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5 Makeup Products I'm Not Buying in 2019

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Makeup I'm Wearing: Revlon Candid Foundation (150) https://rstyle.me/n/dd89c9263n Revlon Candid Concealer (Vanilla) https://rstyle.me/n/dd89dr263n Laura Mercier Translucent Powder* https://rstyle.me/~aKX4B Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer (Baked) https://rstyle.me/~azZg8 NARS Contour Blush (Paloma) https://rstyle.me/~aL9lo NudeStix Lip and Cheek Pencil (Whisper) https://rstyle.me/~aDdvE Laura Mercier Magic Hour Palette* https://rstyle.me/n/dd89m5263n Sephora Brow Editor Palette* https://rstyle.me/n/dd89nu263n Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (Cobblestone)* https://rstyle.me/~aL9m1 Bobbi Brown Night Drama Palette* https://rstyle.me/n/dd89qb263n Ardell Demi Wispies (Studio Effects) https://rstyle.me/~aHetF MAC Soar Lip Pencil https://rstyle.me/~azYVA Laura Mercier Lip Glace (Bare Baby)* https://rstyle.me/~azYWL My Social Channels: Instagram: http://instagram.com/shelbey_wilson Twitter: https://twitter.com/LoveShelbey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -This video is not sponsored. -"*" Indicates that the product listed was sent to me by a brand or PR company -Links listed as "rstyle" are affiliate links. This means if you do click on them and purchase a product, I receive a small amount of commission. Thank you in advance if you choose to use them!
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Shelbey Wilson (11 days ago)
Are there some things you’re crossing off your purchase list in 2019? Let’s see how well I can control myself through this challenge 😂
suzanne d (4 days ago)
One in, one out! If I buy something I have to give something or throw something away.
Stella Chong (8 days ago)
Realistically, I need absolutely no more makeup this year, but I'm probably going to purchase some lip colors and indie eyeshadow singles because I'm weak.
Linda McCray (8 days ago)
Shelbey Wilson YES on the powder blushes!! I feel the exact same way, I’ve tried every tone and none are flattering!!!👍🏼👏🏼❤️
KatieLiz (9 days ago)
I am not buying pallets. I have 20 and that's plenty. I started a dice game so that I use them all. I assigned them a number and each morning I roll the dice to decide what pallet I use.
mcomeslast (10 days ago)
Shelbey Wilson I’ve been on a low buy for two years. I replace my skin care and I’m only going to buy my fav makeup items and only when I need them. Yeah, I prefer eyeshadow singles and maybe shadow sticks. Not buying palettes.
Emma Duval (7 hours ago)
I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing! Also, I love your sweater, where is it from???
Lindsey Bailes (2 days ago)
Could you do a video about your tried and true brushes that you recommend?
Nicole Pinkerton (4 days ago)
Girl I’m in LOVE with the It superhero mascara
Jill D (4 days ago)
Cream blush, check out Shiseido's minimalist cream blush (Sephora has it) and check out a multi-stick from an indie brand called Au Naturale cosmetics. Their sticks are GORGEOUS, I wear them on my cheeks and eyes, I've even done a washed rosey "bronzer". I need to experiment with using them on my lips, but they have amazing colors. It's hard to go back to powders after creams! Would love to hear if you have any tips to extend the wear of cream products though, especially on cheeks.
Bea Witched (5 days ago)
This is perfect timing! 👏🏻👏🏻
Bianca Gorospe (6 days ago)
Would you ever try a Project Pan? I think you’d love it!
Shelbey Wilson (5 days ago)
I think I will give it a go in the upcoming months
sweetestthing (7 days ago)
Last year and this year and moving forward.... "Skin Care" for me!! Focusing on my skin has made it more glowy, hudrated, less wrinkles, and = LESS MAKEUP!! I also invested in a GOOD eyelash serum!! Pricey but I only buy it twice a year! And GAME ON!! nice skin, really full long lashes = LESS MAKEUP!! I agree on less is more and put my money into the longevity of products and my face.... 🤗
Samina Siddiqi (7 days ago)
Wonderful I will try to do the same I have used lot of my money on impulsive buying. But listening to this video I feel motivated to stop buying eye shadow palettes blushes makeup brushes mascaras etc etc etc:)) I will try!
