugaya (3 hours ago)
Lil SomAtor (3 hours ago)
I certainly would do it except with these dogs : Labrador or retriever, Husky, German sherperd, border collie, or these races mixed, otherwise I would do it
Slay Kawaii Kaylee:3 (4 hours ago)
Call it would they choose money over there pup/dog????
Paul Kasper (4 hours ago)
He sounds like Nick Mercs
Sullivan Murphy (6 hours ago)
Why the #### would be sell his dog.
chee bona (6 hours ago)
If im an owner i would be more concern if the money is real
Teacup Blossom (6 hours ago)
I would never sell my dog money cannot buy happieness
How To Do Things (6 hours ago)
i'd sell my cat for $1000000 i have no cat lmao
XxOreoozz (10 hours ago)
It disgust me that someone would sell there dog for 100 grand they are a great part of family and that hurts
KÏNG Vlogington (12 hours ago)
Omg 5 million subs was in my city last year😂😂
Collin Sweet (13 hours ago)
Your cruel
Kostas (13 hours ago)
I woulddddd telll him keep 50 grandddddd and just give me 50 grand and takeee the fucking dogggg who gives a shitttt
Kyle Leonard (16 hours ago)
Poor poor Bernie
I’m a Potato (17 hours ago)
I wouldn’t even sell my dog for bill Gate’s bank account
Joe (17 hours ago)
I can tell who really loves their dogs and just likes them in this comments section. The ones who are like me and could never sell their dogs are the dog lovers. The ones who would take the 100,000 dollars just like their dogs.
Eoin English (17 hours ago)
Lol that guy who was willing to sell
gacha girl xox (18 hours ago)
omg that guy who was like "PERFECT" me: wtf
Coconut Cupcakes (19 hours ago)
I would have sold it
Simomba Gaming (22 hours ago)
That guy who wanted to sell his dog doesn’t love it he just wants money
FLOral A.S.M.R (22 hours ago)
I would not sell my dog for anything , she’s like no other dog , she does not fetch , she does not leave you alone and she is a beautiful crazy dog , I’ve had her for 5 years since I was 9 and I would not give her up for anything ever , no amount of money could buy my dog , not even if it was between the choice of being homeless and keeping my dog or living in a mansion without her ❤️❤️ dogs can change yourself and your life ❤️❤️
Did u really buy the dog?
IAmFreya (1 day ago)
I would never sell my pets even if it was for all the money in the world!
Hamza Hossam (1 day ago)
they could sell the dog for 100000 and then buy a new one by the 100000
Rudra Chavda (1 day ago)
Jodene T (1 day ago)
Ill sell you my dog for 10k, pickup asap
Karen (1 day ago)
I wouldn’t even sell any one of my dogs for 100 billion.
Harumbi Batista (1 day ago)
He probably owns a dog day care now
JennyThe Gamer (1 day ago)
I asked my dad, “dad, if you we’re walking bubble ( my dogs name) Guy went up to you and said can I buy your dog for $100,000 will you say yes?” Dad: of course! Me: starts crying...
is this in Chicago?
Tech Vlogs (1 day ago)
Bro get one of my exotic birds for 100k-1million
Gianna B (1 day ago)
That’s so sad that someone would sell there dog
Arzumanova Alfia (1 day ago)
W-Wh-Why did he... take the money for the dog...THAT'S JUST WRONG
I wouldn't sell my dog for all the money in the world so that man who said he would sell his dog for 100,000 clearly doesn't care about that poor animal! Thank god his wife was there or he would of went home without his dog 😂😂
Munteanu Ericc (1 day ago)
Yeah! If You ask me i Will sure say what They sayed
Doug VlogsYT (1 day ago)
Wierd Guy: I'll give you 1 million for your hot girlfriend Me: *Punches guy*
Stephanie Ayala (1 day ago)
Oh hell naw I will never sell my Labrador pitbull mix and my brindle pitbull mix ps.they are both loving sisters but the brindle is dying because she got hit by a car then she got so many surgeries and had to take pills and the a bad infection caused by the surgery made her be dying so yeah I’m really sad and my dad does not want to take her so they can kill her he wants her to live but she is dying so she is just miserable
Kevin Rios (1 day ago)
Actually, I would sell my dog for 50 to be honest. In a heartbeat.
Crafts 4 Kids (1 day ago)
That makes me mad when he said he would sell the dog my dog is my LIFE partner I would not sell her for 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars
Mr. Legendary (1 day ago)
Take my wife cat for a dollar fuck it 😂😂😂✌️
Not even for a Google
The Slushy Cuber (1 day ago)
If I knew this experiment was about to happen with me, I would buy a dog for about 500 bucks and sell it for a 100K... Business!
Panda Bärchen (1 day ago)
Für kein Geld der Welt würde ich mein Hund verkaufen, er ist mein Baby 😍
William Ingemann (1 day ago)
I Will not Well my dog for 999999999999
ixi_hirogachi (2 days ago)
I would think the guy wants to cook and eat my dog 😂
Maria saMa (2 days ago)
$100,000 for dog doesn't seem logical .. maybe most of them knew that it was some kind of a prank .. people would do anything for money
Victor Barcellos (2 days ago)
If were in Brazil, people would sell easly for 1000 dollars
Jayda A (2 days ago)
Omg lol I would take the 100 thousand🤷🏼‍♀️💕
Tammy Wells (2 days ago)
Omg lol
Jessica Fordham (2 days ago)
I would only sell my dog for all the money in the world
Cadence Dee (2 days ago)
Human : Would u sell ur dog for a 1 million? Human:No sorry Human: would u sell ur human for 1 million dollars? Dog: I’ll do it for a treat
just had magic (2 days ago)
I would never sell my dog even for a 100 million dollars
Tiger Lilly 0503 (2 days ago)
If someone came up to me trying to bribe me into selling my dog I'd be like B*CH NO THIS DOG IS MY LIFE.... my dog was born the same time as me... and it's a pure husky
No Bozos (2 days ago)
So funny. We had a family dog that I couldn't stand, and would sell him in a minute, but I would never be able to face my wife and kids.
