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Three 5 Minute Elastic Styles | Q's Hairdos

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Find us on Instagram @teswood (www.instagram.com/teswood) and Facebook Q's Hairdos (www.facebook.com/qshairdos) I love these styles because they are very simple and quick and they are also easy to add into other styles. You can continue the elastics down the head into a side ponytail or messy bun, or split the remaining hair into pigtails. There are so many options and these are great styles to begin with. Be sure to follow along on Instagram @teswood and Facebook "Q's Hairdos"! Style #1 Start with damp hair (or just wet the hair in the crown section.) Part off the crown section with a deep left side part. Clip the remaining hair out of the way. Take a one inch diagonal section and secure with an elastic. Take another one inch diagonal section and secure with the first pony. If desired you can bubble the pony. Continue taking one inch diagonal sections until the crown section is secured. Add a bow. You can always continue this style down the back of the head into a side pony tail or messy bun. Style #2 Start with the crown section damp. Clip the extra hair out of the way. Take a one inch section parallel to the part line on the left. secure in the middle with an elastic. Add this pony into a one inch section parallel to the first section. Add the second pony to a third section and the third pony to a fourth section. Secure with an elastic. Again you can bubble the pony's if desired. This style is also cute by continuing down the head and wrapping around to the other ear, add a pony tail or messy bun on the left side. Style #3 Start in the crown section with the hair wet. Begin the exact same way as style number 2, by taking a one inch section parallel to the part line on the left. Now take the Topsy Tail tool (which I will link below) and put the pointed end through the top of the ponytail, pull the hair through and pull the Topsy Tail downwards. I somehow misplaced my smaller black tool, so I just squeeze the top of the purple one and it works just fine. Take another 1 inch section parallel to the first and add another elastic securing the first pony with the second. Take the Topsy Tail tool and repeat as before. Secure the second pony to a third section and one more time using the Topsy Tail tool pull the pony through. For the last section I did not do a flip with the Topsy Tail because I wanted it to be easier for the bow to sit on the hair. If you do not want to add a bow, then you can always add a flip to the fourth pony. This style would also be cute with the remaining hair split into pigtails. Topsy Tail: http://amzn.to/2mX5LBO Spray Gel: http://amzn.to/2sliYXQ Elastics: http://amzn.to/2tjiGhs The blue and floral bows are from labellebabybows.etsy.com The polkadot bow is from bloomieshandmade.com
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Text Comments (217)
NathanMareesa Cunneen (1 year ago)
Thank you! Easy styles for little girls who's hair might not be thick or long
Vijayaragavalu K (6 months ago)
Ok better
Francisca Mamani (9 months ago)
NathanMareesa Cunneen b
Viviane Souza (1 year ago)
NathanMareesa Cunneen ji
Pradip Khadgi (1 year ago)
Tessi Wood f
Manahil Ali mino (1 year ago)
NathanMareesa Cunneen .... vfdaaaawqq111qq woo a
Nazia Sarfraz (13 days ago)
Can you please let me know. What did you apply in hairs before styling? I am asking because hairs are looking so smooth.
faiza raheem (15 days ago)
Best n very easy finally first time I understand hairstyle 💁‍♀️ Thnks
Alondra Rodriguez (17 days ago)
Love it super easy, quick,and cute
Andreiita Quintana (3 months ago)
Rhaiza ologar (3 months ago)
Thank you Ms.Tessie it helps a lot to me for my daughters who's in 3rd grade.
Just Doing Us (3 months ago)
Great video !
امير الساعدي (3 months ago)
Daidiha Radi (3 months ago)
اجمل تسريحة في العالم❤❤❤❤❤❤الله يحميك من العين امين يارب العالمين
Sami Sabah (4 months ago)
Saima Jamil (4 months ago)
nice I like it
I just found your channel, pretty cool. I love doin my daughters hair. Ive been cuttin for about 14 yrs as a 2nd job and nvr dreamt id be doin this. Nice video, hope i can grow my channel as you did yours!!