Kristina (7 days ago)
I stopped buying high end mascaras mainly because I wear false lashes majority of the time. But, I do love covergirl lash blast. Thats been a favorite of mine since high school lol
Yukiko Wu (7 days ago)
You know we live in a great country when someone’s new year’s resolution is to not add anymore makeup brushes because they have 130 of them already 😂 God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Shelbey Wilson (5 days ago)
V true lol The land of consumerism
Kathryn Rikess (8 days ago)
Thank you for doing this video! Kimberly Clark lives on! What I'm not going to buy! I have never understood the *collection* of a product that expires. This is why I stopped watching beauty videos. I'm on a limited, three kids in college, budget. I will use what have. #NoBuy
artsymom31 (8 days ago)
I love this so much.
Vicki Hall (8 days ago)
Clinique High Impact Mascara Clinique Chubby Stick Eyeshadow (cream) Clinique Chubby Cheek blush (cream) Never any reaction with Clinique
Christina K (8 days ago)
bullitt0713 (8 days ago)
Can you please please please do a 2018 yearly favorites video for makeup 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Amara Young (8 days ago)
There are so many new products I want to buy, but I pretty much don't need any of them. I really need to work on using up what I have. I bought a fair amount of new stuff before the new year, some of which I am actually planning on returning because I can already tell that I won't use them and its such a waste of money. However, in February I'm going abroad in Europe for 6 months and I know I'm going to have a blast checking out all the foreign brands of makeup that we don't have in the U.S., so we'll see how my low-buy goes...
Melly G (8 days ago)
Your hair is annoyingly amazing.
SHANGRILAAA333 (8 days ago)
I currently have 250+ brushes !!! Too many !!! I agree with you on all the other items.   I think we have all spent WAY too much on all the categories you mentioned !!! Recent discovery: Pixie waterproof mascara (Target) is the bomb !!! I have VERY difficult to curl lashes. I heat my eyelash curler with a blow dryer to get a good crimp. All the other mascaras (I've got all brands: Lance, Milk, Essence, Tarte, etc) uncurl my curled lashes !!! but not Pixie !!!
SHANGRILAAA333 (4 days ago)
+Kathryn Rikess - I've had really good luck with it !!! No flaking !!!
Kathryn Rikess (8 days ago)
SHANGRILAAA333 does it flake? That's the problem I have with mascara. By the end of the day I have black spots on my cheeks.
Michelle ReNee (8 days ago)
I don't wear eyeshadow so I'm with ya on that! I love your videos 😍
Hagiwara Mio (9 days ago)
I’ve instantly liked the video. Your dog is super cute. And then I really liked the video and subscribed :3
Sarah Rose (9 days ago)
Love it!! I feel similarly about blushes - plus I feel like most blushes look the same on the cheeks! I do want to try more cream blushes this year though.
Goreius (9 days ago)
I really got sucked into the makeup reviewing community, and became attached to the opinions of those I respect in the beauty community. So I became sucked into buying anything that seemed “ground breaking” and “finally something perfect for me”. And now I have a massive duffle bag of makeup in my closet I periodically clean out due to expectation dates. It’s just such a waste of money. I feel like I spent about 3k on makeup in the past 5 years and I’m just some girl that never goes outside and works from home... don’t get me wrong, I love makeup. It’s a hobby of mine to just play with it. But this doesn’t mean I need to buy the next hottest topic.
Mary Kneer (9 days ago)
Drugstore mascara recommendations: Essence lash princess mascara (amazing length), Flower beauty warrior mascara (separation), L'Oreal Lash Parasise mascara (intense volume)
Ava Maria (9 days ago)
Awwww the doggie is so cute ❤️🐾
Kayla Weber (9 days ago)
This is the year I’m not allowing myself to buy anymore makeup either unless I run out of staples. Also really just trying not to buy anything I don’t need anymore.
LAUREN STEVENS (9 days ago)
Love it! Also love this sweater 😍
redrumax (10 days ago)
I have about 8 eye palettes and I will probably have them for the next 10 years. Had the same blush for 4 years now as I don't always use it and it is a small Revlon one, just hit pan this year but a lot more left in there as well. I have all shades under the sun of lipsticks so that's another saving and had the same loose powder for the past 2 years and still half of it in the jar. I rarely use mascara People really don't need that much shit. I look back at the years where I had 2 eye shadows, 2 shades of lipstick and some foundation and I looked pretty, fresh and was happy. Contour and bronzer? What is that bs?
Leann 2137 (10 days ago)
That's a good list, for months now, I've only tried to buy what I run out of, not anything extra.
I'm switching to cream blush, too. Love to know your favourites.