H Gaming (2 days ago)
Who would ever sell there dog! It’s apart of there family and you should be loyal the people why sell there dogs for money have no heart.
Izack Izack (3 days ago)
Buy a dog from someone is like buying a kid from somone
DIMITRIS Filipopoulos (2 days ago)
Yeah!They live the poor dogs!
RaxDen YT (3 days ago)
2:28 Did the dog smell his private part?
RaxDen YT (3 days ago)
I will for 1 billion dollars lol
Helix Gaming (3 days ago)
2:00 if i was her i would slap him across the face
Bangtan Army (3 days ago)
I'd kick their ass, for people who will exchange their dog for money. It shows how terrible of a human being you are and you shouldn't be effin proud about it. This heartless type of people are the reason I lost faith in humanity
Katastic1234 (3 days ago)
Do you give the dogs back if they say yes?
Victoria Stoyanova (3 days ago)
I had a dog and we weren't able to take care of him so we gave him to a really nice family. They offered us money but we said "NO, we are not selling him because he is not just a thing you can sell, we are giving him to you because we want a better future for him".
Calvin Thendean (3 days ago)
1:49 ur a bad owner
Karla Shea Maria (4 days ago)
My brothers are free
Lydia Foskey (4 days ago)
That's crazy asf I wish u would've took lucky from me I was homeless he got stolen read it on my go fund me www.gofundme.com/homelessprostitute I got pictures of me and him in our house then in a tent
Ronny Hernandez (4 days ago)
Lmao, never l would leave in sale to my dog lol
I love Wannables (4 days ago)
For me I would let you buy it because if I get that money I could buy another one but I’m gonna miss my old one that I gave you
Amlex Cringy (4 days ago)
I wouldn’t let u take my dog for a trillion actually google plex Cause I love her Love ya georgie
Marlie Barrie (4 days ago)
1:39 stupid guy
CGG (4 days ago)
I would never. I have 4 cats (2 babies and 2 adults) I would never sell them for a million.
Michael Hull (4 days ago)
No one can have my dog but my mother in law for free
Vechell Queen (23 hours ago)
Michael Hull lol
Ellyne Dube (5 days ago)
Who would automatically sell a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog????
DatIceBear IceBear (5 days ago)
I love people , beacause there not selfish and give there dog!!there dog loves them💞but,the owners dont know that.so they sell them.its very heartbreaking that,people will sell there dogs that love them and think,that there his mom,and dad,and some people do the right thing.they do not give,there dogs or sons.witchever they keep them,too love them too take care of them.and play with them!💞dogs love you they wouldn’t bare too loose you beacuase they love you.with all there HEARTS 💕so,please dont give them away they love you and they think your there mom and dad💞💕
Haško Piragić (5 days ago)
2:00 Same woman in the back
Jazmine Pringal (6 days ago)
Nah that's not the important dude
Ajay Sindhu (6 days ago)
Still there are people who ain't just people but shows what it takes to be human! Great people who didn't sell their 🐶 I appreciate these good human beings!
Why the hell would you try and buy the most wonderul thing in everyones life from innocent people
Auri Grgich (7 days ago)
I would dump that man right away if he just right away sold his dog like that 😤 you could take everything away from me and I would never give my dog up 🥰 I love her
Gamingwith Nikki (8 days ago)
Omg he actually did it!
Janana (8 days ago)
Wow. I could never sell my little dog even for 1 Million. I´m so glad noone actually did it!
Ailbhe Cousins (8 days ago)
Never should u ever sell ur dog. Not even 4 1 million dollars. The dog is going 2 b used 4 breeding
Ezri Lopes (9 days ago)
If someone asked to buy my dog I'd pull her closer say NO and walk away immediatley. But if someone offered me all the money in the world for her I'd take it and then buy her back and get her her own h house.
Ellie K (9 days ago)
My parents said they'd sell my dog for a heartbeat so I'm really even afraid of going out with my dog now.
pugsely arnold (9 days ago)
My dogs a Maltese Cross foxie
Toxic 123 (9 days ago)
Fuck the dog lol i get 100k
Kate Quinn (9 days ago)
Alicia Liu (9 days ago)
It's just so sad how they would sell their dog for $100,000.
Emily-J (9 days ago)
Okay litterally, what the fuck is wrong with people. Like a dog has so much love for you. Think about the guilt?! Like... imagine if you were the dog and someone said yes
That One Tomboy (10 days ago)
Honey we're gonna sell Bernie for 100 grand! Like wtf is wrong with this dude
Mikey XO (10 days ago)
The people who sell their dog are absolute FUCKS (mind my language pleas...)
random or am i? (10 days ago)
If I had a dog for like a day yeah sure but other than that no fuck you
Goh Vivian (10 days ago)
I would never sell my dog
Karlie Gonzales (10 days ago)
I can’t believe anyone would ever sell their dog they are part of the family you wouldn’t sell your sister or dad
jevil (11 days ago)
All the owners are so loyal it makes me happy
Brina Mendoza (11 days ago)
“Babe we’re selling Bernie!!” Lmfao
Unicorn Angels (11 days ago)
I won't Even sell mine for 1,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Xxell smellxX (11 days ago)
At 3:04 that lady in the car opens her window lol she’s nosey
Addy Kannisto (11 days ago)
Aw this is so sweet but I feel baddddddddddddd
Klara Bonnier-Fryksén (11 days ago)
1:25 I wanna kick him so hard

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