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Alexander McQueen | Spring/Summer 2015 | Runway Show

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http://www.alexandermcqueen.com - Alexander McQueen 2015 Spring/Summer Collection Two light boxes suspended above a black lacquered wood floor are dominated by Marc Quinn’s painted bronze orchids. The collection is inspired by a personal and treasured collection of antique kimonos featuring Geisha and blossom pink, lantern red, black and in engineered silk jacquards, knits, chiffon, organza and leather. Kimono florals and kite prints feature alongside marquetry leather, silk embroidered cherry blossom and hand painted petals. Banded black, silver and pink snakeskin sandals with lacquered soles hover above a Perspex heel. Hair is Samurai inspired, tied in a high ponytail and fresh faces are cast in black lacquer frames. Sculptures: Marc Quinn, Etymology of Desire and Prehistory of Desire, 2010, courtesy of White Cube
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Text Comments (88)
Ricky Khor (26 days ago)
this was 4yrs ago but I definitely think it's next year. very fashion forward
Javier Gregori (2 months ago)
solo puedo decir ke me encanta extrafalario ,genial oscuro y muy sofisticado grande alexander
Lovely Skull (2 months ago)
Did the last gown say Lee?
CALIDEE HOLMES (5 months ago)
Oh helll no...hell to tha nooooo😥😨😲😭👎👎👎👎
AZMIE (1 year ago)
music name?
Evelim Maria (1 year ago)
Marco Giusti (1 year ago)
Thank yours for fashion and recomandetion Giusti Marco ou Marc te painter et sa magie inspire de Paris le peintre et pas seulement merci ciao bye e.cetra merci Paris en décidera et pas seulement
Dougy Green (2 years ago)
Calvin Klein and Erdem hijacked the Death Star. You're welcome.
patr70 (2 years ago)
This is a sexy, beautiful, sleek collection. Very rich. I am surprised at the comments.
alex savrosa (3 years ago)
sarah burton's collection sometimes is not as strong as alexander mcqueen.... but our hero is dead lets move on....
Carlos Henderson (3 years ago)
hos the music artist?
Carlos Barrera (3 years ago)
Sarah is doing an amazing job at keeping the McQueen brand going. Sure she's not Lee and no one can ever replace him. She's the most qualified person to be designing for the label.
XflowerXqueenX x (3 years ago)
omg this is on stardoll ;D
Nikole Giordano (3 years ago)
I     LOVE     IT.  I LOVE McQueen.
Arthur Germanotta (3 years ago)
he died and tha's so obvious
George Marinho Marques (3 years ago)
ITS not Mcqueen anymore, You should change the label
salvadorlaguna (8 months ago)
George Marinho Marques Cmon guy! What u expect her do, reinvent the wheel?
slimane beniza (3 years ago)
Viva Alexandre MCQUEEN
Purple Nymphe (4 years ago)
The models walked like they either feared they would fall, the shoes were heavy or the floor was slippery. I like some of the pieces but don't get anything from this show. To be honest I find Sarah Burton overrated. This collection has nothing to do with McQueen and is a misrepresentation of what he visualized as an artist.
Sarvesh Kumar (4 years ago)
yes they should use the name of sir alexendra mc queen they are showing the third level of designing.
Karen Webb (4 years ago)
Loved the clothing loved the set but the masks ???
NSproductions (4 years ago)
Well... the models sure looked like cryptic robots in kimonos. Didn't seem very diverse, kind of the same thing over and over in small variations
Walter peralta (4 years ago)
Alexander Mcqueen (marca) cada vez se aleja de Alexander Mcqueen. Una verdadera Lástima.
Lisa Mendez (4 years ago)
Bondage orchid bot? I couldn't finish the show either.
lyl yuan (4 years ago)
Disappointing design
Adis Minaei (4 years ago)
Did I just actually watch this or was it a dream. Are you kidding? McQueen would freak out if he was still alive. Worst collection in McQueen History. 
Lana Crowley (4 years ago)
It's sad but I thought I was the only one seeing the same shapes and patterns since she took the head of McQ, all the collections look exactly the same, I know she's not Lee but damn Sarah should take more risks I don't know 
T. B. (4 years ago)
I don't why, but I found this tedious. I could not finish watching it. I don't know if it was the video editing or the clothes.  
Luminous Mystery (4 years ago)
For me it was both the rather dull collection and the very ordinary staging. His shows used to be a piece of theatre. This is soulless.