Perfumaphilia (5 days ago)
My goal is to just stop buying makeup altogether. As much as I love makeup, hearing people talk about it, and the excitement of buying new makeup, I simply don't wear a lot of it, and need to be realistic. I have enough in my very small collection to fit my needs and I want to keep it small and very minimalist so I can use everything up. Being honest about my consumerism and the pressure I feel to have more because other people do is my goal for 2019. I really like the way Hannah Louise Poston phrased it in her no buy videos: understanding the difference between pleasure purchases (like beautiful eyeshadows when you already have more than enough) and practical replacement purchases (like your favorite concealer of which you've run out). Allow yourself some pleasure purchases, while limiting them, and truly enjoy and appreciate those products, while accepting that you're probably never going to use them up. Appreciate them for the role they serve, which is purely for pleasure, and don't delude yourself into thinking that they're a good makeup investment.
KerryJane 88 (10 days ago)
Yas girl! I'm currently doing a January No Buy, but this has prompted me to think about what I want to do after this month. Its interesting to see what I buy versus what I actually use 🙈
AleVideoMkr (10 days ago)
1. eye shadow palette 2.mascara
Naomi (10 days ago)
I'm not going to buy any makeup this year except for when prom comes. I'm trying to save up my money and even though I WANT to buy makeup, I have plenty and don't need anymore. If I run out of something that is the only time I will purchase a replacement.
Paula Rocha Bravo (10 days ago)
You’re so sweet ❤️ Go, Girl 💃🏻🙃
Chelsea h (10 days ago)
Essence makes great mascaras! Only 5$ my favorite one is “the false lashes mascara dramatic volume unlimited” it’s a pretty wet formula but it dries out pretty fast like after 2-3 months I’ve been using lash princess false lashes which is more of a gel formula I also really like
Aleksandra Bojeva (10 days ago)
Can you make a video on those 10 to 20 brushes you use regularly and are your go to? Please?
Sumayyah Lane (10 days ago)
The Kiko extra sculpt volume mascara is amazing. Kiko often has deals on their mascaras for 3.90 each so i usually stock up!! Love this more realistic video, v relatable x
Viktoria Aleinik (10 days ago)
finally sorted out my skin so no more complexion products for me, except for cream/liquid blush, bronzer and highlighter. also will try to curate my eyeshadows, I'll sell my palettes and will compose palettes made of singles that I'll definitely use. maybe will purchase mixing mediums (does someone still use them? lol) and top coats instead of buying same eyeshadows in different finishes. and will eliminate ALL the glitter from my collection
Sarah Kay Makeup (10 days ago)
I absolutely love the style and vibe of this video 💖
Karrie Lynn (10 days ago)
Awesome list! I agree with everything you said and it will help with my low buy this year!
LENA LO (10 days ago)
Thank you! Thank you for making this video, I’m inspired! I’m going to make a list about things I ain’t going to buy this year too! xx
BOUJEE' BEAUTY (10 days ago)
Ty for this awesome idea. Im already on this. WOOHOO 🙌 I need prayers LoL 🙏. Love and prayers
TheEverydayMum (10 days ago)
I'm on the same very low buy only mascara, brow gel and lip balms when needed makeup wise, skincare is now to. Always be used up too first
SoldierOfGod12 (10 days ago)
Less is more!! I don’t use lipstick or lipgloss but I do buy hand creams and lip balms and I’m obsessed with Fresh Beauty products.
Trina Smith (10 days ago)
✅ no eye shadow pallets ✅ no mascara ✅ no powder blush ✅ no contour pallets ✅ no makeup brushes Lol 😂 I’m going to try Shelbey,,, at least my husband would be very happy 🤪🤪🤪
Ileana Guerrero (10 days ago)
I can try to spend less in 2019 when it comes to beauty purchases but I can't fully commit . I'm an shopping addicted
Angelia Howard (10 days ago)
Shelbey I am a BIG impulse buyer myself and I need to stop that, unless it's something that I may really want or need. Lol. Otherwise, I plan to cut down on the makeup and mostly buy skincare. Enjoyed watching and I will see you in the next one, have a great week! xo <3
Yvonne C (10 days ago)
One of my 2019 goals is to spend less money on luxury items. I buy lots of makeup, like a lot Haha. Diamond status at ulta lol. So much of it I use for a while and then it gets put aside. I legitimately dont need anything! I am going to try using what I have and try not to buy so much. Practicing self control this year.
Bailey (10 days ago)
If you get products sent to you that you don't want I'll gladly accept lol. I just graduated with so many loans but working through it hopefully!
