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BigDawsTv (8 months ago)
Thank you guys for the support! I just dropped some new Merch, click the link & support the #FAM - https://bigdawsmerch.com 😁🤘🏼
Rubberchaznator 1 (19 days ago)
Good vid man keep it up such a good Youtuber 👌🏼👍🏼🥂💯
Angie Tumeth (28 days ago)
I just subscribed
Tim Winchester (1 month ago)
Bro, when you do some new videos, get in touch with me on Instagram- Ohsoextra07 I got some lit beats you can use .. I'm a producer and I just got a beat off to some Miami reggaeton artist . They are pretty well known out there. Hit me if interested.
Tory Cintron (1 month ago)
BigDawsTv k
Lil High (1 month ago)
People r so dumb thanks god for makin me this genius..iwould myself
Marvin Nash (5 hours ago)
0:55 LMAO. Guy waited for his girl to say no before he did it himself. Was totally up for the sale ^^.
Totally Not Arctic (9 hours ago)
I’m glad to see these people really love their dogs
Alex Murphy (13 hours ago)
they say "no" because it is a hypothetical situation, but if they see the real money and Dawson gives them his telephone number, I bet you in a few days they call him
hussein berro (14 hours ago)
INFINITY (21 hours ago)
My dog died off age ,and I never pet anything after that .but I can sell you cats that live around my house .
I prefer dogs more than people...
Vasco (1 day ago)
I wouldn’t accept even for 1 billion dollars
music in the end please?
Hud does gaming (1 day ago)
why don't you just buy a dog with your $100'000
Marwa Aden (1 day ago)
Stop asking just buy a dog it's the easiest thing to do you have a hundred grand
Miss Miss (1 day ago)
2:00 i dont know what to say...so disappointed in humans,he doesn’t deserve him...
T Rob (1 day ago)
yo he ain't asked the right person,im sorry but for 100,000 I'd b like take her baby!!!
Juan Diego Zamora (1 day ago)
James Royal (1 day ago)
He looks like karim benzema
Khaani Ssaaax (1 day ago)
2019 anyone??(lol I'm so late) plus the guy the called his wife ain't very loyal to his dog Like if u agree
Georgie Porge (1 day ago)
Poor dog 🐕 ☹️
shashankjp88 (2 days ago)
they will sell their spouse but not dogs.. without dogs the western society will become even more lonely mentally and go crazy.. good part is that they know it very well. The asian guy doesn't have same emotional needs hence is okay with selling
Reddevil Howton (2 days ago)
I can’t believe he would sell his dog for 100k he has no soul ☹️😢😭
I felt so bad for Bernie! That juda betrayed him...
Aaromal K.J (2 days ago)
You can make a Girlfriend by giving 100,000 but no one will be willing to do it for a dog.
Jocelyn Arana (2 days ago)
I wonder what ever happens to the other one who wanted to sell the dog
Yannah Lam (3 days ago)
This is a rude video. Asking people who actually got dogs out of pounds and you haven’t dared to go to go adopt at a pound. Rude.
Dark Knight (3 days ago)
Why didn't he just give the homeless dog food?
LJ Domino (3 days ago)
"I cannot live with a thousand dollars thinking i just gave her away" i felt that Thats not exact tho
Elise M (3 days ago)
Jahangir Khan (3 days ago)
hehehe i would send dogs how much you want for just 1 dollar from Pakistan we have a lots of dogs over here getting bored in Pakistan. Please come and take all of them. No body here needs dogs because they have got kids and parents and wives and they have to give time to them. We dont have time for dogs so dogs are useless in Pakistan. I will send to you free of cost hahaha
Guuserony NL (3 days ago)
Sub 2 PewDiePie
Windi winarta (3 days ago)
4:15 Bernie love that man but didn't know his owner want sell him 😭
Windi winarta (3 days ago)
Because it's like sell my son/daughter 😂😂
I'll give you 80 million For your dog! Ok!. Man goes and buys Another dog!. Boxer Puppy for $400.
Adarsh Subramanian (3 days ago)
Why was this video recommended now to all of us?? Creepy
I will sell my dog for 100k
Adrian Fazo (2 days ago)
You spoiled little shit.
Wtf,they just don’t care about their own dogs.
Emma Grace (3 days ago)
Poor Bernie 😂 😞
Aleena Valdez (3 days ago)
I love my dog so hack naw
Clara Haller (4 days ago)
omg I LOVE dogs🐶❤😍
Vishal Sarin (4 days ago)
3:26 what are they doing in the car?
Manali Samant (4 days ago)
My dog just passed away yesterday after 13yrs of togetherness so I know how it feels too loose them.Money can't buy life,life is way more precious than money.
MysticZ ___ (4 days ago)
The Asian Guy is an ashole as every asian against Cats and Dogs
Robbe Vdb (4 days ago)
2:00 he loves more money than a dog You can’t do that
Alex William (4 days ago)
FYI Bigdawstv pranks are all set up before hand.
why not (5 days ago)
They were too nice to the prankster i would choke him to death if he asked me that question.
MimkoRT (5 days ago)
Oh 1:54
Mike Rotchburns (5 days ago)
I wouldn't sell my dog for the world!!!
