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Wall Street Warriors Season 1 Episode 1 - Capitalism Rules

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Wall Street Warriors Season 1 Episode 1 - Capitalism Rules Is the race to the top a marathon or sprint? Guy explains the importance of staying patient on Wall Street, while Parker defends the risky strategy of short-selling. Sandra gets her schmooze on at a networking event. Cast: Timothy Sykes Jessica Pearson Guy de Chimay Alex Tavis Sandra Navidi Larry Alintoff
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TradingCoachUK (1 year ago)
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Maxwell Smart_086 (1 year ago)
...there is no Peter Lynch fundmanager anymore around...his Magellan fund performance is unbeaten. Only Buffett did a great job like him, but he is running his company Berkshire Hathaway. He is not a fundmanager so much than a business man. Ahhh...forgot - for successful backtesting - goto www.metastock.com Have fun.
imtiaz hussain (1 year ago)
Dear Sir Today was the power break down. Electricity was off.
imtiaz hussain (1 year ago)
PF Salinger (1 year ago)
notice how the Russian Dude worked really hard and did what needed yo be done and the German broad just coasts never makes a trade but makes "deals" get out of here ladies
Gerchik not from Moscow, hi from ODESSA, ODESSA its UKraine!
who care? where he is now?
Anton Zabinsky (4 years ago)
Being a great trader does not require a great deal of intelligence, lot of luck is required as well. Frankly, someone with a good degree in psychology will probably make a better trader than necessarily one with one in finance/economics/maths. Quite often, amateur traders from home outdo pros on Wall Street in percentage gains. It's just that those on Wall Street have access to immense amount of funds. The more you trade with the greater the potential returns. Also, similar with investing, lot of the times it's the inside information and contacts that are more important than analysis. For example, the blonde woman does not seem very naturally intelligent but she goes to a lot of meeting/parties where she gleans a lot of insider information from fellow Wall Streeters. It's almost like an exclusive club.
deepak sharma (1 year ago)
Anton Zabinsky well said
Grey Wizard (4 years ago)
5:05 she definitely works for an ass-ett management company downtown . 

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