Ginny Burley (10 days ago)
One thing I’ve stopped doing is watching haul videos, foundation reviews, and unboxing videos. All of those videos push me to buy stuff I don’t need and can’t really use. I feel sad, actually. So much of YouTube beauty has shifted to buying new releases that there’s less and less that I want to watch. I just need to get off the makeup acquisition train. It’s truly crazy and out of control. Good for you, Shelbey! I bet you are going to make that significant switch this year.
Gillian Vetrone (10 days ago)
I’m not buying conventional beauty anymore! I am in the process of switching to clean and non toxic makeup and beauty products! I think it will help me be more minimalistic. I’m hoping to do MORE with less (ingredients wise and products wise) I’d love to see your opinion on clean beauty products some day! A lot of it is so natural and radiant I think you’d like it!! Ohhhh and so many cream products :)
Johanna Kitzenberger (10 days ago)
Really cool idea for a video - maybe get to the info sooner? Great ideas though, thanks for sharing!
I love this video and I totally agree with you on so many of these! I bought so much makeup in 2016 and I'm just trying to use up what I have and focus on the things I really enjoy rather than trying a million different new things. I'm not buying a new blushes, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters or bronzers in 2019. I have too many I need to get through.
Heather Bowser (10 days ago)
Thank you for this. I am challenging myself to do the same. I buy things and realize most of the time they do not work for me. I need to be more intention about how and where I spend money. We have some big goals and I need to do better about spending.
Grace LoBosco (10 days ago)
I’m definitely such an impulse buyer, but lately I’ve really cut down on makeup purchases. I’m going to try to continue that this year and not buy anything I don’t really need.
Victoria Hopkins (10 days ago)
We are on the same page. Lately I look at my collection and I just ask myself “why”. I’m working on replacing all my unnecessary products with ONE green beauty product. I don’t need 10 concealers, I need one good one with good ingredients. 2019 is a new start!
Ashley M (10 days ago)
I have put myself on a replacement only no buy in 2019 for makeup, skincare, and books (this area has special rules: I can buy a book if I finish all unread books I own and the book is not available through the library). Makeup, skincare, and books are a major problem for me.
Brianna Night (10 days ago)
I did well this past year and only bought a re-up of things that I absolutely love and ran out of such as too faced mascara (I don't use falsies and this is the only mascara I have yet to find that is as long lasting and gives me a falsies effect.) If I have multiple options available such as i have a preference concealer but I have others available than i have just been using up what I have. This is helping my collection decrease because I do not have the space for it currently. I am going to continue in the new year because I have other things I want to put the money towards and if I really want to splurge and get something new than it has to be from the drugstore. So I didn't ask for anything for Christmas but I treated myself to a 6 dollar self foundation.
Brianna Night (10 days ago)
Kelly Devine (10 days ago)
Great ideas!! But this made me want to go try that CT mascara now lol. Lmk if I can pick one up for you ;)
cgales11 (10 days ago)
Your makeup looks absolutely flawless. Love the video and can definitely relate.
Amanda Fairly Made (10 days ago)
I literally need to follow these rules but ad highlight lol
Tara Smith (10 days ago)
Flower beauty has great cream blush. It is so easy to overspend on cosmetics...totally agree with making a list and revisiting site on wants vs. needs basis.
Michele Brown (10 days ago)
Love this video!!! I don’t need another eye shadow palette in my life time! Would love to go on a no buy this year, my fav videos this year will be GRWM on my older eyeshadow palettes!!
Kiwi Cat (10 days ago)
I am not going to buy any more foundations. I am going to avoid the hype around eyeshadow pallets. I am happy with my selection (I have three I use on a regular basis, The Emily Edit and Colourpop Dream St palette and a custom palette with a random mix of CP, Makeup Geek and MAC). I am going to simplify my skincare routine. I am finding that using heaps of products is actually drying my skin out and most of the products are very expensive and don’t do what they claim.
Bel (10 days ago)
Been following you for a long time (your room’s YouTube videos). At one point I unsubscribed ; I couldn’t relate at that moment (can’t recall... sorry). But I gotta give it to you girl. You are maturing so much and I love your new take on makeup and lifestyle.
Barb Robbins (10 days ago)
Great video!
If I have a lipstick around, ill use that for blush.
Saki K (10 days ago)
You have pretty eyes💕😃
Denise (10 days ago)
Do you still use powder foundation regularly? If you do, are you able to use any cream products (like cream blush)? I’d love some more info about cream and powder layering. I love your videos!
Kay Conway (10 days ago)
Yes, more cream blushers please!!
