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PS Vita - Child of Light Gameplay

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Text Comments (59)
Artyom Ivanov (3 months ago)
Great review. Nice little gem on Vita
Markus Kuronen (9 months ago)
Is this good option for me to byu this to my doughter for her ten year birthdaypresent? She has never played any otger rpg than The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and she loved it😊! And I noticed that there is a different difficult levels in Child of Light when I downloaded a free version of it from PS store and she is finnish just like me, but children here here in Finland are quite good at english even she has been reading it only 1,5 years now😊! And she needed some help with Zelda because at the time she didnt know that much about what they were saying, but I helped her and we went trough it together😍! There is a little catch in here from my side... she will learn more english playin here present😉😊
Sufyan Sauri (1 year ago)
Too much talkative
Devlon Lyam (1 year ago)
Hey El, was wondering how you you got the vita on to the elgato. Trying to do a project for my class and really need to figure this out.
Ura Nium (1 year ago)
Can anybody tell me what yo-yo-yo means?
Carlos Rodriguez (1 year ago)
by thatyou mean this vdeo is boring? or did you play the game and thought it was boring? I'm lookingo out fo ra new Vita platformer to play and im curious about this one...
Neil Lapastangan (2 years ago)
fuck! how can I change the language to english. I've been on this for 2 days! anyone help me or should I refund??
peter (2 years ago)
Raghav Sood (2 years ago)
Its a 2D figure game. Its not 3D and it cost so much money,,,, Its like 2d adventure/flash games. really sucks!
Lil Don (3 years ago)
Is this a indie game?
Kamsani Mohd Bahran (3 years ago)
how do I change the language to English on psvita? argh!!!
Solidus T (3 years ago)
million dollar question: is this the cartridge or digital version?
W Leon (3 years ago)
No. This game did nothing for me at all. I usually love roleplaying games [AD&D] and all that, but from seeing this game, it disappointed me. I knew this would be nothing like Baulder's Gate or something like that, but to tell the truth, this game bored me.
wzguitar (3 years ago)
I like your voice... deep but clear, sounds warm....:)
yrnkid OG (4 years ago)
Sabilla Larosma (4 years ago)
I bought this game, the deluxe edition. But the audio and sub are in japanese. How to switch the audio and sub into english? Its on 3 region. And available in english (the subs and audio).pls help :(
Samantha (4 years ago)
Loved playing Child of Light on PC and discovering only yesterday that the game was available on the PS Vita has made me wanna buy a console! Next major purchase, I reckon!
Mike Hunt (4 years ago)
I'm not usually a big fan of Ubisoft, but I really loved the story in this game. It was a bit short, but that was a good thing because it's not just another 300 hour game of mindless level grinding and go and fetch quests. It set out to tell a tale and did it wonderfully. I highly recommend this one.
modo zombie (4 years ago)
A must-have game definitely.
Alvino Novea Fandy (4 years ago)
Anyone know how to change the language?
opafritzsche (4 years ago)
oh shit, that means: always look befoure you buy :( I have buyed it today, and was happy to read "Round based fights" and than this is the Game? What a Bullshit. Slow Down Sidescroller with shit optik. Uha. I think i do not unpack, will be bring back to market. -> Totally shit. Like 90 % all Games of Vita :( Dont know, nice Console, shit software.
XClann (5 years ago)
From the looks of it, this game probably plays best on PC. The mouse might be easier to use than Analog/Touchscreen. Any thoughts? I'm still deciding which system to play this on (Wii U, PC, or PSV).
XClann (5 years ago)
@DualShock87 It's not a PC vs Console War. It's how well ONE specific game (in particular, Child of Light) plays on one platform compared to another with regards to controls.
Dookmyugen (5 years ago)
dont start a war. FUCK THIS PC VS. CONSOLE SHIT! 
MetalMoshe17 (5 years ago)
Like Watching Your Vids Bro Keep Up The Solid work. Add me also Th3MeanB3an91
Mr.Squidi (5 years ago)
Looks like a good game :D
Denitson Brisita (5 years ago)
Great Video Bro
LivingL393nd (5 years ago)
If Rayman Legends and Guacamelee both run on Vita at native resolution 960x544 and 60fps then why can't CoL? this game graphically doesnt look better than either of those 2 games so whats the deal here that CoL runs at 30 and with hiccups? different dev team not knowing how to optimize?
TheGamingCriminal (5 years ago)
I have been trying to buy a vita for a few weeks but there are none within 100miles of me
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
@TheButton Masher Definitely good advice here Mr Masher *hat tip*
TheButton Masher (5 years ago)
@TheGamingCriminal Unfortunately true.
TheGamingCriminal (5 years ago)
theres seriously not even the new borderlands bundles or vita 2000s
TheButton Masher (5 years ago)
Yeah supply has been done for a few weeks. I think they were trying to phase out the 1000 model for the 2000 model and didn't think they would sell out so fast. My advice would be look into importing from a place like SuperUfo or wait it out. IF you plan on getting PS+ I'd get it as soon as you can and start "buying" all the games that are "free" for the month.( on all systems in case you get a PS4 as well)
strongforce79 (5 years ago)
Will get this tonight on the Vita. Now all I need is Transistor. Loving the JRPG element to this game.
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
I've been thinking about playing Transistor but haven't yet. I started it but there's so many games in my backlog right now lol.
strongforce79 (5 years ago)
Have you heard any rumors about gravity rush 2?
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
I thought they came out and stated they were making it awhile ago. That's pretty much the only Sony game I expect besides Freedom Wars.
strongforce79 (5 years ago)
Loving UBI porting these games over.  I truly hope they keep supporting the Vita.  From what I have been hearing the Vita has been selling like fire, many retail stores are claiming to be sold out, that is a good thing for Vita owners that enjoy gaming on the go.
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Here's to hoping they aren't phasing them out to push the PS TV units.
Justin Pineda P&V (5 years ago)
30 or 60fps?
Ety04 (5 years ago)
benjiskitts (5 years ago)
Love your shit EL keep it up
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Thanks benji! Will def try to do so my friend :D
Antton Pettinen (5 years ago)
Does this run 60fps on the Vita? Not that i would not like it if its only 30fps but 60fps is always nice!
Ety04 (5 years ago)
@Antton Pettinen Child of Light contained a HELL lot of textures, animations, and actors in each scene. So obviously it could only run on 30 fps. Rayman Legends is a different case.
Antton Pettinen (5 years ago)
@ELTheGeek Ok cool seems bit weird that the Child of Light only runs 30fps on the Vita because if i recall correctly rayman legends and origins run 60fps on the Vita and all of these games run on the same engine.
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Feels about 30 with a few hiccups here and there.
fluffytony (5 years ago)
I got this yesterday on vita one of the bet games ive ever played mate highly reccomend if u like rpgs !!!
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Indeed! Definitely a must play.
DJ Doit 2 UM (5 years ago)
Cross buy ? PS3/4
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
@fluffytony Indeed I messed that up the cross buy does work for the console versions.
fluffytony (5 years ago)
Yes not vita though
mjmbk (5 years ago)
What up el
mjmbk (5 years ago)
chillin.....bout to catch up on some of your vids in a min....i see youre on ya grind now (uploading content wise)
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
nm adjusting to waking up early on accident lol..how about you?
Crimson Fury (5 years ago)
Thank for the upload dude :D
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
np Crimson my pleasure :D

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