CLICK Christopher (4 years ago)
The music was was awesome 
AZMIE (1 year ago)
name of music?
Demi Heng (4 years ago)
so now I know where Sakura's outfit came from
bb Kerr (4 years ago)
Reminded me of Ninjas /Japan.
roxxylala26 (4 years ago)
Lee is gone and all his Avant gard showmanship! Burton, if she tried to even come close , she would be ridiculed and probably thrown to the wolves by his most ardent fans. I actually like the collection. Still kinda of edgy with class. Sorry but he sadly took his own life and left for Burton to try to pick up the pieces. Maybe they should try to find a more creative designer behind the name McQueen or shut it down but I believe it's fine. We are never gonna recapture the great talent that was Lee was and his creations!
Tobu Kobuta (4 years ago)
Well... I actually think Burton is doing a very well job. Yes, she isn't Lee, but she worked with him almost 12 years! She designs with the style of McQueen, she does a great job and finally (again) she is not Lee, she is Sarah!!! She also has right of design by herself way
orangewedges (3 years ago)
+Adrian Madarieta So I know I'm very late in replying since your comment is 7 months old, but having just seen the McQueen F/W 2016/17 show, I can say I have to agree. Her strongest collections were, IMHO, the year right after Lee passed away. Following that, she just got weaker and weaker and is no longer representing McQueen. I could mistaken any of her new collections for some other label and her ideas are far too safe. Her recent collection of butterflies and leather was so mundane, I had to fast forward through it. I know people really enjoyed it but if she's working under the McQueen house, take risks! Do something different, radical, and crazy and be talked about. That's what Lee did and would have done were he still here with us today.
Adrian Madarieta (3 years ago)
Yes she's not Lee but she's carrying his name. Alexander McQueen was known for his theatrics. She shoiuld at least make her creations more theatrical.
Emanuel Mancini (4 years ago)
This is the less creative collection ever.  I know, this isn't about art, it's simply fashion. I've seen a dark japanesse minimalism 9:20 minutes of video, full of desing looping and a desperated ideas to keep the name of Alexander McQueen on the fashion trends: and we all know that this kinda thing is a faliure, not a catwalk. Alexander used to be the most creative designer on the fashion industry, he used to mix art, performance and fashion all at once, and you all are just bringing nothing but the shade of his desings. Nothing will erase the essence of Alex's runways, but you guys are really screwing up all his work with this kind of shows in his name. 
Lukimw Hollow (4 years ago)
i liked the japanesse, samurai idea..but i was hoping for more. if Alexander McQueen was alive this clothes were not going on display on a fashion show that has his name on
Hana- Nanah (4 years ago)
Anna malik malik (4 years ago)
I love love it Wow :-)
Ariel Winns (4 years ago)
When will it be the day designers finally accept natural women bodies for what they are and we stop watching those souless skeletons with no expression on their faces walking by?
Boom Chicka (4 years ago)
+Ariel Winns Have you seen Nicole Richie at her skinniest? Lindsay Lohan at her thinnest? That is what anorexia looks like. These are regular slim, long, lean women and nothing to go "OMGGGG ANOREXIA" at when you see one at the mall. Just stop this foolishness. The regular size of a woman is not what you see today, with thunder thighs bigger then men thighs and wide arms. Unfortunately North America is suffering from a crisis where people are gaining weight and what a normal female or male body used to be 10-15 years ago is now way bigger and completely different. I've seen very thin, anorexic looking girls on runways before but the girls in this video are not anything near that. 
Ariel Winns (4 years ago)
no, boom, there´sa difference between fat, obese, slim, skinny and skeleton-like anorexic. I dont support obesity of course, all extreams are unhealthy. 
Boom Chicka (4 years ago)
How are these women skeletal? Maybe today's women are just too fucking fat. A few years ago size 16 WASN'T the average size... That was considered to be a chubby size. Now that the people are getting fatter and fatter they expect models and the fashion world to change with them... No bitches. Get on a diet. 
stancexpunks (4 years ago)
They already are. Look at balmain. Olivier's current muse is kim k.
Aamna Irfan (4 years ago)
Agree completely, girls are more than hangers.
primadonna. (4 years ago)
putrikalimantan (4 years ago)
I actually love this collection. Wearable, yet still dark and edgy. You can't only be creative without commercialism.
