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10000 BC blind man

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this is clip from 10000 bc, when they take out blind man and he starts talking very funny.
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Selcan Ekici (7 months ago)
He is not funny he is so adorable and very realistic! He has to show the pain he felt
Beth black (8 months ago)
The whole theater erupted with laughter back in 2008 over this. Granted it was mostly teenagers
radee wilkes (9 months ago)
The funniest scene on the movie
Eugene Thani (1 year ago)
ahi timhaka tamathlarhi Mani Ku hava angahlulala xikwembu the scene
S Ro (2 years ago)
Festus Shuudeni A (2 years ago)
i think thats Nakale.
Inayat Ali (2 years ago)
nice name 10000bc
Katrina Kriess (5 years ago)
This is an actual language, it's called Oshikwanyama. I understand every word he is saying.
KING LP (3 years ago)
Silva Shikalepo (3 years ago)
What they're talking about
Silva Shikalepo (3 years ago)
myb it's or it sound like,,, am not understand it very well
Thipungu Stephanus (4 years ago)
Lol,I wish I was.
Katrina Kriess (4 years ago)
+nehale muteka well than your oshikwanyama is a bit off. You're mos a mbwiti.
BikendiOfficial (5 years ago)
blind man looks like dotta Coppa
I, Dissonance (5 years ago)
haha :D, i remember i watched this movie at the theater when it just came out, i couldn't stop laughing, but everyone was looking angry at me because of that
skizzz1 (6 years ago)
this part was funny
James Stevenson (6 years ago)
When I saw this scene I thought he was complainng about how bad his room was.
Mopja100 (6 years ago)
apocalypto full movie is on the right :D
Sand Slenderer (6 years ago)
@SirianKings Those, somewhat, Farao's with the dresses and shit
Seagrams Gingerale (7 years ago)
Ahahaha. When I saw this with my friends, everyone in the theater started laughing.
thoostorm4 (7 years ago)
@Cradzee32 so your a boring phuk
panatrax (8 years ago)
@SirianKings i have no idea, i forgot :D
hyperdamon (8 years ago)
ahahahah the greatest scene in a movie ever
Jordan Hall (8 years ago)
and at 2:10 the one black dude jus look up like WHAT???? FORREAL???? XD
panatrax (9 years ago)
don't worry, it's here cuz it's funny...highlight of the movie. in whole that seroius movie that blind guy came and when he started to talk everybody just exploded :D
Ahjahta McDuffie (9 years ago)
Lmao!!! Im sorry, but that was funny. I dont mean to make fun of anybody for the way they talk or look, but it was funny!
Rhianna Stewart (9 years ago)
Loooolsz I Really Thought I Was The Only Person Who Nearly Started Crying When I Saw Him - Who Plays Him In The Film By The Way??
WooHoo IGodRed524 (1 year ago)
Rhianna Stewart dave chapelle earned the role 😂😂😂
princesscrissi (1 year ago)
Rhianna Stewart I have always wondered aswell😅
panatrax (9 years ago)
me too but i was cutting this in nero and it didn't allow me to make it shorter, i know this is boring, i hate waiting whole minute to see it
VersusFF (9 years ago)
plus its funny bcuz this was the point of the movie when you think "how can this movie get any worse?" then the blind guys speaks and you just shake you head and walk out lol. at least thats what i did.
emzyh (10 years ago)
hahha, this movie was so bad but this has to be the best bit. it's one of those moments when you know you shouldn't laugh but its just so funny. "this is the man we keep hidden under the floor!" i knew it was going to be laughs after that...
panatrax (10 years ago)
for you maybe it isn't but others like it
conyo985 (10 years ago)
This scene is funny because the scenes before this part is so dragging that when this scene appears it will make you laugh.
Klaus Oldrich (10 years ago)
i wet myself when i saw this it is so funny!! pmsl cheers for uploadin it
Marc Y (10 years ago)
whts funny?
Anansi (10 years ago)
xD xD xD
panatrax (10 years ago)
ur welcome, i'm glad i helped you
pearluver (10 years ago)
funniest scene in the whole movie icouldnt stop laughing xD
Sam Sutton (10 years ago)
haha i know!
panatrax (10 years ago)
don't worry, you're not the only one, i'm sure there are more people who don't think this is funny. we like it and that's it
sebby1991 (10 years ago)
ahahahaha i agree best bit in movie
Necrastis (10 years ago)
holy shit where can I get mushrooms?
Naughtyexcellento (10 years ago)
I laughed at how he spoke and how they stored him underneath the floorboards
Sonia Roman (10 years ago)
OH MY GOD! when i saw this movie in theaters i couldn't stop laughing!!!!
5tar6lino (10 years ago)
could not stop laughing when I saw this..Probably best part of the movie...his voice is just tooooooo funny...and I cant believe someone is translating it!!! ROFL
panatrax (10 years ago)
hahaha da jel se sićan, sad si me upravo sitila i ne mogu se prestat smijat. miii miii miiii
Anansi (10 years ago)
haaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaa!!! jese sićaš kako san se pokrila rukavom?? rofl!
panatrax (10 years ago)
my friends and i thought we were the only one laughing at this but then i saw others asking for this clip and i just had to see him again and again cuz he is so funny
panatrax (10 years ago)
haha exactly that, his voice is just...lol, and i've noticed that other "god's" servants have similar voice
Manuel Dufresne (10 years ago)
i never seen such a funny thing. This part of the movie is so serious. How are we gonna save the thousands of slave? Ask the little blind man he will know : Mi mi miii mi mi miiii!
stainboy136 (10 years ago)
me and my friends could not stop laughing... lol, what a terrible movie though
FixxerAce (10 years ago)
I laughed hysterically at this part, the highlight for me, in what is a shit film. Bloody hilarious
Klaus Oldrich (10 years ago)
same ere i cudnt stop for the rest of the film lmfao
panatrax (10 years ago)
lol, yes and he is sleeping so they wake the poor guy
joshig1983 (10 years ago)
I like how the blind man spends his whole life stored away in a compartment like a folded towel or toolbox.
Krizma LFC (10 years ago)
I laughed 15 min at the theather!
norekaps (10 years ago)
funniest shit ever....saw this film with ma mates yesterday. such a crap film, then this part came. i laughed for 15 minutes straight and started crying. didn't help when ma mate started doing it himself lol
norekaps (10 years ago)
LOLLLLLLLLLLLL went with ma mates yesterday to watch this. such a crap film, then this came on. I laughed for 15 minutes STRAIGHT and it didn't help when ma mate kept doing it himself
asaspades18 (10 years ago)
Me and my mate were the only ones laughing our asses off at this part....we just exploded!!
TheSilentMan 226 (10 years ago)
Thanks. Was hoping this'd be posted here. Downright hilarious.
panatrax (10 years ago)
i know, he is so funny and his movements are hilarious while he talks about serious things...i can't stop watching it
panatrax (10 years ago)
hehe same here, my friends and i laughed for about 10 minutes

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