بدون كلام (6 months ago)
Alex Chavez (6 months ago)
So glad I found this vid! My lil one just started pre k and I wanted some cute hairstyles I could try but her hair is so fine and thin I was having a hard time finding styles I could work with
Adaly pirir (7 months ago)
Exelentes peinados.!
joce tepa (7 months ago)
Ahora me lo repites en español por favor jajaja.
shumaila sharif (7 months ago)
Hi did yu apply any hair spray before styling ??
Tessi Wood (7 months ago)
We use spray gel. You can find it here: http://amzn.to/2sliYXQ
Yamilet Burelo (7 months ago)
hello very nice hairstyles I did not understand you very well :) I barely understand English but I loved them.
kuiche delicious (7 months ago)
As a dad of a two year im going to try this as I want to learn how to do more style with her hair. Wish me luck haha
Edmund 0228 (7 months ago)
What do you call that purple thing your using on the third hair style?
Tessi Wood (7 months ago)
Topsy Tail: http://amzn.to/2mX5LBO
Dina Dina (7 months ago)
я одна здесь российская?
Jessica Garcia (7 months ago)
Gorgeous darling!!
Joice John (7 months ago)
U both r looking so beautiful...n hw d way u do d hair style...my god its awesome....I love it ..keep it up ur daughter is very lucky...
Tessi Wood (7 months ago)
Thank you!
سيدرة خليل (7 months ago)
Karmen Hernandez (8 months ago)
Hermosos tus peinados
Shaionara Mirielly (8 months ago)
Amei! Vou fazer na minha filha l. 😘
Stephanie C (8 months ago)
love it
Peaceful (10 months ago)
Tessi which country do u belong ?
Tessi Wood (10 months ago)
Peaceful (10 months ago)
How many kids u have ?
Peaceful (10 months ago)
Beautiful kid
Peaceful (10 months ago)
Tsssi is yr daughter ?
Tessi Wood (10 months ago)
Yes Quincy is my daughter.
Peaceful (10 months ago)
Nice tessy
Azhan khan Khan (10 months ago)
nice style
Abdou Fati (1 year ago)
Bubukan Deniz (1 year ago)
Anshuman Sundaray (1 year ago)
Diane Brewster Owen (1 year ago)
She is such a good girl sitting there for you bless her you are really clever they all look amazing thank you so much I child care for my granddaughter it’s helped a lot your daughter is adorable x
ayşegül kartal (1 year ago)
very very good
благодарю вам за идею,будем воспользоваться 😊
Monalinda Handali (1 year ago)
Jätte fint 😍
Mbak Hetik (1 year ago)
lucu dan cantik
suu kim (1 year ago)
묶는동안 아기가 가만있네., 울딸은ㅠㅇㅠ 불가능
David Garcia (1 year ago)
Todo eso estuvo hermoso
yomomask (1 year ago)
So I tried this with my daughter on the one day I had to take her to school. 5min? Not for me. Did it come out good you ask? No it did not. I ended up with a pony tail. Also she was almost late. 🤣
Tessi Wood (1 year ago)
Haha so sorry it didn’t turn out for you! It does still take some practice! Getting used to parting off the hair and putting in elastics will help. Better luck next time! Thanks for watching.
tatlı prenses (1 year ago)
عفيه عليه شون حبابه وعاقله😘😘😘
LADYSHADOW (1 year ago)
Their SOooo Cute ❤😍
lemon pie (1 year ago)
exelent very good
Woww riyaly good heyar cat
Selina howladar (1 year ago)
She is so cute
Marcelo Prini (1 year ago)
Que tiene la niñita
Andrea Bardals (1 year ago)
Can I do it for a wedding party??? She will wear a very beautiful dress but I don’t know how to comb her hair. 🙁 help me please 🙏🏼
노을이 (1 year ago)
애가 저렇게 얌전히 있게 하는것부터 일이다
Ciurla Catalin (1 year ago)
Déby Laços (1 year ago)
Gostei Tessi Thank you..