Imanii Moore (4 years ago)
they need a avante garde designer for the house of mcqueen but then again they have to think about the client most ppl arent gonna wear outlandish outfits from mcqueen so wearable clothes is the key
Imanii Moore (4 years ago)
her clothes starting to lok the same every season the shoes are hot and the mask
again ethnics, and 70s....Japanese ethnics in the 70s, it is not simple collection, but boring, Sarah Burton, I believed in you .. but...
Nester Gonzalez (4 years ago)
Sarah Burton, I mean this in the nicest of ways but you really should step down from the Alexander McQueen name, or make a collection that is worthy to have the Alexander McQueen name behind it. What happened to the avant garde, the drama, the wow factor, The new and different design!!! All the pieces in this collection have already been made by other designers there's nothing new or bold or different about it... I remember waiting for the original Alexander McQueen shows week after week to come out I would wish that they would never end, but now when I see your collections I wish you would end sooner then later. It's collections like this that make me think what happened to the art and fashion! So many people would kill to be in the position you're in, and it's so sad how you're not using it and taking advantage of the gift that Alexander McQueen gave to you.
mauricio53709598 (4 years ago)
name the first song? please 
Divo_91 (4 years ago)
The Wow fantasy factor is missing completely... I'm talking about dramatic structured and exaggerated silhouettes and theatre. This is just "Pretty + Trying to be edgy" . I'm sure sales would increase because of feasability and craftsmanship, but please change the name , it's seriously not mcQueens blood to have a show that's.... "nice"
B Dodi (4 years ago)
Rock'n Roll Lee...simply WoW
Davide C (4 years ago)
billybuzy (4 years ago)
i find her works somehow repetitive
What's the first song of this show?
North Right (3 years ago)
Hey can you please identify the music used in the 2015/2016 women's show? The live music that is. Thanks so much!
Garçon Aussiize (4 years ago)
'Kodama' by Haruomi Hosono (from the O.S.T. Tales of Genji) 'Red Sex' by Vessel 'Fairy Link' by Susumu Yokota 'Drowned In Water And Light' by Vessel 'Shambala Tsushin' by Haruomi Hosono and the Yellow Magic Band 'Soul Love' by David Bowie
Diana Alvirde (4 years ago)
This makes me very very very sad
Robert Lawlor (4 years ago)
Shauni Adekoya (4 years ago)
Goodness, McQueen has become so boring. I had hope for Burton in the first couple of years but really, this is a highly neutered version of the McQueen brand. There's just no spectacle anymore, and a lot of the things we can see here are just repeats of previous collections. Not very exciting.
Axel Balsan (4 years ago)
She's not Alexander, she's Sarah and she's not going to design like Alexander McQueen, that's crazy. People need accept that.
namch1988 (4 years ago)
She is not absolute. She is the designer of the brand but they put her limits on what is more convenient in terms of sale. It is still McQueen but the show" and the no wearable pieces it's unnecessary for the owners now.
Bobster92 (4 years ago)
Still love McQueen no doubt, but not my fave collection.
Cougars Pride (4 years ago)
Alexander McQueen was my all time FAVORITE fashion house. I'm not as pleased or surprised , I'm tired of those lace up ankle boots , leather bodice tops, them poufs chiffon cut skirts , she used in 2012 spring. Don't get my wrong this is a very nice clean tailored collection for Sarah, not The label McQueen.
Cougars Pride (4 years ago)
Andddd she used leather bodices in 2014 spring.
Pablo M ́t (4 years ago)
What happend with Sarah Burton??
Allyou37 (4 years ago)
they shouldn't use the Alexander McQueen name because its not on the same level as Alexander McQueen was !!! This is barbarism !!!
Yitao Wang (1 year ago)
couldn't touch by those collections just feel no passion in it anymore
Ramlan Ahmad (4 years ago)
Luminous Mystery (4 years ago)
Definitely. His own collections were his unique vision. She is not in the same league, just trading off his reputation. Why does she not start her own label?
J. Bee (4 years ago)
it's time for sarah burton to step down and let someone else take the reigns. this is not longer mcqueen. it hasnt been for awhile now...
Ashley M (4 years ago)
Completely agree...the shows/collections seem too forced now...Alexander McQueen epitomized fashion as art, in every form. RIP
Timo M (4 years ago)
steven reid (4 years ago)
Now were talkin ... Beautiful!
Jacob Vargas (4 years ago)
What a failed runway.
Sanaa Shaikh (4 years ago)
Love it! Love the colours and everything

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