Rockchalkvegan (10 days ago)
I’m just going to buy the new Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes that come out this month....and then that’s it!! I want to travel more....so my makeup money will go towards my travel money!!
Barbiegurrl8 (10 days ago)
This video came at the exact right time. Cleaning my brushes as well and have way too many. I am a makeup "collector" and probably only get gussied up once a week. No reason at all for me to have all these palettes, brushes and my lip gloss/stick stash should earn me a TLC show. Going to donate a lot in the coming weeks. Thanks for the great content!
Liwen Zhang (10 days ago)
That’s a huge commitment Shelbey, thanks for doing this. I’m hesitate to say no buy at all, but definitely will cut back on: eyeshadow palettes, face palettes, bronzers. Thanks for sharing!
Amy Grann (10 days ago)
I’m going to “limit” my purchases as well. Last year was a bit ridiculous. My weakness is Colourpop eyeshadow palettes. But they release them SO OFTEN! One thing I saw in a Facebook group I’m in was they were making a New Years resolution to use up leftovers and throw away less food. And I’m going to attempt that as well. I’m just going to try and be more conscious of my spending. Because I just don’t need all this stuff!
Mel W (10 days ago)
I usually buy way too many different types of foundation and powders, so I'm trying to force myself to use up what I already have. But I only buy my skincare when it's at least 20% off, and I do buy a lot of staples when there is at least 20% off makeup as well. So the next Sephora (Australia) 20% off sale (probably around April/May), I'll just be buying my usual skincare and we'll see if I've finished my foundations and powders by then! But I also have so many makeup brushes I don't use as well, so I don't need to buy any more of those!
Ari K (10 days ago)
This video is just for me. I feel that I have waaaaay too many eyeshadow palettes. AND I feel that I just want to wear simple eyeshadow, moving more into creams (esp hypoallergenic). I went crazy buying eyeshadows over the past 6 years, and I think I now just want to go in a different direction. I have heard a lot about 'clean' beauty, however, even natural ingredients can be reactive to people with sensitive eyes. If you get the chance one day, I'd love to see a short video from you about hypoallergenic makeup, namely eye makeup. I am sick of my eyes watering the days after I wear eye makeup. I know that Almay, Innoxa, Neutrogena and Physician's Formula are meant to be 'healthy', but I'm just not sure, esp as Physician's Formula has such a strong fragrance. I am thinking that a hypoallergenic cream eyeshadow would be the way to go. I'm thinking that Bare Minerals might be the way to go for me. I'm 55. xxxxxx
Sarah Lopez (10 days ago)
I’m also the same way with eyeshadow. I don’t use a lot. Just enough so my eyelids don’t crease thruout the day. I like very neutral tone colors.
Sarah Lopez (10 days ago)
I love this video. Im trying to use more drugstore makeup products and only purchase when I need it. My weakness is hair products lol! It’s fun and more appealing to me to have my go to makeup bag and that’s all
Susana García (10 days ago)
I total agree with you!
Kayleigh Sulima (10 days ago)
Sweater! Where from!?
Donna Frei (10 days ago)
Good for you! I spent quite a bit the past 3 months on skincere & cosmetics, just went through what I have and I don't need a thing! So I will not be doing any impulse buying!
Lindsay Parker (10 days ago)
Yes, yes and yes. The eyeshadow palettes are starting to all look alike - nothing really special anymore, and the rate at which they are coming out is mind blowing. I feel like so many YouTubers aren’t even getting a chance to do many tutorials on them, because they have to move on to reviewing the next one out! It’s great to see some realism, and I appreciate the idea behind this video so much! I just watched another YouTuber talk about doing more videos, and creating more looks with makeup she already has, so her collection doesn’t go to waste. I feel like you also do a lot of this and I love it! 😊
Alyson Zimmer (10 days ago)
I’m so right there with you girl!! Nice video!
Taylor Palmer (10 days ago)
I’d love to see a video of your tried and true most loved brushes
Runa Alamgir (10 days ago)
It's soo tempting when u see new makeup releases in U Tube but the truth is we don't need that much make up. I mean highlighters !! How much do we need, it's all the same at some point. I am also planning not to buy unnecessary makeup products this year . I still have some products that I have not yet used because I don't do makeup everyday.It has to stop at some point right !!