賴小孺 (1 year ago)
Paty Paredes (1 year ago)
Is,' wat wey i ma posibilidad
Luzdiy Ortiz Cuevas (1 year ago)
Me gustaron mucho
هو الله (1 year ago)
اهم حاجه خامة الشعر هو الي يخلي الي متعرفش تعمل تسريحات تعرف صح ولا ايه انتم سلالتكم يا اجانب كدا رجال ونساء نعومه واحده ولون واحد
Vanessa Dubon (1 year ago)
Lindos peinados
بنوتة كيوت (1 year ago)
حلوة تجنن
Красиво, попросту, стремительно. Спасибо за идею
Rochelle Yanuzzi (1 year ago)
Kawaii!!! She's too darn adorable!! I love how she holds onto you before you show the hairstyles!! Too cute for my life,I can't deal!!! <3 <3 <3
Tessi Wood (7 months ago)
Thanks so much!
Hi as a dad is not easy to do my daughter's hair and this video made it so much easier than I thought.
Tessi Wood (7 months ago)
You are awesome for doing your daughters hair as a dad. I am sure she will appreciate that!
فديتج حبيبتي شلون جمال عمري روعه
Miss Libra94 (1 year ago)
This looks so difficult. Maybe I'll get on your level someday! Lol
Tessi Wood (7 months ago)
It just takes some practice ❤️
Darline Mano (1 year ago)
Jackye Santos (1 year ago)
Omg i love it were can i get the purple tool
Tessi Wood (1 year ago)
Thanks! Here is the link: http://amzn.to/2mX5LBO
mombie06 (1 year ago)
I'm not good with braids so I will be trying this on my daughter thanks for sharing
sreyleak choun (1 year ago)
Dayani diaz (1 year ago)
jajaj no emtendi como explicaba pero pues intentare hacer el peinado me gusto 😘
zainab rani (1 year ago)
So cute baby. ... nice hair style. ..
Yazmin Torres (1 year ago)
STEEL 80 (1 year ago)
Que bonito
Maryam Habibi (1 year ago)
RIMMA TIARA (1 year ago)
Супер мне весьма панравилась
Josésin Jiménez (1 year ago)
Yo digo que están bien geniales 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😰😰
lore bm (1 year ago)
Que dijo. Nose pero los peinados estan prettys.. bay.
Pedro Castro (1 year ago)
lucelia falla (1 year ago)
Jessee Lisa Beatty (1 year ago)
What a good girl your daughter is so paient you can tell she ejoys it . good job mom .
Tessi Wood (7 months ago)
Thank you for your kind words ❤️
Karen Cristini (1 year ago)
Alguien sabe como se llama eso de color violeta o rosa que lo mete en el medio del peinado y desp lo saca x abajo? Alguien me entendio?
dreamarte (1 year ago)
karen cristini Se llama Topsy Tail, lo puedes hallar en Amazon
AJ TECHNICAL (1 year ago)
stoja stanojevic (1 year ago)
Nawal Muhamod (1 year ago)
madooo (1 year ago)
زي الزفت
Hermosos peinados y muy fáciles el único problema no entiendo nada. Reciba un saludo desde la ciudad de México gracias
Cassandra Javier (1 year ago)
Wow!ghe first hairstyle is cute
Ellie Gudino (1 year ago)
Super cute and easy!
نونه نونه (1 year ago)
Aline Bueno (1 year ago)
Jmtcell Celulares (1 year ago)
Aline Bueno 💖💖💖💖
Jmtcell Celulares (1 year ago)
Aline Bueno ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕
Wow I think really easy your hairstyles! I'm subscribe at finish the video!!!!
My little sister is writing a comment again I like how your hair styles look like.

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