Big Chungus (5 days ago)
This is like asking people to get rid of their heart for 1,000,000 dollars Even if you become rich you're already dead
Skyland128 (5 days ago)
"Just say you lost the dog" "I know" "Hey babe i sold Bernie for 100K" worst ever 😂
Jake Wils (6 days ago)
I love my dog... but 100k... she'd like her new home
The1 AndOnlyChavez (6 days ago)
2:40 mothafucka looks like fouseytube
Rashed S (6 days ago)
10k is fine to sell my dog
Jose B (6 days ago)
My dog was my only friend
Pengamat SepakBola (6 days ago)
Rich Altenhoff (6 days ago)
Omg that one guy wants to sell his dog for money how cruel
James Norrington (7 days ago)
Never put a price tag on a pet
kim and pc albrecht (8 days ago)
I would never sell my dog I love her to death not even 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars or even world peace not even anything NEVER that may not even be a number but not even that
john khobung (8 days ago)
Money can't buy love after all...
Sandeep singh (8 days ago)
I can't understand what you say
Niveda Lenu (8 days ago)
2:03 he's so rude to his dog
ETHAN IBACH (9 days ago)
How could some sick person give up there dog for money sick sick people
ETHAN IBACH (9 days ago)
And his dog was so cute
limitz_ raptor (9 days ago)
I will never sell my dog for 100.00 or a million 🐶💙
Parmelon Playz (9 days ago)
That one guy.. 😐😂
Amy Galloway (9 days ago)
I would never sell any of my pets, wow people
Avi A (9 days ago)
Can you sell someone from your family ! No right!.. Easy answer.
Axel Segovia (9 days ago)
I would never sell my dog Cuz I don't have one
Lal Kim (10 days ago)
My dog is got killed 😖
Dumb Haze (10 days ago)
wtf is that matthew santoro ? 2:40 😂
The Jingo (10 days ago)
You don't sell your food.........
Trent LaCompte (11 days ago)
I'm sry, but I'd sell my dog for 100k without a thought.
Jollyzies (11 days ago)
0:25 the licence plate is ruffs like a dog goes ruff
iiDeputy Law 127 (11 days ago)
1:30 did u acctually take that dog? Edit: wow that dude cares about money more than a dog sad I might get a dog in next week and no one is going try and take my dog for 100k
Enzo Warren (12 days ago)
I have a dog. She’s a family member. Selling her is unthinkable.
William Fugere (13 days ago)
This is how I felt when my parents got rid of my cat
The Jingo (10 days ago)
You're lucky they didn't kill it, I know I would
Wolf Blood (13 days ago)
People are crazy those are only dogs ahaha this is ridiculous
I will seal my dog and buy another dog from this mony ; If I don’t have a principle 👌🏻
Zach Khan (13 days ago)
That Asian guy probably just sold his dinner for a 100K.
Gamer Plays (13 days ago)
Money will not goona be with you forever but dog will🙃
Debbie Cutler (13 days ago)
That guy would sell his puppy for money I have a dog and I would refuse the money
gamingmc (14 days ago)
my doge left me 2 days ago like he deid and i cry
KingWa7ch (14 days ago)
They know he wont do it for real... If the Things turn officials all of them will just sell a stupid dog and get another one
Vance L. Gilmore (14 days ago)
100 grand? Here's the leash. His name is Ninja.
Pj Timogan (14 days ago)
because america is not the other country. the love animals. god bless america
wowkwowk (15 days ago)
I'll sell for a fucken 1000$
wowkwowk (15 days ago)
People are fucken stupid
gamardog 1234 (15 days ago)
god if i was a dog my parents would have sold me for 1$ xd
Samuel DeRocher (16 days ago)
chetapple (17 days ago)
10 Dollars is good cash
Arya zareei (19 days ago)
That is fucking bullshit, these people are so stupid.
Lucy & hannah (20 days ago)
I’ll exchange my brother but NEVER MY DOGS haha jk I wouldn’t sell my brother either
TheMrMussolini . (20 days ago)
I wonder if that guy that wanted to sell the dog got his money
REBEL2654 (20 days ago)
2:46 HEY Vsauce Michael here
Dionie O. (22 days ago)
100,000 dollars for your dog NO Why? *because he’s my best friend*
David Friedel (22 days ago)
Make a baby
CHOKO ! (23 days ago)
Ok heres a sad story that happend to me First my dog named duchess got ran over by a car 😭. Second my doh named leon uad to leave because my grandma was scared of him and he always had to be alone Third my dog ling my mom gave him away for NO REASON then i cryed and instill am
Paris Alanah (23 days ago)
“Babe we’re selling Bernie for 100 Grand”
caring about dogs but not about humans
Eminem Fan (23 days ago)
I would never sell my pug at all!!!... But you can take my brother for free....along with a $100,000!!!😂
thechannelaverycreated (23 days ago)
I feel bad for Bernie.
Wolfie (24 days ago)
Those that would sell their dog, doesn't deserve to have a dog.
Demian Gatica (24 days ago)
Who gives a fuck about that guy, the ratio is probably 3000000000>1 who would do something like that. Good always wins.
Taylor Rose (24 days ago)
My answer “ NOOOO!!! Not my doggy! I love him wayyyyyyy to much.”

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