Taylor Palmer (10 days ago)
I love this video/ great goals! I just started using the flower beauty liquid blushes and I love them
Elizabeth L (10 days ago)
Crap! 🤷‍♀️I've gone in the opposite direction and starting buying new foundation and brushes to try out this year! Way to show me up Shelbey! 😂😉 I can not live without my holy grail Clinique High Impact mascara. I've tried drugstore and blah! Let me know if you find a good drugstore mascara because that is one item that I would love NOT to spend the money on.
Vicki Hall (5 days ago)
Clinique everything is the best hands down! No need to experiment. New companies pop up constantly. I want a brand with history.
Murber Draws (10 days ago)
For the past handful of years I’ve gone on a self-imposed makeup embargo. It started when I had products in my collection that I didn’t even remember buying! It goes from Jan 1-Apr 30 and last year the big eye opener was that NARS concealers cost $30 and I had um 6 in varying colors. Let’s not get started on how many concealers total I had. Yikes! It’s good though because it allows me to shop my stash and see what I actually have. 😸 looking forward to seeing how you do in 2019!
Isabel Hoyos (10 days ago)
I’m really going to try not to buy anymore eyeshadow palettes. I’m a whore when it comes to eye shadow palettes and it’s soooo wasteful i can’t stand it. But I love it 🤣😆🤦🏻‍♀️
Jen M (10 days ago)
There are so many people doing no-buys this year! 👍🏼
Mary Salhanick (10 days ago)
I hear you and I think this is the trend for 2019 for sure. We were unindated with products last year and I don't need to buy anything.... ever again..... because I have so much. Much agree with you about palettes. I am on a need to buy basis only. But I have to say that those damn sales get me every time! Good luck to everyone.... lets do this! On another note, do you have the Instant Pot?
Kamloops Cruise (10 days ago)
Palettes are off my list of needs. All last year I was overwhelmed by the new releases; too many, too red or orange tones, too expensive. I didn’t buy any for myself. I did buy more MAC single refill eye shadows. And what I realized midway through the year was that I loved using the eyeshadows that I enjoy in my own self curated palette that suits just me. I wasn’t pawing thru a bunch of wasted shades in a big palette, only to use up a few shades & then keep the palette thinking I’d use the other shades someday when the apocalypse comes and they don’t sell eyeshadow anymore!😜 And my own palette is easy to replace the most used shades I’ve hit pan on. I’m about to order some from MAC in the next month. I can’t get Colorpop or Makeup Geek without having to pay 💰 for import fees, exchange rates and customs duty plus taxes. But if I lived in the States I would likely buy those singles too. And I’ve tossed most of my other eyeshadow palettes. I’m keeping my Too Faced Natural Eyes & Natural Mattes for now but if I don’t reach for them..... By next year I might toss them too. To quote Peter Walsh “you only have the space you have!” And I want that room for other things that make me happier than a bunch of palettes.
Kathryn Rikess (8 days ago)
Kamloops Cruise I pray the *pink eye*look is over
Krista Myer (11 days ago)
Great video, especially in 2019! So little trick I use when I see something I think I really want. I leave it in my shopping cart on Ulta's website or whatever. Then I wait a week or more. If I end up remembering it's still there, I almost always remove it and don't buy. I also think that using a lighter hand with any product has been better for me. Watching others pile on the make-up and trying to recreate that look just looks terrible on me. Less product is less $$$.
suzanne d (4 days ago)
Krista Myer bwahahaha! I do this too!
Marie. Elaine (11 days ago)
I just moved and in that process I had to pack up all my makeup and I can’t believe how much stuff I really have. It actually gives me anxiety looking at all of it and realizing how much money I spent on it all. I definitely need to use the stuff I like. I also need to learn to just let stuff go that doesn’t look good on me.
Jennifer Hedman (11 days ago)
4/5 cream blushes is a lot tho... At least for me
Alexa Likes (11 days ago)
When you said Oli was a loud sniffler, all I could think about was my boyfriend. That's his name! 😂😂
Holly Rose (11 days ago)
I feel like you - realizing that I just don't like wearing a lot of eyeshadow. I have hooded eyes and a small face, so I think it can look overwhelming. Last year I made a goal to not buy any new makeup unless I had used something up first. So I only bought concealer, mascara, brow products, and lip balm when I ran out. It helped me to appreciate my makeup and challenged me to recreate looks with the makeup I already had.
jo_ v80 (11 days ago)
I love cream blush so much, I have for a long long time. I think I could go a year without buying powder blush, but I want to get at least 2 creams this year especially the Glossier cloud paint  😍
Me Sunshine (11 days ago)
Hi Shelby, so true! I like your sweater. Nice colors. From where did you get it? Greetings from Germany

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